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Her only significant medical history was a routine cesarean section 4 years earlier. Physical examination findings revealed a firm, mobile, nontender, midline abdominal mass. A computed tomographic (CT) scan was performed, which showed a well-circumscribed, 10-cm mass . The patient was scheduled for elective exploratory laparotomy and resection Differential Diagnosis for a solitary, well-circumscribed mass A mass suspicious of breast cancer is a 'space-occupying' lesion seen on at least two mammogram projections. Furthermore, cancerous tumors also tend to be more dense in the middle than at the edges The mammographic mass corresponds to a well-defined sonographic mass that is predominantly isoechoic to fat with a few anechoic oval lucencies within it. This mass was biopsied and found to be a complex benign cyst

A well circumscribed mass lesion with no microcalcifications or architectural distortions would be more in favour of a benign lesion. You should follow up with your breast specialist or doctor about the possible diagnosis and further plan of management. Let us know if you need any other information and post us about how you are doing In the mammography, this composition accounts for the well-circumscribed, round or oval mass, containing fibroglandular tissue and radiotransparent fat, in certain cases associated with a peripheral pseudocapsule, histologically corresponding to the compression of the adjacent normal tissue Lymphangioma appears as a well-circumscribed unicystic or multicystic, homogeneous, or heterogeneous mass.4,32 The lesion may show an isointense or hyperintense signal on Tl-weighted images and an isointense or hypointense signal on T2-weighted images with respect to the vitreous (Table 10.4) Grossly FNHs are well-circumscribed but non-encapsulated and show a central fibrous scar on cut section. They are characterized histologically by hepatic parenchyma arranged in incomplete nodules separated by fibrous tissue which contains abnormal thick-walled vessels, bile ductular proliferation and chronic inflammation (Figure 4). Figure If the margin of the suspected mass seems well-circumscribed in both it's inner and outer edges and is thin and even, this tends to be a sign of a benign mass. The lesion is 'encapsulated' by the compressed adjacent breast tissue and the mass itself is 'pushing against' this tissue, rather than infiltrating and invading it

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  1. The most common benign renal mass is called an oncocytoma. Oncocytomas have a typical appearance when large, but when small look similar to malignancy. Another common benign renal mass, more common in fertile women, is called an Angiomyolipoma
  2. The palpable lump corresponds to a well-defined, oval, solid mass of heterogeneous echogenicity. The peripheral portion of this mass is isoechoic to fat (arrows), and the central portion is hyperechoic (arrowheads). This mass corresponds to the lesion identified in Fig. 5.3
  3. ent, partially imaged lymph nodes in the right axilla. Difficult to appreciate on this study is the additional finding of a subtle cluster of powdery calcifications in the upper outer quadrant of the left breast
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MRI: well circumscribed mass with homogeneous or heterogeneous signal; hypointense on T2 weighted images (Case Rep Obstet Gynecol 2018;2018:8579026, J Med Case Rep 2015;9:248, Int J Clin Exp Pathol 2018;11:5509 The lesion measured 2.5 × 3.0 × 4.0 cm, was a solitary well-circumscribed roundish nodule with a thin capsule, and its cut surface had a yellowish white homogeneous surface (Figure, B). Pathological examination revealed that the mass comprised an irregular combination of squamous epithelial and spindle cells, with a mature adipose tissue. Family Medicine 21 years experience Border around nodule: 'circumscribed' defines how sharp the border is around the nodule which is suggestive of benign vs cancerous nodule. If nodule is well-circumscribed, it can be benign or cancerous, but more likely benign. If a nodule is poorly circumscribed, it's more likely to be cancerous Low-grade lesions can present as a well-circumscribed parotid mass, mimicking benign entities, while high-grade lesions can have ill-defined or infiltrative margins (Figure 7). Evaluation for malignant nodes or perineural spread along CN VII is important for accurate staging (Figure 8)

Fibroadenomas typically present as well-circumscribed, rubbery, non-tender, firm masses that slowly grow to a size of 2 to 3 cm.10 Most remain static in size or resolve spontaneously. Clinical. Abstract Most well-circumscribed breast masses are benign lesions such as cysts, fibroadenomas, and intramammary lymph nodes. Nevertheless, 10%-20% of breast malignancies are well-circumscribed masses, and these malignancies include papillary, mucinous, medullary, and metaplastic carcinomas, as well as malignant phyllodes tumors On mammography PASH typically presents as a non-calcified oval mass or as a developing focal asymmetry (Figure 4e). 37 On ultrasound it most commonly presents as a well-circumscribed oval hypoechoic mass. 36,37 Histologically PASH is characterized by slit-like spaces in the stroma lined by spindle-shaped myofibroblasts

A mass must be managed on the basis of its worst features. The histologic findings from excisional biopsy disclosed an invasive ductal carcinoma, with an associated ductal carcinoma in situ. The recommended BI-RADS description is a hypoechoic mass with angular posterior margins, parallel orientation, and no posterior acoustic features: BI-RADS 4B A hypoechoic mass may be a tumor or abnormal growth. It may be benign or malignant. A benign tumor may grow but it will not spread (metastasize) to other organs. A malignant (cancerous) tumor can.. usually seen as a well-circumscribed mass inferior to the conus flow voids are typically seen along the surface of and within the tumor nodule hemorrhage is common, leading to a cap sign on T2 weighted images the characteristic salt-and-pepper appearance of neck and skull base paragangliomas may be see Dr. Mila McManus answered 21 years experience Family Medicine Border around nodule: 'circumscribed' defines how sharp the border is around the nodule which is suggestive of benign vs cancerous nodule. If nodule is well-circumscribed,.. Renal cell carcinoma (RCC) is unusual among cancers in that it often grows as a spherical, well-circumscribed mass. Increasing tumour size influences the pathological pT stage category within pT1 and pT2, with cutoffs of 40, 70 and 100 mm; however, with increasing size also comes a sharp increase in

A hypoechocoic mass in the liver may represent a growth of cancer cells. In the liver, a hypoechoic mass may represent a growth of cancer cells which have traveled from an original tumor elsewhere in the body. This kind of malignant mass, which originates elsewhere, is known as a metastasis, plural metastases Mammogram: Large subareolar well circumscribed mass. Ultrasound: 39 x 45 x 39 mm complex cyst with associated mural vascular polypoid mass and septation. CT: Left subareolar soft tissue and fluid density breast mass with a layering fluid level. Pathology: Cribiform papillary arrangement of intermediate grade cells Magnetic Resonance sequences demonstrate a well circumscribed soft tissue mass with hemorrhagic and enhancing solid components. The pathologic features of extraskeletal osteosarcoma on a microscopic scale are identical to that of skeletal lesions. Likewise, conventional chondrosarcomas present in older patients with a growing, painful soft.

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  1. oval, circumscribed mass. breast ultrasound: hypoechoic, well-circumscribed mass. breast biopsy: stromal and epithelial elements; histologic classification can vary from benign to malignant. More breast biopsy Can be difficult to distinguish from fibroadenoma on FNA and core-needle biopsy
  2. Solitary, Well-Circumscribed, T2 Hyperintense Masses on MRI Have Very Low Malignancy Rates Lars J Grimm, MD, MHS, A retrospective review was conducted of all breast MRI reports that described a mass with a final BI-RADS assessment of 3, 4, or 5, from February 1, 2005, through February 28, 2014 (n = 1510). Studies were excluded if the mass.
  3. japdip. Well circumscribed nodule is ofen used to describe a nodule that appears to have a line drawn around it. This term is used when describing cysts, hematomas or mammary lymph nodes. If nothing further was recommended following your mammogram I wouldn't be too concerned about these findings
  4. antly found in the frontal horn or body of the ventricle. A GBM located within the trigone is rare, and one that appears well-circumscribed, homogeneous, and
  5. Well-circumscribed mass in a premenopausal woman. 1. Fibroadenoma 2. Cyst 3. Intramammary lymph node 4. Breast carcinoma 5. Papilloma. Unilateral skin thickening. 1. Inflammatory breast cancer 2. Mastitis 3. Invasive breast cancer 4. Post-surgical or post-radiation changes 5. Superior vena cava syndrom

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  1. The computed tomography (CT) revealed a well-circumscribed 4.4 × 1.3 cm sized mass, with an adipose tissue signal density beneath the mastoid insertion site of the right SCM muscle (Figure 1(b)). The surgical removal was performed under local anesthesia, and the well-circumscribed lipomatous mass was noted between the SCM muscle fibers (Figure.
  2. How a breast mass feels can give a doctor a fairly good idea whether a lump is a breast cancer tumor or a benign mass. In one study, palpation (feeling the lump) had an overall accuracy of around 90%. 
  3. CT shows capillary hemangioma (Fig. 6) as a well-circumscribed mass with an intensely enhancing tumor surrounded by a hypoattenuated peripheral rim . Bone remodeling and erosion are identified as the tumors become larger than 2 cm. MR imaging shows heterogeneous hyperintensity with a hypointense peripheral rim on T2-weighted image, and.
  4. Thyroid mass mediastinal: This is usually a benign growth, such as a goiter. Middle mediastinum. Bronchogenic cyst: This is a benign growth with respiratory origins. Lymphadenopathy mediastinal: This is an enlargement of the lymph nodes

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[17-19] Contrast CT scans usually reveal a well-circumscribed, enhancing mass; surface nodularity may be present. [17] Treatment for parotid masses is a superficial or total parotidectomy with facial nerve preservation; malignant lesions may require a neck dissection and/or postoperative radiotherapy. [18,19 Mammogram: Mammogram demonstrates an irregular mass in the upper inner quadrant (images not shown). Ultrasound: 9 x 7 mm irregular hypoechoic mass with angular margins, no posterior features, and no internal vascular flow on color Doppler imaging. Pathology: Well circumscribed tumor with lobular nested architecture atrial myxoma and consists of a 4 × 4 × 2-cm ovoid mass with a partially calcified hemorrhagic white-tan tissue. INTRAOPERATIVE FROZEN SECTION DIAGNOSIS: Myxoma. MICROSCOPIC DESCRIPTION: Sections show a well-circumscribed mass consisting of fibromyxoid tissue showing numerous vascular channels. Areas o The imaging appearance of acinar cell carcinoma is a large solid well-circumscribed mass, usually larger than 5 cm at presentation. At unenhanced CT, the mass typically has the same attenuation as or lower attenuation than the surrounding parenchyma, has low attenuation on arterial phase contrast-enhanced CT images, and is more enhancing than.

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On imaging, mucinous cystic neoplasms appear as solitary, well-circumscribed, spherical tumors ranging from 6-11 cm. 1 These lesions are classically macrocystic (80%) and unilocular without communication with the pancreatic duct. 1 On unenhanced CT, curvilinear, peripheral calcifications may be seen in 15% of cases and are highly specific. 8. mass on baseline mammogram • Single well circumscribed oval mass • BI-RADS assessment depends partially on clinical scenario - If mammographically stable for =/> 2 years BI-RADS 2 (benign) - Could also be considered BI-RADS 2 (benign) as part of bilateral benign appearing masses • Multiple (at least 3), bilateral, similar appearing, well (Left) Axial CECT demonstrates a well-circumscribed, encapsulated, enhancing mass in the pancreatic head with solid and cystic components. This was found to be an acinar cell carcinoma at surgery. As in this case, these tumors often mimic the appearance of neuroendocrine tumors, albeit with less hyperenhancement Palpation reveals a well-circumscribed, firm mass in the lower-outer quadrant of the left breast. The mass is non-tender, movable, and its margins are easily distinguished. Estimated size of the mass is 1.5-2.0 cm in diameter. Compression of the nipples reveals no discharge. The remainder of the exam is without abnormality

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  1. A hypoechoic nodule, sometimes called a hypoechoic lesion, on the thyroid is a mass that appears darker on the ultrasound than the surrounding tissue. This often indicates that a nodule is full of.
  2. istration of an ultrasound, or sonogram.Though this type of mass may be found in any part of the body, it is most frequently detected in the thyroid
  3. ent central gray scar on cut section (Fig 2C)
  4. Gross: There was a well circumscribed, firm, elevated mass 1 cm in diameter. The overlying skin was intact but smooth and somewhat dark colored. Microscopic: There are nests of darkly staining basophilic cells in the upper dermis with peripheral palisading. There is little cytoplasm, and the cytoplasmic borders are poorly defined
  5. Hypoechoic mass in breast ultrasound - In ultrasound, a benign breast mass usually has a well-defined and fine margin. Lesions will also be micro-droplets, or only two to four mild small leaves. Benign breast lesions are also oval or circular and often tend to be wider than height (which indicates a parallel direction to the chest wall)
  6. al fullness and a palpable mass in the left lower quadrant. Ultrasonography showed a large, rounded, hypoechoic mass. Contrast-enhanced helical CT of the abdomen demonstrated a well-circumscribed, heterogeneously but vividly enhancing mass. The uterus had a leiomyomatous configuration on CT. Uterus and mass revealed the same enhancing pattern
  7. usually well circumscribed, smaller than 1 cm in size, and most often seen in the upper outer quadrant of the breast. Asymmetric breast tissue nearly always can be dis- tinguished from a true mass by means of mammo- graphic evaluation. The distinction of a small stellate mass from an early invasive breast cancer is often ex

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Myofibroblastoma (MFB) is a rare benign spindle cell tumor of the breast. First described by Wargotz et al in 1987, 1 MFB typically presents as a slow growing, well circumscribed, solitary mass ranging from 1-4 cm in size. Although it has been reported in adults of either gender, it is most frequently seen in older males and in postmenopausal. circumscribed: [ ser´kum-skrībd ] bounded or limited; confined to a limited space According to Genes & Development, a heterogeneous mass in biology is a tumor with both normal cells and neoplastic cells, which are cells of abnormal growth tissue. Heterogeneous masses are called solid tumors and can be cancerous. Dr. Barry T. Kahn from HealthTap explains that heterogeneous masses can be malignant or benign

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Please define, enhancing well-circumscribed soft tissue mass in the dorsal paraspinal muscles to the left of the T7 spinous process measuring 13x19x23mm. The central portion of the lesion enhances following IV contrast administration. The appearance is most consistent with a nerve sheath tumor Well-circumscribed recurring facial mass. / Edgin, Wendell A.; High, Curtis L.; Fowler, Craig B.; Finn, Richard A. In: Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Vol. In the superior and lateral and psoterior aspect of C4 vertebral body, there is a well circumscribed radiolucent lesion with relatively sharp margins, measuring 5 mm in diamet read more. i was told that i have circumscribed substantuous nodules in the lower legs Sectioning reveals a round, well-circumscribed, encapsulated mass measuring 4.3 x 3.8 x 3.2 cm. The mass is surrounded by a white-tan capsule which measures 0.1 cm in thickness. The cut surface of this mass is tan-pink and soft with minimal hemorrhage, but no necrosis. The tumor is located in the superior pole of the kidney and grossly does no • Most patients present with slow growing soft tissue nodule/mass, well circumscribed and confined to the subcutis in case of lipoblastoma , infiltrating deeper muscle in case o

It is a relatively large tumor (average size of 5 cm), firm, mobile and well circumscribed. It is usually benign but may become malignant in some cases. Breast Cancer. A lump due to breast cancer is usually painless, often hard, with irregular edges, and fixed to the underlying tissue Definition of well circumscribed in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of well circumscribed. What does well circumscribed mean? Information and translations of well circumscribed in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web

a Radiography shows a well-circumscribed calcified soft tissue mass (arrow) near the right shoulder. b Axial CT that the calcified mass is located within the lateral part of the pectoralis major muscle and extends subcutaneously. c Axial T2-weighted image shows that the lesion has low signal intensity An adrenal mass is an abnormal growth that develops in the adrenal gland. It's unclear why these masses form. They can develop in anyone of any age, but they are more common in older individuals.! The adrenal glands are found above each kidney. They are triangle-shaped, and measure about half an. teoma may manifest as a solitary painless mass. Multiple lesions suggest the diagnosis of Gardner syndrome, a disorder characterized by multiple osteomas, colonic polyposis, and various benign tumors, such as lipomas, fibromas, and sebaceous cysts(1,4,21). Imaging appearance. On CT, osteoma typically shows a juxtacortical, well-defined. MRI of the pelvis confirmed a well-circumscribed mass located posteriorly to the bladder causing left-sided deviation of the rectum. The lesion was slightly hyperintense compared to muscle on T1-weighted images (WI) (Fig. 2, 3) and of intermediate to high signal on T2-WI (Fig. 4)

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An 18-year-old woman presents with a non-tender mass in the left breast. Breast ultrasound shows a 4.0 cm hypoechoic, oval, circumscribed mass at 4 o'clock. The mass was first noted five years prior and is stable in size. Gross examination of the excised mass reveals a well-circumscribed lesion with a tan-yellow, vaguely lobulated cut surface The specimens consisted of a right upper lobe wedge resection and a right lower lobectomy. The upper lobe wedge revealed a 0.5 cm, firm, tan-brown, stellate nodule. The lower lobectomy showed a 2.7cm, gray tan, firm, well-circumscribed mass, puckering the pleura, and a slightly emphysematous, background lung parenchyma. MICROSCOPIC DESCRIPTIO Bone lesions are lumps or masses of abnormal tissue produced when cells within the bone start to divide uncontrollably. They can stem from an injury or infection, and they may result in bone tumors With the awareness about breast cancer, most women are now cautious about any breast lump in the event that it is a malignant tumor (cancer). However, cancer is not the only cause of an abnormal breast mass and understanding the different types of breast lumps and the character of these masses may help to ease unnecessary concern

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Evaluation of a patient with liver mass. The differential diagnosis of a mass in the liver is broad but can be easily narrowed down based on two factors that are usually known at the time of. Slobodan Vasic/E+/Getty Images. The term isoechoic refers to a similar pattern in which echoes are heard, usually between two or more neighboring masses of tissue. Isoechoic conditions are generally picked up by ultrasounds. There are many different types of cancers in which the masses have isoechoic tendencies, or when the masses are so.

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At surgery, the mass was found to be well circumscribed and was removed without difficulty. She was discharged home the same day and had no known complications. On pathology review, it was described as a mixed mass measuring 2.7 cm × 3 cm × 1.5 cm with tubular adenoma and fibroadenoma components, tubular adenoma predominant ( figures 5 and 6 ) Ultrasound: concordant with the lump and the mass on the mammogram there is an slightly irregular hypoechoic mass with a non-parallel orientation, > 75% circumscribed and locally indistinct margin. Assessment BI-RADS 4a (low suspicion for malignancy). The palpable mass is concordant with a solid mass, predominantly well circumscribed

A lung (pulmonary) nodule is an abnormal growth that forms in a lung. You may have one nodule on the lung or several nodules. Nodules may develop in one lung or both. Most lung nodules are benign (not cancerous). Rarely, pulmonary nodules are a sign of lung cancer. Lung nodules show up on imaging scans like X-rays or CT scans The most common qualitative ultrasound finding from patients in Group 1 was a well-circumscribed, lobulated echogenic mass, which was observed in 17 (94.4%) patients (Figures 2a, 3a and 4a). The reference ultrasound scans are presented as Figures 2 b, 3 b and 4 b Mass formation occurs due to the excessive, abnormal growth of tissues due to anomalous cell division. Mediastinal mass may be cancerous or benign in nature, which is formed in the chest wall present between the two lungs. Due to the site is termed as mediastinum, so the name of the mass is medically termed as mediastinal mass Here a patient with a mineralized mass in the soft tissues. Notice that the mineralization is predominantly in the periphery of the mass and that there is a lucent zone between the mass and the cortical bone. Contrast-enhanced T1-weighted MR image demonstrates heterogeneous enhancement of the mass with extensive surrounding edema Adnexal Cyst - Causes of Mass in Adnexa and Ovary. A mass or a cyst in the adnexa of the uterus is a common presentation in women of all age groups. What Is Uterine Adnexa? Adnexa refers to adjoining anatomical parts of the uterus. It includes the fallopian tubes and ovaries as well as associated vessels, ligaments, and connective tissue

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A well-circumscribed, pleural-based mass is seen in the upper left hemithorax. The angle between the mass and the chest wall is obtuse. The lesion was resected and found to be a benign localized fibrous tumor of the pleura The most common breast mass in young women is a fibroadenoma, which is a benign neoplasm of both the stromal and epithelial components of the breast. Here, it is a well-circumscribed (non-infiltrative) lesion that lacks atypia Caption: Figure 2: Contrast enhanced axial CT (a) with coronal (b) and sagittal (c) CT reconstructions of the chest demonstrating a well circumscribed, heterogeneously enhancing mass (green arrows) with areas of fat attenuation (blue arrow pointing to ROI in (a)) and a few mildly prominent internal vessels (red arrow heads in (b)) within the.

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usually appears as a well-defined, well-circumscribed oval mass. initial water density (dense), then can become mixed density On US, a complex cystic mass with internal septation or nodularity With time, a hematoma is expected to resolve completely. However, may leave behind an area of architectural distortion or residual spiculated mass Arising from the pancreatic tail is a large, lobulated, well-circumscribed solid mass (T). Enhancement on this axial portal-phase contrast-enhanced image is moderate, and fairly uniform except for small foci of intralesional necrosis. While not encasing and occluding the splenic vein, as would a ductal adenocarcinoma, tumor thrombus can be seen.

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Well circumscribed [but irregular] non-descript radiopaque mass surrounded by a radiolucent zone representing the connective tissue capsule Diff Diag. Cementifying fibroma, gigantiform cementoma 3. Compound Odontoma. Found most often in the canine premolar region in the mandible and the maxilla. Usuall The CT scan of the neck showed a well-encapsulated, heterogeneously enhancing mass, measuring 5.2 cm x 5.8 cm x 4.6 cm, within the right thyroid gland without evidence of infiltration of the. Well circumscribed hypoechoic mass. Well circumscribed vascularized hypoechoic mass. Well circumscribed vascularized hypoechoic mass. Created with. Fujifilm Ultrasound System; Browse through our ultrasound product portfolio . Share case. Author Dr. Taco Geertsma Retired Radiologist, Gelderse Vallei Hospital pyknodysostosis. Autoimmune. Trauma. fracture (stress) Endocrine/Metabolic. hyperparathyroidism. Paget's disease. One of the first things you should notice about sclerotic bone lesions is whether they are single and focal, multifocal, or diffuse. You can then customize the above differential for whichever pattern of sclerosis that you see