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Growing up I remember we had mice in our oven and stove as well. We usually bait our traps with little balls of bread and just make sure to smush them onto the trigger very well. We placed the traps under the burners and caught the first mouse within 10minutes. Thought it was a false alarm but sure enough there was a mouse in it Mice can squeeze, climb and/or crawl into small openings around your house, including the stove in order to search for food and/or shelter. Under the stove or refrigerator, in the pantry and in kitchen cabinets are other common places mice may be found. When you want to enjoy a meal, the last thing you want to find is mice in your stove

Find out where the mice are getting in. Mice are crafty little creatures and it takes only 1/4 of an inch gap for them to find an entry. That's the diameter of a #2 pencil! Mice have sloped collarbones and flexible ribs, so it doesn't take much for them to barge in on you and invade your kitchen There are lots of openings in a gas oven especially near the bottom. Take out the warming drawer and look underneath the range. You will probably find lots more evidence and maybe even a nest there. Its a nice cozy warm place. Bait stations and glue boards will fit under or behind the drawer but need to be checked and serviced regularly Step 2. Keep crumbs out of drawers. Often in kitchen areas where snacks are stored, crumbs get left behind. The mice feed off of these crumbs, which is what keeps them coming back to the drawer time after time. If needed, remove the drawers and tap off into the trash can or vacuum out the drawers Recently, I walked into the kitchen I spotted a mouse running across the kitchen counter and jump behind the oven. Kevin pulled out the oven's bottom draw, the mouse ran out, and one of our cats, Jasmine caught it. As Kevin and I tried to get the mouse from Jasmine, she ran upstairs and set it free and it ran into our bedroom closet. Ugh

Of course, the mouse liked my oven mitt, it was a cozy and warm little home for it! My oven mitts were hanging in a spot close to my kitchen counters for easy access. Which, of course, meant the opening for the mitt was out in the open and perfect for a nesting little mouse First things first: No matter how much the stove may reek, according to the Public Health Agency of Canada, your risk of contracting hantavirus—or any of the other nasties that mice can carry—is likely very low. Still, to kill any viruses, the agency advises that you clean the stove using a 10 per cent bleach solution (let it sit for 15. There seems to me to be one really obvious way to get rid of a mouse in an oven. 550 degrees and it won't even smell for long. It'll just get out of the oven and move back in when it's cooled down. If you're going for non-lethal traps and plan on releasing the mouse somewhere, do yourself a favour and do it far away from your home rawf8/Shutterstock. It's pretty clear that having mice in your home is not a pleasant experience.Even if they seem innocent, mice can create dangerous conditions in your home.However, getting rid of mice doesn't necessarily mean buying a slew of mousetraps and cheese. Mice can be easily avoided around your household by simply adding the scent of peppermint in corners where they congregate

The oven part of your stove is very sealed. Chances are your mouse died behind the stove and when you turn on the oven the fan is pulling the air in from behind. Before you replace your stove pull it out and see what's behind it. The drawer under the stove is not sealed and easy to get in to Mouse in the oven! Our tenant's oven was home to a mouse/mice for a short period, before they were caught. Now the oven stinks to high heaven when it's turned on. There is no longer a mouse in there -- I'm convinced, as are all the others who have searched for a dead mouse, including an expensive appliance repairman The very best spots for mouse traps are in enclosed spaces, inside cabinets and closets, and beneath or behind furniture and appliances. Around your range or oven is a favorite haunt for mice, because there's a steady supply of warmth and tiny bits of food. If there's a drawer for storing pans beneath your oven, set a mouse trap inside it Different Ways Used To Keep Mice Out Of Dresser Drawers The Mice's are very small in a house, the mice can find anything around a toaster or toaster oven. In a commercial business, they can find broken bits of muffin, etc in the break room. It doesn't take much to feed them Mice can happen in any home. They can climb, run, jump and even swim, which means there aren't many places a mouse can't get into. When the weather turns cold, mice are more likely to show up in your home as they search for food and a warm place to stay for the winter

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  1. Mice seek out warm nesting areas with proximity to food and water. As a result, your house, garage, shed or garbage bins can all look like perfect homes for a mouse. Common house mice tend to nest in warm, out-of-the-way areas such as near refrigerators, water heaters and furnaces
  2. Here's some other stuff you should really know about mice in the kitchen. 1. They just want a place to call home. Like most city-dwelling humans, mice enjoy the great outdoors during the spring and summer months. But then they typically move indoors between October and February, as they hunt for food, water, and shelter from the cold.
  3. After you've cleared a mouse infestation, there's still a lot of work left to be done.Mice carry with them harmful, potentially life-threatening bacteria and viruses that can linger long after the last mouse is gone. Obviously, cleaning up after a mouse infestation is essential but it's also important to do it the right way

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  1. The bait and trigger end of the mouse traps should be facing the wall so that mice will be tempted to explore them rather than walk around them. Whenever possible, place mouse traps in concealed areas, such as the backs of cabinets or behind the stove (pull out the drawer beneath the oven for easy access)
  2. The mice are shy and it's thus unlikely that you'll find the droppings on the couches or the carpet. In case this happens, you should not use your broom or vacuum cleaner to avoid inhaling disease-causing microorganisms. In oven. Mice like spending their time in an area where they can easily access food
  3. The Oven Drawer Could Be for Storing Most people utilize their oven's drawer for storage, whether or not it's meant to be used that way. Cookie sheets, cupcake pans, and more are often stuffed in there for the next time a baking urge strikes
  4. Mouse droppings or urine left uncleaned in the tiny cracks of the oven drawers As you can see from the above, treating the mouse infestations in your home is very important, as it is the root cause of the bad odor emanating from the ovens
  5. Mice in the kitchen! Have you ever had this problem? This is not a pleasant topic, and we'll be the first to admit that. But it's one that many of us have to deal with at one time or another, and we are curious: if you've had mice in the kitchen, how did you get rid of them? I live in a 100-year-old house that is full of creaky boards, massive heating ducts, loose wiring conduits, and.
  6. ating Mice. Besides making your house smell like vinegar, this household liquid will do little if anything to deter a mouse. To keep mice out, you need to block their entrance holes. Inspect.
  7. Clean the oven thoroughly. Remove broiler drawer and clean underneath that. Slide out oven and clean the floor. You'll be surprised how much a mouse can squish down and get under anything! Now that that is done, it's time to get the stink out. We boiled two pots of 1:1 ratio of water and vinegar in the oven

An oven drawer that serves as a broiler provides high, concentrated, direct heat. In most gas ranges, the drawer beneath the oven is a broiler. While the typical oven roasts and bakes using. unfortulatly there is no way off getting rid of the smell, what has happened is the mice urine is baked on not only the insulation but the oven cavity itself, when I worked for another company we tried everything to get rid of the smell including replacing the insulation and cleaning everything but with no sucsess, the only thing you can do is rerplace the oven, but we found a way to keep mice.

A mouse ate the wiring of my dishwasher, so yes it could be in your oven workings. Add message | Report. Germgirl Wed 04-Jun-14 14:35:47. Oh bloody hell. Maybe DH's idea of a new oven isn't so far fetched. OP's posts: |. Add message | Report. Germgirl Fri 06-Jun-14 10:04:01. The mouse man is here Instructions. 1. Place dryer sheets in your drawers. One sheet in each drawer should suffice, but the ingredients on your dryer sheet box must include oleander, which is a natural repellent that deters mice. 2. Keep crumbs out of drawers. Often in kitchen areas where snacks are stored, crumbs get left behind. The mice feed off of these crumbs.

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How To's & Quick Tips; 11 Ways to Get Rid of Mice. Say goodbye to Stuart Little! A mouse infestation can be enough to make anyone skittish. Those pesky critters can carry a plethora of dangerous. While her oven door was open she opened a kitchen drawer to get something, when suddenly a mouse leaped out the drawer and landed directly into her oven. The mouse quickly went below the tray and hid underneath the baking tray. When she saw the mouse leap from the drawer, terrified she screamed and ran backward.. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! I have a #790 Kenmore Gas Range. There is a dead mouse in the enclosed part of the oven where the flames are. The oven smoked and smelled terrible when used. We took out the warming drawer and looked behind the oven but saw nothing, only mouse droppings. What can we do Whenever possible, place mouse traps in concealed areas, such as the backs of cabinets or behind your stove (pull out the drawer beneath the oven for easy access). Shop Victor ® Electronic Traps » Mistake #6: Using Too Few Mouse Trap

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If you build it, mice will come. Sooner or later, you'll probably need to get rid of mice or rats. Fall is prime time for an increase in mice in your house, as they look for winter protection, but mice and rats can move in at any time Once the oven drawer is out, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean up dust and dirt. And if you encounter any sticky areas, spray them with all-purpose cleaner to help soften them. Scrape them up with a plastic scraper, if necessary, or wipe them away with a rag. Then let the area dry thoroughly before replacing the drawer Mice are generally nocturnal animals, and may be less inclined to pop up in well-lit areas. In fact, some exterminators suggest strobe lights as a means of deterring an infestation. And to find out what happens when you get other pests come calling, This Is What Happens to Your Body When a Mosquito Bites You! 3 If the smell is only when the oven is on, it's also possible that the urine was from awhile back, and the smell hasn't dissipated yet. (ie. the mice are long gone, the poop cleaned, but the urine smell likes to linger for a long time.) level 1. player_06. 3 points · 1 year ago Mice can get through tight spaces because of their small size. Cracks even as small as 1/4 of an inch need to be sealed. If you have mice in your home, knowing their preferred locations will help.

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mouse, white-footed mouse, rice rat, or cotton rat carries a hantavirus. Other rodents, such as house mice, roof rats, and Norway rats, have never been known to give people HPS. Since it is hard to tell if a mouse or a rat carries a hantavirus, it is best to avoid all wild mice and rats and to safely clean up any rodent urine Whether you install the microwave drawer in the kitchen island, cabinets or below your wall oven, measuring the width and height is an important first step before starting the installation process. By having accurate measurements, you'll be assured the microwave drawer is aligned, doesn't stick out and you'll have the seamless finish you. If you're skeptical, just dig up your oven's owner's manual. You may find a description like this: The warming drawer is designed to keep hot foods at serving temperature. Always start with hot food. Cold or room-temperature foods cannot be heated, warmed, or cooked in the warming drawer. This news may or may not come as a surprise to you. I'd like to start this post off by saying that once you have mice in your home, the only way to get rid of mice is to use traps, poison them, call an exterminator, or get a cat that likes to hunt mice. Once the mice are in your home or car, they'll likely put up with any repellents.. That being said, peppermint is one of the best natural repellents for mice to make them reconsider entering.

Homemaxs Shelf Liner 2 Rolls, Non-Adhesive Drawer Liner, Versatile Kitchen Cabinet Liners, 17 In x 78.7In x 2 Rolls, Non-Slip Liners for Drawers, Shelves, Cabinets, Refrigerator and Desks, Transparent. 4.4 out of 5 stars. 512. $16.99 Ratio of Peppermint Oil to Water for Repelling Mice. If mice get into your home they can cause all kinds of problems, including destruction of your property by chewing on things and by spreading. How To Replace: Whirlpool/KitchenAid/Maytag Oven Insulation WPW10208653 http://www.appliancepartspros.com/whirlpool-insulation-wrapper-pyro-wpw10208653-ap601.. This is a good indication that if your oven smells like pee, mice may very well be mating there and birthing other mice. The female mouse can have multiple litters each year, birthing six baby mice as soon as 25 days between pregnancies. That totals to about 35 babies in a year per adult female mouse to become a problem quite quickly

Its six-burner cooktop lets you heat multiple dishes, and its 4.9 cu. ft. oven with AeroTech convection technology provides even results. Keep food at the proper serving temperature in the built-in warming drawer of this Fisher & Paykel Classic dual fuel range. See all Dual-Fuel Ranges. Product Description To prevent hazardous particles from becoming airborne never sweep or vacuum mouse droppings. Carefully soak all infected surfaces with commercial grade disinfectant. A mixture of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water can also be used. Wipe up all droppings and nesting material using a paper towel and dispose of in well-sealed plastic bags SIZING AND STORAGE - the Oven Mitt measures 12.5 x 7.5 inches and the Potholder measures 8.5 x 8.5 inches. Each Potholder and Oven Mitt have a circle loop to hang between uses. You can hang them, store them in a drawer, or leave them out to add to the décor; it's up to you EASY CARE INSTRUCTIONS - hand wash, lay flat to dry So my oven has a drawer at the bottom of it, i've basically just used this for storage of some pans. Is there an actual use for this drawer or is it just storage? joesmoke Diamond Member. Nov 2, 2007 5,426 2 0. Aug 10, 2010 #2 its called a toe-kick i believ Smeg Warming drawers offer the possibility to heat up plates or coffee cups quickly and some can re-heat, defrost, and prove, whilst storage drawers offer extra space for storing crockery

Sous-vide drawers. Smeg Vacuum drawers are perfect for sous vide cooking, preserving food and re-sealing packaging Discourage mice and protect your pup's food by transferring it to an airtight plastic, glass or metal pet food container that mice can't access or gnaw through. Don't leave dog food sitting around. Remove your pooch's food dish 15 minutes after setting it down, storing dry food leftovers in an air-tight container and canned food in the. 24 in. 1.2 cu. ft. 950W Sharp Stainless Steel Microwave Drawer Oven (SMD2470ASY) Easy Touch Automatic Drawer System Smoothly Opens and Enables Hands-Free Close. Convenient Kitchen Placement Allows for Easier Cooking, Saves Prep and Clean up Time. Concealed Control Panel Opens to an Easy-to-Read and Operate 45 ° Angle

I also made cute little potato bags for fluffy baked potatoes in the microwave oven. I made dozens of zippered sleep sacks for my grandsons in their first two years and have mended and repaired lots of clothing for my granddaughters. I made a few rice bag toys and a silk purse In this reporter's kitchen, the oven drawer holds a couple of baking sheets and shallow pans. But it was actually designed to broil food or keep it warm after cooking,. The cotton that you see being pulled out is the oven insulation (key#231) as shown in the image I added below. The oven cavity top and sides is covered with an insulation blanket. The mice is taking the insulation out from around the oven cavity and using it as nesting material Required Cookies & Technologies. Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions

The drawer under my new Maytag oven gets really hot - my Maytag in my old house didn't do this. Is there maybe insulation that is missing from underneath my oven? Dennis for Model Number MEW9530FZ03. Answer Dennis, There is a cavity insulation and insulation wrap that would go on this unit. It sounds like there may be insulation that is missing. The Frigidaire 30 in. Gas Range gives you more cooking flexibility with a 5.0 cu. ft. capacity oven and storage drawer. The cooktop features 4 Sealed Gas Burners including a 14,000 BTU Burner and a Low-Simmer Burner, so you can have precise temperature control with high and low heat

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But really, I want to talk about mice. You see, that's my New Year's resolution: find a solution to the mouse problem. I have mice. Too many mice. I know it's futile to try to get rid of all mice in a 150+ year old house, but if I could only keep them away from the kitchen. Away from the stove. Away from my drawers of kitchen utensils. I've. Check the inside of the drawer or owner's manual, and you may find it says something like this: The warming drawer is designed to keep hot foods at serving temperature. Always start with hot.

POPULAR: 20 Quality Home Remedies For Bipolar Disorders. Once the smell fades away, replace the cotton balls with freshly dipped ones. Planting mint in your garden would also keep the pest away. 3. Get Some Steel Wool. Blocking their way into your house with steel wool is an excellent way to deter mice For this DIY mouse trap, you'll need to find a 5-gallon bucket and put a metal wire across the top (like from a dry cleaning hanger). Then, cut a small hole in one side of a soda can, run the wire through it, and smear peanut butter on the can. Mice will climb up and walk across the wire to get the bait, but the can will spin and they'll fall. Mice are not only annoying, they are a health hazard. Remember, they do not wear diapers. They can interfere with studying, sleeping, and just enjoying college life. If you take care of the mice problem immediately, I will agree to not discuss this issue on social media. Dorm mice could keep students from apply to Riverview

Mouse droppings look similar to a grain of rice, ranging in size from 3/16 to ¼ inch long. The pieces typically have pointed ends and a color varying from blackish brown to gray depending on how old it is and the diet of the mouse. Fresh droppings are black, they turn brown over the next week, and change to grey over time Mice were always hanging out in our toaster eating crumbs. Of course they didn't much care much for it being turned on. Happened enough we made toast with two guys - one bread man and one stomper

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My little electric oven calls it a warming drawer, and says to use it to keep dishes warm while preparing the rest of the meal. That actually sounds extremely useful, given how difficult it can be to time a meal exactly right so all the side dishes aren't ice-cold by the time the rest is cooked 4. Mouse Control with Baits or Traps. After inspecting for signs of mice activity, set mouse traps or place mouse bait in the detected areas. Mouse traps and mouse baits are the only two reliable methods to get rid of a mice infestation. Trapping Mice This is the one of the floor cabinets and that is petrified mouse pee and poop. Yuck!!! We also found all kinds of nests made out of insulation from all over the camper including from around the oven. The drawers were full of nests as well as mummified mouse corpses. We also had a lifetime supply of acorns

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Food Storage Container Drawer Organizer. Amazon. Rev-a-Shelf amazon.com. $305.99. SHOP NOW. Fact: The Tupperware cabinet is the hardest part of a kitchen to keep orderly. But that's where this. My gas burners are clicking. I can't set the oven temperature above 290 degrees F. or it displays ERR. My gas burners do not heat or only partially heat. The surface indicator lights say ON on my glass ceramic cooktop, however I've turned the elements off Compare. Add Smeg 150mm Dolce Stil Novo Warming Drawer with Copper Trim to. Wishlist. $1199. Bosch Series 8 14cm Warming Drawer - Black. Pre-warm your crockery and minimise prep times in the kitchen with the help of the Bosch Series 8 14cm Warming Drawer Overheated food or packaging is the main culprit. According to Bob Schiffmann, a 50-year veteran of the microwave industry and president of the International Microwave Power Institute, 1 microwave. Viking 24 Professional 5 Series Stainless Steel Undercounter DrawerMicro Oven - VMOD5240SS. The slim design and heavy-duty construction of the Professional DrawerMicro maximizes kitchen space, so you can conveniently tuck it away under countertops, in an island, or beneath your wall oven

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Drawer Microwaves: A drawer microwave is built in to kitchen cabinets and, instead of swinging open from left to right or vice versa, it pulls out like a drawer. Microwave and Oven Combinations: A microwave wall oven combo is a two-in-one device where a microwave and wall oven are connected and are sold as one unit Includes 2 - oven mitts; Iconic Minnie Mouse design; Neoprene grip; Heat resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit; Great for right and left-handed use; Hang with hang loop, tuck in a drawer or leave out to add to déco Shallow smeg warming drawers are designed to warm plates, cups, proof dough and bread and help defrost and reheat. Choose a drawer in Dolce Stil Novo, Linea, Classic, Victoria glass or stainless steel aesthetics Microwave Oven NN-SD78LS. 1.6 cft Microwave Oven. Price †$ 449.99. NN-ST96JS. Family-size Genius ® Cyclonic Inverter Microwave Oven. Price †$ 349.99. NN-SC669S. Mid-Size Inverter ® Stainless Steel Finish Microwave Oven. Price †$ 249.99

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91. Aug 11, 2010. #41. RedRooster said: I drilled holes in the bottom of our oven, so that drawer functions as a handy oversized drip tray. My wife thought I was so smart with that conversion. Click to expand... smart would be using aluminum foil at the bottom of your oven to catch drippings Whirlpool Oven Range Igniter Switch (AP2990219, 722351) 8053694. $12.95. Free shipping. Seller 99.6% positive. Whirlpool WFE525S0HS1 Oven Utility Drawer Panel Assembly WPW10330070. $106.95. Free shipping. Seller 99.6% positive. Whirlpool Oven Range Wire Harness (WPW10361492, 98017409) W10361492 Wolf 24 Transitional Drawer Microwave Oven - MD24TE/S. Deliver to. Boydton 23917. 800-860-3577. Scheduled Delivery to Boydton learn more. Scheduled delivery to your door. A scheduled delivery is available only Monday - Friday during normal business hours and used for heavy and oversized items (large TVs, large furniture and large appliances)

To preheat, set the oven control (s) to BROILas instructed in the Owner's Guide. Wait for the element to become red-hot, usually about 2 minutes. Page 14 General Cleaning Cleaning Various Parts of Your Range Before cleaning any part of the range, be sure all controls are turned OFF and the range is COOL To shield hands from heat, our sturdy oven mitt is quilted with heavyweight striped-cotton twill on the outside and thick protective cotton terry inside. Sewn of durable, sustainably sourced 100% cotton. Williams Sonoma is a proud member of the Better Cotton Initiative. Better Cotton is sourced via a system of mass balance Oven bake heating element with screw-on terminals. The element is 18-1/4 inches wide, 14-1/2 inches deep to mounting flange. Terminal ends extend 2-1/2 inches past flange. 2,300 watts at 220 volts. If the oven does not heat the bake element may have burned out

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The Sharp Insight Pro ® Microwave Drawer Oven is a stand-alone Microwave Drawer Appliance . It places the microwave at the most convenient height. Microwave cooking is easier and safer with no need to remove the dish to check, stir or turn the food. The Microwave Drawer Oven opens with just a touch of a button. Sharp's advanced sensor technology stops the guesswork experienced with microwave. 7 Steps to Safe Clean-up of Mouse Droppings, Nests, or Dead Mice Hantavirus is a severe, potentially fatal, illness. Humans can be exposed to Hantavirus when the urine or feces of an infected rodent become airborne. This means that anyone who disturbs areas of mice or mice droppings, such as when cleaning, can be at risk Find your NEFF Instruction Manual. To quickly find your appliance's instructional manual (for example, a NEFF oven instructional manual), you will require your model number. If you have this to hand, simply search for your appliance model number in the bar below: Model Number (E-Nr) Having trouble finding your E-Nr number A 1942 tale in which a roasted cat is discovered in a wood-burning oven has been pointed to as a predecessor to this more modern tale about current domestic technology. In it, however, the cat.

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How to Open an Oven Drawer That Is Stuck. Grab the drawer handle and shake the drawer as much as possible. Insert a long spatula or a ruler in between the top of the drawer and bottom of the oven door. Open the oven door fully, if the oven drawer is still stuck. Look through the gap of the oven drawer and slide the spatula or ruler down into. Miele 48 Freestanding Dual Fuel Range with 6 Sealed Burners, Grill, 3.2 Cu. Ft. Double Oven with Single Convection & Warming Drawer - Stainless Steel MODEL: HR1956-2

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Product Title. Frigidaire FFEF3054TD 30 Freestanding Electric Range with 5.3 cu. ft. Capacity, 2 Oven Racks, Storage Drawer, 5 Heating Elements, and Self Clean Function, in Black Stainless Steel. Average Rating: ( 4.6) out of 5 stars. 3475 Celebrate Lowe's first SpringFest event - a festival of fun and savings for your home and garden. Get deals on mulch, soil, power equipment, and more Latest Microwave Oven With Price in Bangladesh, Specification And Review. Best Microwave Oven Products in Bangladesh 202

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Kenmore over-the-range microwaves achieves a sophisticated, built-in look while maximizing countertop space. Our microwave lineup makes it easy to cook, defrost, or warm food with a pre-programmed button. Sensors that know what food is in the microwave oven adjust heat as it cooks The dutch oven works well on all heat sources, including induction and oven safe. The dutch oven is ideal for making soups, rice dishes, casseroles, roasts, quiches, one pot meals, baked recipes, desserts, cakes, and bread. It provides even heat distribution and superior heat retention. Made using enameled cast iron, this Le Creuset dutch oven is resistant to chipping and cracking. The dutch. A chest of drawers, also called (especially in North American English) a dresser and a bureau, is a piece of furniture that has multiple parallel, horizontal drawers stacked one above another. A chifforobe (from chiffonier + wardrobe) is a combination of a wardrobe and a chest of drawers. Chests of drawers have traditionally been made and used for storing clothing, especially underwear, socks. Gray Wrendale Mouse Designs Dandelion Bone China Coffee Mug. See More by Royal Worcester. Rated 5 out of 5 stars. 5.0 22 Reviews. $13.99 $18.56 25% Off. On Sale. $40 OFF your qualifying first order of $250+1 with a Wayfair credit card. Free Shipping on orders over $35.00. Ship To Characterised by symmetry, balance and light, the Linea built-in range by Smeg, available in silver or black glass is a modern and contemporary aesthetic to suit a variety of kitchen furniture styles Over-the-Range Microwave Oven w/ EasyClean® - Stainless Steel (146) Sold by Sears. add to compare compare now. See price in cart $669.99 $602.99. GE Profile Series PVM9179SKSS 1.7 cu. ft. Over-the-Range Microwave - Stainless Steel (8) Sold by Sears. add to compare compare now + 2. $619.99 $557.99