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Blend Door Actuator. (Do b. EMTC systems may be observed through Not Use With 19700D, the right side of the instrument panel with 19700D6, 19616C, the glove compartment door positioned 12650D) downward. 082306A 2008 F-150, 2008 Mark 0.5 Hr. LT: Replace The 2. Erratic PID activity or an actuator that appears Temperature Blend Door While there is a well known issue of the blend door actuator making a clicking noise on 2010 to 2015 Ford Fiestas there was never any official recall that was done for the vehicle. If You want to replace this part to get rid of that annoying clicking noise You will be looking at spending between $20 and $50 in parts and You can expect to spend about an hour on this job 2009 - 2014 Ford F150 - Blend Door Actuator is killing me - I replaced the blend door actuator two times and it still doesn't work. The First time was with an aftermarket actuator, second time with an OEM from my local Ford dealer and it's still clicking on my 2012 XLT. I also lifted the battery connection for the.. Blend Door Actuator Locations. Begin by identifying the problem either defrost, mid or floor, or temperature modes not working. Then locate and identify the actuator to be replaced. These units can be either hanging in front of you or in a little more obscure places such as on the side the HVAC plenum Inconsistent Airflow: If the blend door is moving back and forth, then the airflow will be diverted incorrectly or maintained incorrectly. That's a pretty standard indication that there's a problem with the blend door actuator. If your blend door actuator has gone bad in some way, it's basically one of two problems

This article applies to the Ford F-250, F-350 Super Duty (2005-2014). The blend door actuator is responsible for controlling the hot and cold air mixtures in your Ford F-250 or F-350 Super Duty The shaft of the blend door had broken where it meets the actuator. Ford wanted $1000+ to remove the dash and replace the whole plenum. I found that the parts store sold the blend door by itself and I was able to remove the glove box, crawl under the dash and cut a triangle shape hole out of the bottom of the plenum

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4. Location. Santa Maria. Mar 25, 2015. #1. Blend Door Actuator Problem Thread (Clicking noise behind dash) Just posting here for posterity in case anyone else has this issue. About a week ago my car started making this loud clicking noise when the AC is turned on. It's the same noise in this youtube video (not my video) If you switch it towards heat a little bit, and the noise stops, your F-150 blend door actuator has gone out. A common issue in these trucks is the failure of the potentiometer that senses when the actuator has turned fully. The truck effectively doesn't know how far to turn the door

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Broken Blend Door Actuator If you hear a clicking noise when setting your HVAC temperature to full hot or full cold, or if the temperature does not change at all when adjusting the temperature control, the blend door actuator may have failed 2009 - 2014 Ford F150 - Lower blend door actuator replacement - Hi everyone, I followed the youtube video on how to replace lower blend door actuator. The only problem is that the video is simply a slide show of pictures and doesn't give very clear info on actually getting it out. 2011 F150 Dash Removal and Heater.. Air Door Actuator - Replaces 89018365, 604-106, 52402588 - Compatible with Chevrolet, Chevy, GMC 1994-2012 - Silverado 1500 and 2500, Tahoe, Sierra - HVAC Blend Control Actuator - Heater Blend Door 4.5 out of 5 stars 2,41

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Step 6: when you're done, close your access door and duck tape it shut. Reinstall radio. This is a quick fix obviously based on the blend door not being broken. Dropping the dash is a huge deal, and as far as I can tell, totally necessary to fix the actuator. This option is better than nothing if you need heat or cold in 30 minutes, for free Re: Blend door actuator on ford f150 need to change it... Some of those you can watch actuate near the hump in the floorboard,back underneath. If it moves all the way when you switch from cold to hot,it's not the blend door. CAN be a partially clogged heater radiator. IF you can get the hoses identified, you can take a water hose and backflush.

The average cost for a Ford Fiesta HVAC blend door actuator replacement is between $576 and $707. Labor costs are estimated between $502 and $633 while parts are priced at $75. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your unique location. Related repairs may also be needed. For a more accurate estimate based on your. It is controlled by a blend door actuator, which is a small electric motor. When you turn the knob on your dash to the desired temperature, the actuator moves the blend door to achieve the proper mix. If you're only able to get cold or very hot air from your vents, there may be a problem with the blend door or actuator The average cost for a Ford Taurus HVAC blend door actuator replacement is between $399 and $484. Labor costs are estimated between $326 and $411 while parts are priced at $73. This range does not include taxes and fees, and does not factor in your specific model year or unique location. Related repairs may also be needed

I have removed the actuator again and manually adjusted the blend door only to receive the same results. It acts like to me that there may be something physically blocking the blend door from opening/closing all of the way. I have tested both the old and new actuators and they both act as they should. I am confident the problem is not the actuator Equip cars, trucks & SUVs with 2002 Ford F150 A/C Heater Blend Door Actuator from AutoZone. Get Yours Today! We have the best products at the right price 08-31-2014, 12:42 PM. stedman. Like the Forums. Join Date: Nov 2010. Posts: 38. Re: Blend door or Actuator Problem. I have the same problem with my 96 Ranger XLT. Anyway, I was able to remove the actuator, (just pinch pins not screws), left it plugged in and checked and see if it worked, and the arm didn't move Step 4 - Cut the plenum box. Once convinced the blend door is your problem, cut the plenum open at the bottom to remove the blend door. Use a rotary cutting tool. Remove the old door and replace it with the new one, pushing the shaft up, reconnect the actuator motor, and properly index the shaft. Secure the cutout with metal duct tape, hot glue. The blend door or vent door mixes warm and cool air to be sent to your vents. It is controlled by a blend door actuator, which is a small electric motor. When you turn the knob on your dash to the desired temperature, the actuator moves the blend door to achieve the proper mix

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The 2010 Ford F-150 has 7 problems reported for blend actuator not working. Average repair cost is $690 at 76,800 miles So, if the door is bad, appears that I can't just purchase the door itself and install, it'll have to be the whole evaporator assembly. I know I've seen posts about this before, but can't seem to find one or a YouTube video either. ***Edit*** The Blend Door actuator was bad, and swapping it fixed the problem. I was told that the blend door. 1. Reaction score. 3. Location. cedar park. 2010 Ford Expedition XLT Temperature Blend Door Actuator. I'm sure this is no hep to you, since your post is from February, but the blend door actuator repair was easy. Pop out radi bezel, radio, and it's right there. rear bolt is tough to get to, had to use an 8mm socket and a pair of needle nosed. My Ghetto-rig blend door actuator solution. Jump to Latest Follow Joined Jun 12, 2009 · 7 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Jul 21, 2009. Like most people with blend door problems, I want to punch whatever engineer proposed that design, and whatever manager approved it. I mean, all they would have had to do was put that solenoid on the. Number 9 is the blend door actuator. It's getting to it that's the problem on most vehicles. This example is a Dodge Ram. What a Blend Door Actuator Does. A blend door actuator receives input from the climate control system and changes the blend of hot/cold air entering the vehicles cabin

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This post really helped me out! I purchased a 2011 Ford F150 about a two weeks ago and last night I decided to use my heater for the first time. Today when I went to switch from to AC, I noticed the passenger side was still blowing hot. I remember hearing some of the tapping noise some of you mentioned and it sounds like the blend door actuator The blend door is what controls the temp for the HVAC system. If you have dual zone climate control, you have two. I am not sure what position it will wind up in if it fails - so the resultant temp will determine if you can live with it or not. Jul 25, 2013 at 2:11 PM #9 146 Posts. #3 · Jul 7, 2014. found this searching google. If you do there are two blend doors, one located behind the glove box area and the actuator can be removed using the appropriate combination of tools to access all of the fasteners. The drivers side actuator is located on top of the air plenum and requires removal of the dash to access. The blend door actuator, also known as the temperature blend door actuator or vent mode door actuator, can break or malfunction over time. A blend door actuator is faulty if the HVAC control module commands it to a certain position but it fails to comply, leading to situations like the temp blowing hotter or colder than its intended setting Discussion Starter • #1 • Nov 2, 2010. After going all summer not needing heat, when it's time to use it, it's not their, I can hear it close when i stomp on the gas, & then their's heat, come to a stop, the blend door opens & cold air blows in. After going to my local repair shop & finding that it's about $700-850 to fix it, Thats not.

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Re: Blend door actuator. Post. by nlandas » Sun Nov 02, 2014 2:24 am. I have no problem paying a dealer for service when the price is fair but from what I'm seeing on the forums $220 to $350 to replace a $10 plastic housing motor that is held in by two screws and has a wiring harness running to it is ridiculous Re: Blend door actuator problem. The blend door is the electric or cable driven damper that controls air temperature. The one for selecting which vents to blow the air out of is not the blend door. And that is vacuum operated. And that will fail to defrost on losing vacuum. __________________. (Formerly) FireRanger I think that the blend door and actuator right behind the radio does control the passenger heat. I wonder if your problem is an electronic problem. Maybe a sensor or the control isn't sending the right signal. You could try taking the radio out and adjusting the temp to see if the actuator is moving to try and send heat towards the passenger side

I have an 02 explorer with the same blend door problems as anyone else, I removed the actuator blen door motor because I thought it would fix the problem of no heat, nope, just blows freezing air now, does anyone have a quick fix so I can get heat back, I am trading it in after winter and dont wanna replace everything This is a compatible replacement part manufactured by AA Ignition. This blend door actuator is N OT a genuine Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, Dorman or Motorcraft part. Ford, Mercury, Lincoln and their associated vehicle models and part numbers are used in this listing only to identify the vehicles this blend door actuator fits Aug 27, 2016 - Video tutorial on how to diagnose and repair the blend door actuator on a Ford Ranger. The two main issues with a failing blend door actuator is when you adj..

At Advance Auto, we carry 75 different types of Air Blend Door Actuator products for your Ford at competitive prices to fit your budget. Save on cost when you find your Ford replacement Air Blend Door Actuator with us. Make sure to compare prices and take a look at the top user reviewed Air Blend Door Actuator products that fit your Ford Insert actuator shaft into A/C air temperature control door and secure A/C electronic blend door actuator to A/C evaporator housing with four retaining screws. Install electrical connector to bracket on A/C electronic blend door actuator. Install instrument panel insulator and console panel if equipped. Connect battery ground cable It is called a blend door actuator and the dealer repair is about $850 since they have to pull the entire dash. I learned that this is a common issue for the Explorer however there has not been any recall on it yet. I called Ford customer service about the issue and they referred me to my dealer where I have my truck serviced

The blend door actuator mechanism has failed. The failure comes from a gear which strips inside the actuator. As I searched the internet for an answer to this problem I discovered another common problem. The blend door axle can crack and the door falls into the air box. The two probably go hand in hand The 2003 Ford Explorer has 26 problems reported for temperature blend door broke. Average repair cost is $720 at 89,950 miles. (Page 1 of 2 Very Specific Car Question. 2012 Ford Fusion Blend Door Actuator - Mechanics, Please Help. A/C went out today. Compressor is running Hi/Low pressures sides are hot/cold. A/C will start to blow somewhat cold when I turn on the car, but with in 45 seconds switch to hotter than ambient temperature Blend Door Repair on my 2003 Ford Explorer. No, seriously this time. As my loyal readers who actually log in to view the front page news will know, the blend door actuator on my Ford Exploder died. In short, I couldn't adjust the temperature it stayed on hot at all times. This hadn't been a problem over the winter, but as temperatures start.

Gainesville. Sep 18, 2015. #24. Just wanted to share my experience. I had the same clicking noise coming from behind the dash. I took it to the Ford dealer and they also immediately diagnosed the issue. They claim Mode door actuator making clicking noise and replaced the Mode Door Actuator. Everything seems to be fine now, but I'll update. Blend Door Actuator Arm Reinforcement Having no interior heat on the 1997 to 1998 Lincoln Mark VIII is a common problem. The problem is a part that Ford calls A/C Electric Blend Door Actuator ( F7LZ-19E616-AD) that costs only about $25, but requires over 6 hours of labor to replace The right blend door actuator is behind the radio accessed through the glove box and by pulling the radio. do you experts know if it's a common problem to have blend door problems on a brand new 2013 F150? can any one show me where that actuator is i have a 2011 ford f150 5.0 liter motor it is a xlt it has the center shifter and has the. Ford Ranger '93-'08. Failure of your heat and/or A/C in your Ford Ranger is due to the failure of your blend door. Heater Treater replaces the cheap, plastic blend door with steel. Replacing the blend door with the same plastic part from the manufacturer WILL result in continued problems — the same system design problem that caused the. When to Get Blend Door Actuator Replacement. How often the blend door actuator fails depends on the kind of car you have. For some cars, this is common problem, but others will hardly ever have a failing actuator. You can drive while the actuator has stopped working, but don't expect to be very comfortable

ok i figured out what the prob was in my 2002 ford explorer. we thought that our blend door was the problem, but turns out it wasnt. the knocking noise you are all hearing, or at least what i was hearing, was the gears in the blend door actuator, which is connected to the heater controls, which makes the blend door move. we took out the box, which in my truck, was located on the drivers sid RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. Easy to use parts catalog Your Ford Fusion will be happy to know that the search for the right Air Blend Door Actuator products you've been looking for is over! Advance Auto Parts has 10 different Air Blend Door Actuator for your vehicle, ready for shipping or in-store pick up Step 2 - Replace the broken actuator. Remove the two bolts holding the broken actuator to the car, and then remove the actuator. Insert your new actuator to the car. Make sure to line up the plastic crank of the actuator with the slot in the car as you insert it. Return the two bolts and plug in the electrical connector

A perfect day for my ac blend door. Section 412 00 Climate Control System General Information And Equip cars trucks suvs with 2007 ford mustang ac heater blend door actuator from autozone. 2007 mustang blend door actuator diagram. Disconnect the defrost door mode door actuator electrical connector 2010 Ford Taurus Limited Blend Doors Actuators Replacement (w dual controls) Thanks to this Forum and several others I wanted to replace BOTH passenger Actuators with the latest BLACK replacement with Motor Craft part number YH-1779 motor assembly. However, I received a WHITE actuator # AA5Z-19E616-C factory marked as their BLACK latest actuator I have a 1998 ford expedition and is experiencing a NO heat problem. After asking one of your expert about this problem, he informed me to check my blend door actuator or the blend door itself. i'm having problems getting to the actuator. i did everything he instructed me to do and still is lost This all takes them five to eight hours of labor to complete and allows them to charge you as much as $1500 for a simple replacement part. But Heater Treater has developed a far easier and cheaper way, that anybody with basic mechanical skills can do. Heater Treater provides an easy-to-install custom solution to the common blend door problem

HVAC blend door actuator was broken, very simple DIY. 23000 mi The lock on the front passenger side door unlocks and immediately locks again when using the remote or the unlock switch on the driver's door 1 Answer1. Active Oldest Votes. 1. That's a classic Ford problem. I doubt it's an object, but perhaps dirt, leaves, or deteriorating foam surround door seals. Try and twist the fluted knob with the actuator off. If the blend door resists, you are going to have to isolate the restriction in travel. People have soaked the area with WD-40 or. Ford Edge 2012, HVAC Heater Blend Door Actuator by Motorcraft®. Choose premium replacement brake pads, A/C compressors, oil filters, ignition coils, and more by Motorcraft to restore the performance of your Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury

Posted by Mike Levine | May 13, 2009. Chrysler has issued a recall for 37,407 2009 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup trucks equipped with manual temperature controls. The software for the heating ventilation. This OPR Defrost HVAC Blend Door Actuator is a direct fit replacement for all 2005 to 2009 Mustangs, including the V6, GT, Bullitt and Shelby GT500 models. Sold individually. Ford Equivalent - 6R3Z19E616B. Fitment: CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov 227 Posts. #9 · Apr 24, 2012. Removal and Installation. NOTE: The LH temperature blend door actuator can be accessed from below the LH side of the instrument panel. Remove the 2 LH temperature blend door actuator screws. Disconnect the LH temperature blend door actuator electrical connector. Remove the LH temperature blend door actuator Blend door actuator is an HVAC system component that controls the temperature and airflow inside a vehicle. Whenever you have a problem controlling the air circulating inside your vehicle, or if it's stuck at blowing full blast, or making a tapping noise as if someone is tapping on your door, chances are you have a problem with the blend door actuator

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If your air blend doors are like my old 2004 car, these are dumb flap doors controlled by nothing other than mechanical linkage. It has no real actuator. I believe the newer (2005-2007 or is it 2008+) cars have electrically controlled air-mix flap door actuators, but might also have the same-old sticky flap door problems The heatertreater requires cutting into the plenum, which I'm hoping I won't have to do if the blend door is accessible through the passenger air bag opening. Thanks anyone for the advice. ford ac hvac airbag escap jfrank's blend door fix Step 1: Remove the glove box to gain access to the plenum. There is a release on the left hand side of the glove box. Step 2: Locate the actuator. The actuator is a flat white box that sits on 4 clip posts on the top left of the plenum. It has a wiring harness coming out of the front. 1 of

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A somewhat common problem in vehicles a few years old, the heat and air system in your vehicle may be the victim of a faulty blend door actuator. Auto Heat. Built-in heating systems have pretty much been standard equipment on most automobiles since the 1950s and 1960s. In the early days of motoring, a heater was an option and most likely. Sep 28, 2013. #7. For future reference, there are three actuators: 19E616A, 19E616B, and 19E616C. Be sure to diagnose exactly which one is going bad when you hear the clicking sound. In my case, it is 19E616B. Looks like one of the little gears inside is tilting and slipping. Poor construction/design option A faulty blend door actuator can make your driving unpleasant and uncomfortable. Some of the blend door actuator symptomscan vary from hearing the ticking of noise from your dashboard when you start the car or if the heater in our car is blowing cold or the AC is blowing hot. These are little signs that something is wrong with the blend door

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  1. The Blend Door actuator is located in the center of the core box, up under the dash. The Mode Door actuator is on the left, and the Resirc Door actuator is at the top of the dash near the windshield. There is a replacement Mode or Blend actuator available at most auto parts stores, Dorman Part# 604-107, price $39.99
  2. The blend door for these years will distort over time and exposure to the heater coil once warped, it can no longer travel all the way to its stops. This distortion leads to failure of the blend door or/and the actuator. Ford began installing the upgraded plenum assembly in Oct of '01 (If I remember correctly)
  3. Blend Door Actuator In some car models manufactured before 1980, the blend door might have been activated by metal cables, which were directly connected to the lever of temperature control on the dash. A certain method to move a blend door, a couple of systems would take more than a little time and effort to control
  4. The problem is it's blowing hot air in every position I put it on including vent. The hotter the car gets the hotter it blows. I took it to repair shop the other day. They said everything was working properly except for the blend door actuator. The unhooked the harness from the blend door and plugged it up a new one
  5. This will not work if the blend door actuator has completely come off the shaft of the motor. The gray arm works in tandem with the black arm of the blend door actuator via the flat long connector that holds them together. Remove the four screws that hold down the A/C Electric Blend Door Actuator. Three of the screws are visible

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HVAC, Heater, Blend, Door, Actuator, Actuators. Air Door Motor. Heater Door Actuator. International 2008-01. Brand Description: Dorman is one of the most versatile and innovative manufacturers in the automotive aftermarket as they provide the parts and equipment that you need. Weight: 0.40 lb Cost. Finalize your delivery options in checkout. Deliveries made to PO Boxes and FPO may take longer. See our Shipping & Delivery for more information. Frequently bought together. Ford Mercury Temperature Blend Door Actuator DIY Solutions $34.95. Dual Garage Parking Assist Laser Park Right 37110 $33.95. Add Both to Cart Your vehicle may have one or two HVAC blend door actuators which are little motors which manage the vents to mix air for the desired temperature. An HVAC blend door actuator replacement involves testing all the motors managing the vents, removing the faulty parts and replacing them with new HVAC blend door actuators 1. 54. Dec 6, 2017. #2. DavidV said: Does anyone have a diagram of the HVAC for a 2015 Mustang showing the blend door actuator ('s) locations , specifically the 1 that blends heat and a/c , It is my daughters car , the driver side dash vents are warm air and the passenger side blows cold , I have located 1 actuator that I believe controls which.

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Asked by Biggdee33 Jun 15, 2019 at 06:38 AM about the 2016 Ford Focus S. Question type: Maintenance & Repair. A/c only comes out of the defrost vent and floor. vents. No matter what setting the location is on. Would this me caused by the blend door. actuator. If so where is it or any suggestions on. fix Which blend door actuator is bad? What are the symptoms related to a bad blend door actuator? The symptoms of a bad blend door actuator include a lack of heat or air conditioning, or failure of air to blow through some or all of the vents. The actuator motors may also make a noise if they've failed, but this isn't always the case HVAC Air Door Actuator - Blend Application Summary: Dodge Ram 1500 2001-99, Dodge Ram 2500 2002-99, Dodge Ram 3500 2002-99, Dodge Ramcharger 2001-99 Application Attributes Ford has been particularly prone to this problem. The plastic blend-door shaft tends to fracture. This can keep the door from sealing off the heater core. The effect is the air conditioner does not get cool or the heater may blow when not desired. Even when this is properly diagnosed, the problem is bad enough

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Adding a blend door manual control will solve the problem and can be done without removing the heater core. Ford heater core and blend door before modification: Motorized blend door actuator. This part didn't fail. The failure occurs in the plastic connection between the actuator and blend door Showing Slide 1 of 2 - Carousel. HVAC Heater Air Blend Door Actuator F7DZ-19E616-BA Fits Ford Explorer Vent Mode. $19.91. $24.89. previous price $24.89. Free shipping. Seller 98.1% positive. HVAC AC Heater Blend Door Actuator 68238243AA For Dodge Challenger. $19.53 604-205 HVAC AC Heater Blend Door Actuator for 97-04 Ford Lincoln 2L3Z-19E616-BA (Fits: Ford) Brand New. 4.0 out of 5 stars. 13 product ratings. - 604-205 HVAC AC Heater Blend Door Actuator for 97-04 Ford Lincoln 2L3Z-19E616-BA. C $21.54 I removed the clicking door actuator from behind my glovebox. The stock part numbers from my faulty part were 5F93-19E616-CA and VP5F9H-19E616-CA. I ordered the a part (Recirculation Door Actuator YH-1866) from Amazon. The only other available part on Amazon was a Heater Blend Door Actuator (YH-1865). Part YH-1866 was the wrong part

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The Heater Blend Door Actuator had a stripped gear, causing the A/C to make a clicking noise on startup, though A/C still worked fine. The new part was $50. If you have this problem, DO NOT buy the part made by Dorman, it does not work The HVAC Air Door Actuator. HVAC actuators are essentially valves that can be controlled locally, and wherever there is an actuator, it means that at that location, you can control the flow of air. The Dodge caravan has actuators in the door, which means that airflow at the door is controllable Unusual noises coming from inside the door are one of the first symptoms of a potential problem with a power door lock actuator. Most power door locks operate using gears or motors that may. A blend door actuator controls the temperature and the flow of the air in a car. If your vehicle is only releasing cold air, or if you are not able to change the airflow, it may be because of a malfunctioning actuator. Sometimes, the fix needs recalibration, and sometimes you need to replace the part that is broken 2008 Ford Escape - Blend Door Actuator problem? Hi all, Recently the heating on our 2008 Ford Escape stopped working on the drivers side. It's a dual heat model with individual temperature control. On the driver's side all the vents don't heat- neither defrost, upper or lower vents