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What is the weirdest thing you own? Is it a present from a crazy great-aunt? Or could it be something you found in a dumpster? Whatever it is, I would love to hear your stories and see your pictures! This post may include affiliate links. #1 This Super Weird Toy My Friend Got Me. It's Half Bear And Half Elephant, So I Call It Bearlephan Check out the weirdest things that Joe owns! --- FOLLOW THE CREW: • Joe Jo: https://instagram.com/joe_joverdose • Bart Kwan: http://instagram.com/bartkwan •. The Weirdest Things I Own. 6/11/2015 0 Comments Hello friends! Today I was cleaning out my closet and found a mouse hat (which you will definitely see in today's post). So it gave me the idea to show you guys some of the strangest things I own

Excel spreadsheets weren't her thing either, so she decided creative storytelling was the way to go. Other than that, outside of work, you can find her making barista-style coffee or hand-stretched pizzas, sometimes even drawing and playing video games with friends 7 Weirdest Everyday Things that I Own and Love 1. Stojo Collapsible Cup. You might have seen this particular cup when I Rated Starbucks' Secret Menu from my last blog. When I used to go out to coffee shops during the weekends to write, I always make it a point to have my iced coffee served in a reusable cup. You know, reduce disposable waste. What is deemed strange is not only subjective, but very contextual as well. For example, I own female shoes. By most people's admissions, that's a weird item for a male to have. I like it. I have various (contextually) weird things, including fash.. What is the weirdest thing you own? 1.5k comments. share. save. hide. report. 88% Upvoted. This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1. 4 years ago · edited 4 years ago. My mom's a weird, shop-a-holic hoarder who is always rationalizing purchases by imaging that her children will love. 32.7m members in the AskReddit community. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions

The weirdest thing you own is a toy? 3. Reply. Share. Report Save. Continue this thread. Learn about the weirdest thing JK members own starting with Geo! --- FOLLOW THE CREW:• Joe Jo: https://instagram.com/joe_joverdose• Bart Kwan: http://instagr..

If you're already starting your holiday shopping or just love finding the absolutely weirdest things to buy on the internet, here are 40 of the weirdest products you can actually purchase on. Almost all of us have some weird items in our home that are kinda strange or unusual. Maybe it's an old relic given to us by our family, something we found at a thrift store or an item that just caught our eye in a shop. Share the weirdest item you own and tell us the story behind it! Don't forget to like and comment on your favorite weird things What is the weirdest thing you own? 2 comments. share. save. hide. report. 100% Upvoted. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. Sort by. best. level 1 · 5m. A record slipmat with my father's face on it. Vote. Reply. Share. Report Save. level 1 · 2m. I have a Turkish Lamp. Vote. Reply. Share. Report Save Check out the weirdest thing that Julia owns! --- FOLLOW THE CREW:• Joe Jo: https://instagram.com/joe_joverdose• Bart Kwan: http://instagram.com/bartkwan• Ge..

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So.. yeah.. I had a secret agent thing going on in my adolescence.. I've kept a teak cane I purchased around 1975 in Jakarta that when pulled off the handle reveals a 9 or so inch steel dagger. So.. yeah.. I had a secret agent thing going on in my adolescence.. Weirdest thing I own. Share. MidgeC. Share. 2 Check out the weirdest thing that Josh owns! --- FOLLOW THE CREW:• Joe Jo: https://instagram.com/joe_joverdose• Bart Kwan: http://instagram.com/bartkwan• Geo.. The Weirdest Things You Can Buy on Amazon. Scroll through for a laugh or perhaps the very thing you've been looking for all along. having your very own bottle of bird poop remover will. What's the weirdest thing you own? Send us a note, give us a shout 403-981-0915, or let us know on our Facebook page. ~ Lauren . Share this story: Next Story. Real Treat wins top award for organic gourmet cookies. Latest in Community. MLA praises Cochrane Immigrant Services in Legislature

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  1. able Snowman statue, live cockroaches, Nicolas Cage pillowcases, and 18 other things that actually exist. We hope you love the.
  2. But, for some weird reason, people still insist on trying weird product after weird product to cleanse themselves. So here are some of the strangest (and kind of funny) things women put in their vaginas in 2017: 1. VapoRub for vaginas. Share
  3. ted during the time of Constantine the Great. The weirdness? It's totally a fake. However, I have to pretend it's real, because my mom and stepfather bought it for me, and it would break their hearts if they found out the truth. Thus, I have to keep it on display in my house
  4. 17 Hilariously Weird Things Everyone Does But No One Talks About. 6 - 47 -. 462k. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Share on Pinterest. We all sometimes catch ourselves doing something astonishingly stupid or funny. However, most of us are scared to reveal our weird sides for fear that people will make fun of us or belittle us
  5. The more important thing is to simply be aware of the potential for them to damage their own tails, or accidentally inflict some pain on you. #11 - Rain is not their friend. It could be their short hair or their strange fear of things, but in either event, many Great Danes do not like the rain. Contrary to their love of drinking water, they.
  6. Of course, there are some items that never make it to the pawn shop. These items are way too weird and the kind of thing only their current owner would ever want. While you might think their story would never get told, these items are still really easy to learn about. All you have to do is ask the pawn shop employee
  7. 14. Drink kombucha. It'd be really weird if we brewed kombucha and had our own SCOBY, like my buddy Jeff Sanders does, but we're not there yet. For now, I'm satisfied drinking it, something I didn't start doing until I got to Asheville, where it's made locally (like so much else)

It is so popular that Lonely Planet described the event as one of the top 50 must do things from around the world in 2014 and one of the United Kingdom's strangest traditions. Franco. Weirdest thing I own is a kangaroo's ear. My cousin in law was going spotlighting one night and I told him if he shot a roo I wanted the ear. Next morning there was a bloody roo ear hanging in the garage waiting for me. 0. Share this post. Link to post Share on other sites BabyQuip maintains high levels of sanitation and safety standards and is fully insured, so you can rent your gear stress-free. 20. General Goodies. You can actually rent out almost anything: cars, apparel, sporting goods, electronics, appliances you name it, it's probably for rent somewhere

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16 Strange Things You Probably Didn't Know You Could Invest In [2021] INVESTING Although it could cost millions to buy a major league baseball team, you can own a minor league team for around $500,000, which could be affordable if you pool your capital with several partners. Alternatively, you could invest in shares of publicly-traded. People Shared The Strangest Things They've Actually Been Caught Doing, And It Might Give You Secondhand Embarrassment I once ran up the stairs on all fours. I hadn't realized that my best friend. Related: Photo AI Just Assumes Everyone Is White 4 They Find Ways To Take Shortcuts At Every Opportunity. There was a study involving an AI designed to land a simulated plane using as little force as possible, for what should be obvious reasons. A soft landing earned a perfect score, and the AI was supposed to learn a way to get that score

There are things, that you wish for and you get it, and that you want but still you can't get it. Well, banning things is laudable if that make some sense like either prohibiting a minigun in the US or ban selling a kidney in Iran, But Why ketchup you jerks. We have already published a few articles about some of the most weird and craziest laws and regulations that used to be or still. 7. This isn't technically something I did with my own penis, but I did convince all the girls in my class that penises had muscles in them and could pick things up like an elephant trunk. A ban on pedestrians looking at mobile phones or texting while crossing the street took effect in Honolulu, Hawaii, earlier this year. Fines start at $15 and go as high as $99 for multiple. What are some of the weirdest things you see your narcissist do? Upon first meeting her she gave me a karma sutra can of massage oils, sex lubricants, honey scrotum powder. The card read your crazy aunt. Sharing a hotel room in foreign country i was awoken at 4am by her crawling on top of me in my bed

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  1. Socially awkward people often get told that they're weird. It's a tricky word to deal with because it has both good and bad connotations, and people use it to describe all kinds of things. Sometimes the word is used to refer to something that's strange or different, but not necessarily bad
  2. ding your own business, when out of the blue, you recognize someone but then don't say hi.. If we introverts happen to see someone we know in public, for lack of better words, this may put us into fight-or-flight mode
  3. weird things people own Posted by mailman on 10/25/15 at 7:50 pm. 7 4. I knew a guy in college that owned several pocket pussies and even had one of those butt/booby that he used to frick. Said it was a replica of Jenna haze. Weird thing is that he was normal looking dude who dated chicks but loved to frick those things. Never knew anyone to.
  4. Here are 10 weird things I've done as a socially anxious introvert. 'Weird' Struggles of the Socially Anxious Introvert. 1. Planning out each conversation in advance. If there's a party to attend, a happy hour, or any other event where there are people involved, I plan out my topics of conversation
  5. Lovecraft material is weird enough on its own, though when its brought into he film realm it can be quite bizarre to behold. From Beyond was one of those lost souls of a film that took decades to come onto DVD. It dips into sci-fi and horror with results that emerge out of nasty looking deformed creatures. This film managed to focus on.
  6. Well, it wasn't a thing, but a hair-raising bug - a gigantic earthworm, and it sure is the most obnoxious sight we've ever seen. The lucky guy who had this rare chance to spot such a giant earthworm was the Chinese worker, Li Zhiwei. This guy found this weird creature while putting some clothes to dry out in the backyard
  7. It feels weird knowing that people want to own your panties, and want the pictures to prove that they are yours, specifically, but that's the thing -- you have to know what unique quality you possess that's going to trigger someone's fetish, and then advertise the shit out of that. Even if it involves literal shit

Some things just belong in the mini-world we create for them. On the contrary. I think we are the bugs under the microscope. Our cars give the people around us the best possible voyeuristic opportunity. They get to watch us be weird, gross, creepy, and funny without all the long-term hassles of a spouse, child, or pet In the spirit of honoring Woodley's, uh, offbeat nature, we've rounded up the 20 weirdest things she's ever said. On everything from her homemade toothpaste to her love for the movie. 4 of the weirdest things the Nazis ever did. Emma Liem. Posted On April 02, 2018 09:37:19 Then the Nazis simultaneously opened their own art exhibit, the Great German Art Exhibition, one with Aryan-approved art only. This way it would be clear to the public which was the superior art genre, and settle the matter once and for all..

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The most unusual thing I ever stole? A snowman. / Midnight. He looked magnificent; a tall, white mute / beneath the winter moon. I wanted him, a mate / with a mind as cold as th With tax season in full swing, and people trying to deduct all that they can, we thought it the perfect time to highlight some strange but legitimate tax deductions. Some were challenged in Tax Court where the taxpayer won, others are every day deductions you shouldn't overlook Often they're so unused that they're full of random bathroom things, but they just kinda creep me out. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for clean bits and pieces, but the idea of hovering over a fake toilet in order to splash yourself from a tap. I don't know, just seems a bit weird. Spanish Woman Don't Wash Their Hands

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Searching Google for a list of the weirdest things in San Francisco yields some pretty tired results (sorry, wave organ and pretty staircases), so we decided to make our own 1. We're all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness and call it love ' true love. Robert Fulghum. 2. I am weird, you are weird. Everyone in this world is weird 15 Weird Car Features You Didn't Know You Might Have Krista Carothers Updated: May 21, 2021 Newer cars are packed full of technology to make driving safer and easier

Time Travel Part 2: The Future Freaks Me Out This may be the weirdest thing I've ever put online...enjoy Still inspired by Julie Nokles first time travel video....with my own spin ‍♀ 13. Eat weird pastas. Spelt, quinoa and corn, brown rice. Not because we have any sort of gluten intolerance or even a sensitivity, but because it's fun to try new stuff. 14. Drink kombucha. It'd be really weird if we brewed kombucha and had our own SCOBY, like my buddy Jeff Sanders doe An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Main Content; Archive of Our Own beta. Log In. User name or email: this might just be the weirdest thing i've ever wrote. This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet) Oh, Canada! It's the second biggest country by land mass, and it's a diverse land with mountains, plains and the most fresh water lakes in the world. This weekend, 35 million Canadians will celebrate the nation's 150th birthday. Canadians are proud of their culture, which includes two official languages, and their heritage. And the one thing that they want the whole world to understand is.

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An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works The Weirdest Fucking Thing - Thats_Kinda_Gay_Bro - Danny Phantom [Archive of Our Own] Main Conten 'The weirdest thing is growing this bump by yourself': What pregnancy, birth are like in a pandemic Amy Graff , SFGATE April 17, 2020 Updated: April 19, 2020 5:17 a.m

The 10 Weirdest Things You Can Actually Do In The Witcher 3. The world of The Witcher is far from the typical fantasy setting. It's known to be downright weird sometimes, and player choices can. 13 Craziest Things People Have Seen in Hotel Rooms Claire Nowak Updated: Dec. 23, 2020 These unsuspecting employees and guests share their strangest (and for some, scariest) experiences at hotels. 50 Unusual And Weird Things To Do In Tokyo Every First Timer Must Try! 1. Have Your Own Mario Go Kart Adventure On The Streets Of Tokyo; 2. Shop Up A Storm At The Bizarre Don Quijote Store; 3. Get Re-Fuelled At Any Katsuya Restaurant Chain Store; 4. Experience Otaku Culture and Tokyo's Akihabara Neighborhood; 5

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Cuppa Strange. 4 hrs ·. It's amazing the things you get to do when you're living your own life! Like enjoying sports days as a couple! #cuppastrange #lovinglife #laptoplifestyle. 11. Share Bat Guano. It is strange to purchase a two-pound bag of bat guano. But what's even more bizarre is that this weird things product's label makes it look like a bag of candy to pass out to trick-or-treaters. Resist the urge and use it for the intended use of fertilization only. 11 / 20. Home Depot

Anyway, weirdest thing I've ever owned were my teeth from when I was kid. I also used to collect rocks when I was little, but then I grew up and threw them away. Quote from: emporerdragon on January 06, 2020, 09:29:07 p 15 Weird Things In Normal Products Everybody Owns Facebook Twitter Pinterest Flipboard Reddit. By: Cracked Plasticians January 16, 2019. Overseas Food and Drinks That Are Way Better Than Our Own; If you loved this article and want more content like this, support our site with a visit to our Contribution Page. Please and thank you 10 Weird Things Owned by Samsung. And it makes a wider variety of things than we ever see in the West. Before three days' worth of meetings with Samsung executives, for instance, I went to a. Weird things to buy online. If you view the statistic of the people who search for cool gifts to buy, you will discover that there are millions. Everybody wants to have something fascinating, exciting, and peculiar of their own, but they use the old method of shopping to get it 13+ Funny Grumpy Cat Memes T-Shirts. Grumpy Cat memes were among the first memes to ever go viral. This unusual cat face amused the internet like never before. Although the cat only got up to the. Read More

After all the weird things I've found Online, I still couldn't unseat the $10,000 that a fan paid for a piece of chewed gum from former Arizona Diamondbacks World Series hero, Luis Gonzalez 20 Weird And Unusual Things That Actually Exist In Our World. by Awesome Daily Staff. November 8, 2015. in Entertainment. 1. 44. SHARES. 2.7k. VIEWS. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. These are all real things . 1: Blue Lava. Located in Indonesia, this lava burst so fast and in such high temperature it turns blue Most of its sales are made in the South and Midwest areas of the United States, where ranch truly reigns as king. Good thing Hidden Valley didn't accidentally mis-bottle 8,600 cases of Ranch. From cute capybaras, curious kinkajous and terrifying tarantulas, we here at TheHouseShop.com, have rounded up 15 of the weirdest pets that you can actually own in the UK- take a gander and see if any take your fancy (the pygmy goat and the capybara are currently topping the list in our office!)

Doing things alone eventually dissipates the feeling of self-consciousness in public places and fosters self-awareness instead. It takes a degree of confidence and initiative to do things solo, of which you should be proud. And if I'm going to be frowned upon because I'm eating dessert alone like I'm fuckin' Steven Glansberg then, well. So be it 25 Weird Things Humans Do Every Day, and Why but forgetting facts that you really ought to know — like why you just walked into a room or the name of your own child — is definitely a. Weird News - Funny and bizarre stories in the news. Postcard delivered to councillor with picture of his own face used as stamp 'Now, according to some arcane rule, James is now the ruling.

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564 BC: Arrichion of Phigalia, a Greek pankratiast, caused his own death during the Olympic finals. Held by his unidentified opponent in a stranglehold and unable to free himself, Arrichion kicked his opponent, causing him so much pain from a foot/ankle injury that the opponent made the sign of defeat to the umpires, but at the same time broke Arrichion's neck 10 Of The Strangest Things About The Amish Community In The USA (And 10 In Canada) The Amish community lives a way of life that is unthinkable to most modern citizens. They do not use cars, own TVs or have access to the Internet. They dress simply and without embellishment. This way of living is so diametrically opposed to how most of the. zombiepassions.com. This is a very strange website for most people, but if you're a zombie lover, zombie survivalist, zombie prepper or just a plain zombie freak, then you will love this dedicated zombie dating and social networking site. Who needs the run of the mill dating sites when you have this extremely niche zombie love fest just a few. The single, high-energy neutrino that struck Earth on Sept. 22, 2017, wasn't, on its own, all that extraordinary. Physicists at the IceCube Neutrino Observatory in Antarctica see neutrinos of. 16. Kids All Talking Over Each Other. My kids all talking at once. As a mother of 5, it can get chaotic and all the noise and yelling make me anxious and cause disassociation.. — Amber M. No matter how weird you think your trigger might be, chances are, you're not the only one who experiences it

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Every night at 1:20 a.m., Monday to Thursday, thousands of people tune in to TV Asahi to watch the latest episode of Zenryokuzaka, a bizarre show featuring women running up steep streets. Each. 4 You Join a Club. When you get a motorcycle, you join a club. Enrollment is automatic, and you cannot opt out. It's a club that you will always be in, right up until you get kissed by an amorous semi, or wise up and sell the bike to invest in a safer, more practical mode of transportation. Heroin, for example AUSTRALIA is home to some of the weirdest laws in the world — and some sound too bizarre to possibly be true. A Sydney cabbie was left bemused this week after he was fined $100 for wearing brown. Foreigners think Americans do some pretty bizarre things while traveling. Getty Restaurant Etiquette. 1. We call our dishes by the wrong name: Turns out that an entrée at a restaurant isn't.

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25. Nicolas Cage Pillowcase - $13.99. Perfect if you're intent on trapping yourself in a Cage. Fun fact: this inanimate pillowcase won more Oscars than The Wicker Man. 24. Milked by Force Erotic. 8. Huitlacoche, Mexico. Corn smut is a fungus that turns normal corn kernels into tumour-like growths covered in blue-black spores. It may look (and certainly sound) like a disgusting food - something like a diseased corncob that needs to be thrown out - but many find it to be a delectable delight Because I know how curious you are, keep reading to find out what the weirdest thing is about each sign. She's the type of person to get lost in her own neighborhood, which is why the GPS. 1. They need to be by themselves. One of the most common traits of this personality type is that INTJs like their own company.The world is divided into extroverts and introverts, with extroverts being the majority.What many people find strange about INTJ people is that they like their own company The 5 Weirdest Side Effects of Moving to a New Country. A year and a half ago, I moved from San Francisco to Australia, knowing almost nothing about the country other than what I'd learned from reading Cracked (so just a montage of ways I was going to die). After braving the Australian Outback and letting all of those giant poisonous spiders.