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Tinea corporis (ringworm) typically presents as a red, annular, scaly, pruritic patch with central clearing and an active border ().Lesions may be single or multiple and the size generally ranges. Tinea corporis is an infection of the body surface with mold-like fungi called dermatophytes. Drugs used to treat Tinea Corporis The following list of medications are in some way related to, or used in the treatment of this condition Tinea Corporis - 2 7. Do not share helmets of any kind, hats, combs, brushes, barrettes, scarves, or clothing. C. Consultation/Referral to APRN or Physician if: 1. Secondary bacterial infection occurs. 2. Severe or widespread infection (areas of oozing, bleeding, or crusts). 3. Involvement of the nails or face. 4. Clients < 1 month old. 5 Body ringworm is a dermatophyte (fungal) infection of the face, trunk, arms, and legs. Symptoms of tinea corporis include pink-to-red, round patches on the skin that sometimes itch. Doctors examine the affected area and sometimes view a skin scraping under a microscope to make the diagnosis. Treatment includes antifungal drugs applied directly.

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  2. Tinea corporis is a superficial dermatophyte infection characterized by either inflammatory or noninflammatory lesions on the glabrous skin (ie, skin regions except the scalp, groin, palms, and soles). Three anamorphic (asexual or imperfect) genera cause dermatophytoses: Trichophyton, Microsporum, and Epidermophyton
  3. Andrews MD, Burns M; Common tinea infections in children. Am Fam Physician. 2008 May 1577(10):1415-20. Rotta I, Ziegelmann PK, Otuki MF, et al; Efficacy of topical antifungals in the treatment of dermatophytosis: a mixed-treatment comparison meta-analysis involving 14 treatments. JAMA Dermatol. 2013 Mar149(3):341-9. doi: 10.1001/jamadermatol.
  4. ation of skin scrapings on potassium hydroxide wet mount. Treatment involves topical or oral antifungals
  5. Ringworm (Tinea Corporis) Ringworm of the body (tin ee uh COR por is) is an infection of the skin caused by a fungus (a plant which is too small to see). Ringworm is not caused by a worm. The infection starts as a rash with tiny red pimples. The pimples slowly spread and form a round or oval ring, typically ½ to 1 inch (12 to 25 mm) in size
  6. The efficacy of this combination treatment has been demonstrated in two randomized controlled studies,40, 41 the first treating tinea cruris and the second treating tinea cruris and corporis. In.
  7. Tinea corporis is a superficial fungal infection of the skin that can affect any part of the body, excluding the hands and feet, scalp, face and beard, groin, and nails. It is commonly called 'ringworm' as it presents with characteristic ring-shaped lesions. Typical annular lesions of ringworm. Tinea corporis. Tinea corporis

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  1. es, butenafine, ciclopirox, tolnaftate, or amorolfine, is effective . Nystatin is not effective for dermatophyte infections. (See 'Tinea corporis' above.
  2. The efficacy and safety of two dos-ages of itraconazole in the treatment of tinea corporis or cruris were compared in a multicentre, randomized, double-blind, parallel-group trial. Fifty-four patients received itraconazole 100 mg daily for 2 weeks and 60 received itraconazole 200 mg daily for 1 week
  3. istration of immunosuppressive agent such as a corticosteroid. The area of onset is at the point where the immunosuppressive agent is applied. Tinea corporis gladiatorum is a form of tinea corporis present in wrestlers.

A case of tinea corporis caused by Arthroderma benhamiae (teleomorph of Tinea mentagrophytes) in a pet shop employee. J Am Acad Dermatol . 2006 Jul. 55(1):153-4. [Medline] Tinea corporis, also known as ringworm, is a superficial fungal infection (dermatophytosis) Treatment. Most cases are treated by application of topical antifungal creams to the skin, but in extensive or difficult to treat cases, systemic treatment with oral medication may be required Tinea corporis, or ringworm, is a skin infection caused by a fungus. It usually affects the skin on your face, chest, or limbs. Tinea corporis is most common in children and athletes. DISCHARGE INSTRUCTIONS: Contact your healthcare provider if: You have a fever. Your rash continues to spread after 7 days of treatment. Your rash is not gone in 2.

Treatment. If tinea versicolor is severe or doesn't respond to over-the-counter antifungal medicine, you may need a prescription-strength medication. Some of these medications are topical preparations that you rub on your skin. Others are drugs that you swallow. Examples include: Ketoconazole (Ketoconazole, Nizoral, others) cream, gel or shampoo The 1-Week Ringworm Treatment. #1 doctor recommended* LamisilAT is a full prescription-strength ringworm treatment for adults and children aged 12 and over. It contains terbinafine, a leading antifungal medication. To treat ringworm, use the same LamisilAT products that are used to treat athlete's foot. LamisilAT cures most ringworm 4X faster. Ringworm (Tinea Corporis) Also referred to as tinea corporis, ringworm infection develops on the top layer of skin. Characterized by an itchy, red circular rash that has healthy-looking skin in the middle, ringworm originates from a fungus, having no connection to worms. The fungi are attracted to warm, moist environments, which is why the most.

Tratament Tineacorporis. Având în vedere că Tinea corporis este o infecție fungică a pielii, cremele antifungice reprezintă o opțiune recomandată de tratament pentru dermatofitoza de pe corp. Acestea vor ataca fungii care au cauzat infecția, permițând vindecarea pielii dumneavoastră. Cremele antifungice sunt ușor de aplicat Tinea corporis: tratament. Tinea corporis: curs de boală și prognostic. Citiți mai multe despre terapii. Tinea corporis (Ringworm) este o infecție fungică a pielii cauzată de ciuperci filamentoase, care afectează trunchiul corpului și extremitățile. Aceasta determină roșeață rotundă, fulgi, de obicei cu mâncărime pronunțate 1 Common Skin Infections and Rashes Matthew J Zirwas, MD Assistant Professor of Dermatology Tinea Corporis • Red scaly ring with central clearing 9Large areas can be involved 9Central clearing may not be complete 9Can have pustules or vesicles at periphery 9Can have multiple lesions • May involve trunk, arms, legs, face • Diagnosis can be confirmed by KOH exa Tratament dermatofitie. Tratamentul este stabilit de medic dupa diagnosticarea exacta a formei de dermatofitie. Astfel, diferitele forme de dermatofitie au tratamente diferite, dupa cum urmeaza:-tinea corporis: se administreaza un tratament local cu antifungice

Tratament naturist pentru infecția cu Tinea. 11. Lifestyle și modalități de prevenție: prurit (mâncărime) eczemă de formă circulară. piele înroșită, crăpată, cu aspect solzos. căderea părului. Simptomele apar de obicei la 4-14 zile de la contactul pielii cu ciupercile fungice responsabile de această infecție. Infecții cu Tinea The tinea corporis may recur if therapy does not result in complete eradication of the organism, such as when patients stop applying topical therapy too soon or if the organism is resistant to the. Tinea corporis is a superficial fungal skin infection of the body caused by dermatophytes. Tinea corporis is present worldwide. It is defined explicitly by the location of the lesions that may involve the trunk, neck, arms, and legs. Alternative names exist for dermatophyte infections that affect the other areas of the body Tinea corporis looks like a patch of discolored or missing fur on animals. If you do touch a pet with ringworm, immediately wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water. Pick or scratch the affected area if you have ringworm Indicated for treating tinea pedis between toes, tinea cruris, and tinea corporis caused by E floccosum, T mentagrophytes, and T rubrum; Applied twice daily for 4 wk or as directed by primary health care provider for interdigital tinea pedis; for tinea cruris or tinea corporis, apply once a day for 2 wk or as directed by primary health care.

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  1. Superficial tinea infections of the nonhairy (glabrous) skin, termed tinea corporis, involve the face, trunk, or limbs. The lesions often are ring-shaped or circular (hence, the lay term ringworm) and are sharply marginated.The involved skin is slightly erythematous and scaly, with color variations from red to brown. The eruption can display a scaly, vesicular, or pustular border (often.
  2. Overview. Tinea infections are commonly called ringworm because some infections form a ring-like pattern on affected areas of the body. Facial ringworm (tinea faciei), also known as tinea faciale or ringworm of the face, is a common, non-cancerous (benign) fungal infection of the surface (superficial) skin of the face
  3. Tinea Corporis (Ringworm) Tinea corporis (commonly known as ringworm) is a superficial fungal infection (dermatophytosis) which normally occurs on a person's arms and legs. However, tinea corporis can be found on other areas of the body in some cases. Ultimately tinea corporis is a fungal infection of the skin
  4. tinea corporis, tinea cruris, tinea manuum, and tinea pedis in the UK, Europe, and the United States.7 8 Infection with T­interdigitale­is a common cause of tinea pedis worldwide, with higher rates seen in some regions such as the Far East9; this species is less common at other sites. T­tonsurans­has been the main cause of tinea capi

Treatment of nail infection (tinea unguium) may include: Antifungal medicine by mouth for weeks or months. This is the most effective treatment. Medicated nail lacquers. These are occasionally helpful. Treatment of body ringworm (tinea corporis) may include: Antifungal cream. Antifungal medicine by mouth. During treatment Treatment of nail infection (tinea unguium) may include: Antifungal medicine by mouth for weeks or months. This is the most effective treatment. Medicated nail lacquers. These are occasionally helpful. Treatment of body ringworm (tinea corporis) may include

Tinea corporis (ringworm) usually presents with lesions of varying sizes, degree of inflammation and depth of involvement found on the trunk, extremities or face excluding the beard area in men. Tinea cruris (jock itch) are lesions found on the groin. It may affect the proximal medial thighs and extend to the buttocks and abdomen Tinea corporis: treatment; Tinea corporis: disease course and prognosis. Read more about the therapies; Tinea corporis (Ringworm) is a skin fungus infection caused by filamentous fungi, which affects the body trunk and extremities. It causes round, flaky redness, usually with a pronounced itching Tinea corporis treatment is the main concern of people with this disease because it causes many physical and moral problems for the patient, which is a skin disease that affects humans and animals. Here we will explain what tinea corporis is, what its treatments are, its causes, symptoms and other related information

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Tinea corporis infection manifests as an annular erythematous patch or plaque with a rim of raised scales with central clearance. While tinea corporis involves multiple regions of the body, it may be classified by a different name depending on the areas of involvement ( faciei [face], capitis [head], barbae [beard], and cruris [groin], among. Certain dermatophytes are more likely to affect certain regions of the body. For example, Trichophyton rubrum is the most common cause of athlete's foot (tinea pedis), jock itch (tinea cruris), tinea unguium, and tinea corporis. Nevertheless, other dermatophytes might be responsible for these conditions as well Tinea corporis, pedis, cruris, and manus treatment. Coverage for Trichophyton and Epidermophyton and all treatment should be at lease 1 week past resolution of lesions Mild Disease. Clotrimazole 1% or Ketoconazole q12hrs applied topically x 4 weeks; Severe Bullous disease. Fluconazole 150mg (6mg/kg) PO once a week x 2 week Treatment of Tinea Corporis as a result of the proliferation of fungi is to to keep the body clean and dry. In addition, don't use common areas such as public bathroom, toilet or sink and keep away from personal hygiene items if they belong to the others. Particularly, students staying in dorms, have a risk of being caught Tinea Corporis. Ringworm (Tinea Corporis) | Causes, Risk Factors, Signs & Symptoms, Diagnosis and TreatmentRingworm (Tinea Corporis) is a fungal skin infection cause by fung..

1. Rosemary Shy, MD* 1. *Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Wayne State University, Children's Hospital of Michigan, Detroit, Mich After completing this article, readers should be able to: 1. Recognize the wide variation in presentations of tinea capitis and corporis. 2. Describe that treatment of hair, nails, and beard compared with that for other body sites Tinea corporis is a superficial fungal skin infection of the body caused by dermatophytes. Tinea corporis can be found worldwide. It is specifically defined.

The global tinea corporis treatment market attained a value of USD 16 billion in 2020, driven by rising incomes, growing focus towards developing countries and increasing tendency of households to pet an animal. Aided by the rising incidences of fungal diseases worldwide, the market is expected to witness a further growth in the forecast period of 2021-2026, growing at a CAGR of 3%. The market. The global tinea corporis treatment market is apprehended to see impressive growth in the near future due to expansion in use and entry of new products. An encouraging sign can be observed in the market with changing consumer trends. The use of antifungal agents is driven by year on year rise in the susceptible immune compromised patient population, rise in incidence of fungal diseases Treatments applied to the skin for fungal infections of the groin and body. Up to 20% of the world's population is affected by fungal skin infections of the groin ('jock' itch, or tinea cruris) or of the body (ringworm, or tinea corporis ), which generally appear as red and itchy areas on the skin. Many topical (directly applied to the skin. of 4 consecutive weeks, and were assigned to an experimental group. The other 43 patients underwent 1% topical butenafine cream for a total of 2 consecutive weeks, and were allocated to a control group. The efficacy and safety were measured and analyzed after 4 weeks treatment. After treatment, patients in both groups achieved better improvements in erythema (P < .01), scaling (P < .01.

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Tinea Corporis (Ringworm) (01) skin [ICD-10 B35.4] In A Nutshell. Tinea corporis is a fungal skin infection also known as ringworm of the body. The most common cause of ringworm is infection from person to person. The disease can also be transmitted from pets to humans, and then on to other people. Ringworm is a common and very contagious disease Tinea corporis. Primary infection of the surface of the skin of the trunk, face, and extremities is called tinea corporis and manifests in the form of severely itchy, circular, or irregular lesions which have well defined active borders made up of papulo-vesicles, while the central parts of the lesions show hyperpigmentation, erythema, and. Tinea corporis/cruris: new treatment options. Dermatology 1997;194(Suppl 1):14-18. 4. Zaias N, Berman B, Cordero CN, et al. Efficacy of a 1-week, once daily regimen of terbinafine 1% cream in the treatment of tinea cruris and tinea corporis. J Am Acad Dermatol 1993;29:646-648. 5. Lebwohl M, Elewski B, Eisen D, Savin RC

Tinea corporis is a superficial fungal infection (dermatophytosis) of the arms and legs, especially on glabrous skin, however it may occur on any part of the body.. Symptoms of Tinea corporis. It may have a variety of appearances; most easily identifiable are the enlarging raised red rings with a central area of healing (ringworm) Tinea Corporis Symptoms, Causes And Treatment. Tinea corporis (also called Ringworm, Tinea Circinata and Tinea Globrosa) is a superficial fungal infection (dermatology) on the skin, particularly the bright skin of hands and feet; However, it can occur on any part of the body. It is similar to other forms of Tinea Definition (NCI) A skin infection caused by a fungus. Definition (CSP) general term describing various dermatophytoses; specific types include tinea capitis (ringworm of the scalp), tinea favosa (of scalp and skin), tinea pedis (athlete's foot), and tinea unguium (ringworm of the nails). Concepts Tinea incognito also known as steroid-modified tinea or tinea incognita, is the name given to a fungal skin infection when the clinical appearance has been altered by inappropriate treatment, usually a topical steroid cream. The result is that the original infection slowly extends. Compared with untreated tinea corporis, tinea incognito. Tinea Pedis, also known as Athlete's Foot, occurs between the toes. Treatment. Usually, mild cases of ringworm respond well to over-the-counter antifungal creams and ointments like clotrimazole, miconazole, terbinafine and tolnaftate. After cleaning and drying the area, apply a thin layer of the medicine one to two times as directed

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Conflicts of interest: B.E.E is a consultant for Arcutis, Boehringer Ingelheim, BMS, Celgene, Leo, Lilly, Menlo, Novartis, Pfizer, Sun, Valeant (Ortho dermatology. Ringworm, or tinea, is an infection caused by fungal (dermatophyte) organisms as oppose to a worm. The name is derived from the ring-like appearance of ringworm on the body (tinea corporis) with an outer reddish ring followed by a clearing in the center

Clinical definition. superficial fungal infection of the skin. corporis = body. affected areas include the trunk, legs, arms, and neck. does not include the feet, hands, groin, nails, and scalp. these tinea infections are classified differently. Epidemiology. demographics. most common in pre-adolescents Dermatofiţia (tinea): tratament şi prevenţie Tratamentul dermatofiţiei presupune folosirea unor unguente, soluţii sau pudre antifungice care se aplică pe zona afectată. Aceste produse pot avea ca substanţă activă clotrimazol, miconazol, terbinafină, tolfaftat etc Tinea corporis, tratament si efecte » Secțiunea: Forum medical...pata rosie cu centrul aparent sanatos. Dupa o mica analiza pe google mi-am dat seama ca seamana extrem de mult cu o ciuperca de piele ( tinea corporis). Am consultat un dermatolog care dupa cateva secunde de analizat ochiometric zona mi-a dat o reteta spunand camine cum pot. Tinea corporis, also commonly called ringworm because of its ring-like outline on the affected areas, is a common superficial dermatophyte infection caused by different species of fungi jointly referred to as tinea. Either inflammatory or non-inflammatory lesions distinguish it on glabrous skin. A mold-like fungus, known as dermatophyte is the.

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Best Treatment For Tinea Corporis: a Powerful Way of Treating Tinea Corporis. in this article you will find oral antifungal drugs, tinea versicolor of creams, and some of the best oral meds. What is tinea corporis Background: Tinea corporis is a common fungal infection that mimics many other annular lesions. Physicians must familiarize themselves with this condition and its treatment. Objective: This article aimed to provide a narrative updated review on the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of tinea corporis Ringworm, also called dermatophytosis or tinea, is a fungal infection of the skin. In spite of its name, ringworm isn't caused by a worm. Learn how to identify and treat ringworm Tinea Corporis (Body Ringworm) Tinea corporis is a dermatophyte infection of the face, trunk, and extremities. Diagnosis is by clinical appearance and by examination of skin scrapings on potassium hydroxide wet mount. Treatment involves topical or oral antifungals Tinea capitis: Treatment with systemic antifungal medication is required, Tinea corporis/cruris: Tinea corporis and tinea cruris can usually be treated with over-the-counter antifungal products. 6 Patients who have tinea cruris should be advised to keep the groin area clean and dry and to wear cotton underwear

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Ringworm, also referred to as dermatophytosis, tinea corporis, or tinea, is a highly contagious skin infection that is characterized by the development of a red or silvery ring-like rash with a raised, snaking border and clearer skin in the middle.. This infection carries a misleading name that would suggest that it is caused by worms, when in fact, the blame lies entirely on a mold-like. Before treatment a positive microscopy or a positive culture of skin scrapings is recommended (2) Oral treatment options include: terbinafine. griseofulvin. itraconazole (3) Reference: (1) Gupta AK, Chaudhry M, Elewski B. Tinea corporis, tinea cruris, tinea nigra, and piedra. Dermatol Clin. 2003;21 (3):395-400 Tinea corporis is the medical term for ringworm. It's a red, circular rash that can become quite itchy. Despite the name, it's not caused by a worm Tinea Treatment. Treatment of Tinea usually consists of anti-fungal creams or powders found in the pharmacy, drug store or department stores. If the problem becomes more severe then oral anti-fungal medication must be used. Sometimes people can develop an additional bacterial infection due to scratching infected areas Tinea corporis, also known as ringworm, tinea circinata and tinea glabrosa, is a superficial infection that affects the skin. It especially occurs in body parts like hands, neck, chest and legs. Apart from these, ringworm can also crop up on the scalp, beard area or the groin. The infection can be easily recognized by the enlarged raised red.

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Ultraviolet light (Wood's light) is useful for tinea capitis especially. Fluorescence is produced by the fungus. Fluorescence is not seen with tinea corporis or tinea cruris. Rarely, a biopsy may be needed if the case is atypical or not responding to treatment. Associated disease Other types of fungal skin infections (such as tinea corporis and tinea capitis) may also occur alongside tinea faciei. In such cases, skin areas on the scalp may also be affected along with the face. Tinea faciei infection is a relatively rare fungal infection. It is most likely to spread from pets to humans. Read more on tinea capitis Tinea Corporis Definition . Tinea cruris is the name used for infection of the groin with a dermatophyte fungus. In another word tinea corporis is also known as ringworm. Typically it appears as a large, red, ring shaped or circular rash on the skin. Ringworm can occur anywhere on the skin and it commonly itches. It is most often seen in.

Tinea incognita is the name given to a fungal skin infection when the clinical appearance has been altered by inappropriate treatment, usually a topical steroid cream. The result is that the original infection slowly extends. Often the patient and/or their doctor believe they have a dermatitis, hence the use of a topical steroid cream Tinea Corporis Treatment. Tinea corporis is a fungal rash and usually resolves with regular application of antifungal cream. However, a severe form of infection may require oral antifungal medicines, in addition to topical agents Treatment. Tinea Corporis is usually treated easily with anti-fungal creams. These need to be prescribed by a doctor and are used up to three times a day for up to three weeks. For the more severe cases, an oral medication may be needed to get rid of the infection. Oral medications can relieve any symptoms within seven days of beginning treatment

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Terrasil Tinea Treatment 2-Product Ointment and Cleansing Bar System with All-Natural Activated Minerals 6X Tinea Fungus Fighting Power (14gm Tube + 75gm bar) 4.1 out of 5 stars 1,742 $28.95 $ 28 . 9 Tinea Corporis or ringworm or pityriasis corporis is a fungal infection of the skin characterized by an itchy ring shaped skin rashes. Homeopathic treatment is effective for chronic Tinea corporis. Read causes, symptoms and diagnosis in brief Tinea corporis is also known as tinea circinata or ringworm of the body. 1 It is one of a group of fungal infections, closely related to tinea pedis (athlete's foot) and tinea cruris (jock itch). 2 The dermatophytic fungi responsible for these infections include Epidermophyton floccosum and Microsporum canis Dermatophyte. infections, also known as. tinea. , are the most common fungal infections of the skin, hair, and nails. The term . dermatophyte. refers to fungal species that infect keratinized tissue, and includes members of the. Trichophyton.

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Tinea corporis (ringwom) is a fungal infection of the skin, most commonly found on the arms and legs (although can occur anywhere). Like other forms of tinea (capitis or cruris) is identifiable by raised rings with erythematous edges and central clearing.It is itchy, and the edges are scaly Tinea capitis is a skin infection or ringworm of the scalp caused by a fungus called dermatophytes (capitis comes from the Latin word for head). It mostly affects children. Tinea corporis is ringworm of the body (corporis means body in Latin). In wrestlers this is often called tinea gladiatorum. Tinea pedis or athlete's foot is an infection.

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Tinea Corporis. Clinic A/P, adults, Clinic A/P, Peds. #Tinea Corporis. -Patient has been advised to keep the affected area dry. -Will treat with topical antifungal. Duration of treatment = two weeks or one week after lesion disappears. -Rx: Econazole topical 1% cream. Apply QD x 2wk or one wk after lesion disappears. -F/u in two wks Tinea corporis treatment topical antifungal (use until it goes away +2 days) Tinea corporis advanced treatment PO antifungal extensive, unresolving, spreading or immunocompromised Tinea pedis (athlete's foot) dry intense itching and burning lesions and scaling lateral borders of the feet +20 more terms

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The frequency of certain pathogens varies from continent to continent. In Europe mainly Trichophyton rubrum, Trichophyton mentagrophytes, also Epidermophyton floccosum are detected. S.a.u. Dermatophytes.The Tinea corporis gladiatores is mostly caused by T. tonsurans.. In a larger Persian study, the frequency of the pathogen was found as follows: Trichophyton verrucosum (40.6%), Trichophyton. OBJECTIVES: To assess the effects of topical antifungal treatments in tinea cruris and tinea corporis. SEARCH METHODS: We searched the following databases up to 13th August 2013: the Cochrane Skin Group Specialised Register, CENTRAL in The Cochrane Library (2013, Issue 7), MEDLINE (from 1946), EMBASE (from 1974), and LILACS (from 1982) Tinea versicolor is a condition characterized by a skin eruption on the trunk and proximal extremities. The majority of tinea versicolor is caused by the fungus Malassezia globosa, although Malassezia furfur is responsible for a small number of cases. These yeasts are normally found on the human skin and become troublesome only under certain circumstances, such as a warm and humid environment. Tinea cruris is an acute or chronic infection of the genitalia, pubic area, and perineal and perianal skin. It is an anatomic variety of tinea corporis. The disease is normally seen in young males, but rarely seen in women. It occurs throughout the world but is more prevalent in tropical areas owing to temperature and humidity

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