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In Level 2 stunts we need: 1/2 twisting mount or transitiion. straight cradle from a 1-legged prep level stunt. inversion into a stunt. log/barrel roll. other level appropriate creative or unique load in, dismount or transition. plus multiple body positions. coach.elle , Jan 20, 2011. #14 Apr 14, 2021 - Explore Learning is Awesome's board cheer-level 2, followed by 146 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about cheer, cheer stunts, cheerleading

Cheer factory fusion winning D1 summi Hi Im just wondering if this is legal at level 2 Flyer is in prep. Backspot connect to ankles. Bases dip and release. Would this be legal in level 3.. The same stunt but from lib with a Half twist to 'fake' cradle and additional quarter turn by bases so that the stunt ends facing a different direction. Future cheer is good especially. Moving on to level 2 pyramids, extended one-leg stunts that are braced are a popular skill. Skills that are allowed in level 2 stunts can also be incorporated creatively into level 2 pyramid sequences! Level 3: Twists and Turns. Stunts in this level are beginning to look more exciting with extended liberties and full twisting stunts at prep level

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can anyone tell me any creative inversions for level 2 other than handstand to shoulder sit or walkover out of a stunt? 0 0 @Post2. Click to reply to this post. | Mon 17th Dec 2012 - 17:48 Future cheer is good especially the bigger ones great atmosphere good vibe and good team STUNTS • Double leg stunts are allowed at prep level or below. • Single leg stunts are allowed below prep level. • Bases may move/turn while in a load in position, during a ¼ transition, and/or once the building of a stunt is completed (exception: Bases may move during a traveling Double-Based T-Lift)

Exception 2: A walk up shoulder stand is legal in level 1 if both hands of the top person are in contact with both hands of the base until both feet of the top person are placed on the shoulders of the base. 2. Stunts above prep level are not allowed (see definition of extended stunts in glossary). A stunt may not pass above prep level Eclipse Allstars Group Stunt Level 2 5 47.400 3 Venom ∟4 Athletes Beas Cheerleading Group Stunt Level 2 4 47.300 4 Junior Level 2 Stunt Group ∟4 Athletes Chiltern Cheetahs Group Stunt Level 2 4 47.100 5 Sergeants ∟4 Athletes East Elite Group Stunt Level 2 4 46.900 6 Iris ∟5 Athletes Twist Xtreme Group Stunt Level 2 5 45.80

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  2. Exception 1: Rebounding to a prone position (½ twist to stomach) in a stunt is allowed in Level 1. Exception 2: ½ Wrap around stunts are legal in Level 1. Exception 3: Up to a ½ twist is allowed if the top person starts and ends on performance surface and is only supported at the waist and does not require an additional spotter. D
  3. Curriculum Material. 1. Welcome to Cheer Camp-in-a-Box Vol 23 - Youth Creative Stunt Curriculum! 2. Youth Creative Stunts - Level 1. 3. Youth Creative Stunts - Level 2. 4. Youth Creative Stunts - Level 3
  4. Stunts are defined as building performances displaying a person's skill or dexterity. Stunting in cheerleading has been previously referred to as building pyramids.Stunts range from basic two-legged stunts, to one-legged extended stunts, and high flying basket tosses. Each of the seven levels increases in difficulty of stunts

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But again, gyms have to take the majority of athletes at the age level and assess them in the overall skill level and work from there. If you have two youth athletes that can do level 2 skills and the rest at a level 1 skill level, it hardly makes sense to compete at a level 2. The coaches make the decision to compete at a level 1 skill level 10.0 - 10.9 Two leg below prep level stunts performed by less than majority of team. 11.0 - 11.9 Two leg below prep level stunts performed by majority of team. 12.0 - 12.9 ONLY Prep level two leg stunts OR Only knee stand single leg stunt(s) (i.e. Liberty, Torch, Stretch(s), Arabesque, Scorpion, Scale - one variation required but multiple. Make sure ALL of your stunt group members are READY to try a new stunt before you attempt it. Use HANDS ON SPOTTING for all stunts to help minimize falls and injuries. Look at the area where you are stunting and make sure you have plenty of room and proper safety mats Required Level 2 Tumbling Technique Skills should be performed with legs together and straight Landings from skills should be with feet together Toes must be pointed during the entire skill Level 2 Jumps Three whipped jumps with correct arm placement, pointed toes and feet together at the bottom LEVEL 3 SKILLS Basic Level 3 Tumbling Skill

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level 3- requirements are, Tumbling: Round-off back tuck, standing 2 or more back handsprings Stunting: extended one leg ( including all of your flexibility), tick-tocks from the chin level, all the way up to your arms locked out above your head, a hand to hand connected front flip, a full up, a twist down cradle, and a single twist toss, a. Welcome to Cheer Camp-in-a-Box Vol 23 - Youth Complete Stunt Curriculum! 2. Stunt Curriculum Introduction. 3. Youth Motions. 4. Youth Creative Stunts - Level 2. 18. Youth Creative Stunts - Level 3. 19. Youth Creative Stunts - Level 4. 20. Youth Pyramids - Level 1. 21. Youth Pyramids - Level 2. 22 For Level 7 Stunts: All Level 6 & 7 level appropriate skills will be considered Level Appropriate for scoring purposes (at least 2 different Level 7 skills are required to score in High range). Stunt Skills will only receive full credit if they show control through the pop or transition to another skill Easy Cheerleading Stunts. Following are some of the stunts which can be considered perfect for the beginners. The stunts can be dangerous so perform them in the presence of some expert. Pony Sit Or Pony Mount. This is one of the easiest cheerleading stunts. This will need the base, the flyer and the spotter

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  1. Section 2 5 8-counts | Stunt Section Module B.5 - Mastering the Show and Go with the Traditional Prep Module B.8 - Mastering Tic Toc - Single Leg Knee Stand Module B.11 - Prep Level Liberty with Floor Bracer to Quarter Up to Single Leg Waist Select one of the three stunts for this section. Avoid using the stunt you selected for the Intro of the.
  2. All Star Divisions. Rules. UCA All Star Regional Competitions and International All Star Championship Rules. For all 2020-2021 In-Person UCA Competitions, coaches will be asked to review the Varsity Spirit Competition COVID Rules with anyone who is attending the event (coaches, athletes and spectators) Scoring. Varsity All Star Scoring System
  3. Stunting in cheerleading has been previously referred to as building pyramids. Stunts range from basic two-legged stunts to one-legged extended stunts and high flying basket tosses. There are numerous variations of each stunt, multiple entries and dismounts out of the stunt. Stunts vary at each level (Level 1-6 according to the USASF).
  4. Youth Creative Stunts - Level 2. 24. Youth Creative Stunts - Level 3. 25. Youth Creative Stunts - Level 4. 26. Youth Pyramids - Level 1. 27. Youth Pyramids - Level 2. 28. Welcome to Cheer Style The Greatest Show The Greatest Show (to Counts) I.
  5. Other level appropriate creative or unique load in, dismount, or transition 7.0‐8.0 Level 3 *Single twisting mount or transition to prep level *release move landing at prep level *1/2 up to extended single legged stunt *Single twisting cradle from two legged stunt
  6. In the last few years, cheerleading organizations have sought to regulate the stunts by requiring that groups perform them with suitable matting underneath. Consequently, you won't generally see a 2:2:1 high pyramid at a basketball game since the mats are bulky and difficult to get out in the time allotted
  7. • Level 2: backhandspring, front handspring, Level 1 tumbling connected to a handspring, prep level single leg stunts, extended two-footed stunts, half-twisting mounts, barrel rolls, begin basket tosses • Level 3: running tucks, standing series backhandsprings, jumps connected to standing backhandspring, ful

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Level 2 Stunts Extension Liberty: An extension liberty is like an extension only it is a one legged stunt. The main base has most of the weight, while the side base helps pull up by putting one hand under the flyers foot and one hand on top on their foot The extreme stunts seen on sports television during national cheerleading competitions might be exciting to watch, but easy cheerleading stunts are the best level of acrobatics for younger squads and beginning cheerleaders to attempt. Easier stunts are also a nice staple to have for games and warm ups STUNTS CONTINUED Difficulty (Show Cheer -Stunt Groups) o Level of difficulty of stunt being performed o Based off Stunt Progression chart o Number of bases o Utilization of squad members in stunts o Variety of stunts and transitions o The ways you get in and out of the stunts, including the in between transitions o Various body position

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  1. Stunting in cheerleading has been previously referred to as building pyramids. Stunts range from basic two-legged stunts to one-legged extended stunts and high flying basket tosses. There are numerous variations of each stunt, multiple entries and dismounts out of the stunt. Stunts vary at each level (Level 1-6 according to the USASF).
  2. creative Transitions 6—7 Poor flyer body control Poor motion posi-tion Below average flexibility 7 Extended one legged stunt (not in a combination) Or One legged stunt at half level with 3 body positions 7 1/2 twist up to a stunt at half level (ie. Flyer facing backwards per-forms a 180 de-gree turn to the front up to an elevator or prep
  3. 3 creative level 1 Cheer stunts. Cheer Moves Cheer Stretches Cheer Routines Cool Cheer Stunts Cheer Camp Cheer Coaches Cheerleading Tryouts Cheerleading Cheers Cheerleading Spirit Posters. Cheerleaders: How to HIT Your Counts. Our top tips and tutorial for cheerleaders to get cheer motions super SHARP
  4. Most standing tumbling refers to back walkovers (for lower levels), back handsprings, or a tumbling series ending with a tuck, layout, or full twist as the level increases. 3. Partner stunts (6-10 8-counts): These are stunts (lifting or tossing a flyer) with at least one base. There may be multiple groups or pods, but the flyers do not touch. 4
  5. A Cupie is a cheerleading stunt that is a slight variation of the traditional extension. Follow the steps below to safely and correctly complete this stunt. Find a safe area to perform a cheerleading stunt. Preferably a place with high..

The groups should be performing the same stunts or series of stunts with little variation. The key factors to strong stunt sequences are synchronicity and timing. In USASF Levels 2 and above the stunt sequence is often used to show the flexibility of flyers with one-leg stunts like bow and arrows and spikes. Remember that a lib is not. Level Specific Tests (Levels 1-6) Practical Test with Instructor. REQUIRED: meet with an instructor the 1st and 2nd time taking a level test. (This used to be called Cycle 1 and Cycle 2.) Once you have taken and passed a level test two times, you will not have to meet with an instructor the third time taking the same level test. Ready to get. Level 1.1 - Building and Tumbling Level 1 Level 4.2 - Building Level 4 and Tumbling Level 2 **Certain Divisions (All Star Prep, All Star Novice, Tiny Novice, etc.) have additional rules and must be followed as well. Please consult the rules as well as the Age Grid to ensure all rules are being followed The level 2 'British Cheerleading Qualification' aims to give coaches a full understanding of how to teach the correct techniques across level 2 stunt and tumble skills. This 1 day course is ideal for coaches who wish to gain proficiency or refresh their knowledge in level 2 skills

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• Cheer words should be distinct and have a high volume. Cheer Incorporations • One or more of the following must be incorporated into the cheer to be eligible to receive maximum points. • Jump, tumbling, stunts, tosses, pyramids, or any combination Dance • A minimum of 4 eight counts of dance level group stunt 2‐foot prep level and below group stunt Up to 1/4 twist TO 2‐foot prep level stunt 1‐foot prep level and below group stunt 2019‐2020 Cheerleading Handbook 4‐5 Strong creative elements in stunts including load‐ins, transitions, and dismounts. BUILDING CREATIVITY

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  1. LEVEL 1: 6-7 LEVEL 2: 7-8 LEVEL 3: 8-9 LEVEL 4: 9-10 -Transitions have a slow pace, with down time between the majority of routine elements - Most transitions utilize ineffective pathways, where athletes do not move easily across the mat -Spacing issues on most of the formations -Little to no creative elements -Visual/creative elements distract.
  2. 2. Two leg extended stunts may not brace or be braced by other extended stunts. D. Prep level single leg stunts: Single Leg Stunts 1. Shoulder level single leg stunts must be braced by at least one person at prep level or below with hand-arm connection only. a. The connection must be made prior to initiating the single leg prep level stunt. b
  3. Cheer / group stunts / jazz / Pom / hip hop. As well as highest scoring level 1 and 2 champions across the whole event. We are SO very proud of how our athletes conducted themselves and their performances were just sensational! Here are a few team pics of the groups before going on stage. Missed the explosion Pom team pic, sorry girls
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How to Do a Lib in Cheerleading. The liberty cheerleading stunt has become a yardstick by which to measure the ability of a stunt team. It is a one-leg skill, meaning the flyer stands on one leg, requiring strength, balance and skill to execute and hold. The liberty, also known as a lib, forms a foundation for more. A Cheerleading Coach will train and help students learn a variety of cheer and dance routines and dances. The most common work tasks are mentioned on the Cheerleading Coach Resume as - organizing practice sessions to train the cheerleading team, teaching routines and movements that can help the team in learning safe cheering techniques, instructing the team on healthy lifting, jumping and. (Level 2 includes all level 1 skills plus additional, more difficult skills, and so on for each level.) Every level has a list of level appropriate skills as well as elite skills. The events we attend use the Varsity scoring system an rubrics which can be found on the Varsity All-Star Website Stunts such as below prep level, preps, one‐leg prep variations, extensions, 1/2 twist to prep level one‐leg stunt, single based unassisted at prep level or below, leap frog, forward extended roll, straight cradle, 1/4 twisting dismount from one‐leg stunt, other unique stunts and transitions of similar difficulty

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A needle is a posture in cheerleading used by flyers/tops during stunts. A needle is like a penche in ballet. The flyer kicks up and holds an extended, straightened leg behind their body, all the while standing upright on the other leg. The most common way to get into the posture is with a swift kick backwards team(s) will be taught various level appropriate skills to elite building skills, tosses, plus many creative transitions and elements. this camp is technique focused. a variety of drills will be incorporated, with a great amount of attention to detail and proper grips. plus tips and tricks for coaches. this is a one day camp - 4 hours (two. Whether innovative transitions, overall building technique or working dismounts, Fierce Stunt Camp can improve every aspect of your teams' skills. Please talk to us for more information about customized camps to suit your needs! Stunt camp training includes: Basket toss skill training. Basic Skills. USASF Levels 1‐6 Transitional Pyramids. Combo 1 & 2 classes Offered for children ages 3 to 6 years. Promotes self-esteem, creative movement, physical fitness, strength, flexibility and balance, along with all aspects of basic dance training with an emphasis on either Ballet and Tap or Ballet and Tumbling. Our classes offer a great foundation to becoming an accomplished dancer

Rockstar Cheer Arizona team Journey won first place at All Star World Championships in Orlando in the senior coed Level 3 category. Rockstar Cheer Arizona team Journey performs on stage at the 2021 All Star Worlds Championship, where they won first place. Rockstar Cheer Arizona cheerleaders perform stunts during a practice at their gym in Maricopa Cheer Rules - Released 07.01.21 2021-2022. Cheer Age Grid - Released 07.01.21 2021-2022. Routine Stoppage Suggested Guidelines 2020-2021. Athletic Performance Standards Includes Video, Tip Sheet & Review For Drilling Level 1 skills at stunt camp!!! Great job everyone!! Extreme Gymnastics and Cheer. 291 views · June 21. Creative Learning, Inc. 528 Followers · Day Care. Children's Choice Academy. Pages Businesses Sports & Recreation Sports & Recreation Venue Gymnastics Center Extreme Gymnastics and Cheer Videos Onyx Stunt camp!!!. 41 Good All-Star Cheer Team Names. Feb 25, 2014. Feb 26, 2014 by Brandon Gaille. A look at unique uniform cut outs have been increasing in trend among cheerleader uniforms. Team nicknames are also being used in teams and related organizations to make it easier to incorporate on uniforms and brand certain events Level 4.2 combines level-4 stunts with level-2 tumbling. There is also a division for teams having competitors with Special Needs. These are more usually seen in the Group Stunt category, which has a smaller team size than Team Cheer. For each level, there are detailed lists of allowed and disallowed moves in tumbling, stunts, pyramids, and.

Advanced herkie, hurdler, pike, double nine, toe touch 2-6 Cheer Cheer Requirements • A minimum of 3 eight counts of cheer with incorporations. • The entire team must participate in cheer to receive full credit. • Athletes must say the words in the cheer. • Cheer words should be distinct and have a high volume. Cheer Incorporation 6 reviews of Express Cheer I came here for my daughter's birthday party. The price was right and the kids had a lot of fun. I think the kids who run the place on the weekends are good at what they do as well. One of the selling points for the birthday party is they teach the children a cheer and later the children perform the cheer for the parents at the party-finale (it sounds so dramatic. All Job Titles Senior Art Director (4) Environmental Health Safety Manager (3) Marketing Assistant Manager (3) Account Coordinator (3) Executive Creative Director (3) Safety Professional (3) Senior Copywriter (3) Sponsorship Manager (3) Business Affairs Manager (3) Creative Director (3) Assistant to the Vice President (2) Production Director (2) Entry Level Sales Representative (2) Staff. Champion Cheer All Stars Level Requirements Level 1 Stunts: Jumps: Tumbling: -Elevator - Bump Down -Triple Toe Touch -Backwalkover -Elevator - Cradle -Right Front Hurdler -Roundoff Backwalkover -Thigh Stand Lib -Left Front Hurdler -Low Base Lib -Pike Level 2 An example of 2.5 high is one person held at extended level, and another held at waist level. The various 21/2 high stunts include but are not limited to: The A-Frame; Swedish Fall; 2-2-1; 2-1-1 (Technically a 3 high pyramid if the top flier is in an extended stunt but still considered legal) Table Top; Wolf Wall; High Spli

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CHEERLEADING GRID All Star Levels 1 - 5 Medium Range 10 - 15 Points 1. Less than 1/3 (0% - 32%) of team performs jumps connected to each other - Level 2 team of 14 athletes needs at least nine or more Level 2 Standing and Running Tumbling Skills and three or more Level 2 Toss, Pyramid, and Partner Stunt Skills. If this team performs nine. 3 creative level 1 Cheer stunts. Cheer Moves Cheer Stretches Cheer Routines Cool Cheer Stunts Cheer Camp Cheer Coaches Cheerleading Tryouts Cheerleading Cheers Cheerleading Spirit Posters. Cheerleaders: How to HIT Your Counts. Our top tips and tutorial for cheerleaders to get cheer motions super SHARP COED STUNTS. Collegiate level stunting for guys & girls wanting to cheer in college. This class is a must if your son or daughter is interested in cheering in college! We will teach them proper technique and spotting. Come join our Stunt Class now An example of this stunt is a 2-2-1, where two stunt groups hold their flyers, facing in, at prep level and a third flyer is placed in the hands of those flyers and held waist high. The bases supporting this stunt are lifting the weight of approximately one and a half persons. These bases must have exceptional upper body strength Partner and/or group stunts and pyramids are NOT allowed. NON-TUMBLE DIVISIONS. Follow all rules above, but also: Tumbling is NOT allowed, when not directly involved in a building skill based on level guidelines. ALL-STAR MAX ROUTINES. Total routine time can not exceed 2 minutes 30 seconds, from the first sound of music or choreographed movement

Straight Up Extension (Two Leg Extended Stunt) (Level 2, 3 & 4) Step-Up Liberty at Prep Level (or One Leg Variation) (Level 2, 3 & 4) Cheer Skill Level (1,2,3,4) Dance (Pom or Theme) Number of Participants. POP WARNER CHEER AND DANCE CHAMPIONSHIPS HEAD COACH DECLARATION CHECKLIST. CHEER/DANCE APPROVAL ITE This is the time of the season when people start predicting which teams they think will win cheerleading worlds. Each year for the past 3 years I've been saying that I'm going to do an in-depth podcast/YouTube video/blog on who I think will win worlds in each categorynaturally that never happens, but this year is the year Show and Go stunts, where the top person is not in an extended static position, do not require a spotter. 2. A spotter is required for tosses to single base shoulder stands and single base shoulder level stunts in which the foot/feet of the top person are in the hand(s) of the base The addition of a Level 7 creates a shift in levels says, IASF Secretary General, Les Stella. What the industry currently knows as Level 5 Restricted, moves to be solely called Level 5. What we currently know as Level 5 becomes Level 6, and what we currently know as Level 6 becomes Level 7 2) Shoulder Sit. One of the best cheer stunts for beginners is the shoulder sit. For this stunt, you need the flyer, one spot, and one base. The base lunges into a 90-degree angle with her right leg. The flyer, standing behind the base, steps onto the base's thigh with her right foot as close to the base's hip as possible

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Curriculum Material. 1. Welcome to Cheer Camp-in-a-Box Vol 23 - Youth Transitional Stunt Curriculum! 2. Youth Transitional Stunts - Level 1. 3. Youth Transitional Stunts - Level 2. 4. Youth Transitional Stunts - Level 3 2016-17 Cheerleading Rubric & Scoring Guidelines full squad skills, repetition of skills, 3 vs. 2 stunt groups, 4 vs. 3 stunt groups, 5 vs. 4 stunt groups performing elite entries and twist dismounts, synchronized tumbling skills or tosses, jump tumbling , level changes, creative combinations of movement, footwork and placement

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1 & 2 Day Cheer Camps and Clinics. DAY CAMPS . For additional information, please call (443) We will assist your team with pyramids for their level of talent. We'll provide partner stunts with creative transitions Cheerleading isn't just about being peppy; it's a sport that requires athleticism and plenty of hard work. Coming up with cheer award ideas that recognize all of your team's outstanding talents can be challenging. Let's look at a few award ideas to get you started, plus some trophies to match This is the starting position for every stunt. Generally, you'll do cheer stunts to an 8-count, so start the 8-count once everyone is in place. In cheerleading, prep refers to a standing stunt where the 2 bases face each other and lift the flyer up to shoulder height Cheer Fuzion All-Star program focus on 5 principles of cheerleading which are: stunting, tumbling, dance, cheers and jumps in a fun and positive environment. No experience is needed! There is a spot for every child * No-risk trial, enroll anytime! For further class information, price and registration please email us at cfcheer.fusion@gmail.com

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3: Crimson Heat - Junior 1 2017. UK Cheer has come so far with so many genuinely impressive Level 5-7 teams. We often forget about Level 1, and just how tough it is to base at prep level! Not only did this team make history and win at the Summit, they reminded us just how creative Level 1 stunting has become Intermediate Level 2. Must have mastered a round-off back handspring. Athletes will work on round-off back handspring series, front handsprings, and back tuck technique. Intermediate Level 3. Must have a series and will work on round-off back tucks and round-off flip-flop backs, as well as punch fronts and jump-tumble combinations 2:Unity Allstar Black 2012. I love Level 7 cheer (then Level 6). There are so many fantastic international Level 7 teams out there, we just haven't been able to master the level here in the UK just yet. So that makes what Black did back in 2012 all the more impressive Traditionell cheerleading - det som kallas cheer i tävlingssammanhang - är en blandning av bygg (stunts) och mänskliga pyramider, samt volter, hopp, dans och ramsor. Viktiga bedömningsmoment är: Stunt - även kallat bygg och är lyft som av utförs av 2-5 personer. Vanligast är att en byggrupp består av en topp som lyfts eller kastas. A cheer coach needs a special set of skills to succeed in their career, as working as a cheer coach can involve complex stunts and rigorous athletic training. The most important skill for a cheer coach to have might be having a thorough understanding of cheerleading techniques, as much of their job involves teaching moves and stunts to their.

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Our cheer teams compete from Level 1 to Level 4 and train cheerleaders with little or no experience to top level cheerleaders. Kingsway Elite competes in 5-7 competitions throughout the year. Most competitions are only, at most, 2-3 hours away and overnight stays are not required. Though, for our national competition we could travel further 2). SHOWMANSHIP 10 POINTS_____ Excitement level of routine, routine is choreographed to music, and stunts hit to beats of music, creative stunts and/or visuals, quick pace, facials, and energy 100 TOTAL POINTS POSSIBLE TOTAL_____ COMMENTS Stunt. RLS Stunt teams hold National Champion titles against the strongest in the country. The Stunt division focuses solely on the building, throwing and catching skills of cheerleading. Routines are judged on unique and creative choreography, difficulty of skills and precision of execution. Our stunt groups are a way for the most accomplished.

Cheer America. Cheer America score sheets. Cheer LTD. Cheer LTD scoring. CHEERSPORT. Cheersport scoring grid. Cheer Xtreme Events. CXE Deductions CXE Level 1 CXE Level 2 CXE Level 3.1 CXE Level 3 CXE Level 4.2 CXE Level 4 CXE Level 5 CXE Level 6. JAM Brands. Including JAMfest, America's Best, COA, Coastal Cheer & Dance, Great Lakes. Cheerleading Coach Resume Examples. Cheerleading Coaches instruct groups or individual cheerleaders on the fundamentals of the sport. Skills relevant to this position and found on applicants' resumes include demonstrating, teaching and coaching appropriate cheers and dances for students; instructing students on healthy stretching, lifting, jumping, and tumbling; conducting practice in a lively. South Bay Cheer 360 Clinics. South Bay Cheer 360 clinics are available to both members and non-members. They are designed to focus on a skill OR teams can have a clinic in our gym tailored to their team's needs. Whether it be for jumps, stunting, tumbling, or choreography, our staff can help teams work on or fine tune areas they struggle with

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The liberty cheerleading motion can be used in your cheers, chants and of course your stunts. Here are some tips: 1. Make sure the arch of your lifted knee is placed next to your other knee. 2. For the standing leg, make sure the leg is straight. 3 April 2, 2015. cheerology. Leave a comment. Crossovers. Double teamers. Triple teamers. Competing on more than one team. Whatever you want to call it, it's definitely a hot topic in the sport of cheerleading. For those of you that are not familiar what a crossover competitor is, it is someone who competes on more than one team within their. It is ideal for athletes with lots of cheer experience or gymnastics skills and want to compete against the best of the best for the most impressive awards and titles. They work hard to put together the most challenging and creative level 1 routines possible with structured lessons to help develop the best techniques and highest scoring routines * Session 2: Tumble (14:00 - 17:00) - £20 per person * Both Sessions - £35 per person . At each camp we will work to the talent and ability of each athlete on the day, creating stunt groups where necessary and working through level and skill progressions to incorporate flair and creativity to sequences Green Bay Elite Lime just released the first video of their 16-17 stunt on Twitter and it's everything we needed this week. It's also everything we've come to expect from them. For those unfamiliar, Lime is known for perfectly executed creative stunts. They've been a fan favorite for years now and they placed third at Worlds 2016

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Local performances throughout the year will give your athlete the chance and freedom to show off the skills they desire not just the ones their level dictates. 2 Hour class once per week! Training in Stunts, Tumbling, Jumps, Motions, Dance, 8 count training etc ; Same outstanding training you expect from NXS RULES FOR SPECIAL ABILITY CHEER TEAMS. All teams with special needs will follow the USASF general rules and routines requirements. Teams may execute skills up to, and including Level 2. All Stunts and Pyramids (at prep level or above) require an additional spotter that is a Coach/Assistant. Tosses are not allowed the Crowd Leading material, but are not allowed to stunt during the transition. Crowd Leading can include a cheer reflective of a timeout, general sideline / spell-out or other cheer material with minimal words, inciting a response and encouraging a crowd to yell along. Teams are required to incorporate stunts, spirit props and practical skills

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