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I aim for a compression ratio of somewhere between 10.5 - 11 : 1 - this may seem high, but with the cam overlap it turns out about right. 10.5:1 is probably a reasonable maximum compression ratio for a non-race Triumph Spitfire road engine. Gently does it. Fitting a Triumph Spitfire engine is something that you become used to if you race. Spitfire 1500 up to 1976. 10° BTDC** 2° ATDC. 14° (plus or minus 2°) BTDC at 1100 rpm. 38 to 40 deg. fixed for electronic ignition. Spitfire 1500 1977-79. 10° BTDC** 10° BTDC. 14° (plus or minus 2°) BTDC at 1100 rpm. fixed. California Spitfire 1500 up to 1976. 2° ATDC** 2° ATDC-fixe Looking for a 1300 Spitfire engine. Reply The Moss Spitfire parts guide also has a good tuning The standard diff. will be fine for anything you can get out of a non-race Triumph SC engine Story by Tim Suddard • Photography as Credited. While often lamented, Triumph's 1500cc, four-cylinder engine is still owned and loved by thousands of enthusiasts. Almost 100,000 of these engines were used in the 1973-'80 Spitfires, and nearly as many were used in MG Midgets sold from 1975 and later. Right off the bat, this larger engine. Keeping this in mind, bolt-on items like K&N air filters, larger valved heads, a cam, etc. only help with air flow into/out of the engine. What readers/surfers have done to increase the power of their Spitfire 1/1-3/14 QuikQuiz. 26% Headers/Exhaust 22% Carbs 17% Engine Swap 8% Hot Cam 6% High Compression Piston

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improved engine performance to assist owners when participating in competition events. To meet this demand, Standard-Triumph engineers have undertaken considerable re-development work which has enabled them to increase the power of the Spitfire engine unit and to make available the following two stages of tune. Eac Follow the Triumph manuals, be thorough, and pay attention to all these little details, and the results you achieve will far exceed any number of bolt ons. Your aim is a low speed engine, 6000rpm max, with 100 ft ib of torque, and will comfortably exceed 100 HP, and pull seamlessly from 1300-5500 and will not leak oil Have just gotten MegaSquirt working on a newly rebuilt 1300 in a Triumph Spitfire and am looking for Ignition, AFR, VE tables and any other useful settings to get me off to a good start on tuning it. Here are the engine specifics: 9:1 Compression; 22/70/62/28 Piper HR270/2 Fast Road Cam - Inlet lift = 0.415, Exhaust Lift = 0.40 Tuning the dolomite 1300 engine is pointless. If you want to stick to 1300 then you need a spitfire 1300 from a mk3 It has a better head but mainly it has I light weight crank. So will rev much higher Looking for Spitfire performance parts for your classic? Here at Moss Europe we stock thousands of parts at great prices with fast door to door delivery

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  1. ority. Our best plan is to ignore such a scheme and stick with the more conventional pushrod layout
  2. Full Engine Rebuild Kit - 1300 - Recessed Bores - RL1002R2BK Triumph Spitfire Full Engine Rebuild Kits MKIV CYLINDER BLOCK IDENTIFICATION Recessed or Non-Recessed Cylinder Bores? EARLY MkIV engines (to engine number FH25000E) have (as all previous Spitfires) Non-Recessed cylinder bores, and use a plain head gasket
  3. Standard-Triumph engines were designed and optimised for a stroke of 76mm, so this engine is identical to the Spitfire 1300 with 2 extra cylinders. More compact chamber, lighter crankshaft & shorter push rods. A block allowing substantial overboring + weight falling to less than 160kg. Lucas injection & the excellent inlet manifolds made for.
  4. How to balance SU carbs, outlined under page 71, Haynes manual. Please leave a comment if you get stuck and I will help out the best I can! Tools needed, 5/8..
  5. The 1300 engine is regarded by most as the best and this alone in an earlier car will give a useful power gain. If you don't find a less rev happy but lustier engine, then the single carb 1500 engine is a good pick, gives Spitfire-like pace and looks completely standard
  6. Carburetor Conversion Kit, Weber DGV MG Midget 1500, Spitfire 1300 1500 Electric Choke. $528.79. Add to Cart. Quick View. Carburetor Rebuild Kit, Weber DCOE Sidedraft. $29.00. Add to Cart. Quick View. Carburetor Rebuild Kit, Weber DGV Downdraft. $28.35. Out of stock. Quick View. Connecting Rod Bolt Set HD Triumph Spitfire, Midget 1500. $77.69.

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  2. d a less rev happy but lustier engine, then the 1500 is a good option and not as bad as many claim it to be, so says Triumph experts Moordale Motors in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.
  3. Spitfire 4, mk1 and mk2 models came with 1147cc displacement units, mk3 and mkIV models came with two versions of the 1296cc or 1300 engine (the small journal models in the mk3 and large journal in the mkIV) that are basically bored-out versions of the 1147, and the 1500 came with the 1493cc or 1500 engine, which is essentially a.
  4. A big change occurred for the 1973 model year, as Triumph released the Spitfire 1500 model. As the name suggests, the model now featured a 1500cc engine—1493cc to be exact. The new engine had just a few additional horses, but the increased torque—an extra 10 lb.-ft—gave the Spitfire acceleration again. Suspension was also enhanced with a.

The engine of the Spitfire was increased in capacity to 1,296cc which was the same as on the Triumph Herald 13/60 and 1300 models. The Spitfire engine with its twin SU carburetors delivered 75 bhp @ 6,000 rpm with 75 lb/ft torque @ 4,000 rpm Back in 1965, Triumph introduced the Michelotti-styled 1300 saloon, a fourdoor car with an in-line 1,296cc Herald-type engine and special front-wheel-drive gearbox, which rode on a 96.6 inch wheelbase. In some ways the style was like that of the larger 2000 saloon. A more powerful 1300TC (TC = Twin Carb, not twincam) was soon added to that range Spitfire. The Triumph Spitfire was a brilliantly conceived and executed sports car, it outclassed its competitors, the Midget and Sprite, in every way possible. The Spitfire was quicker, better equipped and much simpler to maintain all whilst being largely based upon the chassis, engine and running gear of the Triumph Herald saloon Triumph TR6 Cast Piston Comparison Home » Catalog » Triumph Spitfire MKIV & 1500 » Engine Performance » MG Midget 1500 » Engine Performance WBC518v2 Street Performance Camshaft - Triumph Spitfire 1300 1500, MG Midget 150 TRIUMPH; SPITFIRE; Engine Main Components; 1300 Main Engine Components; Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. Go To Cart Continue Shopping . 1300 Main Engine Components. Sort By: Items 1 to 24 of 66 total . 1; 2; 3; Show: Quick View. Bearing Connecting Rod AE/Glyco Spitfire 71 to 80, MG Midget 1500.

Choose a Triumph Spitfire version from the list below to get information about engine specs, horsepower, CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, dimensions, tires size, weight and many other facts. Notice also the plus sign to access the comparator tool where you can compare up to 3 cars at once side by side Triumph Spitfire history. 1962 Oct Spitfire 4 launched (45,753 made). 1963 Oct overdrive optional. 1964 Feb optional wires and Hardtop added, also tuning kits giving 70-90bhp, with eight-port cylinder head and twin Weber carbs. 1964 Mar Spitfire MkII (37,408 made) replaces 4; carpets, vinyl-trimmed dash, 67bhp, tubular exhaust manifold; 0-60mph 14 secs, 94mp

Here is a list of all the performance car parts we have listed for your Triumph Spitfire: Search: Engine Tuning. Ignition Leads. Magnecor 7mm Ignition Leads. Magnecor 8mm Ignition Leads. Magnecor KV85 Ignition Leads. Performance Brakes. Brake Discs The Triumph Spitfire is a British front-engined, rear-wheel drive, two-passenger convertible sports car introduced at the London Motor Show in 1962 and manufactured between 1962-1980. Styled for Standard-Triumph in 1957 by Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti, the Spitifire was manufactured for the duration of its production at the Standard-Triumph Canley works — and evolved over a series of.

Engine Building and Machine Work; BMW Engine Parts by Engine Type. M10 Engine Parts; Jetting and Tuning Weber Carbs. Exploded Diagrams with Part Numbers; Carb Sync Tools; Triumph Spitfire 1500, late 1300 , GT6, TR6; Zoom. Triumph Spitfire 1500, late 1300 , GT6, TR6. 2006-07-05T16:09. twin carbs are great and the fuel overflow problem is down to an over active pump or dirty float valves. Right pump and an inline filter gives no hassle. Good heat shield is an esential. I run the triumph tune manifold on my spits which isnt an option for the doly sadly. Its supposed to make all sorts of difference but it. Triumph Spitfire 1300 engine problems opinions please. Reply Reply Author. Discussion. kartman24. Original Poster. 423 posts. 218 months. Saturday 19th July 2014. The engine in my car is getting. Noted Triumph Spitfire author Calum E. Douglas of the Triumph Network states that a variety of engines will fit, from the stock engine to a Ford 427 Big Block. The main consideration is not the size, but the weight. The weight of a standard Triumph engine is 275 pounds. Bigger engines weigh more, such as the 427, weighing 701 pounds

I have a 1968 Mk3 Spitfire of which I am having considerable trouble in tuning. The car is of original spec in every way of which ill give some info below; engine FD19307HE Distributor D200 7953460 Vac Unit 7953461 (New unit) New reconditioned pair of HS2 Carbs Fuel. Spark. Tuning. Bring new life to your car by taking control of fuel and spark, tuning every ounce of performance from your motor. Whether you're tuning your daily driver, dialing in the new engine in your race car tune, looking for a pre-built MegaSquirt ECU, or just need advice on how best to take the DIY road Triumph Spitfire & GT6 Specialists,Triumph Parts Suppliers. 800-201-0494 or 916-434-064

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Spitfire Cam Timing In the time that I've owned my Spitfire, the engine has always failed to rev to its full potential - always feeling to be down on power. Since a 're-build' - necessitated by one of the exhaust valves falling into the combustion camber (ouch!) - the situation has moved from bad to worse.. Based on the compact Herald saloon, the Triumph Spitfire was Triumph's attempt to take on the Austin Healey Sprite and the new MG Midget. That was the beauty of the Herald's separate chassis design; new bodies could be freely fitted and adapted to the same running gear - and history has shown that the Spitfire was a wise decision; outlasting its parent model by a whole decade The 13/60 arrived in 1967 with the 1300 engine and effectively replaced the other Herald variants, although the basic 1200 persevered until 1970 with slow sales. The 13/60 used a 61bhp 1300 engine that was also used in the 1300 saloon and Spitfire and featured a new single headlight variant of the Vitesse bonnet and front disc brakes The 1296cc engine would soon be used in the Spitfire, too, and would eventually give the Herald a new lease of life as well, as development costs forced Leyland to take the 1300 upmarket. Four doors and luxury trim, with innovative fold-flush window winders, added to the appeal As regards prices, we would need to see the vehicle and assess the condition of its panels when we could give a precise firm price, but generally a full respray on a Spitfire is about £1300 up to £2100 for a 2000 - however if new panels or corrosion repair work is required before paint can be applied this would be in addition to respray cost

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  1. Cable Splitter - designed to work with your choke cable - $49.50 with two end cables, $57 with 3 cables. Cable Splitter Kit with Choke Cable, Cable Splitter and End Cables to the carbs - $ 78.50. Choke extension cables from the stock splitters on the 122/142 ( under the dash ) and 1800 ( inner fender ) - $25.00 Pair
  2. Buy Triumph Spitfire parts and accessories for your repair, rebuild and restoration. You will find superior parts here at great prices. Get a free catalog today
  3. The Triumph Sports Six Club The club for all Triumph enthusiasts t: +44 (0)1858 434424. e: info@tssc.org.uk. LOGIN
  4. g from the Herald. The renowned Italian designer Michelotti had been instrumental in styling the Spitfires sleek bodywork. The first Spitfire to go on sale was powered by the 1147cc Herald engine which had.
  5. is a custom build. Some care has been taken to at least retain some of the Triumph Spitfire appearance. The exception is a noticeable difference with the bonnet open, the head lamp control and a small button added to the center of the wiper switch for a more modern windscreen washer system. The wire color code is not British standar
  6. s running. I hope the combined knowledge of H-J can solve this one. The car starts and runs up to temp as normal, but after about 20
  7. 1 out of 5 stars. (1) 1 product ratings - Racing Connecting Rods+ARP Bolts for Triumph Spitfire 1500 Late 1300 146.05mm. $328.08. $52.49 shipping. or Best Offer
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Triumph Dolomite 1300. Specs. With a curb weight of 2079 lbs (943 kgs), the Dolomite 1300 has a naturally-aspirated Inline 4 cylinder engine, Petrol motor. This engine produces a maximum power of 59 PS (58 bhp - 43 kW) at 5500 rpm and a maximum torque of 92.0 Nm (67 lb.ft) at 5500 rpm. The power is transmitted to the road by the rear wheel. Triumph Spitfire Carburetors by Bob Sykes, s1500@worldnet.att.net. Can be tuned for a wide range of operating parameters but tuning requires parts (jets, chokes, emulsion tubes etc). This can get expensive. To realize to full power potential of this carb, it should be fitted in conjunction with other engine mods. (free flow exhaust, up. Item specifics. For sale is one Triumph Spitfire MKIV 1300cc complete engine, it was taken out of a 1972 Triumph Spitfire. What you see in the pictures is what you get. The car had 67k miles. The donor car was hit in the front when it was running, no damage to the engine. The number stamped on the engine is : FK31045UE

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Paul Kirley's 1969 Triumph Spitfire MkIII . Add To build my 1300 TR engine to stage 3 with dual DCOE Webers and all the performance parts necessary for 110hp plus would cost me at least 4500 to 5500 bucks. With the 110 hp the car on a good day with a tail wind would reach 60mph in under 8 seconds. It was so light I used a bathroom scale. Timing Cover Seal Triumph Spitfire 1300 Mkiv, All 1500, Tr6 ->71 Part# UKC1110 for British sports car enthusiasts. British Leyland (BMC) 'A' & 'B' Series, all Triumph Engines We wrote the book on Tuning the A-Series Engine Authored by well known engine expert David Vizard and original partner in APT. APT specializes in engine and engine. Took Spitfire for a tune up and $400 after car still run bad. No power what so ever..Tuner said it is not having enough fuel throughout the rev range apart from idle.Here is the current setup.Stock motor, cams and head.Rebuilt SU HS2 with BO needles.Electric fuel pump.MK 3 air filter box.Have che.. The Barry Scott Spitfire Tuning Blog The Crazy Spitfire Toward one side: took a step sideways; a sideways glance. Forged Pistons for Any Triumph engine incl Dolly. Part of the reason my old 1300 contained NO tuning parts AT ALL, none of it was worth using, yet my engine stuck out stacks more power than the Dumb and Dumber engines.

Some of this work was typically shown in the Triumph Tuning handbook of the late 1960s. Here is a direct comparison between the large back cut Mk4 1300 valves and the Mk3 Spitfire valve we opted to put in the Mk2 head. As you can see the 8 port works stuff actually has worse torque below 4000rpm than the little lethargic factory Mk2. Rebuilding A Triumph Spitfire Engine. Reading time: about 1 minute. There's nothing quite like the process of pulling apart, fixing and rebuilding a vintage engine. You get extra points for completing this task if the engine in question is British or Italian of course, along with a tidy little bonus point if the engine is pre-1980

Poor compression: Triumph 1300. My Spitfire has poor compression on number two cylinder. 100 psi as opposed to 125ish on the other three. Not a huge problem at the moment, but does make cold starting a bit tricky. I understand that poor compression generally narrows it down to head gasket, valve stem seals or piston rings. Any advice on how I might work out what it is I will say that the Standard Triumph 2 liter engine is significantly more powerful than the four cylinder Spitfire engine choices, at ~104 bhp peak in stock form for many. It is essentially a 1296 with two extra cylinders and will spin-up nicely, especially if it's prepared competently Triumph Spitfire Engine Rebuild - MKIV or 1500? I have two UK Triumph Spitfires, both 1500s, as well as the 1300 engine and gearbox from a MKiv. All the engines are runners barring the need for some tuning. I was thinking of doing a complete rebuild of one of them, which is the best engine to go for?. Triumph TR2, TR3, TR4, TR6, TR250, TR7, TR8, Spitfire, Stag Parts & Accessories. Rare New Old Stock Parts, OE and high quality reproduction parts spitfire parts catalogue.pdf TRIUMPH SPITFIRE MKI-III, 4 & 1500, 1962-1980 PARTS & ACCESSORIES CATALOGUE. Repair manuals 22 MB: English 173 Spitfire 1500: 1981 1975 onwards spitfire 1500 parts catalogue.pdf Repair manuals 10 MB: English 381 197

Six Pack: Easy Triumph TR6 Performance Upgrades. The TR6 can climb from zero to 60 mph in 10 seconds. At least, that's what Triumph claimed early in the car's production history. These numbers have always seemed pretty ambitious to us, as 12 to 14 seconds seems normal for TR6s in the real world. However, even if we give Triumph the benefit. Canley Classics Online Triumph spares specialists. Supplier of original parts and accessories for Triumph Herald, Spitfire, Vitesse and GT6. www.canleyclassics.com CG Woodcraft Dash wood for TR2, TR3, TR4, TR250, TR6, Spitfire, Stag, GT6. www.cgwoodcraft.com Classic & Sports Car Parts Used Triumph parts

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5-speed gearbox conversion kit. complete kit with a brand new Mazda 5-speed gearbox. TR5/250 and TR6 (1967-76) Part No: 532751. Set: €4,483.05 Incl. Tax. plus shipping rates. Add to My Wishlist. Add to My Cart Motorcycle Tuning & Styling; Scooter Parts; Other Vehicle Parts & Accs; Motorcycle Accessories; Oils, Fluids & Lubricants ENGINE CORE PLUGS - TRIUMPH 1300 & 1500 & HERALD & SPITFIRE DOLOMITE & TOLEDO. Brand new. EUR 16.58. From United Kingdom. TRIUMPH SPITFIRE 1300 1500 RUN ON UNLEADED BETTER COMBUSTION STOP STALE FUEL. Brand new. EUR.

stainless steel, competition type with two rear silencers. This exhaust will link to tubular manifold 17298 or to the standard down pipe. Spitfire MkIII, MkIV & 1500. Part No: 13014. Part: €376.06 Incl. Tax. plus shipping rates. Add to My Wishlist. Add to My Cart Buy used Triumph Spitfire motors/engines from our network that offers up to a two-year warranty on qualified units! We carry a wide-ranging catalog of used Triumph engines for all applications including gas and diesel engines. Buy your used Triumph Spitfire motors/engines from us and save time and money 1973 Triumph Spitfire Mk1V 1300 Mallard Blue Excellent Condition This car as been subject to earlier restoration including rear wings, inner wheel arches, outer sills, front and rear valances, door skins , new clutch and much more. New Seats Fitted Year 1973; Mileage 76,800 miles; Fuel type Petrol; Engine size 1,296 c Triumph Spitfire Mk4 1300 engine and gearbox. Triumph Spitfire Mk4 1300 engine and gearbox. comes with a clutch friction plate but no arm or bearing. the tunnel is all in one piece and all the mounting points are intact. Details: engine, triumph, spitfire, gearbox, taken, spit, cylinder, upgrade, stored, since. Nottingham. See complete.

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  1. Complete, ready to install bolt on carburetor kit for the Triumph TR6 and TR7 single carburetor heads. The factory air box must be removed, or modified on 1971 and later oil in frame models. M.A.P. Cycle offers the most complete carburetor kits available. M.A.P. Cycle flow bench derived intake manifold, and manifold adapter
  2. Triumph Spitfire 1300 Mk4, 1972, 93,000 miles, £5975: Restored by the previous owner (which may be a good or a bad thing depending on their experience and depth of wallet), this Spitfire looks clean and bright. The 1300cc engine is rumoured to be stronger than the more plentiful 1500cc
  3. 1300. Triumph Spitfire 1972. Complete car. Unfinished project, its a solid car in need of some tlc to be put back on the road MOT and TAX exempt. The interior needs to be put back together, lots of new parts included, - new soft top. - new tyres all around. - new front disks and pads. - new Callipers with braided lines
  4. Triumph TR7 Race Car It has begun...tuning a TR6 with Megasquirt 1974 Triumph TR6 Project - TN since it was a year old (12,738 miles on odometer when transformed!!). 1300 small journal. Jul 26, 2011 by frankenstangsghost 1961 Triumph Herald 1979 Triumph Spitfire with a 2.3 Ford engine and all kinds of low budget modifications,.
  5. Triumph Spitfire MKIII, MKIV and 1500 (1967-1980) - Triumph - British Cars - SC Parts Group Ltd. The Spitfire started its career as project name Bomb. The name also quickly became a household name, as the small, sturdy two-seater was a bombshell among buyers. A blessing for the ailing Standard Motor Company, which was suffering from a chronic.
  6. Tune Triumph Engines upto 1300cc Herald Spitfire 1300 Standard Eight & Ten | Vehicle Parts & Accessories, Car Parts, Engines & Engine Parts | eBay

Development of the Spitfire's 1,296-c.c. engine has been rigorous, including outings at Le Mans and the Alpine Rally, and since it is Very similar to the power unit in the front-drive Triumph 1300 there were no worries about it giving a trouble-free run. Fitted with the Mark II camshaft and a pair of S.U. HS2 carburetters, the engine develops. 1972 Triumph Spitfire For Sale. £8,300. Beautiful 1972 mark 4 Triumph Spitfire in red. Black Leather interior. Manual, Petrol, 1300cc. 29427 miles. Wheel up rebuild, new brakes and brake pipes. Chassis rebuilt (can show photos if wanted). Body work and Chassis all repainted. Engine redone and unleaded cylinder head fitted

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IV, which it supersedes, the latest model is little changed externally or in the cockpit from the 1,296-c.c. Spitfire IV which MOTOR SPORT tested in January 1971. That in turn had replaced the shorter-tailed, shorter-nosed, 1,296-c.c. Spitfire Mk. III which owed far more than the latest one to the first 1,147-c.c. Spitfire 4 of 1962 Spitfire and TR8/Rover V8 engines Spitfire engines a '71 - '72 1300 (large crank) and a 1500. Rover 3500S is stuck. Early MGB's shown here and some MG1100 sedans. MGB's are very rough but have many features unique to the early B's. Steel dashboard's Pull handle doors Banjo style diff's Mechanical tach's Steel wheels Aluminum bonne Triumph TR2 and TR3. The Triumph TR2, first shown in March 1953 at the Geneva Motor Show, was an evolution of the Triumph 20TS with a larger boot, built on an all-new frame with revised suspension and brakes and an uprated engine.. The TR2 formed the basis of the evolution of the TR line up to the TR6. The TR3, introduced in 1955, had a front. The Whole Truth: 1970 Triumph Spitfire. David Frank. This nose is unique to the MK III Triumph Spitfire. The bumper is raised for new crash regulations and yet retains the chrome strips covering the weld lines along the tops of the fenders, something later cars lack. This Spitfire is listed on eBay has been stored for years in a garage in.

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Triumph intended to run the V8 in other models, but the disastrous performance and abundance of the similarly sized Rover 3.5L V8 sealed its fate. The Stag was sold until 1977 and it was the. Buy Car Parts for Triumph Spitfire and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Great Savings & Free Delivery / Collection on many items Triumph Spitfire Mk4 1300 engine and gearbox (Fits: Triumph Spitfire) £72.00. 5 bids Ending 17 Jul at 6:24PM BST 6d 1h Collection in person. Triumph spitfire radiator valance boards. £30.00 1972 Triumph Spitfire It has some rust, but is for the most part mostly there, 1500 series, the pictures say it all, it looks like it runs, lots of great parts, with bill of sale, no title More Info ›. Haggle Me. Hobart, IN 46342 (581 miles from you) (855) 232-1831. 5 Photos Complete Official Triumph TR6 & TR250,1967- 1975-includes Driver's Handbook and Workshop Manual. British Leyland Motors Complete Official Triumph Spitfire Mk 111, Mk IV & 15 00,1968 - 1976-includes Driver's Handbook and Workshop Manual. British Leyland Motors MG Workshop Manual: Complete Tuning and Maintenance Por All Models from This item: Carrelli Complete Replacement Interior Carpet Kit Black for Triumph Spitfire 1300 & 1500. $166.90. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. Ships from and sold by Chart One Automotive. Compatible With Triumph Spitfire Mark IV 1971-1981 Convertible Soft Top with Plastic Windows Flywheel Bolt (Engine Component) Torque 85 lb/ft with ARP ultra lube. Triumph. Spitfire. 1.2. Show Details. HST425-10. Head Stud Kit (Engine Component) Torque 45 lb/ft with ARP ultra lube