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Lay the fabric on a flat surface, with the front of the material facing down. Measure the desired width of the valance onto the fabric. A valance can be hung straight on a rod, or gathered. A straight valance should be at least as wide as the distance between the outer edges of the drapes Fold 1/2 inch to the back of your valance on both sides and pin as you go and then iron the seam. This will be the short end of the fabric. Use a straight stitch to sew the seams. Repeat with the..

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Multiple the width by 1.5 if you want a gathered valance (optional). For a gathered look, multiply the width of your window by 1.5 and use this as your width measurement for the valance fabric. For example, if the width of your window is 30 inches (76 cm), then you could multiply by 1.5 for a total of 45 inches (110 cm) Valances can be simple or complex, plain or embellished with accessories, straight or curved at the base. Both large and small windows can benefit from a valance. Not only are they easy to make, but they're simple to fix in position

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Sew a straight line next to the pins. Remove pins. You now have a channel formed between this line of sewing and the bottom of the fold, this is your rod pocket! 9. Almost done now!! Measure & pin height of valance to planned dimensions. Hang valance BEFORE sewing and make sure you are happy with the finished height 6 No-Sew. Here is a valance idea that will not require you to spend time with a sewing machine. I bet even your husband or boyfriend can give this a go. The materials needed to make this valance are a rod, fabric, and Heat 'n Bond adhesive. This will most likely cost you only $20 Measure so you get the rod channel straight. After you turn the valance right-side out and press it, sew a line of stitching the length of the fabric, connecting the tops of the two openings, and then repeat to connect the bottoms of the openings, to make the rod channel. Continue reading below Our Video of the Da Make multiple valances and easily swap out as desired. Next Up. Homemade Valance for Spring. Learn a simple way to freshen the house for spring. How to Add Pleats to a Valance. Go for the tailored look with these step-by-step instructions. Make a Vintage-Inspired Pennant Banner Valance Use two coordinating fabrics to sew a flat panel. Insert a dowel into the fabric roll to hold the treatment straight and level. Roll it up and tie with sturdy ribbon or a sewn band of fabric. Knot or tie a bow underneath the roll to keep it in place

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Following these valance ideas, you can make your own valance just with some affordable materials and basic DIY skills. #1. Cut the cardboard to the desired width and scored and folded, and then covered with batting and fabric to make this valance Sew down one side of the window valance to the first 1 1/2 inch mark using a 1/2-inch seam allowance. Skip the next 1 1/2 inches for your curtain rod and continue to sew the rest of the way to the bottom of the valance. Sew across the bottom and up the other side, stopping at the rod pocket. Skip 1 1/2 inches and continue to sew to the end Measure the width of the drapery rod. Determine the length of the valance, or how far down you want it to hang over the window. Add 6 inches to the measurement. Also measure the width of the rod, or the distance from one corner to the other, plus 4 to 6 inches to allow for fullness

Sewing the Valance Together With RIGHT sides together, line up the top and bottom of the curtain and lining fabrics (they should be the exact same height). Next, line up the two left edges of fabric and pin together; repeat on the right side In Step 5 You learn how to sew the lining to the valance!https://www.factorydirectdesignersworkroom.co Straight Valance. Available in 7 widths: 50, 75, 100, 150, 200, 250 and 300. Overall length is 16. Use 2 to 2 1/2 times in fabric width to window width recommended. Use multiple valances for wider windows Fold 1/4 inch and then fold 2 inches for bottom hem. To make the bottom hem, measure ¼-inch and press with your iron. Now measure 2 inches from the bottom and fold with wrong-sides facing each other and press with your iron. Sew the hem on your sewing machine Let me show how to make an easy no-sew window treatment.Check out my Dabosslady's channel here; https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNNbbqQlDb4ixSBxsCpuXXg-~-~~..

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  1. Pin the hem down as you go. Then sew a straight stitch with your sewing machine to create the hem. Do this same step on all four sides of your curtain. Next, you need to fold down the top hem about 2 to 3 inches to create a pocket for the curtain rod
  2. Fold the fabric and wrap the foam box as if wrapping a gift. Make sure the pattern is straight and use the straight pins to keep the fabric taut around the box. Wrap excess fabric to the back of the boards and snip where necessary. #5. The last step is to hang the valance box. There are two simple ways to hold it in place
  3. You need your valance DOUBLE the width of your window to get a ruffled look. If you want it straight flat just use the width plus your seam allowances. (We'll get to that in a bit.) So for our 24 window we would need a 48 wide piece of fabric
  4. No Sew Drop Cloth Valance. 4. Easy DIY to Make No-Sew Valances. Try out these ethereal white no sew straight valances made effortlessly with thumb tacks that will go with all sorts of backgrounds. No Sew Valances. 5. Tutorial to Make A No-Sew Valance. Use a striped fabric of a neutral color for your no sew drapes
  5. Frugal DIY Valance Ideas. The best way to turn a bland window into a stunning window is to get a decorative valance. You don't need an expensive one either. In fact, with these DIY valance ideas, you can make your own valance with some affordable materials and a bit of time and effort
  6. How To Make a Window Valance. STEP 1: Lay your fabric out on a long countertop. Since I was making a pair of valances, I doubled-up my fabric so that I could cut two at the same time. Each strip of fabric is 78″L x 23″W. STEP 2: If you perfer a straight hem on the bottom of the valance, trim your fabric straight across to the desired height

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At the top of the valance, straight-stitch a 2 1/2-inch row of stitches across the top of each pleat. Use a 3/4-inch seam allowance, which hides the pleat stitching in the stitches of the top hem... I wanted the final valance to be about 16 1/2 inches from the very top to the bottom. In order to do that you cut 16 1/2 inches of your white material and add 2 inches to your patterned material (or 18 1/2 inches in this case). NOTE: What if you need a curtain for a wide window that is wider than your fabric Quick and Easy Window Valance We have a window above our kitchen sink that overlooks the golf course we live on and I have never really known what to do with it since we moved in (which was over 2 years ago lol)

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If you want your bows to be straight and perfect. Use a shorter piece of ribbon to tie the valance on, but don't make a bow, just a knot. Make a perfect bow using a separate piece of ribbon. Cut off tails, then hot glue the center of the bow to the knot on the tied-on to the rod ribbon. Perfect straight facing bows every time In basic terms, if you want a straight valance, without any gathering, your valance needs to be as wide as the distance between the outer edge of your curtains. For a gathered look, you are going to need at least two times that width. Whichever look you are going for, always add an extra two inches to the total width - this is for the hems.. 3. Hem the Sides and Bottom Edge. Fold one edge of the side of your curtain over about ¼, then again another ½. Pin or clip in place, and sew along the edge using a ⅜ seam allowance. Repeat this process on the other side edge of your curtain. Once your sides are sewn, repeat this process again with the bottom edge And you can make all these valances at home, with just basic sewing tools. What makes an attractive valance? A straight valance with a plain trim along the base. Proportions. I know I keep harping on about proportions, but it really is a vital ingredient of getting your designs looking great Sometimes all you need for a window treatment is a valance. You may decide to make a valance to compliment the curtains that exist on the window. A valance also looks nice even if it is the only dressing on the window. Choose a color that matches the current curtains or go for something that pulls from other colors or patterns in the room

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REUSABLE, TRANSPARENT, TRACEABLE, NO-SEW Valance Forms. This no-sew valance kit is a must-have tool for the DIY home decorator. Kit includes three different Valance Design Forms for creating Scalloped, Arched and Straight Valance Styles and over 20 different Traceable Style Form Designs for making iron-on valance accents Turn the valance right sides out press the valance. Fold in each end about 1/2″ to 1″ and press. Next, measure down 1″ and sew a seam along the width of the fabric. Now depending on the width of your curtain hardware, measure down the width of the rod plus 1/4′ to 1/2. Then sew a straight stitch along the length of the valance Learn how to sew valances with scallops - a tutorial for curtains and valances. Learn how to sew valances with scallops - a tutorial for curtains and valances. Pinterest. Today. Explore. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures How to make window valance with foam forums. The standard appears to be to take the height of your window or curtains, divide that quantity by 5 and take 1/5 as the height of your valance. You ll additionally make a pattern the use of a cardboard scrap out to the dimensions of the valance to check the final effect of the peak You need your valance DOUBLE the width of your window to get a ruffled look. If you want it straight flat just use the width plus your seam allowances. (We'll get to that in a bit.) So for our 24 window we would need a 48 wide piece of fabric. Write your window measurements down as you go

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How To Make A Valance From A Really Long Curtain When I was little, I would turn my room (or swing set, or back yard, or closet) into a make-believe house of my own. I would imagine how I would decorate it, what the walls would be painted, even the type of stone that would be used for the exterior Make sure that your cuts are straight or the valance will not hang straight. For the lining, subtract 2 inches from the length and add 1 inch to the length. Pin the lining to the outer fabric right sides together at the top and bottom (the long sides). Sew a 1/2 inch seam using a straight stitch and a stitch length of 2.5 Straight Window Valance/ Modern Farmhouse Curtain Panel/ Off White-Black Ink Stripe/ Custom Sizing Available! #211. DaniInteriors. 5 out of 5 stars. (492) $39.00. Add to Favorites. NEW!!! Modern Straight Valance/ Grosgrain Ribbon Trim/ Navy White Vertical Stripe/ Original Design! DaniInteriors

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Place the front petals over the back petals right side up so that the back petals are centered behind the front petals keeping the top edge straight. Your valance should measure 86 X 16. Pin all pieces in place and sew 2″ down from top edge. This will be the line you use to attach the valance to your board making it 14″ finished length Learn how to make a no-sew valance that has pleats at the corners and an accent band at the bottom. This simple design will go with many décor styles. You can also make variations with box pleats or add decorative trim to make it your own. Add this valance to existing curtains, sheers, or blinds, or make matching custom curtains If the valance is gathered, its total, flat width should be 2 to 3.5 times the width of the window. Thereof, how do you sew a lining in a valance? Fold 1/2 inch to the back of your valance on both sides and pin as you go and then iron the seam. This will be the short end of the fabric. Use a straight stitch to sew the seams A very similar window treatment is a traditional swag valance which has the fabric going straight across the top. I do not cover this style of valance in this book you can find this style in the e-book How To Sew A Traditional Swag Valance. Each chapter walks you through the process of designing and sewing your window valance

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  1. And if you've done your measurements right, the corner of your valance should line up perfectly with the corner of the board. But the good thing about attaching the valance with Velcro is that if your valance is just a touch too wide, you can ease the Velcro over just a bit to make the corners line up
  2. With the right side of your window valance facing up (the side with the tape on the seams), apply the peel and stick wallpaper to the foam board, letting the edges hang over and smoothing out bubbles with a paper scraper. Work carefully across the full width of the valance, matching patterns if needed
  3. Always make sure you buy more fabric than the decided measurements, as buying extra valance material in case the fabric falls short is more bothersome. So, go ahead and make a valance with the given steps for a window, and then you can try out different swag valance ideas for windows of the other rooms in your house
  4. Make an open pole Empire swag valance today. This instructional video shows you how to make an open pole empire swag valance. I know this window treatment style looks complicated but if you follow along with me, you can do it too! This swag valance style is the one that I always get compliments on as I take guests on a tour of my home

A valance can help you make a statement that is strong on style and also has practical value. When you set up your show tent, adding a valance in your barn colors will help you create a complete look. Use it to anchor the look of your tent, adding drapes in the same color. You can put your horse's, riding club's, or stable's name on the. 2. Valance. You will be left with a 19-inch piece of fabric which you can use to make a valance. The factory-hemmed bottom edge will be the bottom edge of your valance. All you need to do it add a rod pocket at the top. To sew the rod pocket, fold the top of the fabric over 3 to 3-1/2 inches to make a 3-inch top hem. Sew two lines straight across No Sew Bed Skirt Made From Purchased Valances. 3 materials. $45. 1 Hour. Easy. This is a an easy way to make a bed skirt without having to sew. I have made them in the past and used elastic and was not really satisfied with the results and using the sheet between the mattress and box springs is a pain in the back to put onto the bed Locate a straight stick a few inches wider than window casing and two Y-shaped sticks. Cut Y's to approximately 8 inches long, but adjust sizing to fit scale of the window (Image 1). Drill through Y-shaped sticks into wood window frame with self-boring wood screws (Image 2). Repeat with other Y-shaped stick, making sure stick looks level to the. Modern Flat Swags. It seems like a misnomer that swags can actually be flat, since the term of swag is thought of as a fabric that drapes luxuriously. The recent push in designer valances are including tailored, flat valances as a popular item in 2021 and in the future. The flat swags still have the half-round shape but they only gather upwards.

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Balloon Valance Window Treatments. Don't be fooled. There are no balloons in these window treatments. Only beautiful fabrics arranged in the most fetching display of decorative prowess. These balloon valance window treatments will give your large, picture windows a aesthetic upgrade that will make your wish you had invested in the addition sooner Arching a valance is a good option, particularly over the sink. JC Penney sells a Clear Arched Window Rod that will do the trick. Other options include a curved cornice, a box-pleated valance with a curved line along the bottom or a London Shade from Smith + Noble that is nearly flat at the top but falls from inverted pleats to gentle swags along the bottom, with wings at either side The Delilah straight window valance has a beautiful silver and slate blue floral embroidery in a horizontal band along the bottom edge, with a soft cotton satin indigo base fabric. The valance is lined and the 3-inch rod pocket construction. What he did: For this custom bathroom valance, Snyder bought a shower curtain from Pottery Barn and paid $8 for the monogramming.He had a 1-by-6 board cut to the window length. Then he just folded the curtain in half and stapled it to the board. He took two L brackets and screwed it into the wall

British Floral Straight Valance . SKU: 24532. Price: $50.00-$150.00. Save up to 67% British Floral Tab Top Valance. SKU: 23700. Price: $30.00-$90.00. Save up to 67% British Floral Tie-Up Valance . SKU: 24544. Price: $99.95-$299.95. Save up to 67% Buffalo Check Grande Empire Valance. Rod Pocket Curtain Valance The curtain valance rod pocket measures 3 inches which is large enough for most straight rods (diameter less than 1.5) in the market to install the valance on your home window and it's convenient for assembly and disassemble, easy for both young and old I highly suggest pinning the ribbon and then IRONING before sewing. This flattens the ribbon and makes it easier to sew it straight. This will also ensure that the valance hangs properly. Below is a picture of the bottom corner of the back of the valance. Below is a picture of the back of the finished valance. Below is a picture of our loft Make sure to cut evenly-my fabric was large plaid, so it was easy to follow a line and make a straight cut! 3. After piece 1 is cut from top of second panel, you will have the remainder of fabric left from this panel. Fold it over evenly and this will be the valance. 4

The valance should hang down straight, just outside the curtain rod. Beside above, do you need a double curtain rod for a valance? Buy two different curtain rods. Lightweight curtains and sheer panels can be hung with a café rod, while heavier material will need a regular curtain rod that comes out from the wall about 2 inches 7. If you have a selvage edge fold the fabric down about 2 inches, press and stitch straight across creating a tunnel for the curtain rod. If you have a raw edge, fold a 1/4 inch down and press then fold down about 2 inches and press again so you don't have a raw edge. Sew across to make your tunnel. 8. Congrats! You just made a rectangle As I mentioned above, 18 inches is a good height, and 1 1/2 times the width of your window is a good width for making valances. 2. Overcast (zig-zag stitch) or serge all 4 edges of the fabric. If you use a serger try not to cut much off while you are edging the fabric. 3. Press 1/2 inch of the fabric on both short sides towards the wrong side Now it's time to cover the valance with your fabric. *Note: because the foam has small gray specks in it, make sure to either use a colorful or thicker fabric, or to put a white layer underneath. You don't want to have a pretty white fabric with gray polka dots peeking through at you.* I choose to do this with straight pins for two reasons Tie up the valance, by tying the front and back pieces of the tie together, either in a knot or a bow. Do the same with the other side, making sure your ties on each side are tied up at the same length. Now stand back and make sure your valance looks even at the bottom on each side

Use yardstick to connect marks to make a straight line. Do the same on the bottom, 4 up from straight edge. Mark 1 in on both side edges of each piece. Mark all pieces. Make sure all marks are lightly placed on outside of fabric, but dark enough so you can see them. Sew two valance pieces together, so it's one long piece. Press seam flat On a rigid or draped fabric valance, follow the guidelines below to make a beaded window valance for your home. Step 1: Beaded Rigid Window Valance Preparation. Measure the bottom edge of your existing rectangular window valance. Purchase ½-inch wide grosgrain ribbon matched to the fabric cover of your valance, 6 inches longer than this length This valance is 12″ high, but you can make yours thinner if you like. Cut out a long piece of freezer paper and draw a rectangle 35″ by 12″. To make the notch on the bottom surface, measure in 6 inches from each end and draw a line 1 1/2″ long from the bottom edge

1: The first step to making a removable valance is to determine the length and width you want to frame for the valance and section off that part of the ceiling with industrial Velcro (male) with industrial glue (it's better to use the non stick Velcro for this project and use glue to secure it to the ceiling, the sticky Velcro is not strong enough and the valance will collapse after a few days) A valance is the portion of a window treatment that covers the very top of the window. They can be stand-alone decorative features or can be used in conjunction with curtains or drapes. Common since the Rennaissance and reaching their high point in Victorian England, valances are still a common feature in window treatments today Whether you're trying to choose a valance from the store or make your own, you have a surprising amount of wiggle room when it comes to valance measurements. Although there aren't exact rules to follow, there are some guidelines to bear in mind when choosing or making valances Purchase New Valance. Allow to Dry Before Reinstalling the Fabric on the Awning Frame. When Reinstalling Fabric, Spin Fabric Around so that the Fabric that was on the Roller Tube is now at the Front Bar of the Awning. Now you should have the Clean New Fabric that was on the Roller Tube at the Front of the Awning. Install New Valance Once your edges are sewn and your ribbon is on, place your shade on the table and make the folds in it where you want. To remember where they were to sew them, I placed pins on the folds. The vertical ones are for the edge of the fold. The horizontal ones were for the straight line that will get sewn across the shade {see below}

To hang the no-sew valance: 1. Find the center along top edge of fabric and pin it over the center part of the rod. (This pin will be removed later) 2. Spread the fabric to each side and use a safety pin to attach each end of the valance to the last tab or section of the curtain panel that is closest to the wall. 3 Make a paper pattern or trace the outline of the valance. It could be straight, scalloped, or with points like this example. It could be straight, scalloped, or with points like this example. Make the height 1/3 - 1/4 the height of your window and the width a few inches wider than the window, including the trim around it Make sure to turn the edges under about one half an inch for raw edges and then press them with a hot iron also. Next, place the top edges of the lining of fabric together and top stitch with your sewing machine. That said, you've now sewn a beautiful swag valance that will add character to your windows and be a conversation piece for years to. quick tips: I used the hem of the slipcover for the bottom of the valance so my fabric was already hemmed. You could always use heat bond tape to make a hem.or even glue it. I also pinned the sides of the valance with thumbtacks to make it fit the sides perfectly. The party was amazing. The cucumbers were delicious with Wal-Mart dip Continue the process of stapling the valance along the front measuring every few inches to ensure the length remains the same across the width of the valance. *Stop 4″ or so from each end. The ends can be a bit tricky. Measure again to make sure the valance is the length you desire and staple the inside of the end pleat to the side of the board

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Sew, on the sewing machine, using a straight stitch, along the line of pins across the entire valance. Remove pins. Iron the valance. Slip the curtain rod through the curtain rod casing on the valance. This is one valance panel. If you have a window measuring wider than 30-32-inches, you will need to make additional valances to achieve desired. Step Ten - Mount Your Valance. You will now add your completed valance. You will lay it over the brace and curtain rod. Make sure it is measured even. You will take your screws and add one on the top middle area of the valance, attaching the top piece of wood to your sturdy brace. Then add one to each end of the valance Make a scarf valance to dress up a drab looking window. Leaving a window with either a set of blinds or shades can be unappealing, if not downright ugly. Creating a scarf valance can add a bit of enhancement to your window and room, especially when matching the color scheme Now measure from that straight line down for valance length needed, do this twice because it needs to be doubled for fullness (unless 60″ width fabric). Make a mark. Do the same halfway across and on the folded edge. Now put your yardstick across from mark to mark and draw a line (this will also be a cutting line). Do the same for curtains

I was very pleased with how these valances turned out and wanted to give instructions that anyone could follow to make similar valances or curtains for their windows. No experience necessary, I promise. If you can sew a reasonably straight line, you can make cute curtains in less than a couple hours The easiest way to do this is to grab a straight edge and fold over the outside edge to the inside (to make sure it's straight) and attach it with fabric tape. Once you've lined the shade, hemmed all the edges, and have a nice looking curtain, it's time to add the ribbon

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The amount of fabric I used is needed to create the rolled look. You could certainly make it full window length and secure it in a way which allows you to easily let it down if you wanted to use it as an actual window covering. I have a block out roller blind beneath the valance which I can use as needed so the valance is purely cosmetic in my. Browse our large selection of window valances. Window valances come in variety of colors, patterns, textures and styles. We offer a full range of straight valances, Tie-up valances, swags, swaggers and scalloped valances. A common alternate spelling is valance. Artissimo Lined Filler Valance. 1 review

A cascading valance is a three-piece valance, mounted on a board and installed above the window. The center section of the valance is called a swag and the longer side sections are jabots. This valance is relatively simple to make with a minimum of sewing Step One: Cut two curtain panels. Determine the length of the curtain fabric by adding the desired finished curtain length with the length of the header and hem plus 2″. I am making 2 curtain panels for a narrow window in the baby's nursery, so I cut two 84″ lengths of 44″ wide fabric to make curtains that measure 77″ long. Cut two. These should just be straight cuts. Duct tape those into place (see the left size of the above picture). I only needed 1 side piece, because my window butts into a wall on the right side, but you'll probably need two. 6. Lay the valance form face down on the batting and cut it to about 2 extra on each side. Make sure the batting is smooth Valance is pleated . A 5 facing strip is sewn to hold pleat in place and to be stapled to the mounting board. ' Two out of three bullion are cut off and now the end of the bullion left are cut and unraveled. The fringe is steamed and straightened by brushing with a plastic toothed brush. Later I will post a picture of the valance when.

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To make this panel as a no-sew valance, iron the seam allowances all around the outside edges of each piece. Pin the two pieces together with iron on seam adhesive all around the edges and in between the two fabrics. Iron around the edge and remove the pins. 6. Press the valance; pin and hand stitch the opening closed The first important step in how to make your curtains hang straight is purchasing quality curtains. Unlined curtains are cheaper than lined onesbut they will look cheaper too and they won't have the same weight and drape as curtains that are lined. Lined curtains have enough substance to hold the folds that you see on high-end curtains Measure Width. For a valance that is gathered, and balloon valances, figure double the width of your window. For a flat, tailored look, the valance should be wide enough to cover the width of the rod plus the side returns of the rod I followed the seam already made in the curtains (about a 1 inch seam allowance) and just sewed straight across the top of the valance sewing the pleats into place. See picture below: (Sewing pleats into place) Before you move onto the final step, you will want to press these curtains--well. They are supposed to look crisp, so you will want to.

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