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Garden Projects at Portland Nursery. Living with Mason Bees. You too can become a bee keeper with mason bees! The orchard mason bee (Osmia lignaria) is a small solitary bee which lives in thin reeds or holes left behind by other insects.See the article.. Bee-keeping can be a rewarding hobby, as well as a source of honey. Even if you don't have the time or room to keep honey bees, you can support mason bees or other native pollinators. Portland Nursery has several classes each year on bee-keeping and mason bees. You can also contact the Oregon State Beekeepers Association at 503-657-5399

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Invite Mason Bees into your garden. Garden Pests. The Best Practices approach, sometimes called Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is an environmentally sensitive approach to dealing with garden pests. Portland Nursery on Stark Phone: 503.231.5050 5050 SE Stark, Portland, OR 97215 Portland Nursery on Division Phone: 503.788.9000. Portland Nursery has everything you need to make your home and garden your favorite destination—from trees and shrubs, to bonsai, houseplants, perennials, natives, annuals, grasses, herbs and seeds—plus all a gardener needs for healthy, happy plants including potting soil and amendments, tools, furniture and pottery at two convenient locations Birds & Bees Nursery 3327 SE 50th Ave. Portland, Oregon | Open Daily 11am - 5p chickens, birds & bees. Let us supply you with happy, healthy northwest-hardy chicks, pullets and organic chicken feed. Read about the breeds we typically have (heirloom standard chickens), and learn how to attract other birds and bees to your garden! We carry birdseed, feeders and shelters, as well as mason bee boxes and tubes Rocky Pond Nursery | Mason Bees. Lavender, wild Flowers and Mason bees in Estacada, Oregon. Open today until 6:00 PM. Get Quote. Call (503) 630-3532 Get directions WhatsApp (503) 630-3532 Message (503) 630-3532 Contact Us Find Table View Menu Make Appointment Place Order

We have Mason Bees for sale and Leaf Cutter Bees for Sale.. Gardener's Best Friend. Mason Bees and Leaf Cutter Bees are a gardener's best friend. It's all about pollination; Mason bees and Leaf Cutter Bees are Master Pollinators. 1 humble Mason Bee or Leaf Cutter Bee can replace 120 Honeybees One Green World Nursery Tradition & Quality. One Green World is a family owned nursery and garden center located in Portland, Oregon. We have been providing a huge selection of fruiting trees and shrubs, berries, vines, unique citrus, nut trees, vegetables and much more to people all over the United States. In addition to the plants we sell, the experts at OGW are available for questions and. We offer unique and rare fruit and nut trees, shrubs, and vines. We've been sharing our passion for edible plants and organic gardening since 1994. We are a family owned and operated nursery in Portland Oregon. We ship our seeds & plants to all 50 states. At our retail garden center we offer seasonal fruit tasting, preservation and plant care. Mason bees are unique and quite beneficial. They're native to the Pacific NW and, in contrast to honey bees (which are from Europe), mason bees will fly and pollinate even when it is raining or cool outside. They're not hive-forming and rarely sting. We carry mason bee cocoons that hatch in late winter ready to pollinate your plants through.

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  1. Mason Bees. Mulching. Winter Cheer Basket. Xeriscaping. Contact. Portland Nursery on Stark Phone: 503.231.5050 5050 SE Stark, Portland, OR 97215 Portland Nursery on Division Phone: 503.788.9000 9000 SE Division, Portland, OR 97266 Let's Get Social. 9am - 7pm Daily. Newsletter with Garden Tips & Specials!.
  2. Mason bees (Figure 1) are different from honey bees, bumble bees, and wasps in their appearance and behavior. Both female and male mason bees are shiny, dark blue-green. Female mason bees are about the same size as honey bees. Males are slightly smaller, have light-colored hair on their face, and antennae one segment longer than the female
  3. Orchard Mason Bees. $ 25.95 - $ 99.75. Mason Bees are the very best native pollinators in nature and will pollinate 10 times better than Honey Bees. Choose a box of 20 or 100 of these amazing bees
  4. Rent Mason Bees, Buy Mason Bees, Mason Bee training, Fern and Rosemary, Billies Bees, Mason Bee Pictures, Blue Orchard Bee, Osmia lignaria, Polination Services, Backyard Bee Keepers, Gentle Bee, Pacific Northwest, Japanese Horned Bee, Horned Bee, Backyard Bee Keeping thanks to Tsugawa Nursery for hosting the mason bee talk. Several folks.
  5. Portland Nursery on Stark Phone: 503.231.5050 5050 SE Stark, Portland, OR 97215 Portland Nursery on Division Phone: 503.788.900
  6. Both Smith and Rose teach classes on mason bees and agree raising them can be as complicated or simple as you want to make it. Portland Nursery. portlandnursery.com . 5050 S.E. Stark St. 503.
  7. many of the plant shops will carry them during the right time of year as well: Portland Nursery, Seven Dees, etc. Do I need to protect the bees in any way? During the summer, Mason bees are able to stay in their houses but need to be protected from weather, other insects, and birds/small animals

All about Mason Bees What are Mason Bees? Osmia lignaria propinqua, or Blue orchard Mason Bees, are non-aggressive bees that live in solitary nesting tubes.They are smaller than honeybees and do not live in hives. Mason bees are excellent pollinators, demonstrating 95% pollination success compared to honey bees, which typically pollinate about 5% of the flowers they visit in a day Mason Bees are categorized as solitary bees. This means that each female is a Queen Bee and - like most single mothers - must do all of the work herself; including gathering pollen/nectar, laying eggs, and doing upkeep on her little mud nursery

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  1. Twice a year the Friends of Portland Community Gardens teams up with Portland Nursery for important fundraising opportunities. For the past several years FPCG has been encouraging the management of mason bees in the gardens. We have been building mason bee houses and distributing them to the gardens. This year we will be selling the houses
  2. And Mason Bees and Leaf Cutter bees are more efficient pollinators than the honeybee. A 100 Mason Bees or Leaf Cutter Bees can perform the work of 10,000 Honeybees. By small things are great thing brought to pass. We are at the top of the food chain, but if it collapses under us; then what. How it work
  3. At OGW we offer a diversity of food plants and their companions from around the world. We offer unique and rare fruit and nut trees, shrubs, and vines. We've been sharing our passion for edible plants and organic gardening since 1994. We are a family owned and operated nursery in Portland Oregon. We ship our seeds & plants to all 50 states
  4. Mason Bees: Maintenance and Harvesting and Cleaning. It's that time of year! The decorative gourds are out, the tomatoes are long gone and the nights are getting long. It must be mason bee harvest time! This will be a recap of my very recent experience of harvesting mason bees (cleaning their cocoons, really) at Chickadee Gardens
  5. Mason Bee Clay. $ 5.00. Add to cart. Mason Bee Clay is to be used to make mud for your Orchard Mason bees. Female bees need moist clay to build the cell walls in the nesting chamber. This clay is ideal for yards where the soil is too sandy to make adequate mud. Set out a container of clay powder if your soil is not naturally high in clay
  6. Mason Bee Tubes - Bundle of 25. Mason Bee Tubes, a tearable tube insert that opens easily. Sold as a bundle of 25 x 8mm tubes are a specialized size our Blue Orchard Mason Bees.. These tubes are easy to open and can be used as inserts when placed into either drilled block of wood or another protective barrier or container

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Ron Spendal is a Washington County Master Gardener who has been researching and educating on mason bees for over 15 years. He operates educational mason bee displays across Washington County, Oregon and runs a highly-sought after courses on mason bee management through Washington Co Extension Osmia are called mason bees because they use mud to make their nest cells. Several species are managed for agricultural production. There are approximately 70 species in Oregon. Common Name: Mason Bees Mason bees carry pollen on specialized hairs on the abdomen. Preferred Crops: Apple, blueberry, cane berries, cherry, and strawberry 4 Houses left: Mason Bee houses, nesting tubes for mason bees. $25 (Lake Oswego) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $0. image 1 of 15. < 17705 NW Springville Road, Portland 97225 - across from Building 9. Click here for a map of PCC-RC. Mid-March through June is the active time for Mason Bees. Portland Nursery; Oregon Decorative Rock. Specialties: Small Women and Black Owned Nursery/Plant Shop. Houseplants & Pottery, NW Natives, Perennials, Seasonal Veggies, Fruits, Herbs and more! Established in 2012. The owners Caitlin Gaul and Amanda Lepley Simard met during their freshman year at Lincoln H.S. in Portland. They have remained good friends and share a love of gardening, among other things. In 2011, they decided to try.

Product: mason bees ( Osmia lignaria— sold by the bee in paper inserts only, quality controlled and guaranteed); mason bee blocks, paper nest inserts, pollination kits for beginners (bees, block, inserts, release box, instructions, shipping included). Tom Farner. 16021 Marsing Rd. Caldwell, ID 83607. 208-459-8251 Sunflower: Longhorn bees, sweat bees, leafcutting bees and bumblebees collect the pollen and nectar of this annual. Salal: Larval host for spring azure butterflies. Bees collect the nectar on this groundcover. Native to the Pacific Northwest. Catmint: Honey bees, bumblebees, carder bees and mason bees collect nectar and pollen from this perennial CORVALLIS, Ore. - Honeybees get all the attention, but they aren't the only bees pollinating our gardens. In Oregon, over 500 native bees are out doing their part, too As National Pollinator Week nears June 18 to 24, it's time to bring them into the limelight. Many are beautiful - like the metallic sweat bee with emerald green head and thorax or the cute ball of fluff called

Mason Bees will work for 6-8 weeks. For longer pollination season stagger you're your release date. For instance, release 20 bees on March 1 st and another 20 April 1 st.The same applies to summer leafcutter bees; start June 1 st and go from there.. When you are ready, take the Hatching Tube to the nest and put the Hatching Tube, in the protective cover, in this example, a coffee can, remove. 32 oz big jar of HONEY for $25.QUEENIE BEE ORGANIC RAW HONEY FARMS. $25 (sea > 14062 yelm hwy se) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $200. favorite this post

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Interested in keeping mason bees? Read on for everything you need to know before starting out! Where to Place Your Mason Bee House Once you have your mason bee house, the first step will be deciding where to hang it. The optimal location to hang your mason bee house is 6 to 7 feet off the ground, preferably under an eave of your house, garage, shed or some other shelter favorite this post. Jul 1. RARE Burt's Bees Bearded Face Large 17 oz. Shaving Mug Very LTD Ed. NEW. $30 (Portland) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $35. favorite this post The 6 cardboard nesting tubes are made from Kraft paper, clear wrapped for moisture resistance. The housing is made from 100% recyled and recyclable polypropylene. Each Nest Kit comes with an informative leaflet about Orchard Mason Bees. Mason bees are NOT included with the Kit, you will receive hollow tubes which the bees will fill themselves Garland Nursery. Hughes Water Gardens. Joy Creek Nursery. Portland Nursery. Red Ridge Farms . The Garden Corner. Gardening. Celebrating Wildflowers. Center for Invasive Plants. Deer Resistant Plant List for Oregon. Mason Bees Information. Native Plant Society of Oregon. Native Plant Society of McMinnville's chapter: Cheahmill Calendar of. Populations of bees (and monarchs, hum mingbirds, and many other pollinator species) have been in freefall for years. The good news: since these pollinators tend to be highly mobile, even petite urban gardens can become safe havens where birds, bees, and butterflies can feed, nest, and take shelter for the winter

Pomarius Nursery, 1920 N.W. 18th Ave.; pomariusnursery.com or 503-490-6866. Raising Mason Bees: 10 a.m.-noon. This presentation focuses on environmental needs, nesting behaviors, and nesting and. Amazon.com: mason bees tubes. Mason Bee Lure, Mason Bee Hatching Nursery, Mason Bee Mud. $49.99 $ 49. 99. 20% coupon applied at checkout Save 20% with coupon. FREE Shipping. Mason Bee House - Handmade Natural Bamboo Bee Hive - Attracts Peaceful Bee Pollinators to Enhance Your Garden's Productivity. 4.5 out of 5 stars 763 Mason bees are major pollinators of orchards and some commercial crops, but you can sometimes find them buzzing around a backyard garden. They are about a ½ inch in length and can vary in coloration across species. Some mason bees will be metallic green, while others are dark blue or black. These bees tend to favor tube-shaped or asymmetrical. How To Start Mason Bees. Mason bees require a nesting hole (drilled or nature made by beetles) 5/16 of an inch in diameter and 4 inches long. Arts Nursery has a great selection of custom made mason bee houses, and replacement tubes. We also sell boxes of bees instore during the early spring Pollinator-Friendly Native Plant Lists. We've prepared the following lists of recommended native plants that are highly attractive to pollinators such as native bees, honey bees, butterflies, moths, and hummingbirds, and are well-suited for small-scale plantings in gardens, on business and school campuses, in urban greenspaces, and in farm.

Contact. 503.248.0104. 3926 N Vancouver Avenue Portland, OR 97227 (between Shaver and Fremont) Hours. Thursday-Tuesday: 10am-6pm Wednesday: Close 503-650-3126. Mason Bees make the perfect garden guests! They are not aggressive, don't sting, and quietly go about their business as prolific pollinators. Blue Orchard Mason Bees are native to Oregon and require very little to make them happy. This Noon Time Talk from 10-Minute University will teach you how to set up a home and care for. Mason Bees Supply. 643 Followers · Retail Company. Norman Building & Design. 591 Followers · Contractor. Mid-Atlantic Nursery Trade Show - MANTS Hi, this is Kelsey with the Far West Show and I'm here in Downtown Portland getting pretty excited about this year's new product showcase. Submission deadline for exhibitors is july 1st so.

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Mason bees are increasingly reared for their pollination abilities in the production of fruits and nuts. The mason bee with its signature metallic blue or blue-black color is common in the United States. It is a type of native bee that is smaller in size when compared to the honey bee. There is also the red mason bee which more resembles the. The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation is an international nonprofit organization that protects the natural world through the conservation of invertebrates and their habitats. As a science-based organization, we both conduct our own research and rely upon the most up-to-date information to guide our conservation work Mason Bees are an important native bee and people of all ages have enjoyed learning about them and how to build a bee house. The Orchard Mason Bee is a solitary, native bee from this area. They emerge in early spring and pollinate, fruit trees, flowers, and vegetables. Due to its metallic blue-black coloring, the Mason Bee looks more like.

Mason bees and Leafcutter bees use ultraviolet vision to find the flower from a distance and then smell to locate the nectar and pollen. Mason Bees especially need an early-blooming flower variety Mason bees need early blooming flowers, as they are active in March, when very little is blooming, through April, and May Grower's Nursery Supply, Salem, OR. 448 likes · 19 were here. Professional grade tools and supplies for wholesale nursery and greenhouse growers of ornamentals and edibles Pollinators come in all shapes and sizes: bees, moths, butterflies, beetles, flies, and even bats, just to name a few. Knowing which plants serve our pollinators the best helps create a healthy and vibrant ecosystem where flora and fauna thrive. It also creates a diverse and beautiful garden for u

Mason Bees - Our Native Pollinators. READ MORE. Mitch Discusses Mason Bees on Garden Time. READ MORE. NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO CLEAN YOUR MASON BEE COCOONS. READ MORE. Plant a Bee Garden and Welcome a Host of Native Wildlife. READ MORE. The Joys of Hosting Mason Bees Flowers and bees in Portland. (Courtesy of Portland Urban Beekeepers) You can also learn more about native mason bees, Try visiting your local gardening center or nursery to learn more. Claremont Western RedbudZone: 6 - 9. Redbuds are loved by hummingbirds, bees, butterflies, and other native pollinators. This has dark pink flowers in late winter to early spring. Up to 20′ wide, 15′ tall Mar 12, 2020 - Explore Tom's board Mason Bee Houses on Pinterest. See more ideas about bee houses, mason bee house, mason bees

Mason Bees! Learn with Lauren about how you can welcome Mason Bee populations into your garden with a simple Mason Bee Home from Colesville Nursery's Garden Shop Mason Bees are one of the busiest native pollinators and are resistant to many of the diseases plaguing Honey Bees #colesvillenursery #findyourroots Mason bees in Portland, OR. Mason bees in Portland, OR. Next, she constructs a wall of mud, sealing off the chamber and preparing for the next nursery room. She then goes through the same process of gathering, laying, sealing, repeating until the nesting hole (or tube) is full of nurse rooms, and seals off the entire tube with clay/mud.. Sky Nursery • 18528 Aurora Avenue North, Shoreline, WA 98133 skynursery.com (206)-546-4851 • Rev. 9/7/19 • The Orchard Mason Bee is a great pollinator for the Pacific Northwest. This gentle native bee hatches around the same time as our fruit trees bloom. The Orchard Mason Bees work the blossoms in weather 5oF cooler than honeybees Portland Urban Beekeeping. Bridgetown Bees. 2021 Nucs — All done for this year! Come visit Bridgetown Bees Supply inside Cully Farm Store, 4209 NE Alberta St., at the corner of NE 42nd and Alberta Stree

• Mason bees start to pollinate when it is 55 degrees, much sooner than the honey bee. This gives those things that bloom when it is cold a much better chance to get pollinated. • While it takes 40,000 honey bees to pollinate two acres, it only take about 600 Mason Bees to do the same job Hand-built in Portland, Oregon by our team of craftspeople, our Wedge Langstroth Hive embodies the Bespoke name. Using manufacturing techniques developed to reduce waste, the Wedge Langstroth Hive is the most environmentally-friendly manufactured hive on the market today Shipping ($3.50) Providing a cleanable and reusable Mason bee nesting block is critical to long term success. After each season you must remove your Mason Bee cocoons and clean the Mason Bee nesting site, it is easy to do with these reusable Mason Bee nesting trays. Take a look at our new revolutionary thermoformed polymer nesting tray

MASON BEE. Mason bees are docile bees that emerge from their cocoons in the spring when fruit trees and many of our native shrubs and herbs are in bloom. Visiting up to 2000 flowers each day, these highly efficient pollinators increase fruit production as well as improve the overall health of their ecosystems by aiding the health of native plants Shipping ($3.50) A Mason Bee nesting kit, is designed to contain everything you need to start raising Mason Bees. 40 hole cleanable nesting tray that you can use year after year. It provides home for 244 Mason Bee cocoons and is suitable for up to 20 Mason Bees. Twenty Mason Bee cocoons. Mason Bee attractants- a scent trail home for the Mason Bee Nursery offers plant sales with a conscience. Amanda Simard, left, and Caitlin Gaul are owners of Portland's retail urban nursery, Birds & Bees. The nursery promotes social justice causes at. Sky Nursery • 18528 Aurora Avenue North, Shoreline, WA 98133 skynursery.com (206)-546-4851 • Rev. 9/7/19 Orchard Mason Bees are native to the Pacific Northwest, but in urban bee houses they face challenges unknown in the wild. In our native rainforest, bee-sized holes and flowering shrubs are fairly dispersed, s ORCHARD MASON BEE - THE SUPER POLLINATOR Six (6) mason bees = 10,000 honeybees = pollinate one fruit tree Books: Bees of the World by Christopher O'Toole & Anthony Raw Forgotten Pollinators, The by Stephen L. Buchmann & Gary Paul Nabhan Garden in Bloom, The (see mason bee section) by Ann Lovejoy How to Manage the Blue Orchard Bee by Jordi Bosch & William Kem

Mason Bees. April 28, 2015. April 28, 2015. For years people have relied on and contributed crop production/pollination to honeybees. Now, more and more farmers and homeowners are raising solitary Mason bees to do the job since they are much more efficient and effective at the job. There are a large number of lesser known bees that also make. The Blue Orchard Mason Bee is prized for its efficiency pollinating fruit trees and is native to North America. Great for use in your yard or garden as mason bees are non-territorial and thus less likely to harm humans or pets. Purchase this item in these amounts to apply quantity discounts This fact makes mason bees the perfect candidate for pollinating early spring blossoms such as apple, peach and pear. Mason bees also fly close to home (within 500 ft/ half a km) and pollinate all flowers present in the vicinity. A bee home plus mason bee cocoons is the easy way to get started with these friendly beneficial bees Unlike mining bees, the mason bees (there are about 75 Pacific Northwest species in the genus Osmia) live above-ground in cavities created in dead twigs, beetle burrows in old wood or under shingles

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Serving Western WA with high quality apiary supplies, package bees, beeswax as well as fresh local raw honey. Phone: 360-568-2191 Our Address: 403 Maple Ave Ste A., Snohomish, WA 9829 Mason Bees are an interesting lot. They're an important native pollinator, and because they are native, they're especially tuned in to some of the early-blooming native plants around Portland - like red flowering currant. They differ from the better-known honey bee in several ways. First of all they're solitary - each female builds it's own nest, and there are no worker bees to tend them

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Mason bees are cavity-nesting solitary bees, meaning they take advantage of holes, usually in wood, left behind by the activities of other insects or birds. After mating, a female mason will collect and build a ball of nectar and pollen inside the nesting cavity, lay an egg beside it, then seal off that egg chamber with a wall of mud 20 February, 2020 | 25. Mason Bees are gentle, plump, dark-colored bees. They are among the first bees to fly in cool, wet spring weather. You can be a part of the Mason Bee revolution by raising Mason Bees in your backyard! Spring Mason Bees are perfect for pollinating flowers, fruit and nut orchards, and berry patches We love our bees. Shop Honey Contact Us. visit us in our honey tasting room open tuesday - saturday 9am - 5pm 5180 lardon rd. ne salem, or 97305 Honey tastings are FREE and open to the public. Our Most Popular Products. Meadowfoam Honey (Out of Stock) Rated 5.00 out of 5 $ 4.00 - $ 192.00; Blackberry Honey

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When it comes to pollinating, one mason bee can do the work of 100 honey bees—they visit about 700 flowers a day and have a pollination rate of 99 percent, which is pretty incredible. Mason bees are most active in the early spring, making them a great pollinator for early spring flowers, fruit trees, and berries Find Your Shop. Everything To Attract Birds & Wildlife To Your Backyard! Bird & Squirrel Food, Feeders & Houses. Birdbaths & Accessories. Mason Bee & Bat Houses. Cranes, Hooks, Poles & Hangers. Rain Domes & Squirrel Baffles. Binoculars & Field Guides. Nature-Inspired Gifts, Jewelry, Books & Toys A perfect location for mason bee houses. This old cedar shake cottage, which was probably a livable house at one time, is the perfect place to hang a few nests for mason bees. There are lots of reasons why this might be a great place to produce mason bees. The house itself, provides a place out of the rain with its overhanging roof, the cedar. Birds & Bees Nursery near South Tabor is on the other end of the spectrum from Portland Nursery: a tiny operation run by co-owners Amanda Lepley-Simard and Caitlin Gaul. The duo shifted to a pick-up and delivery-only model (one of them answers the phone, the other drives the van) and have been making close to their typical sales goal for this. Mason Bees - Our Native Pollinators. READ MORE. Mitch Discusses Mason Bees on Garden Time. READ MORE. NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO CLEAN YOUR MASON BEE COCOONS. READ MORE. Plant a Bee Garden and Welcome a Host of Native Wildlife. READ MORE. The Joys of Hosting Mason Bees

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So now you want your bees. You've done the research, read online information (maybe taken a class) and you are ready to go. Your bees can be bought online or from your local nursery or home and garden store. Compared to getting set up with honey bees, your cost will be minimal, but it will still run you about $30-40 for a small setup So lets bring back the bees! Solitary bees do not need to protect a queen or honey so they are friendly and typically never sting. Simply place cocoons into the Nursery in early spring and hang from, or within 3-feet of, your Mason Bee Condo Sky Nursery 18528 Aurora Ave N, Shoreline 98133, 206-546-4851. Our gentle native Mason Bees have a much better survival and reproduction rate if given a little TLC in the fall. Ray will bring in actual bee houses with live (dormant) Mason Bees and first demonstrate, then let you practice, basic fall Mason bee care.. Mason Bees are an important native bee and people of all ages have enjoyed learning about them and how to build a bee house. The Orchard Mason bee is a solitary, native bee from this area. They emerge in early spring and pollinate, fruit trees, flowers, and vegetables. Due to its metallic blue-black coloring, the Mason bee looks more like. 5. Welliver Outdoors Mason Bee 50-Tube Refill. Welliver Outdoors. $14.99. BUY NOW. If you'd prefer to go the DIY route, there are lots of online tutorials for making simple and inexpensive bee houses that'll last you season after season. The nesting tubes are the only thing you'd need to replace Northwest Meadowscapes, Portland, OR. Offers Xerces-reviewed seed mixes for pollinator conservation projects. Provider of true Northwest-native pollinator seed mixes for Western Oregon and Washington, including mixes containing rare and high value pollinator plant species. Oak Point Nursery, Independence, OR