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They simply represent stability. You can get etched on your foot, or even on your arm or ankle in a small size. It makes for wonderful small tattoos for girls. 20. A simple Love symbol etched on your wrist. You can have a beautiful love symbol etched on your wrist. Love symbols really make for wonderful tattoo designs for women. 21. Simple LOVE. Aug 3, 2017 - Explore Tattoomaze's board Simple Tattoo Designs For Girls, followed by 9891 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about tattoo designs, tattoo designs for girls, simple tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are also preferred by girls. Sometimes you can also include some flowers on it. Other designs include swallow and dreamcatcher tattoo designs. Whatever tattoo design you choose, ensure that it will look amazing even if it is small. Tattoos for Girls Frequently Asked Questions. Getting a small tattoo is a big decision Body Placement: Place this tattoo design on your arm, forearm or side of the ribcage. Design: The design shows a dreamcatcher in its glory. Ink Colour: Choose the shades of black along with grey for this one. Size: Make this in a small to medium size.; Skin Tone: Best on fair to medium skin tones. [ See More: DreamCatcher Tattoo Designs] 50. Sun Sign Tattoo Designs for Girls

Oct 25, 2015 - Explore Zoe Rylee's board simple tattoos for girls on Pinterest. See more ideas about tattoos, cute tattoos, beautiful tattoos Jun 25, 2021 - Explore Lacey Stevens's board easy tattoos on Pinterest. See more ideas about tattoos, body art tattoos, tattoo designs

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  1. ine, adorable, and easy to fit anywhere. A dainty tattoo is a popular choice for women, especially when it's small and cute. Some ideas include a tiny heart, an arrow, a smile, or word. Unless they know to look, a cute little tattoo is great for going unnoticed
  2. The back of the neck is a great spot for girls to get a tattoo because you can easily cover it with your hair if you need to hide it fro work or your relatives! Tattoo on Bicep. Many websites that offer free prints often have designs like the one above to choose from. Think about how big of an impact the design has on you
  3. Sep 23, 2020 - Small tattoo are easy to make. Tiny design is usual for the first tattoo. You can hide it, you can show it. Find the one you like!. See more ideas about small tattoos, tattoos, first tattoo
  4. Series of Birthday Tattoos. Three birthdays including, 08.09.92, 11.01.95, and 08.08.99 are inked onto the wearer's back directly beneath the base of the wearer's neck. Diamond Wrist Tattoo. A simple diamond design is rendered on the wearer's wrist in black ink in this tattoo. Black Keyhole Neck Tattoo

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Top 30 Simple Tattoos for Girls | Beautiful Simple Tattoo Designs & Ideas 2019 Ross Taylor March 4, 2019 No Comments Cute Tiny tattoos for Women can Rightly be considered specific accessories, while also being colorful self-expression means telling a good deal about the character and the interior world of their wearer Oct 20, 2018 - Explore Jennifer Mccarley's board Small Tattoo's for girls, followed by 259 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about tattoos, small tattoos, cool tattoos A simple tattoos idea of a plane on the arm. The plane's wings and tail can be seen clearly. If you love flying or planes, this can be a great tattoo idea for you. This is one of the simple tattoo ideas for women. The tattoo is made up of a series of 6 coloured dots across the wrist

TEMPORARY TATTOOS FOR KIDS: These kid-friendly themed tattoo designs are excellent for children of all ages, boys and girls. They are waterproof and look great. EASY TO USE: It takes less than a minute to apply temporary tattoos anywhere on the body. Just cut out the design from the tattoo, peel off the clear plastic film, place the. 3. Unique Simple Owl Tattoo Designs for Ankle. 4. Great Half Sleeve Tattoo Designs for Women. 5. Cool Neo Traditional Tattoo Art Ideas. 6. Small Butterfly Tattoo Designs for Girls. A standout amongst the most mainstream places for young ladies to get tattoos is around the feet and lower legs 40+ Simple Tattoo Designs for Girls That Really Cool. February 4, 2020 beautyzonex Cute small tattoos, Tattoos, tattoos for girls. There are more and more women who choose to wear tattoos in these years. Tattoos can make our body more attractive. Sometimes they are also a fashion symbol for all styles. These are the reasons why girls love her. Tattoos are going to remain the same and permanent on the body so they must be special and very important to those people who are going to wear that tattoo designs. Mostly girls want small tattoos because they are cute and easy to hide. But some girls are open-minded, so they are looking for those kinds of tattoo designs that have a special.

Cat tattoos are perfect for anyone wanting to tap into their feline energy. Symbolizing resilience, beauty, grace, and ferocity, a small kitty cat is a combination of cute and striking, both in real life and on the skin. Style-wise, cat tattoo designs can look a variety of ways 11 Cross on back of the neck. Why this is a cute tattoo for girls: If the symbol of the cross is important to you religiously, a simple cross can be a cute tattoo idea. The cross is perfectly suited for placement behind the neck because of the linear shape. A cross would also look cute on the side of your ribcage 1. Spread Your Wings: This is a free bird wrist tattoo design for girls who like their space and enjoy freedom. Definitely a cute tattoo for girls on wrists. 2. Abstract Design: If you are the type who lives in a shell, a tattoo with an abstract design on the wrist will definitely depict your personality. 3

5. Elegant Ampersand Tattoo. If you like ampersand tattoos and you'd love to have something simple, yet beautiful, this might be the perfect choice for you. 6. The Peaceful Moon. This tiny moon tattoo would be the perfect accessory for any kind of outfit. It's small, elegant, beautiful and it symbolizes a creative & grown mind. 7. HeartPa Recently, tattoos got to the peak of the popularity among men and woman. In modern society everyone tries to be different and has his or her own zest. It became one of the tools or signs to stand out from the crowd and show individuality. While men with tattoos are less judged, women on the contrary, still fall under the influence of the society's opinion The watercolor tattoos are infamous for bleeding and fading out, but they look so beautiful and petite. It is a dream of every girl tattoo lover girl to get a watercolor tattoo. For this reason, it looks super freestyle and nice. Symbolize. Watercolor tattoos usually symbolize, love hope, and good luck Dragon Tattoo Meaning. Dragon tattoos have different meanings in different civilizations. One civilization may consider it as a good, wisdom, strength. While others consider it as a greedy, and bad omen. Chinese and Japanese represent it as a kind of spirit, goodwill, strength, and balance

Small tattoo designs for men | simple tattoo designs for girlsTattoo (Visual Art Form) small tattoos for men simple tattoos for men mens tattoos tattoos tatt.. Easy Henna Tattoos. 1. Mandala is a concept in hinduism. Here is a cute mandala henna tattoo for you. 2. Flower is the most common henna tattoo design and they look amazingly beautiful on girls. 3. Yin yang shows both the sides of life - Good and Evil. Try Yin and Yang henna tattoo if you believe in the dual nature of life Aug 11, 2017 - Explore Tattoomaze's board Simple Hand Tattoos For Girls, followed by 9910 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about hand tattoos, hand tattoos for girls, tattoos

Personally, I think Dragon tattoos should be large and majestic but many guys and girls opt for simple dragon tattoos like this because they require less space. 15. If you believe in luck and charm then you should try simple dreamcatcher tattoo like this which is considered a lucky ornament by native Americans Welcome back to my channel Maryam Heavendon't forget to subscribe to my channel and press the bell icon3 Very beautiful and easy tattoos for girls in this vi.. about this video : this video contain photos of tatto mehndi designs for girls about the channel: Hey Guys!! Welcome to the world of creative ideas about.

A shadowy cat filled in with black that is no bigger than a thumb placed over the heart, above the collarbone, behind the ear, or on the back of the neck is a cute tattoo that is easy to cover up with a scarf or with long hair. Cat silhouettes from different perspectives are also very cute and sweet tattoos appropriate for girls of all ages 5. Elegant Ampersand Tattoo. If you like ampersand tattoos and you'd love to have something simple, yet beautiful, this might be the perfect choice for you. 6. The Peaceful Moon. This tiny moon tattoo would be the perfect accessory for any kind of outfit. It's small, elegant, beautiful and it symbolizes a creative & grown mind. 7. HeartPa There is no dearth of small simple tattoo designs, you can get anything from a small butterfly tattoo to a dream catcher tattoo in small size. Small tattoos for girls is a nicest way to add to your ink collection. If you are also looking for an inspiration for Small tattoo designs for girls, then read this post until the end 30 Beautiful Tattoos for Girls 2021 - Meaningful Tattoo Designs for Women. Like This: There are more and more women choose to wear tattoos these years. Tattoos can make our body look more appealing. Sometimes, they are also being a fashion symbol to the whole style. So these are the reasons why girls love them so much

12 Super Simple Quote Tattoos for Girls. Like This: If you do love quote tattoos, you can have a look at the post first. Then consider your own quote tattoo designs and ask a professional tattoo artist to ink a pretty tattoo. Art Quote Tattoo via. Word Tattoos via. Beautiful Quote Tattoo via. Easy Quote Tattoo via. Quote Tattoos on Back. Never Ever get a tattoo in a drunken state. Almost every tattoo studio in the USA has printed guidelines on their studio that One must be sober and healthy before getting a tattoo. On this page we have compiled a list of Odd looking weird tattoo designs that you might find hilarious. Do not get inspired these tattoo designs to get your own

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  1. Easy Cute Tattoo Design For Women Tattooyou Hand Tattoos Thumb Tattoos Finger Tattoos . For more information and source, see on this link : Top 40 Latest Tattoo Designs For Girls On Hand And Leg In 2019 By Pooja Gupta Medium . For more information and source, see on this link :.
  2. 10. Flower Tattoo Designs For Kids: This is one of the best tattoo designs for girls representing elegance, beauty, and charm, making it look attractive. There are non-permanent ways to express this beautiful design to kids. Adults of all ages can also get this tattoo done either on the arm, making it look charismatic and fancy. 11
  3. Here are 50 pictures of small tattoo designs for men and women, with their meanings and significance: 1. Cute Small Tattoos for Girls on Neck: Stars are the most common objects used in small tattoo designs. Sometimes people get three stars as in Orion's belt or a single black star
  4. Instead of looking through good tattoos for girls, most of you are flying into a hornets nest of generic junk. It's not really your fault, though. It's the tools 95% of you use to look for galleries. That's the problem, but there's also a very fast fix for this, which will direct you right to the sites that put up tons of crisp, well drawn designs, which make very good tattoos for girls

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Girls generally ache for infinity or adorable ones. Ladies being progressively picky and trendy, their tattoos are regularly observed as cool and with a significant message. Nowadays wrist tattoos are more popular than before. Especially women are admiring wrist tattoo and the popularity of wrist tattoos is rising day by day Temporary Tattoos for Kids (98pcs),Konsait Glitter Unicorn Tattoos for Children Girls Birthday Party Favors Supplies Great Kids Party Accessories Goodie Bag Stuffers Party Fillers Halloween Costume. 4.7 out of 5 stars. 748. $7.99

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Hand Tattoo Ideas for Girls - Female Hand Tattoos. 09.02.2019. Positivefox.com. Tattoo for Women, Tattoo Ideas, Tattoo Placement Ideas. Hand tattoos are very beautiful. We have selected 50 unique female hand tattoos to browse at your perusal, whether you're seeking inspiration for your first inking or simply looking to add to your own. Simple Thigh Tattoos for Girls | My xyz Blog. Amazing Chest Tattoo Font for Women. Small Cute Flower Tattoo for Girls Tattoo , size does matter whatever that means. Today, we give you small tattoo ideas and designs for girls. The next video is for boys ! Tattoos For Girls On Hand. As more and more workplaces begin to accept visible hand tattoos, the popularity of hand tattoos has skyrocketed. They can be big and bold, covering the entire backs or palms of the hand, or small and simple hiding on the side of a finger

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Simple Leg Tattoos For Girls women usually opt for soft and delicate girl leg tattoo designs that depict their styles. here are 11 simple leg tattoos for girls to checkout HOM Notice the detailing, it's as refined as the bib necklace the girl is wearing. And both the forearm tattoos for women are mirror identical. #4: BLACK ROSES FOREARM. Literally, picture perfect. Making these flowers look realistic is no easy task but this artist did a flawless job. What makes this tattoo remarkable is an eye for detailing

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  1. in Tattoo Designs February 18, 2016 Comments Off on 11 Small Simple Back Tattoos For Girls 16,551 Views See top 11 small simple back tattoos for girls. Hope you guys like this
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  3. When you first begin searching for good tattoos for girls, something might seem a bit off. If you've been clicking through a never ending amount of totally generic artwork, you know exactly what I'm talking about, too. The web is over saturated with this cookie cutter junk, but there's a very simple solution to finding hoards of good tattoos for girls and the sites that have databases full of.
  4. 4 of 74. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's Couple Tattoo. It's never a bad idea to take a peek at celebrity couple tattoos when looking for inspo. This cute tattoo from Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner.
  5. 30 Adorable Small Tattoos For Girls. Nothing can match the beauty of small. Small accessories and decorative items look great. They are cute and beautiful. Small tattoos also fall into this category. Girls, specially, like to sport small tattoos. They are in love with these dainty, small style statements and get their body parts inked in.
  6. Below is a list of tattoo designs for gals, take a look and decide which would be best for you. Contents [ hide] 1 Here are 35 really cute tattoos for girls. 2 Red Roses Tattoo on girls ribcage. 3 Autumn Leaves Tattoo. 4 Whimsical Star Tattoo. 5 Sweet Heart Tattoo. 6 Music With Wings
  7. In this video, I will make Beautiful Easy heart ️ Tattoo Mehndi Design ----- Popular Beautiful Heena Mehn..

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  1. When you slide over to your computer to look for good tattoos for girls, you need to watch out. Without a proper way to look for artwork galleries, you'll probably end up staring at mounds of completely generic images and designs. It's a sure way to make sure you get tattooed with cookie cutter junk
  2. It's all you need when you want to find good tattoos for girls, because the archives are packed with topics about tattoo art. Thankfully, this is one of the larger subjects in most big, well established forums. With a couple clicks of your mouse, you can have all of these topics up in front of you, ready for browsing. Each and every topic.
  3. Like I said, though, there's an easy way to find the places that post good tattoos for girls. The easy way is to let forums do the dirty work. If you go to any big forum out there, you can skim through a countless amount of topics on tattoo art. General forums, especially the big ones, will always have bundles of them stacked inside of the.
  4. Arrow tattoo designs for women. Butterfly tattoo ideas for women. Dandelion tattoos for girls. Unique tattoos for the music lovers. Rose tattoos for girls. Small tattoo ideas for women Meaningful tattoo ideas with the sun and the moon. Tattoos for women with meaning. Small tattoos for girls who love cats. The lotus is a symbol of purity and beaut
  5. 8. Cool Easy Dragon Tattoo on Back: Dragons are by far the most common mythical creatures used in tattoo designs. Black tribal dragon tattoos make you look cool and formidable. Moreover, in many cultures, dragons are supposed to be the symbol of courage and power. Thus a dragon tattoo on your arm definitely makes you look cool and daunting. 9

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Given its sophistication and girly nature, it is the best of the best angel tattoos for girls. A combination of an angel wing embellished with pearl designs and tiny kites is surely a show of class, sophistication and splendor. Its best position is on upper back, exactly where wings are found, which is among the best tattoo ideas for women.. Quotes tattoos for girls need to be alluring and mysterious yet meaningful just like a girl is. This tattoo is just two words in a very elegant font and reads 'Carpe diem' which are Latin words and what they mean is that there is no time like the present and you have to live every moment in hand to the fullest without letting the worries of the future rob you of the things that really matter attoos. This is best tattoo ideas for guys who loves music. 8. Butterfly tattoos on wrist is a feminine symbolism. Women loves to get this types of tattoos on their wrist. 9. This is a picture of tiny wrist tattoo. This is a very simple and small tattoo design for girls. 10 Small Tattoo Designs for Girls. Since the tattoo is small in size, it is very usual for the tattoo designs that girls pick to symbolize a thought, an advocacy, or any idea which may be executed through a simple, small, but meaningful icon. A few small tattoo design that you may select from are as follows: Stars and other astronomy symbol side wrist tattoos, the most often use to ink some symbol, like star, tune, bird or a single letter. Easy to cover, unless it is extending to forearm. pair of wrists tattoos, both wrists tattooed with logic sentence or design. On this page you have some examples and ideias of stylish wrist tattoos. Stylish Wrist Tattoos Ideas for Girls

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  1. Tattoos is the only thing which is common between men and women. So tattoo designs simple ideas 2019 that we bring only for our visitors. There is everything is different of boys and girls from dresses to jewelry. But tattoo is the only thing that both love to put on their bodies. Lovely ideas of tattoos we are going to suggest you in this.
  2. Amazon.com: Purple Ladybug 12 Colors Hair Chalk for Girls with Glitter Tattoos + Body Glitter - Temporary Hair Color for Kids & Teens, Easy to Apply & Wash Out - Fun Girl Gift Idea for Birthday, Cosplay, & More: Beaut
  3. 41 Mehndi Designs For Eid to Try This Year | Easy Henna Tattoos For Girls. May 2020. Eid includes mehndi designing, where the women decorate their hands with mehndi designs. Check 41 Mehndi Designs For Eid to Try This Year. Article by Creative Khadija. 16.8k
  4. Hi friend Welcome to my channel If you like please like share subscribe comment easy and attractive tattoo Popular tattoo designs Tattoo for girls Tattoos Black mehndi tattoo design best tattoo in the world DIY Henna|Tattoo designs | Stylish Tattoo
  5. Simple Tattoos for Girls. Simple and easy tattoos are given bellow these tattoos designs are easy to designs and simple also its looks formal and beautiful for more Nailartsdesign.com and Neotheprime.com thank you for visit! Post Views: 1,038

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Getting small tattoos has become quite popular for girls who don't want to commit to a large piece of artwork. Girls who like small tattoos usually want to choose simple designs that will look good for decades to come. They also want to choose meaningful designs that will remind them of important ideas, people, or events throughout the years Tiny tattoos are also a great idea to start your journey in the epic world of ink with, where getting in the grip of an obsession with all those beautiful, little stamps is inevitable. Below, we present 50+ undeniably cute small tattoo ideas for girls along with their meaning to inspire you There is some decently legit tells here in this article. Honestly if a girl has large tattoos, or more than one or two on her body then she will surely put out easy. Tattoos are more than just self-expression or appreciation for body art (especially for women). Tattoos are empowerment and narcissism at it's finest Tattoo done in full black at the upper back creating the sense or direction. A simple but meaningful design. It is located at the very top in the center of your back. Feminine back tattoos for girls can look tribal with a variety of styles. The back is one of the best places if you are looking for bigger tattoos Small 3D tattoo on the foot. Blue small butterfly tattoo. Butterfly with flower tattoo on the wrist. Charming 3D butterfly tattoo. Purple and blue butterfly on the arm. Red and black butterfly on the wrist. Red and orange butterfly behind the ear. Simple blue tattoo on the wrist. Small tattoo under the chest

Tiny Tattoos For Girls Tattoo Girls Small Tattoos Tattoos For Women Back Tattoos Mini Tattoos New Tattoos Friend if you love turtles at the same time then this Polynesian tattoo is the best choice. Waterproof Easy to apply: a wet sponge is enough. Discover radiant line work inspiration with the top 50 best tribal sun tattoo designs for. Small tattoos are a popular choice for people with little or no experience in getting tattooed, people on a budget or people who are running out of room for ink. One of the advantages of small tattoos is that they are easy to hide, this could come in handy during job interviews, family gatherings and Read more100 Of The Best Small Tattoos 8. Brother and Sister Matching Tattoo. Brother and sister matching tattoo symbolize deep love and connection to each other. 9. Creative Sister Tattoo Ideas. This flower tattoo represents a strong connection between two very close sisters. 10. Cute Matching Sister Tattoos. This is a perfect design for a sister tattoo The more of her body that is covered in tattoos the more likely she's easy as pie. Sign #4 - She's A Cougar If you see a woman in her 40's who is dressed like she in her 20's and about two tons worth of makeup on you can bet she's easy

Small Heart Tattoos - a perfect choice for the girls. Small heart tattoos always have been and probably will be popular for quite a long time. Especially among the girls. Like any other type of small tattoo, small heart tattoos are simple to do, so as a result, it will take 5 minutes to do. Also, they are beautiful to look at and can be. 1. Butterfly Tattoo. If you're looking for inspiration for fresh new ink, you may want to consider a butterfly. Although butterfly tattoos have been popular for decades, there is a timelessness about them, and the wide variety of designs have ensured that each piece remains unique to the wearer. Butterflies can be delicate and beautiful, but they can also represent transformation, resilience. 80 Cute Wrist Tattoo Designs For Girls. Wrist tattoos are among one of the most unique tattoos. They seem to be very simple in their look, but mean a lot to the person who is wearing it. As we all know that wrist is a small area, so it's not possible to get a tattoo of big size. Most of the wrist tattoo design look cute and convey deep.

As always when considering getting a tattoo, think about whether you want it to be on display at all times (e.g. a tattoo on your hand) or whether it may be better to have it in a place where it'll be easy to hide if necessary. Key and lock tattoos can be highly personal, for instance when they're matching couple tattoos What make this tattoo look unique on girls are the position and the style of tattooing. A natural pineapple tattoo that seems to be real will look appealing when inked at ankle or inner elbow. The area behind the ear is also great for this tattoo A Bit Of History about Wrist Tattoos. The wrist has long been considered a zone of increased attraction of energy waves. As a rule, people are attracted by a tattoo on the wrist, the value of which is in a powerful energy component.In the kabbalists' teachingthere is a whole ritual, which consists of tying a red wool thread on the left wrist of a person In fact, a girl thigh tattoo with the right design like a garter belt or even an etched tattoo design can be the ultimate turn on. In addition, upper thigh tattoos have the advantage of being in an area where the place for tattooing is pretty generous which means that girl thigh tattoos can be as expansive as you want them to be I got my first tattoo when I was 18. It was a silly little thing: A daisy on the inside of my ankle. Daisies were and are my favorite flower, so in my 18-year-old mind a daisy on my ankle, for all.

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Gecko or lizard tattoos are an integral part of Hawaiian tattoo art and symbolize good fortune, mobility, and flexibility. 20. The Ferocious Hawaiian Dragon Tattoo. kittenish_kei / Instagram. Dragon tattoos are quite popular in tattoo art and are an equally significant part of Hawaiian tribal tattoos Here are 40 best mother daughter tattoo ideas, including matching tattoos for mom and daughter, and creative and unique mother daughter tattoo ideas

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These 50 cute small tattoos for girls will give you the inspiration you need to step up to the plate- or the tattoo gun, I should say. 1. Detailed Lotus Flower - Side Piece. This tattoo may be small, but it definitely doesn't lack beauty or detail. This stunning, feminine flower boasts plenty of exotic features that makes it stand out from. 24 Small Panda Bear Tattoo Ideas For Girls. Just look at these cuties! I'm absolutely sure that funny panda bears are the most awesome and lovely animals in the world! If you agree with me then let's consider some cool and so touching panda tattoo ideas together. Today I'd like to share ideas for ladies, but guys can ink any panda tattoo too Small tattoos may be discreet, but that doesn't mean they don't have a huge impact. In fact, sometimes little tattoo ideas for women are the most meaningful, like a heart on the wrist or a symbol for a loved one on your back.. Furthermore, if you're getting a tattoo for the first time, you may want to consider getting a tiny tattoo design somewhere that can be hidden 40+ Creative Best Friend Tattoos. Best friend tattoo, also known as bff tattoo, is a popular and fun way to show off your awesome relationship with your best friend. There are many ways to symbolize friendship. Here we offer not only the traditional symbols of friendship, but also some unique and original best friend tattoo designs

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21. Ladybug - 21 Unique Small Tattoos For Women. All over the world, ladybug symbolizes good luck. This tattoo is suitable for those who hope for the best and. Wants to get rich: in terms of symbolism, ladybug attracts money. 20. Wings Of An Angel Female tattoos, ladies tattoos or girly tattoos - in other words tattoos that are feminine in design, and therefore favored by women and girls - are becoming more and more common.For the first fifty or sixty years after tattooing became commonplace and even mainstream in modern society, few women got tattoos - in fact, those that did were the exception and usually a touch eccentric or. Small meaningful tattoos for woman. This little makeover wont be so noticeable but can have some cute and unique. Getting a small tattoo can transform you and maybe even your personality. Small tattoos are great because of how cute they are and classy they look. So getting a tattoo to flaunt is a good way of expressing your personality

Often, women choose a tattoo that enhances their aesthetics and signifies a deeper meaning that represents who they are. Most designs are delicate, sexy and feminine. As with choosing the tattoo design, a placement that enhances the design and makes it look more feminine and sensual is often the choice for girls 99 Impossibly Small And Cute Tattoos Every Girl Would Want. Nifty. ·. Posted on May 22, 2014 Cool and easy designs for beginner tattoos make a lot of sense since guys are just starting to get comfortable with the inking and healing process. Plus, if you aren't married yet and want to get your girlfriend's name or a matching tattoo, small artwork can potentially mean less regret down the line Best Tattoo Ideas For Men & Women. Best Tattoo Ideas For Men & Women. 1. 2 17. Angel Tattoo. You don't have to believe in angels to get yourself a quality angel tattoo, though it certainly doesn't hurt (the belief, that is, not the tattoo). 18. Music Tattoo. From sheet music notes to iconic album imagery, the world of music brings forth an endless bounty of cool tattoo ideas for men. 19 There are a few things to avoid when deciding on your first tattoo: Large tattoo ideas that will take a long time to complete (over 3 or 4 hours) or multiple sittings. Designs in very painful places on the body, such as the spine. Tattoos that contain profanity or x-rated images