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The folder in the IGFA 's Record Department designated Mabry Harper's World Record Walleye is chock-full of articles and letters related to the controversy that has followed this catch over the past half century Subject: New State Record Sauger caught out of Everts. Hello, my name is Joshua Sahr and I was in on March 19th with the big Sauger. I have since gotten it measured and weighed by a certified DNR agent and it is now official (as of current record books) to be the new Wisconsin State Record Sauger PO Box 7921 WISCONSIN RECORD FISH Madison, WI 53707-7921 (All Methods) New records for the year are highlighted WIRecordFish.doc Revised September 2018. Wisconsin Record Fish List. Sources: The National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame and Verified Wisconsin Record Fish Report ' The state record walleye in Wisconsin is a whopping 18 pounds, which is good. What's the biggest pike ever caught? The IGFA currently recognizes a 25 kg (55 lb) pike caught by Lothar Louis on Greffern Lake, Germany, on 16 October 1986, as the all-tackle world-record northern pike [ More Wisconsin Fish] Walleye. The focus of many fishermen's attention is the Wisconsin walleye. The walleye is one of the most prized game fish in this state. They are very abundant throughout the state. State Record: 18lbs, High Lake, September 16, 1933 World Record: 25lbs, Old Hickory Lake, TN, August 2,.

hook a chubby walleye like the 18-pound Wisconsin record holder pulled from High Lake in Vilas County in 1933, or the portly 25-pound world-record walleye caught in Tennessee in 1960. Suspense, after all, is what makes sport fishing so thrilling. Some anglers advocate still fishing from an anchored boat with live bait; others recommen Largest fish on record in Wisconsin. Walleye Warmouth Whitefish, Lake. Weight 11 lbs. 3 oz. 9 lbs. 1 oz. 2 lbs. 15 oz. 13 lbs. 8.3 oz. 1 lbs. 9.3 oz. Lake Wisconsin Eau Claire River Wisconsin River Mississippi River Big Green Lake Gile Flowage Black River Mississippi Rive Monster walleye prompts talk of state's oldest fish record. July 14, 2020. Site Staff. Eric Van Dyn Hoven, of Kaukauna, and his monster walleye. (Photo: Eric Van Dyn Hoven) The walleye was 31.75 inches long and, when weighed the next day on a digital scale, was 16.87 pounds, according to the angler who caught the mega-walleye Tom Volk's walleye weighed nearly 17 pounds and stretched more than two-and-a-half feet from nose to tail fin. It was the kind of fish that anglers spend decades seeking, the kind they almost never..

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These three photos greatly help support the reported size of Mabry Harper's world record walleye at 25 pounds and 41 inches in length. Two of the photos of Mrs. Harper holder her husband's walleye illustrate a most impressive and well built walleye Records are made to be broken. Just ask Japanese bass angler Manabu Kurita, who, in 2009, caught a world record largemouth bass 77 years after George W. Perry landed (and then ate) his record lunker State officially has a new state record walleye holder. Andy Donabauer, 34, of East Wenatchee, Wash., broke the record after his walleye, caught on the Tri Cities stretch of the Columbia River, weighed in at an incredible 23.12 pounds, shattering the previous record of 20.32 pounds set in 2014. Wildlife officials have alread

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*World Record Holder - Largest Professional Walleye Tournament Total Weight. 3-Day Total of 15 walleyes weighing 138.28 pounds - a 9.22-pound average FLW Walleye Tour 2012 Winner - FLW Mississippi River - Red Wing, M The current live release record for a yellow perch in Wisconsin was caught on Lake Altoona in June 2019. That fish was 13 inches long — four inches shorter than the perch Tokarski landed. He also mentioned that they have been catching walleye with the same girth as his perch

The Wisconsin record common carp on rod and reel was a 57-pound, 2-ouncer caught in 1966 at Lake Wisconsin. According to the International Game Fish Association, the world record common carp was a 75-pound, 11-ouncer caught by Leo van der Gugten on May 21, 1987, at Lac de St. Cassien in France Based on the fish's length and girth, biologists think it would contend with the 1949 world record of 67.5 pounds. This isn't the first time that a potential world record muskie was caught and released. In 2013, John Grover claimed that he landed a 64-inch muskie on the shore of Lake Michigan. The Wisconsin angler said he assumed the world. Located at the Sturgeon Bay Yacht Club in Sturgeon Bay, WI. Fish aboard the 38′ Lynn A, you will catch Coho Salmon, Chinook Salmon, Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout, and Brown Trout. Or you can fish for Walleye, Bass, Northern Pike, Perch, and Muskie on our 16 foot Aluma-Craft. Madison Wisconsin Musky Fishing Guide Service Gary Gilbert, 55, of Becker, Minn., hoists a 59 1/2-inch muskie he found floating dead on Lake Mille Lacs June 17, 2017. Had the fish been caught alive, it likely would have set the state record. Bluegill are the one of the most accessible, popular, and best tasting freshwater fish in North America.And pound for pound, they might be one of the hardest fighting. Part of the Sunfish family, bluegill prefer warm water lakes, rivers, creeks, and ponds.Bluegill are opportunists when it comes to feeding and will commonly eat things like plankton, insects, worms, and small minnows

World-record paddlefish caught in Oklahoma. July 1, 2021. Site Staff. Grant Rader (left) posed with the record paddlefish along with Jeremiah Mefford (center), with Reel Good Time Guide Service, and former paddlefish world- and state-record-holder Corey Watters (right) A1 walleye information, 100's of walleye tips and walleye tactics, walleye message board, chat site, fishing reports, walleye links and more. Join the fun! Record Walleyes - This is what you have to beat :- It was Michigan's largest recorded walleye in 1996. Then in 1997, Bohn introduced 12-year-old Marcus Steigerwaldt to a #15 pound, 7 ounce walleye on Lake Tomahawk that was 33″-1/2 inches long. The National Freshwater Hall of Fame recognized it as the world record for #25-pound line. The fish was the largest walleye recorded in Wisconsin. Pettersson's 20-pound Line Class Record. Swedish angler Benny Pettersson barely missed the elusive 40-pound mark with his trophy, but the 39-pound, 14-ounce northern pike he pulled from Osthammer, Sweden on November 20, 1993 was plenty big enough to earn him a world record The Wisconsin walleye record is an 18-pound fish caught in 1933 on High Lake in Vilas County, according to the Department of Natural Resources. What is the official fish of Wisconsin? Щука-маскинон

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  1. Wisconsin 25-pound and Michigan 17-pound world line-class walleye records caught by his clients are current, according to Emmitt A. Brown, Jr. Executive Director for the National Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame. He personally held four Catch & Release line-class walleye records at one time. Of those, only one is current
  2. On Sept. 16, 1933, Anthony Brothers landed an 18-pound walleye while fishing on High Lake in Vilas County. The whopper is Wisconsin's biggest ever for the prized-sport species. It's also the state's oldest fish record, according to information kept by the Department of Natural Resources
  3. On Sept. 16, 1933, Anthony Brothers landed an 18-pound walleye while fishing on High Lake in Vilas County. The whopper is Wisconsin's biggest ever for the prized-sport species
  4. The current world IGFA all tackle muskie world record is 67.5 pounds set by another Wisconsin angler in 1949. While the reported dimensions would put Grover's fish at an estimated 72 pounds, he.
  5. 5 World Record Muskies have come from Hayward's lakes, and the jaw bone of a record musky was found in 1999 in an area lake. The DNR estimates its weight at 55-70 lbs. The Hayward Lakes Area of Northern Wisconsin welcomes anglers of all ages to fish the over 50,000 acres of glacial lakes and rivers of Sawyer County
  6. ar speaker, fishing educator, television show host, and YouTube video.

Cal Johnson landed this world-record muskie in Hayward, Wisconsin, in 1949. Mabry Haper's 25-pound walleye, caught in 1960, is the biggest in the books. Courtesy of IGFA Wisconsin Historical Society Archives, 4th Floor, Madison, Wisconsin How to View in Person To view this image, visit the Archives Research Room on the 4th floor at the Society Headquarters building in Madison, WI Additionally there are about 300 mounted fresh water fish and about 1,000 vintage outboard motors, including Evinrude's first production outboard from 1909. The original idea for the Hall of Fame came from Bob Kutz, of Hayward, Wisconsin, in 1960. Kutz with the aid of his wife, Fannie, became the developers and managers of the project Wisconsin's largest wilderness lake, the 17,000 acre, Big Chip (home of the world record musky), the Opener was cold and wet, with some anglers doing real well, and some getting skunked. Most walleye catches were made in 8 to 9 feet of water, around weed edges or between islands just off of structure, particularly on Scot

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Written by Anietra Hamper Mar 10, 2020. The state of Wisconsin, with its tranquil landscapes and more than 15,000 lakes, is an angler's haven. While Boulder Junction is the self-proclaimed Musky Capital of the World, there are also thousands of hot fishing spots for large and smallmouth bass, crappie, northern pike, and walleye.. Wisconsin has one of the largest concentrations of natural lakes. A retired Saskatchewan police officer hopes to claim the ice fishing world record for catch-and-release walleye. Tim Geni, 51, of Wilcox, Saskatchewan, hooked, landed, and released a walleye that measured 33.75 inches in length and 19.375 inches in girth on January 5, 2011 Thomas Farchione of Wisconsin brought a potential world record redear sunfish with this 6.3-pounder that measured 17-inches long and 20-inches around. Thomas took a road trip down to the famed Lake Havasu, the same place where the standing world record sunfish was caught. Thomas was fishing a drop shot rig tipped with a nightcrawler

World Class Fishery - Southeastern Wisconsin and Lake Michigan combine for world record Brown Trout fishing. Infact, the IFGA World Record was caught by Eric in the Milwaukee Harbor. Eric chases these giants at many points throughout the year. April-Spring Trophy Walleye-when the ice melts in Green Bay its time for me to put down my trout. The Wisconsin record for bigmouth buffalo is 62 pounds, 1 ounce. a fish caught in 1999 from Lake Wisconsin by Mike Paulcheck. The. Minnesota record is 41 pounds, 11 ounces a Mississippi River fish. caught in Goodhue County. The world record is a 70-pounder caught A potentially record-breaking walleye got the break of its life last weekend. On March 10, Robert Monty of Vermilion Bay, Ont., caught and released a giant walleye that he said was record-book. While our state record musky dates to 1949 and our state record walleye goes all the way back to 1933, records are made to be broken and we're seeing it happen with many species. Starting on opening day, this year anglers also will have the opportunity to submit fish for a new live release record category

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Green Bay Spring Fishing. Green Bay spring walleye fishing typically means starting out river fishing.The Fox river, Oconto river, Peshtigo River and Menominee river.Spring fishing is mostly catch and release fishing. The Wisconsin DNR does this to protect the fishery from over harvesting while the walleyes come into the rivers to spawn Treeland Resorts - Wisconsin Fishing Resorts for Anglers. Ideal angling vacations can be found at all five of Treeland's Wisconsin fishing resorts on the world record waters of Lake Chippewa Flowage. The Big Chip has a surface area of 15,300 acres with plenty of quiet coves, 200 islands, and fishable shorelines where you will find walleye, crappie, bass, perch, bluegill, white sucker. Townsend's 2-pound Line Class Record. While Rick Townsend's 23-pound, 15-ounce northern pike is not one of the largest specimens ever recorded with the IGFA -- it is certainly one of the most impressive catches. On August 10, 1990, Rick Townsend was actually guiding two clients in the Alaskan wilderness from his floatplane Welcome Fisherman! More than 45 million Americans six years of age and older enjoy fishing every year. An average angler spends $1,261 every year on the sport. 34.1 million Americans ages 16+ spent an average of 17 days fishing. Three-fourths of the earth's surface is water, and one-fourth is land. It is quite clear that the good Lord [ The 10- to 14-day ice-out window provides some of the sweetest coldwater walleye action of the entire year. It doesn't matter if you're on the lower Wisconsin, Rock, Mississippi or northern waters like the Fox, Menominee or Peshtigo a couple of weeks later, ice-out is a time for light jigs and blade baits in generally low, clear water

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  1. Best Walleye Fishing In Southern Wisconsin. Mang Iings on December 30, 2020. December 30, 2020. 10 secret fishing spots in wisconsin fall walleyes good fishing locations in southern shallow water walleyes flw fishing fishing season opening day. These 5 Wisconsin Waters Have Best Chance To Produce A State Record Walleye
  2. The current all-tackle world record for a walleye is held by Mabry Harper, who caught an 11.34-kg (25-lb) walleye in Old Hickory Lake in Tennessee on 2 August 1960. [18] Cultural aspects [ edit
  3. It is home to the world-record muskellunge-- a 69-pound, 11-ounce monster caught by Louis Spray in 1949 and upheld by the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame as one of the most well-documented world record fish of all time. Walleye, black crappie, muskellunge, and bluegill are the most popular species among Flowage anglers today
  4. Green Bay's World-Class Fishing & Hunting Guide Service. We fish the entire Northern Wisconsin fishing region. Whether you're in Green Bay, Oconto, Door County, De Pere or Shawano, Epic Guide Service is the best guide service to reel in your next trophy fish. 414.484.7768 Book Your Trip


A team of Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources staffers have netted a massive walleye in a Jackson County lake. The Associated Press reports that Biologist Daniel Hatleli and fish technicians Brad Betthauser and Eric Kramer captured and released the whopper in Lake Wazee on Dec. 16 while they were out conducting a sampling survey The current Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame World Record, Division #4 - Ice Fishing, Catch and Release, Longest (only) Pole/Line, Walleye, is currently occupied by two 34-inchers in a tie. On January 22, 2011, angler Jay Millar caught and released a sag-bellied 34-inch walleye reportedly full of eggs, the weight of which will never be known. The current plan is over 20 years old and needs updating to reflect current science and technology for managing walleye and to address emerging issues and angler desires. Last completed in 1998, the current walleye management plan serves as a guide for one of the most sought-after fish species in Wisconsin and outlines seven goals and.

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Meanwhile In Wisconsin: Episode 1 •City of Hayward• Host: Ryan Ruebl let's go inside and check out the museum you guys like motor boating or no world world world record record record Walleye Walleye Walleye only only only 20 20. 20 -. -. About the size of the walleye I caught last night now stop on down to The Fresh Water Fishing. The northern Wisconsin musky season opens on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend in May and runs until November 30 th.The Bay of Green Bay produces giant muskies annually, and is a premier world class fishing destination for that fish of a lifetime, and specimens capable of challenging the world record Muskie Fishing Some experts have predicted the next world record muskie may soon be caught in the Green Bay area. You too can feel the adrenaline rush that comes with hauling in a trophy muskie. Walleye Fishing The walleye is one of the most sought after fish in Midwest, and Wisconsin is the perfect place [ DNR survey records indicate three distinct periods in the history of the Nelson Lake fishery. Prior to 1970, Nelson Lake was dominated by largemouth bass and panfish, though stocked walleye contributed to the overall fishery. Between 1970 and 1990, a self-sustaining walleye population dominated the fishery For Immediate Release - Ponca City, Okla.—June 24, 2013—Over $65,000 in cash and prizes will be at stake as more than 230 of the world's top walleye anglers compete when the Cabela's Masters Walleye Circuit returns to the Lake Winnebago Chain out of Oshkosh, Wisconsin, June 28-30. The team-format tournament offers two days of competition on the system's incredible walleye fishery.

The largest Muskellunge on record was caught by Louie Spray (pictured above) in the Chippewa Flowage (Hayward, Wisconsin, United States) on July 24, 1949. The fish weighed (69 lbs. 11 oz.) and was (63 1/2″) long.. Louie Spray's GIGANTIC Musky has remained the World record since the day it was caught.

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The current world record muskie was lured out of the Flowage and many say there's more where that came from. While recognized as one of the best walleye and crappie lakes in Wisconsin, the pike, bass, perch, and bluegills also provide anglers with outings that will be remembered for a lifetime For starters, the world record walleye was caught by a man named Marbry Harper on Old Hickory Lake in 1960. At 41 inches and 25 pounds, that fish dwarfed the 17-18 pounders that stand as state records in Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin The Bay of Green Bay has become one of the top musky waters in the Midwest and the world. These waters have true world record potential. Green Bay has also become one of the top walleye destinations in the Midwest, with some of the best big walleye action in the world World Record Walleye Caught On Ice: Wisconsin Fishing - Duration: 5:15. Eric Haataja 5,361,392 4:46 Post-Spawn Walleye Tactics - Shallow Water Stickbaits In Depth Outdoors TV. In the early 1990's, John Dettloff, a Chippewa Flowage resort owner and musky guide here, upset the world musky record applecart when he set out to get the then world record musky of Art Lawton, a claimed 69-pound 15-ounce monster from the St. Lawrence River, NY in 1957, disqualified, and get Louie Spray's 1949 claim reinstated

No walleye till 2025: Wisconsin DNR extends harvest ban on Minocqua Chain of Lakes Russian strongman sets world record moving Ferris wheel. NYC Dem. mayoral primary: Adams takes fragile lead. The world record muskie is currently living in Minnesota's Mille Lacs Lake—or so biologists think. In a recent press release, the Minnesota DNR announced that earlier this year they landed the largest muskie they've ever seen. It happened while biologists were electrofishing for walleye Oneida Lake Sticker Walleye fishing decal New York $7.98 $6.50; Sale! Lake Wateree Sticker Crappie Fishing Decal South Carolina From: $6.98; Sale! Milwaukee River Sticker Smallmouth Bass decal Fishing Wisconsin $7.98 $6.50; Sale! Two Lick Creek Decal Brown Trout Fishing Sticker Pennsylvania From: $5.9 The catch not only earned the angler a world record, it also earned him first place in a local tournament. For more than thirty years, angler Mark Wallace has held the men's 2-kilogram (4 pound) line class world record for walleye with a 8.27-kilogram (18 pounds, 4 ounces) fish he caught on March 12, 1983 while fishing the North Little Red.

Witness the new lake record set at Oologah Lake on July 15 by Joanna Knight of Tulsa with her 6.5-pound walleye. A lot of people probably just read that and thought, wait, there are walleye in. is a two-time world record holder. He can be reached at 715-892-3020. John Andrew is a fulltime resident and fulltime, year 'round tour guide for fishing and hunting in the state of Wisconsin, specializing in Vilas, Iron, and Oneida counties. Page 48 MidWest Outdoors Wisconsin SectionHelping People Enjoy the Outdoors September 2013 No. Caught in 1950 by T.S. Hudson, not only is the Alabama state record the largest recorded bluegill in state, national, and world history, but it is the oldest active bluegill state fishing record in the United States. Hawaii and Maine, however, share the distinction of producing the lightest blue state record Record walleye may be waiting in Missouri lake. Feb 19, 2017. Feb 19, 2017. 3 min to read. There are, in this region, a few people who fish hard for walleye in late February and March with good.

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World Record Muskie - Walleye - Bass. Northern Pike - Pan fish - Crappie . Find Us. Address 9044 Moorse Bay Trail Hayward, Wisconsin. Contact Clif & Tanya Rodahl. r55101@gmail. crodahl@aol.com . About This Site. We are a private vacation home rental located on Moores Bay, Chippeway Flowage, near Hayward Wisconsin Walleye have their 'taste buds' in their lips - thousands of them; World record Walleye is 25 lbs. from Old Hickory Lake, Tennessee 1960. CLICK HERE to view the Walleye Growth Chart. Walleye Weights: Walleye Age: 14 fish is 1.0 lbs. 1 Year old is 10 inches: 15 fish is 1.2 lbs Find more fishing reports in Wisconsin. One of the hottest spots for early season Walleye. Quality Smallmouth Bass, white bass and catfish. Many scenic locations. Nearly 33 river miles mapped! Devils Lake is a 374 acre waterway in Sauk County, Wisconsin. It has a maximum depth of 47 feet The current record walleye is 17.8 pounds and was caught May 13, 1979 in the Seagull River in Cook County. That fish was nearly 36 inches long but its girth was only 21 1/3 inches. Because the walleye was a catch-and-release fish, it had to be released and couldn't be recognized as a state record The state record for a muskie is 56.875 inches caught in Pelican Lake in 2016 and the state record for muskie using a fly rod measured 57 inches, caught in Mille Lacs Lake in 2015

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Musky (Sept.-Nov.) If it is musky you are after you have come to the right place. Starting in September, musky fishing in Green Bay has reached world class fishing status in recent years. Many experts feel the next world record will be caught in the waters of Green Bay or the Fox River. This is a trolling bite 1 - 5 fish days are very common 25# World Line Class Record. August 2, 1997 Stats: 33.25″-15#, 7 oz. 21″ Girth Lake Tomahawk, Minocqua, WI Largest Walleye State of Wisconsin 1997. Guide Greg Bohn. 1st Place Vilas County Musky Marathon. June 27, 1993 Stats: 56″ - 44#, 8 oz. - 27-1/2″ Girth 1st Place Vilas County Musky Marathon Largest Musky Taken in North America 199 Wisconsin tribes begin walleye spearing as state officials warn about harassment. At least 3 dead, 27 hospitalized after boat overturns off San Diego coast in suspected smuggling operation.

World record: 25 pounds, 0 ounces. Walleye articles can be listed under the walleye category on the fishing articles page or can be listed under fishing articles in a specific state. If you offer walleye fishing guide services, you can choose listing options to promote your guide services, by visiting our advertising section.. Buc's Northern Michigan Fishing Report. May 5 at 1:23 PM ·. MONSTER ALERT! Just weighed in at Bass Tackle Master the new pending world record Redear sunfish 6.30lbs 17 Long, 20 Girth. Caught by Thomas Farchione of Waterford, Wisconsin. Dropshotted Nightcrawer was the bait of choice. #livebait #fishing #bucsbait #bucsfishingreport #. is a two-time world record holder. He can be reached at 715-892-3020. John Andrew is a fulltime resident and fulltime, year 'round tour guide for fishing and hunting in the state of Wisconsin, specializing in Vilas, Iron, and Oneida counties. Page 66 MidWest Outdoors Wisconsin SectionHelping People Enjoy the Outdoors January 2014 No.

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While walleye is the top target, panfish are the most frequently caught and consumed. • More musky world records have been landed in Wisconsin than anywhere else. The state and world record is a 69-pound, 11-ounce fish taken from the Chippewa Flowage Walleye — First and second was Terry Wiensch at 4.62 and 4.52, and third was Mitchel Ruzek at 3.90; Trout — First, second and third was Skip Duellman at 13.70, 10.46 and 8.09 From October 1, 2011 through September 30, 2012 Mustad is running the Hook a Million State and World Record contest. Mustad is giving away up to a total of $1,400,000 with the top prize a cool million dollars! You have to register at least 24 hours before you catch an entry and fish with a Mustad hook to be eligible. more The record gillnet capture for walleyes in Lake Pepin came in 2002, when DNR collected an average of 11 per net. The same gillnets caught an average of 9.25 walleyes in 2020 — the second most in.

On Sunday, March 11, 52 year old James Zimmerman of Beloit, Wisconsin caught a 15.08 pound walleye on the Pecatonica River in Winnebago County. The fish was measured at 31 and 1/2 inches with a girth of 20 and 3/8 inches. IDNR Division of Fisheries Regional Administrator Dan Sallee certified the new record walleye on March 12 Walleye Patrol Guide Service. Oconto County, WI 920-598-0586 Website | Map. Walleye Patrol Guide Service is your one stop walleye guide when it comes to walleye fishing. Specializing in walleye fishing on the Bay of Green Bay, Winnebago System and the Wolf River offers the best walleye action from spring to fall. Find us on Facebook A week into Minnesota's latest walleye season and LeRoy Chiovitte's state record walleye is still holding firm. If you don't recognize the name, Chiovitte is the Hermantown angler who, 40 years. 43.75 long Lake Trout. We didn't think it was going to fit through the hole!WARNING: There is some profanity used in this video.For licensing/usage please.

One of Wisconsin's outstanding muskie fisheries, the.Chippewa Flowage was created in 1923 when Northern States Power Company constructed the Winter Dam on the Chippewa River just below the confluence of the East and West forks. Tremendous trophy potential with a good chance at a 40-pounder. The world record 69lb, 11oz fish was taken from this. The world record for a hooked muskie is 60 1/4 inches, from Hayward, Wisconsin in 1949. The state record is slightly smaller - 56 7/8 inches - on Pelican Lake in 2016. DNR Aquaculture Biologist. I think the world record will come from a body of water with very low numbers, like a Lake Ontario, Lake Winnie,etc.. Larry Ramsell Posted 12/15/2017 6:48 AM (#887068 - in reply to #886861 Jun. 26—By day, Paul Ashley is a mild-mannered pizza delivery man, trucking wholesale frozen pizzas to taverns and restaurants across the Northland. By night, or weekends, or whenever he's not fishing or hunting, especially if it's raining or windy outside, Ashley can be found alone in his bedroom working feverishly under his alias: Pauly Wally. Ashley is the founder, owner and sole employee. State record fish application is available at www.tnwildlife.org under Fishing. To be considered for a state record certificate, the fish must be weighed on certified scales, or scales legal for trade. These scales may be found at supermarket meat centers, Farm/Feed stores, UPS/FedEx locations or at TWRA Regional offices

Big walleye certified as state recordBig Walleye caught on Eagle Lake in Vermillion Bay, ON onNEW NY STATE FISHING RECORDS FOR WALLEYE, BLACK CRAPPIECane poles required on Mille Lacs, World record walleye