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The kilometer to miles conversion service will reprogram the odometer to change your car or truck to use miles instead of kilometers. Simply send us your gauge cluster and we will reprogram The kilometers to miles and it wil start using mph instead of kmh and send it back to you How to convert kilometers to miles. 1 kilometer is equal to 0.62137119 miles: 1 km = (1/1.609344) mi = 0.62137119 mi. The distance d in miles (mi) is equal to the distance d in kilometers (km) divided by 1.609344:. d (mi) = d (km) / 1.609344 . Example. Convert 20 kilometers to miles crazy. It flashes on and off and the odometer no longer works. The odometer also changes from miles to Km on its own. Also, the gas guage is not accurate. I ran out of gas showing 3/4 of a tank. Is th read mor To reset the trip odometer, depress the switch for less than 4 seconds. The odometer resets to either 0 miles or 0 kilometers. The display indicates in 1/10 (mile or kilometer) increments, depending on the scale selected. The mode button and red light refer to economy mode for the transmission

Odometer rollback is a common problem that's plagued the automotive industry for decades. Like many vehicle components, the odometer can be modified to defraud prospective used car buyers. Rollback started when the odometer was a mechanical device, allowing many to simply 'rollback' the reading and reduce the number of miles recorded. Determine the actual mileage of the vehicle by adding the current odometer reading to the appropriate rollover amount. For example, If the odometer reads 4,800 miles and the title history search suggests the vehicle had 70,000 miles reported from the previous owner, the actual mileage may be 104,800 miles To be sure, I never previously owned a car that came close to 250,000 miles. Two of my cars have lasted more than 130,000 miles. But most - including a 1998 Ford Windstar that inexplicably decided to shift itself into second gear while traveling at 70 mph - passed on to the great junkyard in the sky before 100,000 miles

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While it is not illegal to change your odometer reading, it is illegal to falsify or misrepresent the actual mileage of the vehicle. 2. The odometer display can be just as easily changed by swapping clusters to one of a lower mileage. 3 Easy reach with your left index finger and each press scrolls thru total miles, trip A, trip B, miles to empty, then back to total miles. At least by my memory and on my bike Hi! I just wonder if it's possible to switch between miles and km in the odometer and trip meter. If it's not possible to do it via the cars menu system, is it possible in some other way? The speedometer is fine since it has the km/h scale as well. Do the Canadian and the American cars differ

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  1. Odometers accurately count miles through a system of gears. See pictures of car gadgets. Mechanical odometers have been counting the miles for centuries. Although they are a dying breed, they are incredibly cool because they are so simple
  2. Kilometers to Miles formula. mi = km * 0.62137 . Miles. A unit of length equal to 1760 yards . Kilometers to Miles table. Star
  3. Just to be 100% percent clear, I am not trying to commit fraud or misrepresent the mileage of my car. I want my odometer to show the true mileage of my car and not just the miles since I had the new cluster installed. As it is now, I could easily rip that sticker off and those 12,499 miles disappear and I don't like that

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Q: Good morning, on my 2015 Highlander LE right now the odometer on the dash behind the steering wheel and on the display screen on the console are both reading kilometers instead of miles. Is it possible to get both to display.. Kilometer or Miles is a unit of measurement that a (relatively) small number of them covers a large distance. Could you imagine clocking the distance between cities in Micrometers (10E-6meters) or mils (1/1000 inch) ? It is easier to clock off 20K.. The odometer replacement sticker will have the original mileage hand written on it from the tech who replaced the meter. The repair order will also have the original mileage and date on it, the repair order is a legal document, and it is proof of original mileage. The new odometer will start clocking mileage from that point starting at zero miles North Central Indiana. Jan 9, 2019. #4. Correct, when the screen setup display is set on the speedometer just hit the ok button on left side of steering wheel to go back and forth from mph to kph like Redrider mentioned, very simple. Sometimes I accidentally bump it as well

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On my bike the odometer and the two trip meters always showed distances in miles, but when trollingforwalleye put it on his bike, it showed in km. Does anyone know how to change it back to miles? Looks like it did fix the original problem, BTW 3,212 Posts. #7 · Apr 4, 2008. bonk1313 said: GeoHawk said: Vehicles which have accumulated mileage with only one of the modules updated must be programmed using the Programming Sequence and must also have the vehicle odometer reading corrected using the service procedure detailed in this bulletin. [/b Technically, the odometer itself, or the speedometer of which it is a part. A new, replacement odometer will read 0. If you do this, it's wise to keep the old speedometer (if it has a mechanical, gear-driven odometer) which can be kept with the ve.. So, going back to the odometer, if you see that the speedometer has miles per hour on the outside, then it follows that the odometer is following the imperial system and is calibrated in miles. Meanwhile, if kilometers per hour is on the outer ring of the speedometer, then it follows that the odometer is using kilometers instead of miles

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Odometer-tampering involves several interrelated activities. Late-model, high-mileage vehicles are purchased at a low price. The vehicles are reconditioned or detailed to remove many outward appearances of long use. Finally, odometers are reset, typically removing more than 40,000 miles Michael. I just bought a 2002 Canadian Odyssey and want to convert the odometer from kilometers to miles. I am able to get the new guages that read in miles per hour but honda of america wont sell me the circuit board to change over the odometer. They say they will only sell it if a VIN number is provided AND it is an American version Odyssey Use your calculator to subtract your starting odometer reading from your final odometer reading (23758.4 - 23567.6 = 190.8). In our example, the total mileage accrual would be 190.8; however, we made one stop that added 0.4 miles to our total, so we will deduct the additional mileage from the total (190.8 - 0.4 = 190.4). The total trip mileage. As nouns the difference between odometer and mileage. is that odometer is an instrument attached to the wheel of a vehicle, to measure the distance traversed while mileage is the total distance, in miles, travelled

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The Federal Odometer Tampering Law. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the federal odometer law prohibits the disconnection, resetting, or alteration of a motor vehicle's odometer with intent to change the number of miles indicated thereon. This law applies to a vehicle of any age, no matter who is selling it Odometer correction tool is a KM adjust tool (or you can call it speedometer reset tool, dashboard repair kit, mileage correction programmer) that allows you to change the data of the vehicle odometer. We offer you mileage correction likes Fiat km tool, Opel KM tool, ford km tool; Digiprog3, Digimaster 3, TACHO PRO 2008 for universal vehicles. A 2007 Chevy Silverado with 265,000 miles was valued at around $14,000. But, after rolling the digital odometer back to 85,000 miles, the truck's value shoots up to $23,000 Changing odometer from km to mileage on Dodge Chrysler -call us on any speedometer needs you may have --Automotive Electronics 210 379 139 Odometer change KM to Miles. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 8 of 8 Posts. A. artvandelay86 · Registered. Joined Jan 30, 2017 · 4 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 30, 2017. I have a 2011 F01 740i in Japan and am planning to ship it to the UK when I move back later his year..

If the odometer is a digital display, you may need to take it to the dealer to get the computer to report miles. This function may not be available to non-GM scanners. If it is a mechanical speedometer, you probably need to replace the entire head to get miles display. Check with wrecking yards for a used one Fill in your 2018 odometer reading, then click on the Update Vehicle button; If you haven't added a vehicle, click on the Add A New Vehicle button and fill out the appropriate information; Get The Most Out of Your Miles In 2018. Now that you've recorded your odometer reading, you're ready to get your largest deduction yet Odometer fraud is the disconnection, resetting, or alteration of a vehicle's odometer with the intent to change the number of miles indicated. NHTSA estimates that more than 450,000 vehicles are sold each year with false odometer readings. This crime costs American car buyers more than $1 billion annually This applies to 5-digit mechanical odometers that have rolled over after reaching 99,999 miles. The odometer reading is not the actual mileage and there is a discrepancy. This certification is part of the required documents that the buyer will use to transfer the title and register the vehicle in their name Definitions. There are different types of odometer readings, indicated by the letters in parentheses, which may appear on a vehicle's title: Actual (A) - The exact distance the vehicle has traveled (accrued mileage) as displayed on the odometer, whether in miles or kilometers. Not Actual (N) - The exact distance the vehicle has traveled is unknown. The reading that displays on the odometer.

Exceeds Mechanical Limits — A vehicle with a 5-digit odometer cannot accurately track mileage after 99,999 miles because the odometer rolls over. This title is the result of a seller certifying under the Federal Odometer Act, that the odometer reading EXCEEDS MECHANICAL LIMITS of the odometer The odometer reading is less than the true mileage of the vehicle because the odometer cannot display the total number of true miles. Mileage Exceeds Mechanical Limits: Odometer May Be Altered: The titling authority has reason to believe that the odometer reading does not reflect the true mileage of the vehicle because of an alteration to the.

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The odometer has been stuck at 299,999 miles ever since. When Rasmussen called Toyota to report the issue he learned it isn't just his car, it's a design flaw. Toyota received so many complaints. 1. In case someone finds this via a search (Google or otherwise) in the future, I called Freightliner support and they now have determined (confirmed with the tech on the phone) the following: 1) The MMDC for these affected chassis/units reset the dash odometer to 0 (zero) miles EACH time the odometer hits 50k miles There are 0.62137119223733 miles in 1 kilometer. To convert from kilometers to miles, multiply your figure by 0.62137119223733 (or divide by 1.609344) Hello everyone and happy new year ! I have one Honda NC 700x in Greece. I buy that new 2013.Since now I had no problems. I use the odometer to kilometers show.Before few days since I had stop to a traffic light and when it turns green I start moving but the power was not enough so the moto stops .I press the starter again and move on but it turns on the engine light for about 100 meters and I.

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The dealership referred NBC4 to the manufacturer. A Toyota spokesperson acknowledges the odometers don't record mileage beyond 299,999 miles. The cost of replacing the odometer is $580. Only a. SOURCE: 96 toyota camry changed from miles to kilometers on the odometer I have a 1996 Toyota Camry that did the same thing on Tuesday. Today I used the odometer trip reset to correct the problem. I pushed the trip reset button in and turned it clockwise several revolutions A mile is a unit of distance equal to 5,280 feet or exactly 1.609344 kilometers. It is commonly used to measure the distance between places in the United States and United Kingdom. A kilometer, or kilometre, is a unit of length equal to 1,000 meters, or about 0.621 miles. In most of the world, it is the most common unit for measuring distance. Joined Sep 26, 2011. ·. 759 Posts. #5 · Jul 20, 2012. ChryslerCares said: The EVIC and odometer can be changed between English and Metric units of measure. To make your selection, press and release the SELECT button until U.S. or METRIC appears. See pages 219-221 of the owner's manual for further info

Changing odometer - miles to kilometers. Discussion in '2nd Gen. Tacomas (2005-2015)' started by CANB, Aug 15, 2012. Post Reply. Aug 15, 2012 at 1:17 PM #1 #1. CANB [OP] New Member. Joined: Aug 15, 2012 Member: #84822 Messages: 1 Gender: Male Vehicle: TRD Sport. TRD Tacoma 2012 Odometer A cars odometer does not reset with a new engine. The odometer is a record of all the components of a car, not just the engine. In this post you'll learn why resetting an odometer with a replacement engine is an inaccurate and misleading reflection of the cars history. Odometer For All Component

GPS Speedometer and Odometer app to measure car speed and measure bike speed. It is the best GPS speedometer app for speed measurement of the vehicle. This is the easiest speedometer app and the best bike and car speedometer you can ever find. How this car speedometer app is different from other speedo apps. 1 The odometer shows you the miles the car has driven. It's as spartan as every other car. I don't know why Tesla has to be special and give you more info. Reply. Upvote 0. G. Gasaraki Active Member. Oct 21, 2019 1,726 1,101 Syracuse, NY. May 6, 2021 #9 Camryguy said: Great idea. So what watts are you seeing I brought my 2002 Saturn SL2 in to replace a battery and seal; only when I brought the car into the shop my odometer read less than 23,000 miles and afterwards it read 91,000 miles. I was able to get records from two places that I had previously brought the car to that clearly tell the true odometer readings, proving that there was no way I was.

2 11-06-2014, 01:54 PM. Hi , I don't have experience about the mini but I think the VIN of G.M could be changed by Tool32 or WinKFP , however if you just want a exchange from miles to K.M of the KOMBI than you can just edit the V.O and do a V.O coding to the KOMBI by NCSEXPERT (ISTA-P will do also ) , just remember to write the new V.O. Look at the wear and tear on the vehicle—especially the gas, brake and clutch pedals—to be sure it seems consistent with and appropriate for the number of miles displayed on the odometer Note: To convert Miles to Kilometers, we have: 1 miles = 1.609344 kilometers. 2 Likes. Re: Odometer: Kilometer Vs Miles by Fhemmmy: 7:24pm On Apr 19, 2010. I think this is a great topic that needed to be discussed. Most Odometer screen, or panel comes with both readings, the kilometer and the mileage odometer from Miles to Km? Hi Folks, The on board computer in the K1200\1300 GT can be changed in about 10 minutes to what ever you want, I had it done myself 12 months ago, mine is a K1200 GT which was changed from Odometer Kilometers to Miles it was simple. I used an Independent BMW dealership the cost was £25.00 about $41.0 Press and hold the RES button (situated on the steering wheel) for 5 seconds. The Odometer Correction Tool always maintains the last applied settings. Hence, you don't have to change the settings before starting a car next time. The device can be activated or deactivated, either while driving or when stationary

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Change miles to kilometers on odometer. \015 I have a car that has an odometer that reads kilometers instead of miles. Can this be reprogrammed - read out is electronic, not mechanical\015 Posted / edited by AnonymousUser on : 14-06-2021 Drivers of all three models have noted that once they reach 299,999 miles, their odometers stop. This is a problem for drivers of these models, some of whom determine when their cars need routine. The bike never left the shop. I ride the bike home - 15 miles. I ride the bike the following day - maybe another 15 miles. The next day, my odometer is in the 800's. Unless I am imagining it, I lost 200 miles somewhere. I find it interesting oil change came on at less than 600, I had burned oil (dealer says I should not be burning oil).. ODOMETER MILES means the mileage recorded on the odometer provided that it has not stopped or been changed to lower the actual mileage, as determined in accordance with Public Law 92-513, Title IV, as amended. Sample 1. Sample 2. Sample 3. Based on 3 documents

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  1. Check the box stating the odometer reading is not the actual mileage - Warning - Odometer Discrepancy. (Example: If the odometer on your vehicle was replaced when the old odometer read 50,000 miles and the new odometer was set to read 0 (zero) miles, the odometer disclosure you make must show the mileage on the new odometer
  2. Step by step guide on how an automotive odometer works, this information pertains to all motor vehicles. 2004 Impala Speedometer 2004 Impala, 44,000 Miles Recently Experienced Malfunction Of Speedometer
  3. With every rotation of the 60-tooth wheel, four teeth of the 40-tooth wheel will be drawn by, each representing a quarter of a mile. One complete rotation of the 40-tooth wheel, therefore, represents ten miles. If the day's journey were more than ten miles, the odometer would pass through its initial position for that day and continue rotating.
  4. If this number is lower than 250+: Lifetime MPG = total gas + total electric miles/total gas used. or. Total gas used = odometer reading/Lifetime MPG. Pick a reasonable sounding lifetime MPGcs (mileage when using gas) for a Volt, such as 40 MPGcs. Total gas used x lifetime MPGcs = total gas miles

MileIQ was the least accurate (103.6 miles of 129 odometer miles traveled) while also using the most cell phone data in my test. It also used a lot of battery. I found this irritating because MileIQ literally had one job to do Miles accumulating on odometer Your post does not specifically state what position the ignition key is in while flat towing. I'm thinking the only way to accumulate miles during flat towing is if you have the key in the ON position which, with no steering wheel lock, is not required Even a small adjustment of a few thousand miles will affect values. However, most odometer rollback fraud incidents involve tens of thousands of miles. For instance, that 7-year-old sedan that shows 40,000 miles on the odometer might actually have 90,000 miles or more. Additionally, discovering a rolled-back odometer can have other repercussions So I'm looking at a 1994 Ford Ranger with supposedly 65k miles. However the odometer is only 5 digits, so I'm weary of the claim. Even though it appears to be in very good shape. The carfax was not helpful and didn't show any discrepancy. There are large gaps between entries; bought new 1994 and had only 25k by 2009 (<2000 miles/year). Seller says truck sat for long periods and previous. But, after rolling the digital odometer back to 85,000 miles, the truck's value shoots up to $23,000. Fortunately, the NHTSA has some tips for avoiding situations like that

Change odometer from km to miles? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 6 of 6 Posts. G. greginchi · Go Hawks!!! Joined Oct 27, 2008 · 435 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 29, 2010. Took my car in last week to get service indicator reset and today after changing gas and hitting trip mileage reset button by speedometer my settings there are all in. To protect yourself against odometer fraud, compare the mileage on the vehicle with the title. Each time the vehicle changes hands, the mileage must be listed on the title. If the vehicle is newer, with 20,000 miles or less on the odometer, it should still have the original tires Your car's odometer can help determine your car's value, lease fees, or even affect your warranty. If yours is off, your vehicle could be racking up more miles than you actually drive, and there's. Answer. pushrod on August 25, 2018. Instrument Cluster: Odometer: Registers the total miles (kilometers) of the vehicle. • Without Message Center. To switch the display from Metric to English, press and hold the button on the cluster for three seconds. • With Message Center. Refer to Message Center in the Driver Controls chapter on. If the odometer registered hundreds of thousands of miles, this could mean the life of the vehicle is nearing its end. The affect this has for the driver is that a new car is needed soon. It is illegal for a car dealership to roll back the miles on the car for any reason. There are certain odometer statutes in effect that protect the buyers of.

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For each 560.51 revolutions, the odometer will increment by 1 mile even though the vehicle has only traveled 5246 feet. Therefore, a vehicle with tread wear will report more miles driven by the odometer. The difference in distance is 33.63 feet for each mile driven. Actually traveling 157 miles will cause the odometer to be off by 1 mile Separate odometer disclosure form. Vehicles 2010 Model Year or Older. Prior to January 1st, 2021, vehicles 10 years or older were allowed to have odometer exempted. Therefore, mileage on any vehicle with a model year of 2010 or older is currently eligible for odometer exemption Showing how to toggle between the functions on the dashboard/instrument panel. This shows the odometer miles per gallon miles to empty trip oh meter odometer.. Surely you've heard of odometer fraud and what it's doing to the current used car market. A high mileage vehicle will likely sell for less than the same vehicle with fewer miles so this might tempt sellers to lie about how many miles are on the car. Odometer fraud is important because an odometer counts miles as your car is driven

Like if your kid uninstalls the odometer app to make room for candy crush). Method Two: Log Miles Using Your Car's Odometer. This method is very straightforward. In the vehicle you use to transport the trailer, keep a little steno notebook and keep a log of all your trips. You will use the truck's odometer to keep track of the miles driven Some people call this practice clocking or busting miles. Vehicle owners tamper with odometers to indicate a lower overall distance traveled by the vehicle, as this increases its market value. The readings are tampered with by either removing the odometer and winding back the numbers or by connecting the drive cable to another (newer) odometer I know my odometer is in kilos because I live 4 miles from work and it registers about 6.5 on the odometer when I get there. That's about the conversion table from miles to kilometers. Here's a pic of a similar dash cluster of my 2010 Peace Sports Dash 50. The speedo is in both kilos and mph. Thx all, wooddogg Odometer mileage can only be corrected to reflect the actual miles on the vehicle. You can not willingly and knowingly reduce odometer mileage for any reason. You can set odometer mileage to 0. In this event, you must place an approved sticker in your door jamb stating the reason for correction to 0

Same is the case with the engine and an odometer. So the answer to, does a new engine reset the odometer , is no, it does not reset the odometer. In case, you opt for manually resetting the odometer; you would have to face legal charges. This is because the engine change status needs to be documented and the mileage change should be. Odometer fraud—also known as mileage rollback, or busting miles—is a federal crime and comes with some pretty hefty penalties. Prison sentences have been known to range from one month to eight years and the amount of money paid in fines is up in the tens of millions of dollars. A 2002 investigation by the National Highway Traffic. For newer vehicles with electronic odometers that can change the odometer display between miles and kilometers by pressing a button, the TR-34 certification can be completed by certifying the odometer can display both miles and kilometers. c) The Customs CBP 7501 Entry Summary form

Question : A cars odometer measures distance to the nearest 0.1 miles. Which is the most appropriate way to report the distance driven using the cars odometer? A. 182 miles B. 200 miles C. 181.7 miles D. 181.77 miles Changing odometer from miles to Km. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. J. jpessoa · Registered. Joined Mar 20, 2010 · 1 Posts . Discussion Starter · #1 · Mar 22, 2010. I'm looking to buy a used Foreman 500 from 2005.. When I rolled over to zero miles, I still had 25 mpg, but the thing acted like it does at zero miles, so, if I suddenly hit a stoplight at 0.1 miles, my 25 mpg dropped rapidly, instead of doing not much of anything (as one would expect with 10,000.1 miles). It calculated off 0.1 miles Made to the highest standards, Walking Odometer Pro is a GPS fitness app for walking and hiking designed for outdoor use. Take it for a walk or run and it will accurately record your route, distance traveled, calories burned, weight lost, elevation changes, and more. Unlike a step pedometer, Walking Odometer Pro leverages the power of GPS, and.

25002nv. That makes more sense. I can change my Canadian truck from km/hr to mph using the arrow keys on the wheel (nice when in the US), but everything else stays metric including the odometer, temperature and pressure. Didn't know you could change *everything* over to Metric from the radio though From there You can scroll down to settings. In the settings menu You will see units of measurement. You can use the left and right arrows on Your steering wheel to shift from miles to kilometers. Always be sure to change Your speedometer and odometer when You travel to a different country to avoid tickets. Like

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Over time, car makers added a seventh digit to allow the odometer to register hundreds of thousands of miles. One had to drive 999,999 miles to experience the all-zero rollover Dallas. Sep 25, 2020. #1. OK, I would like to see my odometer every time I look at my instrument cluster, not hidden somewhere in the menu! I never looked at the odometer and after 2 years I collected 43,000 miles which I think is impossible, I don't think it's my real number! Before our Model X, the wife put 50,000 on her Lexus in about 10 years

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The tool correctly read the mileage as 78,624 kilometers, or roughly 48,855 miles, but two attempts to reset the odometer were unsuccessful. Tampering may be relatively easy, but it apparently. Whether you've got a busted odometer or you'd just rather not have to do a lot of mental gymnastics to calculate your annual mileage for work-related tax deductions, there are a couple simple ways to find out how many miles you're averaging Some of them can reprogram, rollback, reset, and change the actual odometer data. Nonetheless, you might see lowered mileage data at the odometer, it doesn't mean that the change is untraceable. Since automobiles have multiple data storage, the correction tool might change data in one unit, but fail to reverse the mileage altogether An odometer or odograph is an instrument used for measuring the distance traveled by a vehicle, such as a bicycle or car. The device may be electronic, mechanical, or a combination of the two (electromechanical).The noun derives from ancient Greek ὁδόμετρον, hodómetron, from ὁδός, hodós (path or gateway) and μέτρον, métron (measure) Odometer/Twin trip odometer. The odometer 1 and the twin trip odometer 2 are displayed below the Vehicle Information Display when the ignition switch is placed in the ON position. The odometer records the total distance the vehicle has been driven. The twin trip odometer records the distance of individual trips

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  1. The Legality of Odometer Tampering Comes Down to a Sticker. Ferrari has recently been accused of tampering with odometers. But the key to whole thing is a sticker on the car door. It has been.
  2. If your odometer is analogue, this will make it easier to show the total distance covered that shows in either miles or kilometers. If your motorcycle has a digital odometer, you need to check the owners' manual to adjust the readings on your motorcycle
  3. An odometer diagnostic tool is a type of OBD scanner which interacts directly with your vehicle. The device simply plugs into a port and allows you to scan, reset, adjust, program, or diagnose problems with your odometer. eBay is a great source for new and used odometer diagnostic service tools
  4. Consumer activists estimate a dealer pockets an additional 10 cents profit for each mile rolled back on an odometer, or $5,000 on 50,000 miles. The problem of odometer fraud from Canada is growing.
  5. LANGUAGE: C++ CHALLENGE: Define a class called Odometer that will be used to track fuel and mileage for a vehicle. Include member variables to track the distance driven (in miles) and the fuel efficiency of the vehicle (in miles per gallon). The class will have a constructor that accepts one parameter and initializes distance to [

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  1. The odometer 1 and the twin trip odometer 2 are displayed below the Vehicle Information Display when the ignition switch is placed in the ON position. The odometer records the total distance the vehicle has been driven. The twin trip odometer records the distance of individual trips
  2. Yesterday, in federal court in Brooklyn, Shmuel Gali was sentenced by U.S. District Judge Kiyo A. Matsumoto to 60 months' imprisonment for his role in a long-running odometer tampering and money laundering scheme and ordered to pay $3,936,000 in restitution. The defendant pleaded guilty in August 2020 to conspiracy to commit money laundering, conspiracy to commit odometer tampering, making.
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