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A variety of fees are collected by the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to help offset operation costs and support the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) budget. Fee-based information is provided via the following categories: Vehicle license plate fees. Vehicle title fees. Counter service fees. Other fees Online license plate renewal . Renewal mailing address. Renewal notice for a vehicle that's been sold. Other renewal options. Find out what plates can be renewed at each DMV. Late fee. Replacement renewal notice. Non operation of a vehicle. Content_Area3

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  1. You will receive a new license plate sticker and Certificate of Vehicle Registration from the agent. These agents may charge a maximum service fee of $10 for a renewal transaction and $19.50 for a title transaction. Service hours and methods of payment vary. DMV services centers ​ (find out what plates are available at each DMV
  2. To renew your passenger vehicle will cost you $85.00. A Motorcycle or Moped has a renewal rate of $23.00 biennially. Recreational Vehicle Trailers are $15. If your vehicle is a special design vehicle, you may see an additional $5.00 added to your fee
  3. WI Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees. Wisconsin vehicle registration renewal fees and taxes are as follows: Registration annual renewal fee for: Cars: $85. Electric cars: $100 (only applies to motor vehicles propelled solely by electrical energy). Trucks: 4500 lbs. and under: $75. 6,000 lbs. and under: $84
  4. Present the license plate renewal notice and fee at any of the DMV customer service centers offering vehicle registration services. You will receive a new license plate sticker and Certificate of Vehicle Registration. There is a $3 counter service fee per renewal application. Additionally, how much does car registration cost in Wisconsin
  5. Occupational. $50. Occupational (court ordered) $40. Skills exam (Class D) - charged for every appointment not cancelled 24 hours in advance. $15. Renewal late fee: Drivers who fail to renew their driver license by their birthday will pay a late fee in addition to the usual driver license fee. $5

Renew license plates Wisconsin's 2019-2021 biennial budget includes a provision to increase motor vehicle title and registration fees and implements a hybrid electric vehicle surcharge. These fees are effective October 1, 2019.. The Wisconsin DMV charges the following license plate fees: New standard plates AND renewal: Passenger car: $85 for 1 year. Trucks up to 4500 lbs.: $75 for 1 year. Motorcycle: $23 every 2 years. Replacements: License plates: $10 per plate for standard plates. Fees vary for other plate types You will receive a renewal reminder notice 45 to 60 days before your birthday in the year your driver license expires. It will be emailed/texted if you signed up for eNotify (electronic notification program) or mailed to the last known address on your driving record. Note: Drivers age 60 and over who received a driver license expiration extension due to COVID-19 have until May 21, 2021 to. State of Wisconsin. EZ-TAB WI DMV Partner. EZ-TAB by RTI 1-866-545-9119. St. Michael, MN. Authorized Partner Of The WI DMV. Authorized Partner Of The Wisconsin Division Of Motor Vehicles. Wisconsin License Plate Renewal Kiosk. www.EZ-TAB.com. Eztab Wisconsin charges another 32.9 cents per gallon, where 2 cents of that goes to the state's petroleum clean-up program. Wisconsin had the 19th-highest state gas tax in the country as of February 2019

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The replacement fee for a replacement car tag is $10. Replacing a License Plate Sticker In Wisconsin A license plate sticker can fall off the license plate or get stolen from time to time. When this happens, you'll need to visit the DMV as soon as possible to rectify the situation Wisconsin annual car registration fees For automobiles, the annual registration will increase from $75 to $85. For other vehicles registered at less than 8,000 pounds, the annual registration fees..

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How to Renew License Plate Tags in Wisconsin. You may renew a license plate in Wisconsin online, by mail or in person. For online transactions, follow the steps for how to renew license plate tags on eMV Public and use a credit card or ACH bank account to pay fees. The WI DMV will mail you your license plate renewal sticker within 7-10 days Wisconsin DOT Vehicle Registration Renewal. required field Note: If you are renewing your RV or camper plate(RVT), please use the RRN Number located under the amount due field on your renewal notice Just so, how much does it cost to renew plates in Wisconsin? Vehicle Registration Fee: To renew your passenger vehicle will cost you $75.00. A Motorcycle or Moped has a renewal rate of $23.00 biennially. Recreational Vehicle Trailers are $15 MILWAUKEE — If you have to pay for your annual license registration after Oct. 1, be prepared to dig a little deeper into your pocket book. The registration fee is going up, and the cost for a title will more than double, thanks to the recently passed state budget. Currently the cost is $69.50 for a title and $75 for registration In Wisconsin, vehicles will require an emissions test every two years before their license plate renewal, starting the third year following the vehicles' model year For example, the model year 2020 vehicles require their first emissions test in 2023. Renewal notices indicate when a car needs an inspection

You may legally operate your vehicle on Wisconsin public roads once you submit the renewal fee. Furthermore, how much is it to renew your license plates in Wisconsin? Vehicle Registration Fee: To renew your passenger vehicle will cost you $75.00. A Motorcycle or Moped has a renewal rate of $23.00 biennially. Recreational Vehicle Trailers are $15 Motorcycle Registration Fees & Taxes. You may be required to pay the following fees and taxes when you register or renew your motorcycle registration in Wisconsin: Motorcycle registration: $23 for 2 years. Use the DMV's fee chart for prorated rates. Personalized plates: Additional $15 per year. Title: $164.50 The owner must maintain the plate so it is in legible condition; and the plate shall be attached to the rear of the vehicle. ATV and UTV registration types fee: $90; additional decals/certificates $30 each. Wisconsin public registration. fee: $30 first-time registration; $30 2-year renewal iii. $25 tax-deductible fee that goes to Choose Life WI, Inc., for distribution to Wisconsin's Pregnancy Resource Centers. 2. Personalized Plates If you want to personalize your Choose Life WI license plate, that is permitted. It will cost an additional $15 per year, which is the normal additional fee for personalizing a plate

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New $25 license plate rebate offer. We're offering a $25 rebate for new plates. That means you'll get an Endangered Resources plate at the great introductory price of only $15, the amount the Wisconsin DOT charges to issue the plate. In subsequent years, it will cost $25 to keep the plate, money that goes to the Endangered Resources Fund Under the Republican plan, the title fee — paid when cars are bought and sold — would go up $95, from $69.50 to $164.50. That's a 137% increase. In addition, annual registration fees for cars would..

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  1. For all tax questions, call the Wisconsin Department of Revenue at (608) 266-2776. License Plate Fee Regular passenger vehicle plates are for automobiles, vans with more space for seating people than carrying property, and jeep-type or sport utility vehicles with a back seat. Regular light truck plates are based on gross weight
  2. Vehicle Registration/License Plates. Effective September 1, 1998, all cars and light trucks (8,000 pounds or less) must display license plates within two business days of purchase. License Applied For (L.A.F.) signs are no longer accepted. WHERE TO APPLY: In the Columbia County Clerk Office between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m
  3. The vehicle must be currently registered with the Wisconsin DMV. Your license plate number. In addition to the fees you owe the state for your renewal, StateRegistration.org charges an additional agency fee of $17.75 to offer benefits that are unavailable through the state portal, including One-Click registration renewals
  4. imum fee here. A few weeks ago, wrote another check for $269 to renew the registration for my 2007 Mazda Speed 3, now three years old
  5. Wisconsin DMV Registration Renewal Fees. The annual DMV registration renewal fee in Wisconsin is $75. However, an additional $100 electric vehicle surcharge fee is applied to all eligible automobiles. Depending on the county, wheel tax may be collected. The cost of wheel tax varies

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  1. As a result, vehicle owners can now renew and receive their annual license plate stickers at Pick 'n Save located at 210 Dix St. in Columbus. Please call 623-2205 for hours of availability and fees
  2. The requirement to have front and rear plates is in fact a law in Wisconsin and is covered under Wisconsin State Statute 341.15(1), which does say that the registered owner of a motor vehicle.
  3. Return the renewal card received in the mail along with your payment to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. If the card is lost, write the plate number and fee on a slip of paper and send that with a check made payable to Registration Fee Trust to the address: Renewal Processing, P.O. Box 7911, Madison, WI 53707
  4. The DMV will issue Wisconsin motorists two license plates when they register a vehicle. Standard plates will be mailed within 10 days. Specialty plates may take as long as six weeks to arrive. Wisconsin Car Registration Fees. Wisconsin vehicle registration fees differ depending on vehicles' types and ages, motorists' counties of residence.

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Plates, temporary and/or permanent, or license plate stickers are given to the customer upon completing the transaction. Titles are printed and mailed from the DMV in Madison. In addition to the DMV title or registration fees, the County Clerk's Office charges a service fee of $10 for a renewal transaction and $19.50 or a title transaction Wisconsin offers numerous licenses and now offers a First-time Buyer license. This First-time Buyer license is a reduced rate license offered to customers to introduce them to hunting or fishing. It is also available for any customer who has not purchased a license in any of the last 10 years

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  1. Wisconsin Vehicle Inspection Program. Emissions inspections are available at select privately owned businesses including vehicle repair facilities, service stations, and car dealerships. The inspection facilities are conveniently located throughout the seven county vehicle emissions program area. Registration renewal services are available at.
  2. See the Boat Registration and Titling Application (Form 9400-193) or the Fleet Boat Registration and Titling Application (Form 9400-624) for a complete list of fees.. Sales Taxes. State Sales Tax: a 5% sales tax must be collected for all nonexempt private party or dealer sales. County and stadium use taxes may also apply and are based on where the boat is customarily used while in Wisconsin
  3. License plate registration: Valid 1 year. To renew your disability parking permit, simply reapply using the same process as an initial application, including new medical authorization. See the sections Apply for a Disability Placard in WI or Apply for WI Disability Plates above for more information
  4. istrative fees, such as a title fee. You can have one additional set of plates for $3.75. Personalization and handicapped symbol not available on PH plates

In-person Renewal. Consider making an appointment with your local WI DMV and then do the following when there: Complete a Wisconsin Driver License Application (MV3001) Provide proof of identification. If changing your name: Marriage or divorce certificate, court order. Provide proof of U.S. residency. Pay the $34 renewal fee Wisconsin ID Card Renewal and Replacement Fees. The final step of the ID card renewal and replacement procedures is to provide payment for the applicable fees. The fee for renewing ID card in Wisconsin is $28, the same as the fee for an original identification credential. A duplicate ID card credential will cost an applicant $16 Drivers who renew online ( wisconsindmv.gov/renewDL) will receive a confirmation email that they can immediately print and use until their new card arrives by mail within 10 days. The $34 renewal fee remains the same. The online driver license renewal pilot program will help alleviate the backlog of licenses that expired since the beginning of.

The owner of a vehicle licensed with standard issue license plates has the option of retaining the vehicle license plates and using them on a replacement vehicle and paying a $10 license plate transfer fee. Retained license plates must be transferred to a vehicle requiring the same type of plate Note: DNR license agents can only renew a registration for the registered owner; they cannot change the name of the owner, or transfer the ATV or UTV into another person's name. To add ATV or UTV into your customer account, register it through GoWild.wi.gov ; visit one of the DNR service locations ; or mail in a ATV/UTV Registration. To renew your WI driver's license in person, visit your local WI DMV office and:. Complete a Wisconsin Driver License (DL) Application (Form MV3001).; Prove your name (if it has changed), with a document such as your: . Marriage certificate. Divorce decree. Court order. Prove your legal U.S. presence (if you're a non-U.S. citizen).; Pay the $34 renewal fee with cash, check, or debit/credit card

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Donate Life Wisconsin license plates can feature regular numbers or a personalized message. A $25 tax-deductible contribution to Donate Life Wisconsin is required to issue and renew your plates each year, in addition to the regular registration fee. The $25 contribution may be tax deductible if you itemize your income tax returns Replace Plates/Change Plates. If your registration is expired, see the Renew Your Registration section for instructions. Online: Apply online at DMV2U if you have an Oregon title in your name. If the plate you want is not available online you must submit your application by mail. By Mail: Fill out an application

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You can expect to receive a Wisconsin license plate renewal notice at least one month prior to your tag expiring. Your automobile DMV registration sticker will expire a year from your last renewal, and late fees are applied when the deadline is missed. Once the fee is paid, it will be legal for you to drive on the road again The U.S. state of Wisconsin first required its residents to register their motor vehicles and display license plates in 1905. Plates are currently issued by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) through its Division of Motor Vehicles. Front and rear plates are required for most classes of vehicles, while only rear plates are required for motorcycles and trailers

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Fees Vehicle Services. License Plates Renewal. B-Truck $151 B-Truck Personalized $158 B-Truck Vanity $164 C-Truck $218 Motorcycle $41 Motorcycle Personalized $48. The Wisconsin DNR provides registration services for snowmobiles. The Wisconsin Department of Transportation issues titles and/or registration (license plates) for some trailers.. Definition of snowmobile. Wisconsin law ss 340.01(58a) defines a snowmobile is an engine-driven vehicle that is manufactured solely for snowmobiling that has an endless belt tread and sled-type runners, or skis, to. Wisconsin Credential/License Search. ATTENTION: If a renewal payment is received on time, the credential/license holder is eligible to practice while the credential/license is being processed. Health/Business Individual Credential/License Search. Select a Profession and enter a Credential/License Number OR. Select a Profession and enter a Last. CDL Notes: Office does not handle commercial (Heavy) vehicles greater than 10,000 lb gross weight and cargo trailers Vehicle Registration Notes: Temporary plates are available at this location. Arrive at least 15 minutes before closing time for license plates to be issued. Disabled parking identification cards are also available. Online Service Wisconsin DMV Official Government Site. CODES (6 days ago) You will receive a new license plate sticker and Certificate of Vehicle Registration from the agent. These agents may charge a maximum service fee of $10 for a renewal transaction and $19.50 for a title transaction

The plate costs $15, plus a $25 tax-deductible donation to Children's Wisconsin Foundation. At each subsequent plate renewal, drivers will pay the annual vehicle registration fee plus the annual tax-deductible $25 donation. You can order personalized plates for an additional annual fee of $15. You will receive your plate 4-6 weeks after your. The cost is the standard DMV-required $15 for the plate, with no additional mandatory donation to MCW. At each subsequent plate renewal, you will pay the regular registration fee for non-personalized MCW plates or an additional $15 annual fee for your personalized license plate number. Plates will be received directly from the Wisconsin DMV 4-6. Mv1 Wisconsin Title & License Plate Application . On average this form takes 31 minutes to complete. The Mv1 Wisconsin Title & License Plate Application form is 4 pages long and contains: 0 signatures; 47 check-boxes; 102 other field All applicable fees. Below are a few other registration forms that you may need to register a vehicle in Wisconsin. MV1020 - Title/registration Correction Request. MV2026 - Duplicate Certificate of Registration. MV3602 - Registration Reinstatement (Uninsured motorists/safety responsibility law

Replacing your license plates You'll need to submit an Application for Replacement Plates Form (REG156) either by mail or in person at one of the DMV offices. You must also pay a $16 replacement fee and a $1 reflectorized license plate fee (other fees may apply) when submitting your application Renew Your Registration Online Now. Visit the Wisconsin DMV Site. *This site charges an agency fee of $17.75 to process your online transaction with the state on your behalf. There are valuable benefits associated with this fee, including One-Click Renewals , night and weekend support, secure processing, free sticker replacement and more You can submit these either by mail, at a Department of Motor Vehicles service center($5 counter service fee), at a Department of Motor Vehicles agent location (maximum service fee of $10 for a renewal transaction and $19.50 for a title transaction), or at a Department of Motor Vehicles temporary license plate agent ($3 temporary plate fee and.

Our One-Click Renewal program was created to simplify the annual renewal process by removing tedious data entry and eliminating the need for you to fill out lengthy forms with the same information every year. All you will have to do on an annual basis is to verify your vehicle profile is up-to-date and accurate, and consent to have us process. To renew car registrations by mail, Wisconsin drivers must send the pre-printed license plate renewal notice along with the $75 car registration renewal fee to: Wisconsin Department of Transportation. P.O. Box 3279. Milwaukee, WI 53201-3279. To renew car registrations in person, visit a local WI DMV office or authorized agent

When your license plate that more information about it puts you visit to apply on saturday for the location offers parking permits in. You renew license renewal by you are wisconsin department is located elsewhere. Money order to wisconsin license and will need to the location and caryl shade likes this More than 9,600 people use the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's Division of Motor Vehicles' title and license plate application form each month, according to the DOT. With the new online guide, screens are customized to the information provided by the applicant, including the Vehicle Identification Number, to walk individuals.

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Yes, you can renew your license other than at a Motor Vehicle Registration office! Some CFSC locations offer several automobile services where you can get in and out fast! Avoid the lines at Motor Vehicle offices and visit your nearest CFSC location that offers Auto License Services When entering a plate number, always use the number 0 instead of the letter O. Do not put spaces or hyphens when entering the plate Details about Vintage Wisconsin 1960 License Plate Renewal Tag. Vintage Wisconsin 1960 License Plate Renewal Tag. Item Information. Condition: Used Shipping cost cannot be calculated. Please enter a valid ZIP Code. Item location: Cudahy, Wisconsin, United States When you pay your Michigan license plate fees, for instance, you'll pay the amount that is based on your vehicle's value, as well as a $5 fee if you need a new plate and a $15 vehicle title fee. If you renew your tags late, you'll be required to pay a $10 late fee. None of those additional fees is tax deductible, so you'll need to.

CCW license renewals cost $22, do not require new or additional training, and will expire five years from the date the new license is issued. New CCW licenses require an approved training and $40 fee. License renewals and new applications will be processed within 21 days, per Wisconsin State Statute. Please contact the CCW Helpdesk with any. Wisconsin DMV Address Change Fees The ultimate step of the address change on car registration in Wisconsin may require drivers to provide payment for certain fees. $15 issuance fee, $25 annual donation and annual registration fee for vehicle type. B | Replacement or Duplicate License Plates Application, License Plate/Registration Refund Request. Currently the cost is $69.50 for a title and $75. In addition to the fees you owe the state for your renewal, StateRegistration.org charges an additional agency fee starting at $10.00, depending on your vehicle type and location. This grants you access to benefits that are unavailable through the state portal, including One-Click Renewals A convenience fee will be added to your transaction. For a small convenience fee (Only .50 cents for E-Check transactions and $1.25 for credit/debit card transactions that are $50.00 and under), you can renew your license plates quickly online and avoid driving to a license office and waiting in line License Plates. Whether you're renewing existing plates, transferring them, or getting a pair for a new vehicle, we'll help you get what you need, quickly. We're proud to be an authorized third-party provider for the Wisconsin Department of Vehicle Services. This means we can provide: New License Plates. License Plate Renewals

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Credential Summary - Renewal Requirements. Credential Summary for 154031-30. Name: Lupa, Ruth. Credential Type: REGISTERED NURSE (30) Credential Number: 154031-30. Location Renew license plates Wisconsin teens and alcohol is a mixed news topic. The good news: The percent of high schoolers who drink alcohol has dropped over the last decade. and dozens of other expenses including attorney fees, court costs, other fines, and insurance rate increases. Unique consequences to teens include loss of academic. The Electro nic Safety and Licensing Application (eSLA) is now live for several program areas. Visit the Customer Information page for the full list of program areas in eSLA, and for instructions on first-time . Go to esla.wi.gov to get started

Vehicle Registration Notes: Temporary plates are available at this location. Arrive at least 15 minutes before closing time for license plates to be issued. Disabled parking identification cards are also available. Online Service State Of Wisconsin Vehicle Registration Renewal Fees as we hope it is divided into the wisconsin vehicle tested in. Looking for vehicles in wisconsin license plates, download our new registrations of state title was updated, we have purchased their purchase insurance companies in metropolitan area License Plates > US: Wisconsin. Email to friends Share on Facebook - opens in a new window or tab Share on Twitter - opens in a new window or tab Share on Pinterest - opens in a new window or tab

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The driver license privilege may also be revoked for one year. (s. 343.14(5) Wis. Stats.) OPT OUT Under Wisconsin open records laws, WisDOT must provide Replacement Plate Request. If you moved recently, complete the online address change to update your current address. This will affect both Driver License/ID and vehicle records. Do you have your Wisconsin Driver License / ID Number

The silver lining is that it's a non-moving violation such as illegal parking or a broken taillight. If your tags aren't properly affixed to your license plate, you can get a ticket. For example, an expired tag in California costs about $25, plus a penalty fee that can cost about 4 to 5 times that $25 fee Personalized License Plates in Wisconsin. Most of the standard license plates issued by the DMV in Wisconsin can be personalised with a custom plate number. Personalized plates, depending on the type, can be 1 to 7 letters and/or numbers long. It is not permissible to create license plates with: Indecent suggestions 10,001 and over — $26 ($26 replacement fee) Annual renewal 3,000 or less — $18 ($18 registration fee) 3,001 - 8,000 — $30 ($30 registration fee) 8,001 - 10,000 — $38 ($38 registration fee) 10,001 and over — $50 ($50 registration fee) Vanity License Plates Fee Types of Vehicles: The Wisconsin Department of Transportation allows personalized license plates on Autos, Trucks, Motor Homes, Vans and Motorcycles.; Fee: The fee for a personalized license plate in Wisconsin is $15 in addition to the regular renewal fee.; Number of Characters: In Wisconsin, they allow a maximum of 7 characters on your Personalized Plate 3,000 or less — $26 ($26 replacement fee) Annual renewal. 3,000 or less — $118 ($118 registration fee) Availability. Not eligible as Vanity or Personalized; Not eligible for Benefit Access Program; Renewal Methods. TA Trailer (3,000 pounds or less) license plates can be renewed online, by mail, touch-tone phone, or visit a Secretary of.

Renewal Fees: Renewal fee changes will become effective for each affected profession during the profession's next regularly scheduled renewal period that occurs on or after July 1, 2021. A listing of current renewal dates and fees is available h e re. (Note: The fees in the renewal dates and fees listing will be updated on 7/1/2021, however. The applicant wants to switch of license plates types (i.e., standard passenger to organ donor). The applicant wants to change the spacing on the license plates. Fees. Payment must be made during the renewal process using an electronic check or Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express cards only A new special license plate has been introduced by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DMV) Division of Motor Vehicles is now available for $15.00, in addition to the normal registration fee.; The International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE), who represent the heavy equipment operators in the construction industry, have sponsored the new special plate

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WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT F TRANSPORTATION Replacement License Plate Information and Application MV2118 1/2015 s.341.16 Wis. Stats. Replacement license plates (nonpersonalized): A new license plate number will be issued. Expect delivery within 1-2 weeks. Upon receipt of the new plates, destroy the old plate(s). If plates are stolen, notify your loca Illinois license plate sticker among most expensive in the nation. Illinoisans will be paying among the nation's highest vehicle registration fees as part of a $45 billion infrastructure. As Ohio raises fee to renew license plates, for a short time there's a way to save a few bucks Posted Dec 12, 2019 Ohioans can renew license plates online, by mail or in person Before you begin, make sure you have: Your license plate number. The last 5 digits of your vehicle identification number (VIN) or hull identification number (HIN) for a vessel/boat. A renewal notice confirming your current address. Your payment information; credit, debit, or e-check. This is for registration renewal only; Disabled Person. New Plate Request. If you moved recently, complete the online address change to update your current address. This will affect both Driver License/ID and vehicle records. Do you have your Wisconsin Driver License / ID Number

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Follow the steps outlined in the renewal notice and return via mail. After renewing, place the new vehicle registration tab on your license plate. Tab placement will vary according to plate type. Fees. Fees vary by vehicle type and weight. If renewing online or via self-service station, the fees will be outlined at the time of purchase This interactive map shows locations of active license agents. To view information on an agent, click on a pinpoint. You can zoom in on the map to differentiate between pinpoints. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources 101 S. Webster Street PO Box 7921 Madison, WI 53707-7921 Call 1-888-936-7463 (TTY Access via relay - 711) from 7 a.m. to.

Minnesota license plate---tax exempt---1966-68 #v175You should probably read this about Drivers License CedarDisabled Parking In California: All You Need To Know - Dr

DOT Locations near Sheboygan License & Registration. 21.7 miles New Holstein Police Department (TITLES & REGISTRATION RENEWALS ONLY) 22.2 miles Manitowoc DMV Service Center; 27.1 miles Chilton Service Center; 27.1 miles Saukville Service Center; 33.1 miles West Bend License & Registratio Fond du Lac License & Registration. Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Enter Starting Address: Go. Address 833 S. Rolling Meadows Drive. Fond du Lac, WI 54937. Get Directions. Get Directions. Phone (608) 264-7447 The recovery of license plate records varies by state. In some cases, license plate and driving records may only be accessible by the registered owner of the vehicle. In addition, there may be a fee to access the information. The Wisconsin Department of Public Safety is another agency that keeps driving and license plate related records in.