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The single biggest revenue source for the Texas Parks and Wildlife on Lake Conroe is SHORT' fish. Be sure you know the difference between Hybrid Striped Bass and White Bass. The length requirement for Hybrids is 18 Inches and for White Bass 10 Inches. The problem is telling the difference between the two when the fish are small TPWD Changes Flounder Size Limit. On May 21, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission discussed several changes to state saltwater fishing regulations, including updates to the recreational and commercial flounder fishery regulations and paddle craft all-water guide license. This includes a size limit change for flounder Regulations and limits listed in the guidebook are enforced statewide. Special, area-specific regulations can be found here. Alligator Gar: See page 10 of the 2021 Fishing Guidebook. Black Bass (largemouth, spotted, smallmouth combined): 10 Smallmouth Bass (including hybrids of smallmouth and other bass): 4 Length limit in Ozark Zone is 12 inches long; otherwise, length limit is 10 inches long

The current statewide regulations for blue and channel catfish consist of a 12-inch minimum length limit and a 25-fish daily bag limit that combines both species. The changes remove the minimum.. Catfish. For blue and channel catfish, minimum length = 12 and combined daily bag limit = 15 fish. Only one blue catfish 30 inches or greater may be retained each day. For flathead catfish, minimum length = 20 inches and daily bag = 5. Crappie. For black and white crappie, minimum length limit = 10 inches and daily bag limit = 37 in any. AUSTIN - AUSTIN - The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopted multiple changes to the freshwater fishing regulations for the upcoming 2020-2021 season at the meeting held virtually May 21. Modifications include length limits and harvest regulations at some waterbodies for largemouth bass; blue, channel, and flathead catfish; and black and white crappie About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. There is no limit on the number you can catch in Texas, but good luck catching more than one! The minimum size that you're allowed to keep is 131 inches. Cobia. This flathead fish is a popular dish in many seafood circles, and a fun fish to spend the day trying to catch. The daily bag limit is two, and the minimum length is 37 inches. King.

Coastal Species. Bluefish Flounder n. Minimum Size Limits: •12 fork length Daily Recreational Bag Limit: •Atlantic - 3 per harvester •Gulf - 10 per harvester (includes Monroe county) uT 14 •5 per harvester Closed Season: •Oct. 15 - Nov. 30 Remarks •May be harvested by spearing. Snatching prohibited Daily bag limit = 25 blue and channel catfish in any combination. For flathead catfish, minimum length is 18 inches and daily bag limit = 5. Crappie. For white and black crappie, their hybrids and subspecies, minimum length limit = 10 inches. Daily bag limit = 25 in any combination. Gar. For alligator gar, daily bag limit is 1 fish of any size. The new proposal would remove the current 12-inch minimum length limit, but with a modified 25 fish daily bag (blues and channels combined). Within the 25 bag, only seven fish could exceed 20 inches in length and of those seven fish, only two could exceed 30 inches Texas has also standardized catfish regulations at Lake Texoma and the Red River to be in concert with Oklahoma regulations. Blue and channel catfish have a 15-fish limit without a minimum length. 3. Catfish There is no length limit for any of the catfish found in Iowa — species include blue, flathead, and bullhead — and also no season to fish them. There is a combined daily limit of eight fish with the exception of bullheads, for which there are no limits. This article is for information only. Please check current regulations before.

Channel Catfish - The channel catfish daily bag limit at Merritt Reservoir and Calamus Reservoir shall include no more than one fish 30 inches or longer. This change is expected to protect larger fish at these reservoirs, which have experienced a reduction in overall size of catfish These are the statewide regulations for Texas, but some areas have their own limits. For example, at Texoma, there is a 15 catfish daily limit, for any kind of catfish. You also have to release anything over 10 pounds. If you go fishing in Texas, you'll want to make sure you know the limits for whatever area you're fishing in March 26, 2021 — The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopted multiple changes to the freshwater fishing regulations for the upcoming 2021-2022 season at the meeting held virtually March 25. Changes to length and bag limits for blue and channel catfish statewide and at specific locations highlight this year's list of freshwater fishing regulation changes

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  1. imum length limit for blue and channel catfish, and for flathead catfish, remove the 18-inch
  2. imum length (*NOTE: Many water bodies have tighter limits than the statewide limits. Be sure to check for any local limits before retaining fish.
  3. Saltwater Fishing Forums. General Fishing Discussion. size / bag limit on pompano in Texas. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 4 of 4 Posts. spannymacker · Registered. Joined Jan 3, 2008 · 259 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 30, 2011. I looked on tpwd and coundn't find regulations on Pomps..
  4. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopted new fishing regulations for 2018-19 that include standardizing harvest regulations for largemouth bass to the statewide limits at 12 lakes and.

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  1. According to a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department news release, the new and temporary regs for trout in the bays and beachfront of the Laguna Madre include: 3-fish bag limit. Minimum size length of 17 inches. Maximum size length of 23 inches. No fish over 23 inches to be retained by anglers. Those changes will take effect on April 1 and are.
  2. Lake Limestone, Texas Fishing. Location and Fishing Information: Lake Limestone is located in Leon, Limestone and Robertson Counties, Texas. This body of water covers 12,550 acres of surface area and has a maximum depth of approximately 43 feet which was built in 1978. You will find boating, kayaking and fishing here
  3. Bag and Size Limits of Saltwater Fishes and Crabs Effective September 1, 2013 Expires August 31, 2014 For further information on fishing rules refer to the Texas Parks & Wildlife Outdoor Annual or call (800) 792-1112. Provided by the Coastal Fisheries Division Texas Parks and Wildlife Department
  4. Texas Fishing Laws for Catfish. Related The Best Time & Place to Catch Shrimp on the Texas Coast. There are catch limits in place for these crabs: You may only keep the right claw of stone crabs if it is 2.5 inches measured from the tip claw to first immovable joint. You must return the rest of the crab to the water

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  1. Here are the Texas regulations. A cast net is a net that can be hand-thrown over an area. Legal only for taking NONGAME fish and other aquatic animal life including crabs, crayfish, and shrimp. ( See shrimp regulations) May not be greater than 14 feet in diameter. In SALT WATER, nongame fish may be taken for bait purposes only
  2. imum total length of 14 inches. Spotted bass no size limit. NOTE: for enforcement purposes, a spotted bass is defined as a black bass with a tooth patch on the tongue.Catfish (blue and channel): Limit of 50 daily in the aggregate No more than five over 30 total length. No size limit. (flathead): Limit of 10 daily
  3. imum length limit for blue and channel catfish, and remove the 18-inch
  4. imum length is 18 inches and daily bag limit = 5. Crappie. For white and black crappie, their hybrids and subspecies,
  5. Joined Apr 4, 2008. ·. 121 Posts. #6 · Jun 22, 2008. The 2007-2008 Texas Parks and Wildlife annual fishing regulations book specifically states: CAST NET - A net that can be hand thrown over an area. 1) May be used to take NON-GAME fish only. 2) May not be greater that 14 ft in diameter. 3) In SALT WATER, nongame fish may be taken for bait.
  6. der for ethical angler practice

Anglers also should be advised that limits for catfish, white bass and black basses apply on both the Texas and Louisiana portions of the lake. Tip: Look for papermouths in shallow areas with plenty of vegetation and use lightweight jigs and minnows to fill up a hefty bag limit once you've found a school Crappie fishing is good under the bridges that cross the two arms of the lake and white bass school in the lower portion of the lake. Find channel catfish near the creek channels. Size and Bag Limits for Joe Pool Lake. Black bass. For largemouth bass, length limit is a 14-21 slot The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission took emergency action on March 24, 2021, moving to temporarily alter spotted seatrout regulations in response to the significant fish kill that resulted from February's severe freeze. The daily limit for speckled trout in the Upper and Lower Laguna Madre will drop to three and the slot limit will become 17-23 inches The Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission adopted multiple changes to the freshwater fishing regulations for the upcoming 2020-2021 season at the meeting held virtually May 21. Modifications include length limits and harvest regulations at some waterbodies for largemouth bass; blue, channel, and flathead catfish; and black and white crappie

Due to the 16-inch maximum length limit, Nacogdoches is known for producing trophy-sized bass and has produced three fish exceeding 13 pounds. Crappie and catfish are present in the reservoir, but numbers are relatively low and few anglers target these species May 24, 2019. Three Sam Rayburn fishing guides were recently ordered to pay $2,700 in fines and court costs for their involvement in illegal fishing activity. The guides and 12 clients were caught with 208 crappie over the limit, including 40 undersized fish. The statewide daily limit on crappie is 25 fish with a 10 inch minimum. Courtesy Photo

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On March 20 2019, The Texas Parks and Wildlife (TPW) Commission adopted a suite of changes to this year's fishing regulations for spotted seatrout, alligator gar, sharks, cobia and oysters. Spotted seatrout After years of dialogue with recreational anglers and an overwhelming support during the public comment period, the TPW Commission voted in favor of extending the 5-fish spotted seatrout. Channel catfish: Change from 5 to a 10-fish daily limit. No minimum size. Walleye: Change from 8 to a 16-fish daily limit; only one fish may be over 22 inches. Additionally, all size restrictions and daily limits for these species are lifted in rivers, streams, and beaver ponds statewide

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Gafftop catfish, another popular game/food fish for pier and jetty anglers, have no bag limit, but a 14-inch minimum is enforced. Frankly, the minimum seldom is an issue because you rarely catch a. DAILY LIMIT (for areas without special regulations) SIZE LIMIT (for areas without special regulations) Largemouth and/or Smallmouth Bass (F) 6 (combined) 14 inch minimum. Spotted Bass (F) None. None. Channel and/or Blue Catfish (D) 15 (combined) Only 1 Blue Catfish over 30 inches. Flathead Catfish (D) 5. None. White and/or Black Crappie: 37.

Here in Texas, legal crappie fishing is generally accepted to be any fish 10 long minimum and with a maximum per day bag limit of 25. Suggestions for Lures The best artificial lures I have found include various types of jigs, predominantly tube jigs, and small spinners but only from 1/32 of an ounce out to 1/8 of an ounce in the springtime Invertebrates bag and size limits. beyond 50m of high-tide mark. 50 in total* including a maximum of 20 cockles. 10. 20 in possession. * Bag limit comprised of any single species or a combination of listed grouped species. + All lobsters, crabs, bugs and crayfish carrying eggs must be returned to the water No Limit: Catfish (under 34 inches) — No Limit: Catfish (over 34 inches) This size limit shall not apply to catfish harvested from the Perdido, Conecuh, Blackwater, Yellow, Choctawhatchee, Chipola, and Chattahoochee rivers basins. It shall be unlawful to transport live catfish 34 inches in length or greater beyond the boundaries of this State. Minimum size: 15″ to 23″. Redfish Season: Open all year in South Carolina State waters. Note: Gigging of redfish from December to February is illegal. Download South Carolina State's Saltwater Fishing Regulations and Tips (PDF) Lots of good information about Red Drum at their official site here

Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission took emergency action to change the bag and size limits on spotted seatrout in the Upper and Lower Laguna Madre due to the coastal freeze and subsequent fish kill in Feb. 2021.The new regulations for spotted seatrout in the bays and beachfronts of the Laguna Madre include Texas Mahi Mahi Fishing. Furthermore, the mahi is one of the fastest growing fish in the sea with a weight gain as high as 25 lbs in the first year. This remarkable growth rate means that a mahi can reach breeding size in only a few months and possibly explains why, for years, they were so abundant. Beginning in about 2013, our catch of chicks. The slot limit grew from hard lessons Texas fisheries managers learned on another similar-size reservoir that opened to intense fishing pressure. In 1978, 2,200-acre Lake Nacogdoches opened to. Fish-for-Free Days allow anyone ( resident or non-resident) to legally fish without a fishing license. Each year the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission's Executive Director designates 2 Fish for Free Days. No fishing license is required to fish on Pennsylvania's waterways on these days. All other fishing regulations still apply

No recreational anglers can have in their possession more than twice the daily bag limit of any species of freshwater recreational fish, EXCEPT that anglers may have up to three times the daily bag limit of black bass (Micropterus spp.) below U.S. Highway 90 in coastal Louisiana.Anglers may have up to 100 crappie in their possession at Toledo Bend Reservoir An Oklahoma fishing license is required to wade-fish or fish from a boat in these waters. An Oklahoma resident 65 years of age or older is exempt from fishing license requirements in Texas, including on Lake Texoma. The upstream boundary of Lake Texoma is at Latitude 33°54.426'; Longitude -96°59.114'. Source Texas Parks and Wildlife 8 2020 Louisiana Fishing Regulations LICENSING RECREATIONAL FISHING FEES Resident Non-Resident Basic Fishing Season $9.50 $60.00 Saltwater License (Basic Fishing required) $13.00 $30.00 Basic Fish Trip - 1 day $5.00 Saltwater Trip - 1 day $17.50 Hook and Line (cane pole) $2.50 Charter Passenger License (3-day)1 $10.00 $10.00 Charter Skiff (3-day)2 $30.00LA Sportsman's Paradise License3 $100.0

Minimum Size Limit: 47 lower jaw/fork length; 25 cleithrum to keel Daily Bag Limit: 1 per person not to exceed a maximum of 4 per recreational (not for-hire) vessel or 15 per for-hire vessel. Charter boats limited to 6 per vessel. Regardless of the length of the trip, no more than the daily limit may be possessed on board a vessel Recreational Bag and Size Limits. Bag Limit: 10 fish per person per day . 20 Fish Aggregate Bag Limit: 20 fish per person per day This means that an angler may harvest or possess a total of 20 fish per person per day, in any combination of species listed below. Note: an angler may retain only 10 fish of any one species. Whitebone Porgy (Bag. Heater. Filter systems work well for catching red or a group of saltwater fish limits in texas which can be found at local and in inshore and of course good plugs 5 inches to perhaps 12 lbs or more. One purple tang are a challenging but rewarding endeavor if you can fish the risk of creating your fishing along the coastal bays S-4; none between 70-90 cm (27.6-35.4 in.) not more than 1 greater than 90 cm (35.4 in.) for anglers with a sport fishing licence. catch and possession limit of 4. only 1 fish can be longer than 90 cm. immediately release any fish you catch between 70-90 cm long

3. 5 Fish Creel Limit with a 10 Inch Minimum Size Limit. Should temporally redistribute harvest in lakes with consistently high fishing pressure, and crappies populations meet the following criteria: a. Crappies are a primary species managed in the body of water (due to evidence that walleye may negatively affect black crappie populations 14-inch to 18-inch protected slot limit for largemouth bass; no size limit for spotted bass** Eight per day; no more than four largemouth bass over 18 inches total length : Toledo Bend Reservoir and the Sabine River above Toledo Bend to the point at which the entire river enters TexasTexas statewide daily bag and size limits for popular fishAfter Unusual Catch, Texas Parks Reminds: ‘Never Dump Pets

Access the official Texas Hunting and Fishing Regulations summary from Texas Parks and Wildlife without internet connection.*. Get the information you need when you are afield or afloat! In the field or in a blind: - Find hunting season dates &limits for your county. - See seasons and bag limits for all game animals Iowa Fishing License Renewal: To renew your fishing license in Iowa, follow the steps for purchasing one. Iowa Fish Size and Limits . For all Inland waters and Interior Streams and River Impoundments, there is a daily bag limit of 3 and a possession limit of 6. For new anglers, a bag limit refers to the number of species they may kill or keep Nongame fish (EXCEPT those species regulated by bag or size limits) taken incidental to legal shrimping operations may be retained. Legal shrimping operations means the use of a legal trawl in places, at times and in manners as authorized by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (see section on Shrimp for details) Each state will set the fishing season, specify a bag limit, and specify a minimum size limit (between 14 and 18 in TL). Each state has the option to establish a maximum size limit. Florida, Alabama, and Texas may request closures of areas of federal waters adjacent to state waters

Fishing at Lake Livingston, Texas. Predominant fish species found in Lake Livingston include Largemouth bass, Bluegill, Blue Catfish, Channel Catfish, Flathead Catfish, White bass, Striped bass, and Crappie. Lake Livingston has special regulations on some fish. See bag and size limits at the Texas Parks and Wildlife website LAKE RAY ROBERTS INFORMATION: Size: 29,350 acres. Location: On the Elm Fork of the Trinity River, 10 miles north of Denton off FM 455.The dam is in Denton County but pushes water into Cook and Grayson counties. Game Fish: Largemouth Bass, White Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass, Channel Catfish, Blue Catfish, Flathead Catfish, Sunfish. Bag Limits: Largemouth - 5 fish over 14″, White Bass - 25. Massachusetts -Jug Fishing Legal. Michigan -Jug Fishing Not legal. Minnesota - Jug Fishing Not legal. Mississippi -Jug Fishing Legal, 50 jug limit. Missouri - Jug Fishing Legal, must be in sight at all times and have name and address. Montana -Jug Fishing Legal, must be checked every 24 hours. Name and address on each jug

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MINIMUM SIZE. SEASON. CURRENT COMMERCIAL POSSESSION LIMIT. American Eel: 9 Closed 9/1 - 12/31 for any gear other than baited pots or spears. No limit. American Plaice (dab) 12 1/1 - 12/31. No limit. American Shad: NA. 1/1 - 12/31. Prohibited in state waters. Atlantic Salmon: NA. 1/1 - 12/31. Prohibited in state waters. Atlantic Sturgeon: NA. texas saltwater fishing, texas fishing, wadefishing, wading, bay fishing, speckled trout, redfish, snook, tarpon, texas redfish, texas speckled trout With its silvery sides, bright yellow chin and deeply-forked black tail, the Florida pompano is one of the more tropical looking species found in the Gulf of Mexico Bag Pocket and Size Guide Limits to of Saltwater and Crabs Fishes Effective Expires September August 31, 1, 2014 2013 For Texas further Parks information & Wildlife on fishing Outdoor rules refer Annual to the or call (800) 792-1112

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Out-of-season and bag- and size-limit fishing violations are a second-degree misdemeanor, carrying a maximum penalty of 60 days in jail and $500 fine per violation. Major violations are first. Texas Freshwater Fish This section contains illustrations and basic information, including state bag and size limits, on some of the most popular freshwater fish in Texas. To learn more about each species, simply click on the name in the index below Nothing says the fishing was good like a double limit! This episode, I host fellow youtuber Flopping Crappie on a Texas sized crappie fishing excursion. It d.. Texas Saltwater Fish . This section contains illustrations and basic information, including state bag and size limits, on some of the most popular inshore and nearshore saltwater fish in Texas. To learn more about each species, simply click on the name in the index below REGULATION ON CATFISH: Blue & Channel Minimum Length Limit - 12 Inches Daily Bag - 25 fish in any combination Possession Limit - Twice the Daily Bag Limit. No exceptions. CONSTRUCTION: A total of 41,100 acres of land was acquired in the development of Lake Fork Reservoir

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Recreational Bag and Size Limits. Bag Limit: 10 fish per person per day, with the following exceptions: In federal waters off the East Coast of Florida, Cubera Snapper measuring 30 inches and larger are not included in the 10 Snapper Aggregate Bag Limit. The bag limit for those fish is 2 per person per day (not to exceed 2 per vessel) Texas: Federally permitted vessels can fish state waters when the federal for-hire season is open. However, federally permitted vessels must comply with the federal 2-fish per day bag limit and 16-inch minimum size limit New for 2021. AGFC guidebooks contain an interpretive summary of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's hunting and fishing regulations and covers only the regulations that most commonly affect hunters and anglers. It is not a legal document, and the official regulations of the Commission take precedence over this summary Recreational Bag and Size Limits. Bag Limit: 3 fish per person per day . Grouper Aggregate Bag Limit: 3 grouper/tilefish per person per day This means that an angler may harvest or possess a total of 3 grouper per person per day, in any combination of species listed below Drop Lines. In drop-line fishing, a length of line -- it may be two to 20 feet, depending on the depth of the water -- is suspended under a floating jug and left in the water to attract fish

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Annual Catch Limit. This species is managed under an Annual Catch Limit (ACL). There are two commercial fishing seasons for Greater Amberjack with 60% of the commercial annual catch limit allocated to Season 1 and 40% to Season 2, and the transfer of any remaining quota from Season 1 to Season 2 ‎Fish Rules is an innovative way to understand recreational saltwater fishing regulations for state and federal waters from Maine to Texas, California, Hawaii, Bahamas, and the Caribbean. Fish Rules simplifies saltwater fishing regulations into an easy to understand format. With a glance, know if The size requirements and bag limits for the Choke Canyon reservoir follow the general state-wide rules and regulations set out by the Texas Parks and Wildlife for managing our state's fisheries. A fishing license is required to be in the possession of all anglers 17 years and older when fishing the public freshwater fishing spots in the. Saltwater Fishing General Regulations. Saltwater Fishing Methods & Devices. Size and Catch Limits. Species. Blueback Herring, American & Hickory Shad. Shrimp. Crab, Lobster & Shellfish Harvesting. Saltwater Fish Species Regulation

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Blue catfish are considered a predator and scavenger fish. The diet of the fish usually consists primarily of live or freshly dead shad or other fish. Blues are fast growers and have an estimated life span of between 20 to 30 years. They are often sought after by catfish anglers not only for their size but for fighting nature as well Regulatory Remarks: There is a 20-inch fork length minimum size limit for dolphin off the east coast of Florida, Georgia and South Carolina (effective 4/16/12) with no size restrictions elsewhere. Longline fishing for dolphin and wahoo is prohibited in areas closed to the use of such gear for highly migratory pelagic species (HMS) The mangrove snapper is often confused with juvenile cubera snapper, however the two can be distinguished easily by the shape of the tooth patch at the top of the palate. The mangrove has an anchor-shaped tooth patch while the cubera has a triangular-shaped patch. Another fish people get mixed up with the mangrove is the dog snapper Fishing Licenses and Fees, Seasons and Limits, Threatened and Endangered Species, Aquatic Invasive Species, Fisheries Offices Contact Information, Fishing Consumption and Advisories, Fishing Ethics, etc. Catch Request Conservation officers can request to look at your catch at any time to check for compliance to regulations Catfish anglers frequently drift fish with worms or chicken livers between Hawn point (at the mouth of Flat Creek) to the Highway 155 bridges, and will catch more legal sized fish if they target blue catfish using live fish or cut fish as bait. Crappie anglers do well near 155 during the spring with small jigs or minnows. FISHING COVER / STRUCTUR

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2020-2021 Oklahoma Fishing Regulations (PDF) Online Oklahoma Fishing E-Regulations. This is an interpretive summary of the Titles 29 and 800 of Oklahoma Statutes governing Fish and Wildlife laws as established by the Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Commission and contains those rules that affect the average angler 580 Taylor Ave., Annapolis MD 21401. Call toll-free in *Maryland* at 1-877-620-8DNR (8367) Out of State: 410-260-8DNR (8367 The recreational minimum length limits for male shortfin mako sharks has changed to 71 inches fork length and 83 inches fork length for female shortfin mako sharks. The minimum length limit of recreationally harvested cobia has changed to 36 inches fork length. Louisiana. General Info

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Hogfish are protogynous hermaphrodites, beginning life as females and begin changing sex to male at ~14 inches FL. All fish older than 10 years are thought to be male and sex changes are socially mediated. According to stock characteristics the maximum age is 23 years, the maximum weight is 11 kg (24.3 pounds) whole weight, and the maximum. Here is a size chart for the swivels available on bullbuster.net. These swivels are available in bulk packs as well as swivel kits. Fishing Snap Swivel Size Chart. Below is a size chart of all of the snap swivels available on Bullbuster.net. (E-mail csbullbuster@gmail.com to order). MOQ is 1,000 swivels per size

Minimum Size Limits. Season. Creel Limit. Remarks. American Eel. 9 inches: January 1-August 31, except open year round for spears and baited traps or pots: Daily—25: Black Drum. 16 inches: Open Year Round: Daily—1 Boat limit—6: Black Sea Bass. 12.5 inches: May 15-December 31: Daily—15: Bluefish. 8 inches: Open Year Round: Shore or. Annual catch limit combined for the commercial and recreational fishery. Seasons can close early if the catch limit is projected to be reached. Minimum size limit to allow fish time to mature and spawn. Gear requirements and restrictions to reduce bycatch. Areas closed to fishing to protect sensitive fish populations and habitats Public access to the site is open from 30 minutes before sunrise to 30 minutes after sunset through March 7, 2020 (except Feb. 21-24), for angling from the banks and launching non-motorized boats, canoes, kayaks, or other floatable devices for the purpose of fishing. TPWD will stock this and other sections of the Guadalupe River, also known as.