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  1. Summerfall Studios is a new distributed game development studio from Melbourne, Australia. Helmed by David Gaider and Liam Esler, Summerfall will crush your.
  2. Summerfall Studios. Summerfall Studios summerfallstudios.com @summerfallgames. Helmed by David Gaider and Liam Esler and collaborating with Austin Wintory and Troy Baker for Chorus, Summerfall Studios will crush your dreams and tear out your heart in the very best way
  3. Summerfall Studios. 894 likes · 3 talking about this. Creators of character and narrative-driven games. Currently working on Chorus: An Adventure Musical. Subscribe on our website for more info
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  5. g crowdfunding campaign from Kickstarter to Fig following an apparent anti-union stance that has developed at Kickstarter. We wanted to let you know about a decision we've made regarding our crowdfunding campaign, Liam Esler.
  6. The Melbourne studio was initially co-founded in October 2018 but was dormant until now. Other than the name, not much is known about Summerfall Studios. However, the studio wrote a post on Twitter, saying it will focus on character and narrative-driven games

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Summerfall Studios. Oct 2018 - Present 1 year 2 months. Melbourne, Australia. Publications. Dragon Age: Asunder Tor Books December 20, 2011. Dragon Age: The Calling Tor Books October 13, 2009 About. I'm a writer, narrative designer and business dork from Melbourne, Australia, with a passion for people and videogames! I'm currently the Managing Director of Summerfall Studios, a new character and narrative-driven game development studio, and occasional consultant to indie teams all over the world by Summerfall Studios. URL copied. Share. Supported platforms. Steam. Windows. Campaign Successful. $690,079 USD. The Goal is the amount expected to be needed to complete the development of the game/hardware for commercial release, as estimated by Fig and the studio. It excludes any other sources of funding available to the studio

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CHORUS: A Secret No More. At PAX Australia last night, David Gaider, the famed former Senior Writer from Bioware, announced the first official details of Summerfall Studios' first IP.David almost single-handedly is the root cause of the current acclaim that Bioware has Summerfall Studios Moves Crowdfunding Project to Fig Amid Kickstarter Controversy. Summerfall Studios has announced the studio will transfer its crowdfunding project to Fig due to Kickstarter's stance on unionization. The studio, formed by By Steve Carman October 4, 2019 0 Comments. News The studio has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Fig, and Summerfall is working with luminaries such as Grammy-nominated composer Austin Wintory and voice actors Troy Baker and Laura Bailey to. Additional Summerfall staffers include executive producer Elie Young, art director Benjamin Ee, and programmer Troy Ferguson among others. Helmed by David Gaider and Liam Esler, Summerfall Studios will crush your dreams and tear out your heart in the very best way, the site bio reads After going public last month, Summerfall Studios, a new studio helmed by ex-Dragon Age writer David Gaider and Beamdog alumni Liam Esler, has revealed its first game, and it's a bit of a departure from the RPG roots of both developers.As it turns out, Summerfall's first game is Chorus: An Adventure Musical. The game's Fig page outlines the studio's plans and gives a proof of concept.

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Chorus is a upcoming Aussie musical adventure game from Melbourne's Summerfall Studios.With a AAA line-up of talent that includes veteran voice actors Troy Baker and Laura Bailey, as well as. The Studios Announces Summer/Fall Fellowship Awardees. Assets for Artists. April 14, 2021. Skye Gilkerson, 2020 AIR. The Studios at MASS MoCA is pleased to announce the awardees for its eighteen Summer/Fall residency fellowships. Each of these artists will receive a fully funded residency at the Studios, thanks to our many generous partners and. Thought I'd start a thread for this since I got an email today with some details. Today, ahead of everywhere else, we bring you an exclusive first look at some of the characters in the gam Summerfall Studios will crush your dreams and tear out your heartin the very best way. We're going to keep our eyes opened for the announcement and alert you with the latest right here. Summerfall Studios. The Chorus proof-of-concept is divine. News Leo Stevenson-November 8, 2019 0. Chorus, the first game from newly opened Melbourne developer Summerfall Studios has been successfully funded. Raising more than $620,000 USD with two days of..

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New indie studio Summerfall Studios 'will crush your dreams and tear out your heart in the very best way' says founders David Gaider and Liam Esler. Vikki Blake 18th September 2019 Business. Chorus, the upcoming hot prospect by the newly founded Summerfall Studios, is announced for the Q1 of 2021. The studio is started by Mr. David Gaider, who worked for BioWare for nearly two decades on many acclaimed projects. He has now gathered a new team, based in Melbourne, Australia. However. The Studios at MASS MoCA is pleased to announce the awardees for its eighteen Summer/Fall residency fellowships. Each of these artists will receive a fully funded residency at the Studios, thanks to our many generous partners and funders. Learn more about how you can support an artist-in-resi

Summerfall is jointly led by managing director Liam Esler, who also worked as a writer on the likes of Baldur's Gate and Pillars of Eternity. As Esler explained on Twitter, the studio has been in. David Gaider is a Canadian Narrative Designer and writer. He was the lead writer and creator of the setting for the role-playing video game series Dragon Age.. He worked for Edmonton, Alberta-located game developer BioWare from 1999 to 2016, before leaving to join another Edmonton-based studio, Beamdog, as their Creative Director.He departed Beamdog after two years Summerfall Studios is looking for a Storyboard Artist to come work with us on our debut title, Chorus: An Adventure Musical. We are passionate about hiring the right people, and encourage diverse applicants to apply. Perspective and life experience are valuable and important A Summerfall Studios Website is online, home to a new Australian developer headed up by former BioWare and Beamdog writer David Gaider and former Beamdog producer Liam Esler. There's a conversation with the pair on Kotaku Australia where they discuss plans for an illustrated character-driven adventure they plan on officially announcing next month David Gaider, the main screenwriter of the Dragon Age series, founded a new developer team called Summerfall Studios. At the moment, it is not known which projects the company will deal with. The official presentation of the new studio will take place during the upcoming PAX Australia (October 11-12), when we will learn more about the developer's plans

The recently founded Summerfall Studios has revealed a star-studded cast for its first game: Chorus: An Adventure Musical. Well-known voice actors Troy Baker. Edit: I don't think its reasonable to have expected all of this content to be included all the way back in 2016, especially considering a lot of it is community driven changes and requests.However, Expeditions mode is definitely something that would have been nice to have at launch - an optional experience for community to share together if they wanted Summerfall's delayed announcement (a year after the studio was formed) demonstrates that Esler and Gaider are serious about ensuring the health of the studio and its project. Slow and steady, as. Summerfall Studios Apply for this Job This role is a part of the UK government's Kickstart Scheme and is only applicable to 16 to 24-year-olds in the UK who are not in education and are currently claiming Universal Credit

Summerfall Studios has only PC version planned for the time being, but does not rule out the possibility of future ports to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One or mobile devices with iOS. The initial release date was set for the fourth quarter of 2021. Chorus - fundraiser on Fig.co; Summerfall Studios - official homepag Liam Esler, managing director of Summerfall Studios, creators of Chorus. A 30% tax offset has been something the Australian videogame development industry has been working towards for a long time. Summerfall Studios is looking to get $600,000 on Fig, and it's already 11 percent of the way to its goal. The project has already received start-up funding from Film Victoria, but to take it into. A Summerfall Studios Website is online, home to a new Australian developer headed up by former BioWare and Beamdog writer David Gaider and former Beamdog producer Liam Esler (thanks MCV).There's a conversation with the pair on Kotaku Australia where they discuss plans for an illustrated character-driven adventure they plan on officially announcing next month

About Summerfall Studios. Helmed by David Gaider and Liam Esler and collaborating with Austin Wintory and Troy Baker for Chorus, Summerfall Studios is a character and narrative-driven studio with a focus on sustainable work and people-driven development Dragon Age alum David Gaider and Beamdog dev Liam Esler are launching a new independent studio called Summerfall Studios. The studio is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia and will use. Summerfall Studios is currently crowdfunding the game via fig.co, and has already raised over $70k of its $600k goal in under a day. Here's hoping it'll keep up that momentum, so Chorus gets its.

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Summerfall Studios is currently running a crowdfunding campaign to support further work on the title at fig.co, raising over $80,000 in a single day. Hopefully, that momentum will see them reach their $600,00 goal by November 10. Based on the rewards tier, it looks like the developer is shooting for a Q4 2021 release for their debut game.. Summerfall Studio | 40 followers on LinkedIn. Hello, worl Summerfall has assembled top talent for Chorus. In addition to Gaider--the former head writer on the Dragon Age series--the studio brought on former Obsidian and Beamdog developer Liam Esler as. As it turns out, that was exactly what happened as Summerfall Studios unveiled their project yesterday. Entitled Chorus: An Adventure Musical, the game will be one part narrative-driven adventure and one part interactive musical composed by Austin Wintory, responsible for excellent soundtracks for games like ABZU, Journey, Assassin's Creed: Syndicate and most recently John Wick Hex

Dragon Age Writer Strikes Out To Form New Studio. Lead writer David Gaider has officially moved on from the series and is working on his own game. With every huge gaming event, fans are always waiting to hear news of a new Dragon Age game. The last installment was Dragon Age: Inquisition which was released all the way back in 2014 Summerfall Studios was founded by David Gaider and Liam Esler, with Gaider having a long background at Bioware and Esler being involved in various ventures Dragon Age writer David Gaider's new game, Chorus: A Musical Adventure Game, is going through some tough times right now due to the impact of the COVID-19 crisis. In a post to the game's Fig page. Gaider responds, when asked about the formation of Summerfall Studios. And that was on the table for a while. But RPGs are a big task for a new studio, they have so many moving parts, so many.

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Summerfall Studios is a brand new, indie creative from two brilliant game development minds. Former Bioware writer David Gaider and local Australian BusDev Liam Esler are fronting the team based in Melbourne. The studio is already focusing on their first project We announced Summerfall Studios back in September, and launched a Fig campaign for our first game, Chorus: An Adventure Musical, just over two weeks ago! We're collaborating with Austin Wintory (composer) and Troy Baker (voice director) on Chorus, and are working with Laura Bailey, who stars as our protagonist, Grace David Gaider, the former lead writer for BioWare, has co-founded Summerfall Studios, a new indie developer based in Australia The amount is more than the $600,000 target of Summerfall Studios to develop the game. Just like the name suggests, Chorus is billed to be an interactive adventure musical. It takes inspiration from such musicals as Wicked, Buffy: Once More with Feeling, and Hadestown. For video games, the makers were looking at Life is Strange and the Dragon.

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You will be investing in Fig and receiving Fig Game Shares - Chorus, which will pay distributions based on Fig's right to sales receipts of Chorus: An Adventure Musical under Fig's publishing license agreement with the game's developer, Summerfall Studios.. At this time, not everyone will be able to participate in Chorus: An Adventure Musical investments due to regulatory reasons - David Gaider, Summerfall Studios. Greg Street, VP of IP and Entertainment, Riot Games (League of Legends): Honestly, I hope it doesn't look that different, as an industry, than it does today. As a player, I enjoy that there are giant studios that can create these very long, detailed, polished experiences with multi-million dollar budgets Following their formal debut ahead of this year's PAX Australia, Summerfall Studios have announced their first title: a musical, dialogue-driven adventure game called Chorus. Developed by the Melbourne studio, Chorus is being pitched as part interactive musical, one part illustrated adventure game, and one part character-driven narrative. Summerfall Studio's Chorus first appeared in our lives when it was announced by creative director David Gaider, who most Dragon Age fans will recognize, as well as Beamdog and Obsidian alumni Liam Esler, Summerfall's managing director.. The two of them were joined by a formidable team, including Troy Baker, known for his work in Uncharted and so much more, as well as Laura Bailey, the.

— Summerfall Studios (@summerfallgames) September 17, 2019 The studio's first game will debut during PAX Australia next month, and is described to be an 'illustrated character-driven. Summerfall Studios is using stretch goals to expand the game out more than previously planned. The speed at which CHORUS became funded is a strong indicator that the money will continue to pour in. At least until the campaign is taken off Fig. Any way you look at it, the surprises from Summerfall Studios don't appear to be stopping anytime soon Chorus, a new visual-novel with a musical twist from Summerfall Studios has hit its fundraising target. As revealed on Twitter, Summerfall Studios' has exceeded its $600,000 goal on crowdfunding site Fig, with funding sitting at $623,841 at the time of writing.. The video game features former Dragon Age writer David Gaider, Summerfall's managing director Liam Esler and composer Austin.

Overall, however, the developers at Summerfall Studios say that Chorus is fine and progressing as well as can be expected. Three members of the Chorus development team have either contracted the coronavirus or been tested for it, the studio said. Almost all of us have been through mandatory isolation periods. The rest of the. (Image credit: Summerfall Studios) David Gaider is no stranger to Australian shores - he's spent time at a number of our international gaming events, and it looks like he's set to become an even greater fixture of the local gaming scene. He, along with GX Australia alumni Liam Esler, has just announced the creating of [ Summerfall Studios is the collaboration between Gaider and GX Australia and Beamdog alumni Liam Esler. The studio's first title will be unveiled during Melbourne International Games Week which coincides with PAX Aus.. Speaking to Kotaku, Gaider said;. We'd actually each been thinking of starting a new studio independently Called Chorus, the game is the work of Summerfall Studios co-founders Liam Esler and David Gaider. Esler, who's been developing games since childhood, has recently run the Australian Game.

The new studio will have its official launch at PAX Australia, alongside the launch of a Kickstarter to fund its first game. Details are pretty sparse on the ground at the moment, but Summerfall Studios' website promises an illustrated character-driven adventure, before going on to say that Summerfall Studios will crush your dreams and tear. Summerfall Studios launched its crowdfunding campaign via Fig just yesterday, and in one day, the campaign has already raised almost $112,000, roughly 18% of its $600,000 goal. The game is still currently in the pre-production phase, but Gaider and Esler are aiming for a late 2021 release on both Windows and Steam Founded in 1999, Arkane® Studios has grown to become one of the most renowned and critically acclaimed development teams in the video game industry. With teams located in Lyon, France, and Austin, Texas, Arkane has earned a reputation for creating games with unique style, immersive action, and a hand-crafted approach. The studio's titles, which include __Dishonored®, Dishonored 2,__ and. 2021 - Aliens: Fireteam (PC etc) / Cold Iron Studios * - Chorus (PC) / Summerfall Studios * 2020 - The Pathless (PS5, PS4, Apple Arcade) / Giant Squid / Annapurna Interactive - Game for Peace (PUBG) (Mobile, etc) / Tencent [in collaboration with Brian Tyler] - AGOS: A Game of Space (VR) / Ubisof Writer, Producer and Co-Founder of Summerfall Studios Ceri Hutton Director of Operations & Projects at the Interactive Games & Entertainment Association 9:00am - 9:50am 17 Tips For Pitching Your Game. Simon Smith Senior Games Scout at Team 17.

Unbroken Studios is an LA based team of 81 developers with proven track records of working on some of the most memorable franchises such as Battlefield, Call of Duty, God of War and the Arkham Series. OUR PHILOSOPHY. At the heart of our culture is creating a small studio with a strong sense of community and the ability for everyone to have an. It's about focus, artistry, commitment, and attention to detail. Our team has worked with an eclectic range of talents, spanning rock, hip-hop, bluegrass and even punk. We'll bring not just your music to life, but your future. We took a 6,250sq/ft Church founded in 1848 and made it into a truly unique musical imaginatorium. Located on the. Chorus An Adventure Musical is the first title coming from Melbourne-based Summerfall Studios providing the studio can crowdfund enough to finish the title, that is.. Though Chorus will be funded in part thanks to a grant from Film Victoria, the game is currently seeking $600,000 USD to complete the project.At the time of writing, and with 27 days left in its campaign, the project has. There is some great news for the Australian gaming scene. Recently announced via Twitter, a new indie game development studio has opened it's doors with some industry heavyweights at it's helm.. Based in Melbourne, Summerfall Studios is co-founded by seasoned veterans David Gaider and Liam Esler. Gaider is a former Bioware dev with notable accomplishments in writing for games such as Star.

Photo: Xbox Game Studios, CD Projekt Red, Square Enix, Summerfall Studios While E3 2020 may be canceled , there are still plenty of ways for you to get your fix of gaming news this summer Studio - A series of five 90-minutes Zoom sessions where the entire Network comes together to learn and grow during facilitated sessions. These will be participatory sessions with plenty of brain food and implementable strategies for you to try in your own context. 1:1 Coaching - Five monthly, individual check-in calls to help you stay on track.

Summerfall Studios co-founders David Gaider and Liam Esler took to Twitter to announce that they're moving their upcoming crowdfunding campaign from Kickstarter to Fig following an apparent anti-union stance that has developed at Kickstarter A new game is coming from Summerfall Studios. This game has been inspired by musicals like Wicked and Hadestown and allows players to get a.. While Dragon Age 4 is currently in development, Gaider left BioWare in 2016 after 17 years at the studio. In 2019, he co-founded Summerfall Studios and is currently working on Chorus, a part.

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Portfolio pieces I prepared to propose myself as a 2D illustrator for Summerfall Studios: on the artistic level it went well! (if it wasn't for a teeny weeny itsy bitsy wittle detail called a visa :c), still I did my best and I am very proud of these pieces Guck. Institute of Games. Hipster Whale. Joshua Sanderson Development. Kathy Smart Game Design/Joy Everafter Stories. Koch Media. Larrikin Interactive. Lazy Giant Games. League of Geeks ꜱᴜᴍᴍᴇʀ-ꜰᴀʟʟ ʀᴀꜰꜰʟᴇ! ~~~~~ Pick a number: 1 2 3 @Chuckyfan_girl 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14: @lillyqueencee 15 16 17 18 19: @vqce 20 21.

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Australian developer Summerfall Studios, led by former BioWare Senior Narrative Designer David Gaider (Dragon Age, Baldur's Gate 2), have begun crowdfunding their first game- Chorus: An. After David Gaider left Bioware after Dragon Age Inquisition was completed, he teamed up with Liam Esler to form Summerfall Studios. After the company's founding, its numbers grew and their first. One of the most hyped upcoming games out of Australia in recent years is Chorus from Summerfall Studios, and it's not even out yet! Last night, however, it got one huge step closer to the whole 'being out' thing in reaching its funding goal of $600,000USD and then some! In total, it hit just over [ Summerfall Studios is set to announce its illustrated character-driven adventure project at PAX Australia on October 11. BioWare veteran David Gaider, who left the esteemed role-playing game studio in 2016 after almost two decades with the company, has announced his next big project

Summerfall is looking to fund the game on the crowdfunding/equity platform Fig, with a projected release in Q1 2021. Summerfall has assembled top talent for Chorus. In addition to Gaider-the former head writer on the Dragon Age series-the studio brought on former Obsidian and Beamdog developer Liam Esler as the company's managing director Marianne is a voice actor, producer, and writer based in Los Angeles, California. When Marianne was in her early 20's, she and a friend traveled to Europe to see a bit of the world. But something awful happened on the trip—something that Marianne has been trying to find a way to live with ever since First up is Chorus, an adventure musical game, and the debut title from Summerfall Studios. Led by managing director Liam Esler (formerly of Gaymer X Australia, GDAA), and writer David Gaider (formerly BioWare, Beamdog), the studio launched at the end of 2019, with a view to making narrative-driven games Umphrey's McGee Summer-Fall Tour. June 18-20 - Red Rocks Amphitheatre - Morrison, CO. June 25-26 - Apple Valley Park - Lafayette, NY. June 27 - Levon Helm Studios - Woodstock, NY. Due to those and other breakthrough games, Summerfall Studios cofounder Liam Esler said that their indie community has always enjoyed a certain amount of attention. Based in Melbourne.

The Heart And Ambition Behind Chorus, The Aussie Musical'This Is A Huge Deal': The Industry Reacts To Australia'sChorus, Written by Former BioWare Writer David Gaider, IsEx-Bioware writer David Gaider opens new studio calledEven in Its Early State, Chorus Feels Remarkable - OnlySPElder scroll Online Gold | Your one stop Elder Scroll News

Liam Esler is a writer, producer, and co-founder of Summerfall Studios, a narrative and character-driven game development studio based in Melbourne, Australia. Having worked across the games industry in a variety of roles over the last decade, on both videogames and events, he has spent the last four years focused on how we can build healthier. Chorus is currently crowdfunding on fig.co, where (at the time of writing) it has raised $133,000 of a $600,000 target.Summerfall is currently looking toward a PC release, though it will consider. Gaider's new company Summerfall Studios launched a crowdfunding campaign today for Chorus, via Fig. In the lushly painted trailer for Chorus, a young woman called Grace is given the gift of song. According to Gamespot, Summerfall Studios, the company developing Chorus is almost at the $600,000 funding target. At this time, the Fig.co website states that the company has reached $552,803 of. Gaider has began a brand new crew, Summerfall Studios, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, and their first recreation might not be what you possibly can be expecting. The brand new recreation is known as Refrain. It is a component musical, phase illustrated journey recreation, and phase character-driven narrative

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