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Instructions Place the dandelion and chicory root in the bottom of a french press or other container and cover with boiling water. Let steep for 4 minutes before plunging with the press or straining An exciting new study describes a specific inhibitor of the SARS-CoV-2 found in an extract of the common dandelion that could provide a new and fruitful avenue of drug research. With chicory.

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Chicory is a plant. Its seeds, roots, and dried, above-ground parts are used to make medicine. Chicory is used for liver and heart health, constipation, swelling, and other conditions, but there. Combine the water, ginger, dandelion root, chicory root, peppercorns, cardamom, clove, and cinnamon in a saucepan. Cover and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to low and simmer, covered, for 5 minutes. Add the milk and honey; increase the heat to medium, and bring to a boil again, uncovered Boiled chicory root is consumed with butter, while roasted roots are used for increasing the bitterness of tea and coffee. Chicory roots and seeds are used as sedatives and are also said to be probiotic. They also provide relief from a few medical conditions like constipation, diarrhea, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, loss of appetite, etc Try Dandelion and Roasted Chicory Root Tea! Aiding in digestion and helping you kick the caffeine! - Laxative Properties - Aid when there is a loss of appetite - Heartburn, Bloating, and Flatulence Aid - Antidyscratic (Blood Purifying Properties) - Aids with impaired Bile secretio Description Roasted Dandelion and Chicory Blend 80g Made from 100% natural roasted dandelion and chicory roots. A tasty caffeine free alternative to coffee loaded with many health benefits*. Large, coarse ground pieces to retain freshness. The best you will ever find! Pleasantly roasted with bitter notes. The bitter t

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The Health Benefits of Chicory Root: Chicory Root (Cicorium intybus) is a larger relative of the dandelion (both plants are in the sunflower family). The plant has small blue flowers, and can be found in woody areas. Growing up to 5' in height with strong taproots, this weed thrives in light Chicory root comes from a perennial herbaceous plant of the dandelion family, which usually has bright blue flowers. Many varieties are cultivated for salad leaves, including endive or chicons, but ground chicory root is also used for baking or swapped in for coffee Dandelion Root Tea Roasted with Roasted Chicory Root Coffee with Sasperila Root, Cinnamon, Fennel | Prebiotic Fiber Inulin for Healthy Gut, Digestive Regularity, Smooth Move Colon cleanse (70 Grams) 22 $12 99 ($5.26/Ounce Dandelion and chicory root tea clean-brewed with CHAI spices & VANILLA Gone are the days of sugar-laden chai teas & hard-to-drink powdered root teas. At YOOT, we take the healing aspects of roots & spices to create a naturally delicious & detoxifying beverage that can be enjoyed everyday, by everybody Amazon.com: organic chicory root tea. Teeccino Dandelion Tea Sampler - Caramel, Coconut, Dark Roast, Mocha Mint, Red Chai, Turmeric - Roasted Herbal Tea That's Caffeine Free & Prebiotic with Detoxifying Dandelion, 12 Tea Bags. Teabags · 12 Count (Pack of 1

Roasted Chicory Root (Cichorium intybus) Chicory root is a cousin to dandelion root. They are in the same family, and they have similar tastes and growing habits. Herbalists also work with them in very similar ways. Chicory, like dandelion, is slightly bitter and can help promote healthy digestion as well as bile creation and release Place chicory and dandelion root in a cooking pot and cover with water. Bring it to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer for 2 minutes. Turn off the heat and let it steep for 10 minutes. Strain and transfer to the blender, then add the ghee, collagen, and the dates. Blend for 1 minute According to Pitts, dandelion tea provides a natural diuretic effect by increasing urine output and removing fluid from the body through the kidneys. Since it works to minimize all fluids, Pitts adds that dandelion tea can help with bloating and water weight, too. 08 of 10

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  1. Chicory is familiar to us as a coffee additive. But there's more to chicory than just that. It is widely believed that chicory is added to coffee for its health benefits-some believe it can nullify the toxic effects of excessive coffee drinking; some others believe that chicory has all the properties of coffee without caffeine, making it a better alternative to coffee
  2. g qualities. As a matter of fact, these weeds are commonly used.
  3. s A, B complex, C and D and iron, potassium and zinc
  4. The entire dandelion plant from root to blossom is edible with a slightly bitter, chicory-like taste. The root itself is sometimes roasted to create caffeine-free dandelion coffee. When used for medicine, the dried or fresh root can be made into teas, tinctures, decoctions (infusions), and poultices

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Enjoy nutty shredded coconut with roasted dandelion & chicory, lightly sweetened with dates & figs. 3X more herbs than standard tea bags for bold flavor Free shipping over $59. Free gift over $25 Chicory coffee is a beverage made using the roots of the chicory plant, which are roasted, ground and brewed into a coffee-like drink. Chicory is a flowering plant in the dandelion family that is. 3 other sellers from$9.99$9.99. <p>Sip the coolness of peppermint leaves infused into deep roasted dandelion and chicory roots in this special Teeccino Roasted Herbal Tea. With the lush richness of cocoa powder to give this brew a chocolatey finish, your taste buds will never tire of this flavor, which can be enjoyed either hot or iced Order Dandelion Tea Online Today. Free Standard Shipping In The USA! Shop Our Selection Of Curated Products By Our Team Of Experts To Improve Your Sleep

Deep roasted body from chicory, dandelion & ramon. Caffeine free. Acid free. USDA organic. Gluten free. The herbal tea that tastes like coffee! The Herbal Tea That Tastes Like Coffee! Whether you're a tea or coffee drinker, you'll love Teeccino's satisfying, robust flavor that fans describe as smoother, richer, and creamier than coffee. The secret? French chicory, the roasted root often added. We just put out a new tea, a blend of roasted chicory root and dandelion root which makes a good herbal substitute for coffee if you're looking to cut back o.. Chicory is a salad green that belongs to a larger family of vegetables that also includes dandelions. Both chicory greens and dandelion greens have flavor profiles dominated by bitterness and can be used in many of the same applications as a result. You can use chicory greens in place of dandelion leaves in salads and you can saute or stir-fry.

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  1. C foods, which animal studies show may help with
  2. Chicory root comes from a plant with bright blue flowers that belongs to the dandelion family. Employed for centuries in cooking and traditional medicine, it's commonly used to make a coffee.
  3. The basic idea is to put small amounts of the first three ingredients (Chicory, Dandelion, Burdock) in water. (You can also use any combination of them you like, such as Chicory alone, Chicory & Dandelion, and Chicory & Burdock. I suggest always having Chicory as one of the ingredients, but I've also just used Burdock or Dandelion or Burdock.
  4. utes, then strain. Combine with equal parts of dandelion root and a teaspoon of cinnamon to enhance the.
  5. utes. You can also make dandelion flower tea using a cold-brew method. Use 1 part dandelion to 1 part cold water and refrigerate 4-6 hours before serving

It includes liver-friendly herbs like dandelion root, ginger, kukicha twig, licorice root, lycium fruit (also known as goji berries), schizandra berry, and star anise. It also uses chicory root to remove heat from the liver, stimulate bile secretion, and promote digestion Dandelion and Roasted Chicory Root Tea Need a Coffee replacement? Need to detox from Caffeine without giving up that hot cup of morning fuel? Try Dandelion and Roasted Chicory Root Tea! Aiding in digestion and helping you kick the caffeine! - Laxative Properties - Aid when there is a loss o Instructions. Pour 1/2 cup boiling (filtered) water into a large coffee mug and add 3 tea bags (or 3 tsp in a tea infuser) of roasted dandelion tea. Steep for 3-5 minutes. Stir in 1-2 teaspoons of coconut sugar or maple syrup. Heat 1/2 cup dairy milk or coconut milk into a steamy, frothy state and pour into the mug

The Rich And Roasted Herbal Tea Whether you're a tea or coffee drinker, you'll love Teeccino's satisfying, robust flavor that fans describe as smoother, richer, and creamier than coffee. The secret? French chicory, the roasted root often added to coffee, blended with dandelion, the renowned detox herb, and Spanish carob, famed for its chocolately flavor Was weeding the main crop garden and realized I was pulling out almost all dandelion roots! We decided to roast the roots and make tea, the rest of the plant.. Dandelion tea is an herbal tea that's made from the roots and leaves of dandelion.3 Some people also use its blossoms to make a tea that's more delicate in flavor.4 Aside from the difference. Organic Dandelion Dark Roast Chicory Herbal Tea Bags by Teeccino. This is the only herbal tea that actually tastes like coffee! Certified gluten free and 100% grain free. This features organic dandelion root. This was created by renowned herbal tea designer, Caroline MacDougall. This comes with 3 packs Chicory root comes from an herbaceous plant in the dandelion family, he tells The Zoe Report. It's roasted, ground, and brewed to make a nutty-tasting beverage. [It's] caffeine-free, unlike coffee, [and] makes a good substitute for coffee since it has a creamy 'mouthfeel' and somewhat bitter but toasty/nutty taste

Teeccino Chicory Roasted Tea Bags Dandelion Red Chai (10 bags) Naturally fermented rooibos with its earthy red depths and abundant health benefits drawn up from the very tip of the Cape of Africa meets roasted dandelion and chicory Europe's super healthy roots with bitter principles that start your digestion singing Bonvit Blue Dandelion French Chicory is sourced from Northern France and carefully roasted creating a healthy, caffeine free brew with body and full flavour that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Vegan Australia Certified. Ingredients. Chicory Root. How To Use. Place filter bag in a cup, or one bag per cup into a teapot Teeccino Chicory Herbal Tea Bags Dandelion Mocha Mint (10 bags) Take roasted cacao powder from which heavenly chocolate is created and add a spike of green peppermint leaves to make a cool contrast against dark coffee notes coming from chicory and dandelion roots. Voila! Now you have a brew that has the depth and heights along with everything.

Whether you're a tea or coffee drinker, you'll love Teeccino's satisfying, robust flavor that fans describe as smoother, richer, and creamier than coffee. The secret? French chicory, the roasted root often added to coffee, blended with dandelion, the renowned detox herb, and Spanish carob famed for its chocolaty flavor With Teeccino Organic Roasted Herbal Tea, nutty shredded coconut warms up deep roasted dandelion and chicory roots with a spike of orange peel and the sweetness of dates and figs. If you're a coconut lover, then you'll find the coconut in this tea is lifted to new heights by the roasted depth of the chicory and dandelion roots Well, to answer that question, chicory coffee is not coffee because it is not coming from coffee plant but chicory is actually a herbal plant with scientific name Cichorium intybus from dandelion family, so it is flower not berries like coffee. Furthermore, chicory has no berry but instead the root of chicory is used as substitute for coffee What's more, dandelion greens provide a substantial amount of several minerals, including iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium (1). Dandelion root is often dried and consumed as a tea but can also be eaten in its whole form. Summary The nutritional content of dandelion extends to all parts of the plant Dandelion. Dandelion sounds odd for a coffee but it's surprisingly good. Created to be an acid free alternative to coffee, Teecino's packaging says chicory herbal tea not coffee which can be confusing. It also tastes more like coffee than tea. I'm going to start making my favorite flavor, Teeccino Dandelion Mint Mocha, iced for the Summer

Dandelion coffee, made with the same pesky bright yellow weeds in your yard, is gaining favor among coffee devotees due to its similar taste. Paula Grainger and Karen Sullivan, authors of Infuse: Herbal teas to cleanse, nourish and heal, simmer dandelion and chicory over the stove to lend a satisfying coffee-like bitterness to a cup of tea Nothing else. • No gluten. All gluten from barley and rye is eliminated in the extracting process. • Sweetness comes from fructose that occurs naturally in roasted dandelion and chicory roots. • No pesticides. • 630 mg dandelion/chicory extract per cup • Going from coffee to Dandy Blend™ is easy - there are no withdrawal symptoms I bought dandelion root and chicory root powder from Mountain Rose Herbs. I made the recipe in a pot using a mesh tea bag/filter. After boiling/simmering, I added a tablespoon of dried coconut powder, one date, a pinch of pink salt and a teaspoon of ghee Dandelion leaf tea is often consumed for its diuretic properties, while tea made from dandelion roots is known for its ability to help stimulate the appetite and relieve liver and gallbladder problems. The flowers and stems of dandelion may also be added into the tea mixture for additional nutrients

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This mellow and rejuvenating blend highlights the toasty flavor of Dandelion Root, which is popular in many detox blends. It has been rounded out nicely with the addition of cocoa shell, roasted chicory and a touch of natural sweetness from orange peel and vanilla. It brews to a beautiful golden copper color. Stash Tea is certified organic by Quality Assurance International. QAI is a. milk, burdock, chicory root, dandelion, water Dandelion Cranberry Tea - Jillian Michaels Inspired Skinny over 40 filtered water, lemons, dandelion, frozen cranberrie 4.) Pour boiling hot water over a dandelion root and infuse for 5-7 minutes. The longer the bolder the tea will be. Enjoy! Photo By: Kayla Joy Creative . Now that you have your fabulous chocolate dandelion coffee and chicory root tea blended up let's get to making a fabulous dessert to go with that tea that you are sipping Ingredients: Carob, chicory, dandelion root, ramón seeds, and natural coffee flavor. Taste: To me, Teecino's Dandelion Dark Roast tastes the closest to real coffee, though body-wise, it is rather thin. It has just enough bitterness to remind me of real coffee. This product contains ramón seeds for a bit of sweetness

Dec 28, 2020 - Chicory is a great coffee substitute! It has a stronger flavor than tea does and it has much less caffeine than you will find in coffee. Check out these recipes and ideas. See more ideas about chicory, coffee substitute, chicory coffee The easiest way to make dandelion coffee would be to buy ground roasted dandelion root powder and make a delicious cup in a matter of minutes. Many store-bought dandelion coffee brands usually are a blend of dandelion leaf and root powder and chicory root powder. However, if you have the inclinations of a forager or just plain prefer to make your own dandelion root powder, we have just the. Roasted Dandelion Root, Roasted Chicory Root. How To Use. Infuse one filter bag in boiling water for 1-2 minutes, add milk and your favourite sweetener if desired. Use two or more tea bags in a pot to share. Storage Conditions. Store in a cool, dry place Dandelion supplements are available in some health food stores and online. People can also purchase dandelion root tea . Last medically reviewed on January 3, 201 Iced Teeccino: Steep 2 tea bags in 8 oz boiling water. Pour over ice in a 12 oz glass and add milk and sweetener to taste. Ingredients Organic Carob, Organic Rooibos, Organic Chicory, Organic Dates, Organic Dandelion Root, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Ginger, Natural Spice Flavor, Organic Cardamom, Sweet Blackberry Leaves, Black Pepper, Cloves

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2 tablespoons ground roasted dandelion root. 2 tablespoons ground roasted chicory root. 1 cinnamon stick. Instructions. Place water, dandelion root, chicory root, and cinnamon stick in a saucepan. Bring to a boil, then simmer for 5 minutes. Pour coffee into cups through a fine mesh strainer. Add coconut milk or heavy cream if desired Mar 30, 2016 - Explore Sue Calkins's board Dandelion Root Tea on Pinterest. See more ideas about dandelion root tea, dandelion root, dandelion tea One-Pieces, Overalls & Jum Clothing Sets. Uniform Enjoy tea time with Teeccino Dandelion Roasted Herbal Tea. The sampler box contains two bags each of Caramel Nut, Coconut, Dark Roast, Mocha Mint, Red Chai, and Turmeric. Each flavor is naturally caffeine- and acid-free and contains heart-healthy potassium and soluble fiber, plus antioxidants from carob, dandelion roots, and ramon seeds French chicory, the roasted root often added to coffee, blended with dandelion, the renowned detox herb, and Spanish carob, famed for its chocolaty flavor. Enriched with ramon seeds, a traditional Mayan roasted beverage, Teeccino makes a delicious cup of tea..or is it coffee? 100-Percent naturally caffeine-free

Dandelion and Chicory Root Tea (Coffee Substitute) Be the first to Review/Rate this Recipe Saved From: deliciouslyorganic.ne Dandelion tea is a great substitute for coffee or other tea and is full of health benefits. Learn more about three ways to make dandelion tea at home! *Or sub in 1 tablespoon of roasted dandelion root, roasted chicory root, or hot-leached, roasted acorn flour. Directions Dandelion Root Tea is the New Coffee, Only Healthier June 12, 2018 at 4:04 am Roasted dandelion and chicory roots can be brewed into a beverage that tastes like coffee and energizes like coffee, but won't bring you crashing down

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Chicory root is sold as a powder, tea, or extract. The powdered, roasted root is a healthy, caffeine-free coffee alternative with caramel-like flavor; it can also be used as a low-calorie sweetener. Chicory is extremely safe and well-tolerated in moderation, even in children and pregnant women Dandelion and chicory roots contain inulin, a prebiotic soluble fiber that feeds your probiotics, along with antioxidants, minerals and bitter stimulating effects on liver function. Roasted ramón seeds, from the Maya Biosphere Reserve, are also called Capomo or the corn tree by the Maya, who drank this roasted brew before the. If you like teas with a rich, robust flavor, then you'll love Teeccino Chicory Herbal Tea - Dandelion Mocha Mint. Chicory root is a natural source of soluble fiber, which helps foster beneficial intestinal flora, which promotes digestion and regularity. This tea blend is enriched with almonds, dates, figs and peppermint. Certified gluten free

100% Certified Organic Roasted Chicory Root Tea - A very healthy herb, chicory root is commonly used to help with liver problems.Containing only certified organic roasted chicory root. Ingredients: Certified Organic Chicory Root (roasted) Botanical Name: Chicorium intybus Certified Organic: Yes - Why Choose Certified Organic Tea? Serving suggestion Dark Energy: Herbal Coffee. A caffeine free, coffee-like signature blend that is a dark, rich, and bitter-sweet blend of chicory root, cacao shells, dandelion root, licorice root, and cardamom. Much like a traditional cup of coffee it takes milk or cream extremely well. Infusion: For an 8 oz serving, steep 1 level teaspoon of leaf in 212°F. The benefits are often used medicinally like in tea or as an herbal medicine to help aid in digestion. Hindbeh is most known to treat stomach and liver conditions but, may also help aid in the treatment of high cholesterol, diabetes, eczema, heartburn and many more ailments. Dandelion and chicory are from the same family of greens and are quite. Dandelion root, milk thistle seeds, roasted chicory, burdock root, chitrak root, nettle leaves, cinnamon, lemon peel, green tea, liquorice, peppermint, lemongrass, turmeric, ginger and senna. Prebiotic - Inulin, a soluble fiber in chicory & dandelion roots, supports gut health to improve digestion, elimination and the immune system; More health benefits in every cup. Intense deep coffee notes from roasted ramon seeds, dandelion and chicory roots; unsweetened. 6 g Tea Bag = 3x More Herbs = Bold flavor and more health benefits

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Enjoy a unique blend of organic herbal tea, specially formulated to relax and rejuvenate. Refreshing Peppermint, Dandelion and Chicory are known to help support healthy digestive function. Their soothing properties treat indigestion while helping to relax the mind and body Chicory is in the same botanical family as dandelion, ragweed, marigolds and chrysanthemums. A whopping 40 percent of this plant is comprised of inulin, which is an oligosaccharide (a type of carbohydrate fiber). Chicory also contains other beneficial compounds like polyphenols What it is: Dandelion coffee is a caffeine-free, instant coffee-like blend. It's actually tea made out of roasted dandelion root, which tastes and looks like coffee. Blends often include roasted barley rye, chicory root and sugar beet. To make your own dandelion coffee give Dandy Blend a try. What it tastes like: It has a similar taste to. Bonvit Roasted Dandelion Blend Tea bags are made from 100% roasted natural dandelion and chicory roots. This delicious, caffeine free alternative to coffee can be enjoyed by the whole family, day or night. Bonvit Roasted Dandelion Blend has been enjoyed by Australians for well over 35 years, and the original blend of dandelion and chicory

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Chicory and Dandelions. Prior to flowering, Dandelion and Chicory leaves look very much alike. Both plants have deeply serrated leaf margins, with Chicory having the largest leaves. Chicory leaves vary in appearance and are easily mistaken for Wild Lettuce and Dandelion and may or may not be deeply toothed Intense deep coffee notes from roasted ramon seeds, dandelion and chicory roots; unsweetenedFrench Roast gone dandelion; that was my inspiration when I created Dandelion Dark Roast for those who want to be gluten free. Remove the barley, add dandelion root, simple as that. But, what I didn't fully realize was how dark roasted dandelion roots would add their own bitter flare to make this brew.

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Bonvit Roasted Dandelion & Chicory Tea Medium 150g Bonvit Dandelion Herbal Beverage is a rich blend of roasted dandelion and chicory that makes a brilliant alternative to coffee. Ingredients: Organic carob, organic chicory, organic dandelion root, organic licorice root, organic turmeric, organic ginger, organic coffee flavor. Processed on machinery that also processes almonds. Directions: Before tearing, shake envelope at top. Pour 8 oz of boiling water over the tea bag in a cup and steep for 3-5 minutes Teeccino - Chicory Herbal Tea 85% Organic Dandelion Mocha Mint - 10 Tea Bags. Teeccino Chicory Herbal Tea 85% Organic Dandelion Mocha Mint has a coolness of peppermint leaves infused into deep roasted dandelion and chicory roots with the lush richness of cocoa powder to give this brew a chocolatey finish 18 Benefits of Dandelion Backed by Science. 1. One of the most effective toxin removers (blood, lymph and liver cleanser) 2. Highly nutritious. Dandelion is a source of fibres and vitamins A, C, K, E, folate and small amounts of other B vitamins. It provides minerals like iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium Like dandelion, stay away from burdock if you are pregnant or breast-feeding, or if you are allergic to ragweed, chrysanthemums or daisies. Burdock is a diuretic, like dandelion, so stay away from it if you are dehydrated. Also, burdock can interact negatively with water pills and diabetes medications

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For the past few years I was a fan of Dandy Blend, which is a coffee substitute made with dandelion root, chicory, and a few other ingredients that are processed, freeze dried and turned into a powder that makes a pretty decent instant latte, without any actual coffee in it. But I had run out of Dandy Blend and thought maybe I finally would try. Fresh Dandelion Root can be roasted and ground, and prepared as you would a traditional tea. It can also be included in spring salads. Whether you harvest your Dandelion Root from your own garden, or take it as a daily dietary supplement, the time is right to begin including this powerful plant in your regular nutritional regimen Bonvit Dandelion Blend combines the satisfying flavour of blended, roasted dandelion and chicory into a delicious hot drink alternative. The beauty of this product is that it tastes so much like real coffee, you could be forgiven for thinking that it is! It is totally free of caffeine so you can enjoy it frequently throughout your busy day.</p> Dandelion has the ability to reduce water retention, relieve skin problems (which often occur as a result of poor liver function), alkalize the blood, reduce allergies and improve the immune system. Beets are another powerful liver food, providing the body with phytonutrients that are efficient at cleaning out toxins, and protect the liver and. Wake up with dandelion root coffee. Though caffeine-free, dandelion and chicory tea offers a sweet, spicy, and surprisingly satisfying early-morning alternative. You'll need to grind and roast both dandelion and chicory root to get started. Use two tablespoons of each, along with four cups of water and a cinnamon stick

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Nutri-Chic teas have delicious tea blends made with chicory root, and available at Nutri-Chic.com. The collectible tins make great gifts, try some today! Chicory is a perennial plant of the dandelion family with blue flowers The secret? French chicory, the roasted root often added to coffee, blended with dandelion, the renowned detox herb, and Spanish carob, famed for its chocolaty flavor. Enriched with ramon seeds, a traditional Mayan roasted beverage, Teeccino makes a delicious cup of tea - or is it coffee? We'll let you decide! 100% naturally caffeine-free

Dandy Blend Tea - Your Herbal Coffee Alternative • JoyousFoods That Lower Creatinine - HTQWhat to Forage in Winter: 30+ Edible and Medicinal Plants

Ingredients: Organic carob, organic chicory, organic dandelion root, organic dates, almonds natural mocha flavor, organic cocoa powder, organic peppermint leaf, organic figs, organic peppermint oil. Contains: Almonds. Directions: Before tearing, shake envelope at top. Pour 8 oz of boiling water over the tea bag in a cup and steep for 3-5 minutes Chicory is a good plant to know. It is a local wild edible, and the leaves, flowers and root can all be used in culinary creations. In fact, when you see large dandelion leaves sold in fancy grocery stores, more likely than not they are actually misnamed chicory leaves Dandelion Root Vs. Leaf: SPICEography Showdown. Dandelions are a flowering plant from Europe that might be better known to most people as a weed. What might be surprising to some is that the plant is valuable as both a vegetable and for its health benefits. You can eat all parts of the dandelion plant, including the root and the leaves Kintra Foods Roasted Dandelion Blend 32 tea bags. Product Size: 32 teabags. $ 8.30. Kintra Foods Roasted Dandelion Blend is a rich blend of roasted dandelion root and roasted chicory root which tastes similar to coffee but is caffeine free. This product is ideal for the health conscious and lovers of coffee. Dandelion's herbal name is. 5.0 out of 5 stars. 17 product ratings. - Dandelion Leaf & Root Tea by Traditional Medicinals, 16 tea bag 1 Box. C $12.67. Top Rated Seller. Top Rated Seller. Buy It Now. +C $3.84 shipping

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