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L129, Colombian Zebra Pleco Type Locality Pasaganado, 38 kilometers north of San Fernando de Atabapo, 4°23'04''N, 67°46'28''W, Río Orinoco, Amazonas, Venezuel This ensures that you have some adaptable wiggle room for the fish. Stick to the following parameters and you should have no problem keeping your Zebra Pleco in good shape. Water Temperature: 79°F to 88°F (somewhere in the middle is best) pH Level: 6.5 to 7.0. Water Hardness: 2 to 6 KH

This pleco can be aggressive toward other bottom dwellers, so it is recommended not to keep it with other bottom dwelling catfish such as Corydoras catfish or other Plecostomus. The Columbian Zebra will prefer a tank with many hiding places, driftwood, and subdued lighting Like other pleco's it has a flat-ish stomach. These pleco's come from the rivers of Rio Xingu, Para and Brazil. They require a pH of 6-7.5 but seem to be doing best in a water pH of 6.5 or just under 7.0. A minimum tank size of 30 U.S gallons (113 litres) is required and a temperature of 78 - 86 °F (26 - 30 °C) L129 Colombian Zebra Pleco (Hypancistrus debilittera) $ 12.99 - $ 16.99 A strikingly patterned, small growing species of Hypancistrus from the warm, acidic waters of the Rio Orinoco and its tributaries in Colombia, the L129 Colombian Zebra or False Zebra Pleco is an ideal species for the small to medium community aquarium

Zebra pleco is endemic of Brazil river Xingu, Amazon river tributary. This is a quite wide river with average temperature about 32°C. The river bed has lots of stones and pebbles of various size with small grained sand between them Considered to be a good beginner-friendly fish, these plecos don't require any special water parameters to stay healthy. They like temperatures between 73 and 82 degrees as well as a pH balance in the neighborhood of 6.8 to 7.6. Like most types of plecos, this species is a big fan of algae. They do best in tanks that have driftwood for decor

Yeah, I thought colombian zebra plecos were more white. That looks pretty yellow to me (which I like better by the way). That also reminds me of a Peckoltia compta L134 (Leopard Frog Pleco) that I have been drooling over on Aquatic Arts. Whatever it is, it is a beauty Hey all,Recently I got to see my Colombian Zebra Plecos again, so I thought there would be no better time to do a video all about caring for them.I really lo..

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  1. Just cope some Colombian Zebra Pleco because I couldn't afford the real ones. Poor mans zebra pleco hahaa
  2. The Colombian Zebra Pleco has a unique coloration and is why it is called the Zebra of Pleco family. If you have a planted tank and discus you must keep a vibrant cleanup crew to keep things looking good.. The Zebra scrape driftwood and rocks to reduce algae and reduce leftovers from your normal feeding times from discus and other large fish
  3. To get these fish to breed, you need a heavily oxygenated tank with a number of spawning caves, a powerhead that runs water along the cave entrances, and a temperature that is raised to 82-86 degrees Fahrenheit (28-30 degrees Celsius)
  4. Zebra Pleco. Zebra Pleco, a catfish species indigenous to Brazil, was primarily described by Nijssen and Isbrucker in 1991. The black and white striped pattern on its body similar to that of the zebra earns the fish its name. Because of its high demand as an aquarium fish, it was exported in large numbers from its country of origin
  5. Another water parameter that should be strictly maintained is the rather high temperature. Unlike other types of plecos, the Zebra Pleco needs exceptionally high water temperatures in order to stay healthy and live a long and fulfilling life. Aside from that, Zebra Plecos are not picky about other water parameters

It's both a columbian and a false zebra. I forgot to mention that columbian is another name, thank you. Dennis57 said: If you paid 25.00 for him, I doubt very much its a zebra pleco. They start at around 150.00 and up. What I believe you may have is a Colombian Zebra Pleco which is a L129. Click to expand.. Water Temperature: Tropical: L129 Colombian Zebra Pleco (Hypancistrus debilittera) 2 to 2.5 inch. Mixed sex. $39.00. each. FREE SHIPPING. First picture is of adult fish, The other 2 pictures are of the group for sale. We ship every Monday. I use priority Mail. 2 to 3 days Hypancistrus zebra ISBRÜCKER AND NIJSSEN, 1991 Zebra Plec, L046, L098 Etymology. Hypancistrus: from the Greek ὑπό (hypó), meaning 'below, beneath, under', and the generic name Ancistrus, in reference to the reduced dentition compared with the latter.. zebra: a reference to the zebra pattern.. Classification. Order: Siluriformes Family: Loricariida ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PLECOS COLOMBIA HAS TO OFFER! FISH & SHRIMP ARE SHIPPED IN POLY BAGS WITH PURE OXYGEN AND CAN LIVE IN THESE CONDITIONS FOR UP TO 10 DAYS PLUS. SHIPPING TAKES 1-2 DAYS. WE USE USPS PRIORITY, FED EX OR UPS DEPENDING ON WHAT IS BEST FOR THE ANIMAL AND THE BUYER. SHIPPING COVERS BOX, PACKING MATERIAL, HEAT PACKS, ICE ETC

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Looks like a pale Colombian zebra pleco, Hypancistrus debilittera, to me. There are a few species that look similar to this though. There are a few species that look similar to this though. These have more of a preference for a meaty diet than many other plecos, though they are still omnivores Zebra Plecos (Hypancistrus Zebra) are one of the most stunning and sought-after fish in the aquarium hobby today.These dwarf Plecostomus are native to the Xingu River near Altamira region in Brazil and reaches a maximum size of about 3. They have parallel white and black stripes down the length of their body, starting with a collar behind the head Colombian Zebra Pleco L129. $20.00. Colombian Zebra Pleco L129. $20.00. Current Stock: Out of stock Quantity: Out of Stock. Share. Product Description. 1 unsexed L129 Colombian Zebra Pleco approximately 2-3 inch in length. Find Similar Products by Category. Customers also viewed.

Hypancistrus debilittera L129 is one of many species known as a Zebra Pleco, False Zebra Pleco or Pseudo Zebra Pleco. They are dark brown or black with a fine light-colored striped pattern. Like other Hypancistrus plecos, they eat more meaty foods than vegetation but will require some plant matter in their diet.This is one of the smaller Hypancistrus species L129 Colombian Zebra Pleco. Diet: Small Pellets or Live Food Water Conditions: pH 6.5-8, Hardness 2-11dH, Temperature 25-26°C * Not all fishes are the same - slight variations from displayed product photo may exist. * For items that are In stock (indicated at size option) - Limited stocks available, you will be informed if quantity ordered. L199 COLOMBIAN ZEBRA PLECO - BREEDING PAIR. Jan 17, 2020. 4 Photos. Share Album Album Download pH: 6.5-8 Hardness: 2-11 dH Temperature: 25-26 o Galaxy Pleco (Leporacanthicus galaxias) L240 4″ to 4.5″. $ 79.99. The Galaxy Pleco The Galaxy Pleco is a very peaceful species that will get along well with tropical community fish and cichlids. They will squabble with other similar sized Pleco's and bottom feeders if not given enough room to establish a suitable territory

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  1. 12 Hypancistrus debilittera Colombian Zebra Pleco L 129 $35 50 Otocinclus sp. Common Otocinclus $5 13 Chaetostoma aff. milesi Spotted Rubberlip Pleco L 445 $11 7 Rineloricaria sp. Red Lizard Whiptail Cat Tank Raised $24. 12 Pangio oblonga Black Kuhli Loach $5 20 Sewellia lineolata Reticulated Hillstream Loach $1
  2. Interests: Plecos, livebearers, anabantoids Post by livebearium » Mon Jun 13, 2005 2:31 am I saw an Peckoltia sp. today at a LFS and it was called Colombian Zebra Pleco
  3. A strikingly patterned, small growing species of Hypancistrus from the warm, acidic water of the Orinoco and its tributaries, the L129 Colombian or False Zebra Pleco is an ideal pleco for the small to medium community aquarium.Although normally shy at first, they will become more comfortable spending time out in the open over time and especially when food is added to the tan
  4. To learn more about this fish please visit Planet Catfish. Please Note: Some fish require the use of a special shipping bag. This price is automatically added to the total of the fish, which is an extra $15 per bag. These bags ensure the fish can't bust through them. The typical plastic 2 - 4 MM bags can't handle most large plecos, catfish, etc. This option can't be removed. The bags are.
  5. Colombian Zebra Pleco L199. Regular price. $11.99. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. Learn more. Shipping calculated at checkout. Default Title. Default Title - Sold Out. Buy it now
  6. Bristlenose Pleco or Albino Bristlenose Pleco. Grows to about 5. Will be out and about a lot. The zebra Plecos are about 3. The L129 is a Columbian False Zebra Pleco and much cheaper than Zebra Pleco. €30 v €200 here. But a night time shyer Pleco. I'd go with Bristlenose. You can get a longfin for something a bit fancier

As to pleco caves, you can try a variety. I've mostly used PVC pipe with endcaps for my bristlenose plecos, but I just added the terra cotta plant watering spikes to my tanks (I bought eight on for $13.49) and the plecos really seem to like them Pleco Water and Temperature Parameters Commons prefer warm water from 72 to 86°F , so you may not need a heater in your aquarium or outdoor pond. They're not picky about water hardness , and prefer neutral conditions with a pH between 6.5 and 7.5

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Colombian Zebra Pleco L199 REGULAR Hypancistrus furunculus l199 Related Products. Quick View Add to Cart. L144a - BRISTLENOSE PLECO -Large. $24.98. Quick View Add to Cart. Violet Bruno Pleco L137 - regular size. $68.98. Close ×. Zebra Pleco Group L046 Tropical Fish X3, used . Zebra Pleco Group L046 Tropical Fish X3. swimming level- bottom feeders. zebra pleco, around 6cm in length. Brand new Zebra Pleco Group L046. All orders get full access to our online status tracking service, allowing you to view realtime order progress


Buy fish, corals and inverts online for your tank. Colombian Zebra Pleco L129 and over 2000 species on stock with 24 hours express delivery to your door L046 zebra pleco 2 breeding pairs plus 2 adults unsure sex. Type of fish/goods:- L046 zebra pleco Size:-7-9cm Sex(if known):-2m2f 2 not sure Qty available:-6 Price:-2 breeding pairs - $3800 each pair 2 not 100% sure on sex - $2500 for the 2 Can negotiate if taking the whole colony, prefer them to go together L129 Colombian Zebra Pleco (Hypancistrus debilittera) $ 12.99 - $ 16.99. Details. Notify Me. Amano Shrimp (Caridina multidentata) $ 3.99 - $ 44.99. Details. Notify Me. Panda Garra (Garra flavatra) $ 8.99 - $ 12.99. Details. Notify Me. L183 Starlight Bristlenose Pleco (Ancistrus dolichopterus) $ 24.99 - $ 34.99. Details. Notify Me. Red. L-129Hypancistrus debilitetra . Every month we import fish from all over the world. Rare, exotic, unique and monster fish

Pleco - True Zebra Pleco L-46 Tank Raised. SKU 2065-3905 Category Plecos Plecostomus Algae Eaters Tag Hypancistrus zebra. $ 259.00. Quantity. Bulk Purchase Pricing. 6 - 11. $ 249.00 Per Item. 12 or more. $ 239.00 Per Item One of my favorite members of a good cleanup crew is the Snowball Pleco. Devouring all your leftovers from feeding your discus and reduce algae from driftwood, glass, hoses, and other smooth surfaces. They have an amazing spotted skin color and and fins. Additional information. Fish Size. 2.0, 4.0, 5.0-6.0. Reviews

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Plecostomus includes plecostomus species. Plecos are well-known algae eaters that originated in the rivers of the Amazon jungle in South America. Plecos attach themselves to hard surfaces with specially adapted mouth parts. They are scavengers and will eat almost anything. Recommended for beginning aquarists Overview: These plecos are algae eating machines, but rarely eat aquarium plants. Gentle enough to be with community fish and Discus, but when larger can handle being with some cichlids. Native range: South America Size: 5-6 inches Water: 69-80°F, pH 6.2 - 7.2 Feeding: Vegetables, algae wafers, drift wood and once a week frozen or live foods. Care & Breeding: Give plenty caves and places to.


Columbian Zebra Pleco L129 Save 16.7% Save $ 5.00 Only $ 24.99 $ 29.99 $ 24.99 Columbian Zebra Pleco The Colombian Zebra Pleco has all the ingredients to become one of your favorite fishes

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Columbian Zebra Pleco - L129 Gold Nugget Pleco - L018 Leopard Frog Pleco - L134 Common Colombian Otocinclus Queen Arabesque - L134 Marble Sailfin Pleco Orange Seam Pleco - L106 Riger Peckoltia - L015 Dwarf Anchor Catfish Glass Cat Honeycomb/Oil Cats Ninja Wooodcat Clown Loach Pygmy Hatchet Silver Dolla Water and Temperature Parameters. Phantoms prefer warm, stable water temperatures between 77 and 86°F, so it's best to use an aquarium heater. They prefer slightly soft water from 2 to 12 KH with a neutral pH from 6.0 to 7.0. Plecos get stressed when their conditions change suddenly and require extra time for acclimation. Filtration and Aeratio Sailfin Pleco: Feeding, Breeding, Caring Guide. Sailfin Pleco is a ray-finned, freshwater catfish that is widely distributed in the Amazon basins across Brazil, Peru, and Venezuela. It is quite large in size but hardly shows any aggressive tendency, and it is also a nocturnal animal. A tank with a moderate or slow water flow is befitting for.

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The zebra pleco for example is much more carnivorous and eats little algae or plants. The bristlenose pleco is a good algae eater that usually leaves plants alone (see my bristlenose pleco page . It grows to a moderate length and can breed in captivity 341k members in the Aquariums community. The subreddit for anything related to aquariums! Come here to enjoy pictures, videos, articles and Plecos. L129 Colombian Zebra Pleco L018 Gold Nugget Pleco L066 King Tiger Pleco LDA74 Blue Medusa Pleco L128 Blue Phantom Pleco L200 Hi Fin Green Phantom Pleco L114 Red Fin Sternella Pleco Otocinclus Loaches. Kuhli Loach Pygmy Multi Stripe Loach Tetras. Cardinal Tetra (Wild Brazil In Colombia, a similar situation exists, with many smaller exporters offering Zebra Plecos, along with an array of other banned Brazilian species. Several exporters I spoke to indicated that increasing pressure from customers in the Asian and European markets have pushed them into supplying these fish—which can be risky for the exporter L129 Colombian Zebra Pleco. Condition: New product. This product is no longer in stock. Notify me when available. Tweet Share Google+ Pinterest Write a review Send to a friend *: *: * Print £ 25.00. Add to cart. Reviews. Be the first to write your review! * * * * 30 other products in the same category:.

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The zebra pleco (Hypancistrus zebra) is a species of catfish endemic to Brazil where it occurs in the Big Bend area of the Xingu River, a tributary of the Amazon River, and was first described in the early 1990s. It gets its name from its black and white stripes, resembling the colouration of a zebra.This species grows to a length of 6.4 centimetres (2.5 in) SL 0 14. Recommended pH range for the species: 6 - 8. Recommended water hardness (dGH): 5 - 19°N (89.29 - 339.29ppm) 0°C 32°F 30°C 86°F. Recommended temperature: 23 - 25 °C (73.4 - 77°F) The way how these fish reproduce: Spawning. Where the species comes from: South America. Temperament to its own species: peaceful Hypancistrus zebra, also known as the zebra pleco, is a small sucker-mouth catfish endemic to the Xingu River in Brazil where its survival in the wild is threatened by habitat modification and overfishing for the ornamental fish industry.It is a highly sought-after freshwater ornamental species and one of the most commonly trafficked from Brazil. To date, little is known about its global legal. Plecostomus, or Plecos, are a group of armored catfish that belong to the Loricariidae family. They are by far the most popular catfish amongst fish keepers and in total there are well over 150 species. The most in-demand member of this family is called the Common Pleco and can grow up to 24 inches long. Video Player is loading COLOMBIAN ZEBRA L-129. Regular Price $41.08 Sale Price $17.94. Quick View. Albino Bushynose or Bristle Pleco. Regular Price $11.97 Sale Price $10.37. Quick View. Bushynose or Bristle Pleco. Price $9.97. Quick View. Adonis Pleco. Regular Price $127.21 Sale Price $29.78. Quick View. Common Pleco Large

The Gold Nugget Pleco got its name shortened from Gold Nugget Plecostomus. It belongs to the catfish family and is a suckermouth by nature. This aquatic living creature came first under captivation in the year 1981 and was exclusively exported to Great Britain Compatibility: The Snowball pleco is a non-aggressive species that can be combined with other peaceful fish, but may fight with other bottom dwellers over a favorite hiding place. Temperature: 72 - 86 degrees F / 22 - 30 degrees C. Water chemistry: pH 5.8 - 7.6, but prefers acidic water (5.8 - 6.9 We have over 200 tanks full of tropical (freshwater) fish, from the popular community fish to the colourful cichlids. Pics are of actual fish. We feed all our fish ORIGIN foods. In the event of any DOA,s - a picture must be sent to us within 2 hours with bag unopened Proper Pleco Nutrition I've got several different types of plecos (Bushynose, Clown, Rubber-Lip, Colombian Zebra, Green Phantom, Vampire, and Royal) in several different tanks and I want to make sure they're all getting fed properly columbian Zebra pleco . grade 5 12 votes list posted in Offtopic. 23 comments . took him out of the 77g african tank and put him in the 21g GT fry tank. he hides in one decoration and never comes out so i cant get a good pic so i posted this old one . Steve Aldershof. Super nice ! I'd like some of these Zebra pleco- this is a rare and expensive fish keep with very gentle and non agressive fish trust me you dont want this fish getting killed they go for between $400-$1000 dollars a piece depending on size. It's a fish that's bred in captivity a lot.Going rate is a lot less than the price you mentioned. They are very aggressive between males