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Many blue pumpkin varieties, including Jarrahdale, come from Australia. Blue Lakota, a North American heirloom with shallow ribs and a pear-shape that's great for pies and steaming. Blue Doll, is an F1 hybrid with a deep, unusual bluish-green color and deep ribbing on 15 to 20 lb. fruits Blue Lakota: An heirloom variety from the Midwest. A mix of blue and green. Ribbing: Slight. Shape: Round to oblate. Blue Max: See Jarrahdale, below. Color is pale blue. Kabocha: A squash masquerading as a green pumpkin and goes by the names Japanese Pumpkin, Ebisu, Delica, Hoka, Hokkaido Pumpkin. Popular in Japan; grown in other nations for.

This pumpkin has steel blue-colored skin and bright orange flesh. It is deeply ribbed in the shape of a classic Cinderella pumpkin. It is an heirloom variety that is native to New Zealand and is named after the town of Jarrahdale where it hails from. These pumpkins typically weigh between 6 and 10 lbs Blue pumpkins are real and there are lots of varieties including Queensland Blue, Australian Blue, Jarrahdale, Blue Doll, Blue Moon, and Blue Lakota. Queensland Blue - This is a 20-30 lb. pumpkin variety with a grey/blue color. The inside of the pumpkin is orange The rinds of Australian squashes, such as 'Jarrahdale' and 'Queensland Blue,' vary from dusty gray to greenish blue. French pumpkins, such as the elegant 'Rouge Vif d'Etampes,' dubbed the Cinderella pumpkin, tend to be low to the ground and often display deeply ridged lobes Varieties Pumpkin - All America Selections. Pumpkin F1 Hybrid 'Autumn Gold' Early to color, early to harvest, best describes the Vegetable Winner Pumpkin Autumn Gold. Gardeners need not wade through the pumpkin patch, possibly injuring vines or leaves while searching for the immature pumpkins The blue one in front is a Jarrahdale pumpkin. There are also Rock Star Pumpkins, Munchkin Pumpkins, White Ghost Pumpkins, Baby Boo Pumpkins (the little white ones), and Wee-Be-Little Pumpkins. Oh, I think there is a Pie Pumpkin in there too! Did I miss anything

Jarrahdale Pumpkin. Jarrahdale pumpkins are a unique blue to green pumpkin variety that is lovely in a pretty pumpkin stack, but is also great for cooking. This pumpkin variety comes from New Zealand and has a smooth creamy texture making it perfect for homemade pumpkin puree. Strawberry Crown Pumpkin Johnny's Exclusive. Shiver. (F1) Pumpkin Seed. A little white pumpkin with a great handle. Out of Stock. A little white pumpkin with a great handle. 100 Days. Select Select Packet $4.75 250 Seeds $32.39 1,000 Seeds $96.62 5,000 Seeds $442.60 25,000 Seeds $2,024.00 Select. Quantity In addition to being the variety of choice for growers aspiring to blue ribbons and even world records (a 1,500-pound pumpkin!), this giant also produces flesh that's good to eat. 'Dill's Atlantic' takes 120 days from direct sowing to harvest

American Tondo-yellow and green striped pumpkin—beautiful medium sized. Indian Doll-light orange deeply lobed, blocky pumpkin. Jarrahdale-dark grey/blue lobed pumpkin. Jewel Box Pumpkin-large tan flat pumpkin with raised skin . Winter Squash Varieties Acorn Type--Table Star Acorn-jet black acorn with 50% high sugar content than other acorn So Many Unique Heirloom Squash & Pumpkin Varieties! 7 Reasons to Grow Blue Jarrahdale Squash 1. They are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Just look at them! Who doesn't love a blue pumpkin? They are a gorgeous blue-green-greyish color. They contrast beautifully with the traditional orange, or also look great with white pumpkins, for a more modern farmhouse design Flying the flag for Australia, the Queensland Blue pumpkin is home-bred-and-born but popular throughout the world. Besides its characteristic blue-grey and deeply ribbed skin, it's perhaps best known for its amazing keeping time - 100 to 140 days. Pureed Queensland pumpkins are perfect for pumpkin scones. Photo: Rob Shaw / bauersyndication.com.a Suitable for both roasting and in pies (they are very sweet), blue doll pumpkins look nothing like traditional pumpkins on Hallmark cards. They break the mold with their green exterior. The flesh is still orange, and they grow between 15 and 20 pounds

Queensland Blue Pumpkin: as the name suggests this Australian grown variety of pumpkin has a bluish-green skin with classic orange flesh. This variety tends to grow to around 3-5 kg and can be grown all year long in tropical climates This thick-fleshed pumpkin has a small seed cavity, so a seed-free pumpkin pie is in sight. 'Flat White Boer Ford' appears exactly as its name indicates—flat and white. These pumpkins grow wider than tall and are perfect for adding a diverse look to a porch when paired with other pumpkin varieties The varieties that are encompassed in this group include large cheese squash, butternut squash, and crookneck pumpkins. Types of Pumpkin . Pumpkins are divided into two types which are edible pumpkins and decorative pumpkins. This fruit is inherently connected with Halloween which is an American fest Types of Pumpkin in Australia Dumpling pumpkin. Size and weight: Dumpling pumpkins are one of the smallest pumpkin varieties and are around the size of a large fist. They are around 400-500 grams each. Shape and colour: With a slightly flatter appearance, dumpling pumpkins are distinctive for their 'caved in' tops. Their skin is thinner and whitish in colour with mottled, dark green striping Blue pumpkins are very striking, unusual, and get noticed. Of all the non-traditional colors for pumpkins, blue seems to be the most unexpected. Blue pumpkin colors are gorgeous when mixed with their complementary orange cousins. The most well-known blue boy is the Jarrahdale or Australian Blue. The Blue Max is another popular variety that is a.

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Queensland blue pumpkin. Size and weight: large, around 2-5 kg. Shape and colour: round and ribbed, with grey/bluish skin. Flavour profile: full-flavoured. These are some of the largest-growing pumpkins out there. Because of their size, they're ideal for boiled or baked food, with a smoky, savoury taste that fits with plenty of curries and scones Many Blue pumpkin varieties were created in Australia and later introduced to the rest of the world. In Australia, the term pumpkin can refer to any type of winter squash, and these fruits are grown in every territory, except for the capital territory, on the continent There are over 100 different pumpkin varieties and with a little help you will soon be able to select the perfect pumpkin for any use! Pumpkin Varieties . Below I'll go over all the different types of pumpkins by color, shape, sizes, and most common uses. Color: Blue Pumpkins . Blue Doll - They have a unique blue color with a deep orange. Presently, there are hundreds of varieties and sub-varieties of orange pumpkins, including hybrid and traditional. Some famous examples of this classic type are Jack O' Lantern, Jumpin' Jack, Harvest Moon, Winter Luxury, Big Autumn, and Sugar Pumpkin. They are characterized by yellowish-orange skin and buttery flesh

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Triamble. A final winter storage pumpkin to seek out, this heirloom variety is oh so unique and oh so delicious. Hailing from Australia, the fruits of Traimble are three lobed. The rind is a lovely slate blue or deep green, and the interior flesh is smooth and creamy A Visual Guide to Winter Squash Varieties. Learn how to tell the difference between these 12 delicious squashes—from pumpkin and butternut to acorn and spaghetti—get the best recipes for. Varieties to look for include Jackpot, a 15- to 25-pound round pumpkin, Bushkin and Spirit, two varieties that grow to an intermediate weight of 8 to 15 pounds. Smaller varieties that grow to 2 to.

Peanut pumpkin - Peanut pumpkin looks a bit like a peanut with its warty exterior but is actually a squash from France where it is called the Galeux d'Eysines. It has sweet, orange flesh perfect for soups and is an old heirloom variety. Pie pumpkin - Pie pumpkin encompasses several pumpkin varieties grown for eating not ornamentation. Learn how to grow heirloom pumpkin varieties along with other squash varieties. The Blue Hubbard was introduced in 1909, originally under the name Symmes Blue Hubbard, after S. S. Symmes, a. According to Robbie Denny, Farmers Market and Farm Market Manager for California's Underwood Family Farms, this six-to-ten-pound blue-gray skinned beauty is the perfect pumpkin for pies. Its sweet, meaty interior is richer, creamier, and less stringy than the flesh of the more commonly used sugar pumpkin Mini pumpkin varieties, weighing in at 2 pounds (0.9 kg.) or less, are easy to grow and perfect for decorating. Small pumpkins ranging from 2 to 8 pounds (0.9 to 3.6 kg.) and mid-size pumpkins weighing 8 to 15 pounds (3.6 to 6.8 kg.) are ideal for pies and great for painting or carving

In the pumpkin world, there are over 40 different varieties that vary in shape, size, and color. While some are great for decorating and carving jack-o'-lanterns, that doesn't necessarily mean they make the best ones for pumpkin pie or pumpkin soup.Though all pumpkins are edible, some are better for cooking depending on their flavor and consistency Blue Pumpkins. Now let's take a look at some of the less warm varieties. These pumpkins are usually shades of blue that give your fall landscaping a pretty unique look. A Blue Lakota pumpkin is a nice mix of blue and green with slight ribbing. It has an almost cone-like shape and is from the midwest There are both Jack O'Lantern and miniature white pumpkin varieties. Casper and Baby Boo are the most common varieties. They are a really novel pumpkin to place on your front porch, and draw the attention of neighbors and passersby. If you want really a rare pumpkin, try growing a Blue Pumpkin David Heisler, the owner of Comus Market in upper Montgomery County, Md., and grower of almost 40 varieties of pumpkins and other winter squash, says the fruit is perfect for the one-pot meals he. Pumpkin Varieties to Plant. Pumpkins come in different sizes and there are different varieties of each size. The larger the pumpkin, the more days it takes for it to reach full growth. Also, the larger the pumpkins the larger the vines. Below, I'll share the size of pumpkins, the most common uses, and some popular varieties for each size: 1

Blue Bayou Pumpkin is a hybrid variety with heirloom appearance and excellent disease-resistance. This pumpkin variety produces large, 15-20 lb pumpkins that are light blue with deep ribbing. Plants produce trailing vines that are very productive, much more than traditional heirloom blue pumpkin varieties From our Atlantic Giant pumpkins to our Jack Be Little miniatures, we offer a pumpkin to meet every need, taste and desire. Pumpkins do best directly sown and require a long growing season, so make sure you give them 75-100 frost free days to fully mature

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Some varieties are a bit drier (e.g. blue/grey hubbard) and some are moister (e.g. green hubbard, and all the orange ones). The original variety of Hubbard squash is native to South America. The Hubbard squash is thought to have been grown in New England since the 1830's and sold commercially since 1909 Growing Jarrahdale. Cucurbita maxima Jarrahdale is a winter pumpkin with an unusual blue-gray colored skin and a heavy ribbed drum shape. This sweet-tasting member of the squash family thrives. 100 days. Cucurbita maxima. (F1) Plant produces good yields of 10 pound grayish blue pumpkins. Pumpkins have a smooth surface, a very sweet yellow-orange flesh, and a dark green handle. Perfect for decorating or carving. A variety from Australia. pk/1 The many sizes and shapes now available in pumpkin seed varieties add to the childhood mystique of the season and attract families like a magnet. Grow high quality pumpkins from the highest quality pumpkin seed and take advantage of the magic they bring to your business! Culture: The only real demand pumpkins make is for space

1. Kabocha. This winter squash type is known in New Zealand and Australia as Japanese pumpkin. This has a number of varieties such as Cutie, Emiguri, Ajihei, Miyako and Ebisu. Kabocha has a dark green coloured skin and has a shape similar to a pumpkin. The peel is hard and inside it is orange-yellow. Photo Credit. https://saucymommy.files. Blue Banana VERY RARE This incredible squash makes attractive, two-foot-long fruit like a pale blue zeppelin! An heirloom from Guatemala that grows rapidly, producing lots of grey-blue fruit . A waxy skin that keeps it fresh for ages, but is very thin and easily peeled. This is the best of the three 'banana squash' varieties still in existence Pumpkin was a very popular source of food among American colonists. One of the most popular ways that pumpkins were prepared by colonists was removing the tops, de-seeding the vegetables, and filling the inside of the squash with a mixture of milk, honey, and spices and then baked. This preparation is believed to be the origin of modern-day.

Some pumpkin varieties are best left to carving because they are more pretty than they are flavorful. Some can be quite watery and tasteless. Common Name(s): Blue Kuri. Other names: Blue hokkaido squash, Blue Kuri Kabocha, Blue Kabocha. Flavor and other notes: 2-3 pounds, very similar to green kabocha but with blue hues. This was a little. These beautiful varieties look like a classic pumpkin that has been halfway squashed, resulting in a more horizontal appearance. Cinderella is a striking bright orange, and Fairytale has a tan coloring. Both are charming and classic. Blue Doll. This exotic-looking pumpkin weighs in at 15-plus pounds and has a blocky, almost square shape with. 20 Seeds of Blue Jarrahdale Pumpkin. Exotic and Rare Garden Vegetable Seeds. Medium to large, average 12-18 pounds., drum-shaped fruit with heavy, rounded ribs and slate-gray skin Interesting Varieties: Miniature Pumpkins - Often called Jack B. Little Pumpkins (a specific variety). They are also abbreviated as JBL. Miniature pumpkins are fun to grow and decorate with. White Pumpkins are relatively new on the scene. Blue or blue-green pumpkins- Often called Australian Blue or Jaradale pumpkins

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(There are several varieties.) Blue pumpkins like 'Jarrahdale,' 'Queensland Blue,' and 'Blue Moon'; and white pumpkins like 'Lumina' and 'Snowball' are maxima pumpkins, too, as is the curvy, squat, dark-orange cultivar 'Rouge Vif d'Estampes'—also known as the Cinderella pumpkin. While some of these cultivars were. Squash & Pumpkin Seeds Browse: All items acorn squash banana squash blue squash boston marrow delicata gete okosomin patty pan pumpkin squash summer squash winter squash zucchini Sort by: Featured Price, low to high Price, high to low Alphabetically, A-Z Alphabetically, Z-A Date, old to new Date, new to old Best Sellin 2. Marina Di Chioggia. The sweet orange flesh is great in baked goods and pies. This pumpkin is an Italian heirloom and its skin is super interesting - it is deep blue green and knobby. 3. Orange Smoothie. These small pumpkins weigh less than five pounds. The smoothie's flesh is edible (yum!) and can be baked. 4

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  1. Queensland Blue pumpkin seeds can be sown all year round in subtropical and tropical regions of Australia. Plant pumpkin seeds directly in the soil where they are to grow as they dislike being transplanted. Sow Queensland Blue pumpkin seeds 3cm deep spacing plantings about 1m apart to create a dense, productive mat of pumpkin plants
  2. g, boiling and baked goods. It's particularly good when mashed for scones and cakes
  3. Queensland Blue, Jarrahdale and Jap (harvest late March) These are my three favourite true pumpkin varieties, I usually plant at least two of them in a given season. What they have in common is that they taste great and have a long storage life. If stored correctly at least some of them will keep until the middle of October
  4. Pumpkin, Cherokee Bush. High-yielding classic pumpkin is a perfect fit for smaller gardens. $4.95. $4.95. Seeds. Loading ratings... Add To Favorites. Pumpkin, Porcelain Princess Hybrid. Deeply-ribbed fruits with bright-orange flesh make for mouth-watering holiday side dishes
  5. Among these highly decorative varieties is the Jarrahdale, which has a fine squat pumpkin shape but deep ribs. The color is a striking slate blue-gray. They're just glorious and so beautiful.

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This is a medium-sized pumpkin that weighs in at around eight to 10 pounds and takes 110 days to mature. Crystal Star. Crystal Star Pumpkin. The Crystal Star doesn't yellow with age as a few of the other varieties may. Around 35 pounds and 12 inches in diameter, this is a good large pumpkin for carving and cooking with its evenly-distributed. Jarrahdale: Blue flat pumpkin that is productive and easy to grow. Red Warty Thing (Victor): Popular bright red squash with distinctive shape, covered in warts. Blaze and Spark: Newer varieties that have become quite popular. Consistent producers with a neat, compact shape. Orange and yellow striped and slightly flat Jarrahdale pumpkin is a pumpkin with gray skin. It is nearly identical to 'Queensland Blue' and 'Sweet Meat' varieties. Kabocha is a Japanese variety with dark green skin and bright golden-orange flesh. Lakota squash is an American variety

Jarrahdale Blue Pumpkin or Squash is a lovely slate grey-blue-green Cinderella-shaped pumpkin with a fine-grained, dry, sweet, nearly stringless flesh that is orange-yellow in color and is delicious roasted, in soups, pies, stews, and curries. It is also rich in vitamins A and C, B vitamins TomorrowSeeds - Jarrahdale Blue Pumpkin Seeds - 20+ Count Packet USA Garden Vegetable Winter Squash Kabocha Gray Cinderella Gourd Fall Seed 4.7 out of 5 stars 9 $3.80 $ 3 . 8

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These are a very pretty peach colored pumpkin. Smooth in texture and just the right size. It gets its name from looking like a large cheese wheel. This is a flatter pumpkin, but quite wide. These seem to last forever if kept indoors, out of the sun, and dry. So decorate now and eat it later! This pumpkin makes great soups and pies Smaller bush varieties are available for more modest spaces. Propagation Pumpkin can be direct seeded or sown indoors and transplanted. If direct seeding,seeds should be sown after the last frosts and when the soil has warmed to at least 15.6°C (60°F). Sow 1-2 seeds 1.3-2.5 cm (0.5-1.0 in) deep, at least 90 cm (~3 ft) apart if growing.

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  1. However, they all fall into the category of green pumpkins. Some of the various types include: Marina di Chioggia, or Goblin Pumpkin. This pumpkin is covered with warts and is a greenish-gray color. Shamrock Pumpkin. This is a blue-green pumpkin that can grow as heave as twelve pounds (5 kilograms). Turks Turban
  2. Pumpkin (Curbita spp.) is an iconic plant in North American gardens, a form of squash that symbolizes autumn through its use in creative Halloween jack-o-lantern carvings or as a filling for delicious Thanksgiving pies.While most people think of a pumpkin as a large, spherical orange fruit with a ribbed rind, pumpkins also come in colors including white, red, pink, and blue, and with rinds.
  3. utes. Once cooled, scoop the flesh into a food processor and puree until smooth. If the.
  4. 25. Jarrahdale Pumpkin 52 Types of Pumpkins to Eat, Decorate, and Display - Jarrahdale Pumpkin. Jarrahdale Pumpkin is a flat, heavy rounded ribbed exterior pumpkin. Drum-shaped. Measures between 10 to 14 inches across. Weighs 6 to 10 pounds. Jarrahdale is a slate, blue grey color. Flesh is sweet, thick, and golden orange. A New Zealand heirloom
  5. Striking blue, flattened, highly ribbed pumpkins that average 10-20 lbs each. The flesh of Queensland Blue is golden and very sweet, with a flavour that lasts for months in storage. Queensland Blue pumpkin seeds are an old Australian heirloom that came to America in 1932
  6. PUMPKIN HYBRID - BLUE HARVEST F1. Uniquely blue skinned pumpkin usually weighs 7-8 lb 9 x 10 in. fruit excellent quality flesh. This Australian variety has excellent flesh quality a must for any market grower wanting to add color. 95 days to maturity. Seed Count: 3200
  7. Neutral. On Nov 22, 2012, Farmerdill from Augusta, GA (Zone 8a) wrote: Blue Doll is an exotic, eye-catching Blue Pumpkin. Blue Doll exhibits deep ribbing with an almost square appearance and exotic blue exterior. Blue Doll's deep-orange, sweet flesh can be used for Pies, soup, and gourmet culinary delights
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Nicknamed aromatherapy chestnut pumpkin for its incredible sweetly scented flesh, this traditional variety was so popular in Tokyo that it is known throughout Japan simply as the Tokyo pumpkin. Originally introduced by a farmer in Tachikawa City, Tokyo, it became a popular market variety thanks to early maturity, attractive blue skin and an. Pumpkins (Jack O Lantern) Pumpkins. Showing 1-12 of 25 results. Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by average rating Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low. Load Previous Heirloom Corn Varieties Following is a few varieties of American Indian Heirloom Corn Black Aztec Corn Cherokee Long Ear Popcorn . Hopi Blue Corn Bear Island Chippewa Flint Corn Hopi Pink Flour Corn Seneca Red Stalker Corn . Mandan Bride Corn White Flint Cor Roast at 400° F (204°C) for 1 hour. By the way, if the Blue Hubbard is too much squash for you and your family, the Baby Blue Hubbard is a cross between a buttercup squash and the Blue Hubbard. It tastes the same but maxs out at abut 5 inches (13 cm) in diameter and weighs from about 3 to 5 pounds (1.3 to 2.3 kg) 2.5 SWEET DUMPLING SQUASH. 2.6 SUGAR PUMPKIN SQUASH. 2.7 RED KURI SQUASH. 2.8 DELICATA SQUASH. 2.9 CARNIVAL SQUASH. 2.10 BUTTERCUP SQUASH. 2.11 BLUE HUBBARD SQUASH. 2.12 BANANA SQUASH. Although many of us love to cook, if you are the main chef in the home, work full time, and have to come up with interesting and exciting meals on a daily basis.

Our Products - Blue Bell Creameries. We eat all we can. and we sell the rest. Some say, Blue Bell has been making the best ice. cream in the country for more than 100 years. We. offer a variety of ice cream, sherbet and frozen snacks. to satisfy your taste budsand ours Finally, I removed the pumpkin from the skin. I discarded the skin, stem, and seeds. My blue pumpkin yielded about 8 cups of pumpkin. 2 cups were used to make crustless Roasted Pumpkin Pie that is only 77 calories a slice! 2 cups were used to make Pumpkin Almond Soup. And then 2 2-cup bags of pumpkin were frozen for later use

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Of all the varieties trialed, Blue Prince was first to flower and fruit which is beneficial for gardeners with a shorter growing season. Plus, this winner has slightly better disease resistance than the comparisons. A judge's testimonial: Overall, if I was looking for a blue pumpkin to display AND eat, I'd pick this entry every time PMR pumpkins. Large pumpkin varieties. Semi bush pumpkins. Commercial seed companies. Powdery mildew resistant pumpkins. PMR pumpkin seed The Jarrahdale is a combination of the Cinderella pumpkin and the Blue Hubbard squash. It has attributes of both, with the distinctive flattened shape of the Cinderella pumpkin, and the sweetness and color of the Blue Hubbard squash. Pumpkins are a common food crop in Australia, due to the ease with which they grow Tricia Christensen Hubbard squash is typically hard and firm on the outside, with shell colors that range from dark green or gray to blue. One type of winter squash, a hubbard squash has many names such as green pumpkin or buttercup.Its origins are unknown, but it can currently be found in most countries worldwide, as it can grow about anywhere with sunlight and a few months of warm weather

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Blue pumpkins are also commonly used to show support for autism. If you see a child that has a blue pumpkin, then it could mean that the child is autistic and needs a little more help while going from house to house to get candy. Sometimes, you'll see a blue pumpkin at a home as a sign that the person isn't participating in trick-or. Pumpkin, Squash & Courgette Seeds. Buy pumpkin and squash seeds as a very easy to grow staple for the vegetable plot. Choose from our extensive range of squash, courgette and pumpkin varieties such as pumpkin 'Jack of All Trades', a popular courgette variety, or try a butternut winter squash variety.These types of plants need plenty of growing space but will do well in containers if you are. Contact Us. Rupp Seeds, Inc. 17919 County Road B Wauseon, OH 43567 1-800-700-119 *Pumpkin & Squash varieties often available at our market. ACORN Squash #1 selling winter squash, the Acorn has a sweet/nutty flavor with a beautiful orange flesh. It is a bit fibrous. BLUE HUBBARD Squash. Blue Hubbard has a nutty, sweet flavor similar to a sweet potato with a hint of pumpkin. It has a deep orange color flesh

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Queensland Blue Pumpkins. Big, bold and as blue as the neighbouring ocean, these large greyish pumpkins are a firm winter favourite. They're incredibly hardy and relatively easy to grow - thriving on compost and providing a high yield when given enough sunlight and space. The QLD blue is perfect in baked dishes and also lends itself really. Avoid picking up fruits by handles and take care not to damage the skin/rind. Sun cure in the field for 5-7 days or cure indoors by keeping fruits at 80-85°F (27-29°C) with good air ventilation. White varieties should be brought out of direct sunlight once foliage starts to die back; cure inside and keep out of sun to avoid yellowing Disease-resistant cucurbit varieties Information is from seed catalogs for 2018 and 2020. Follow links below to tables with more details about these varieties including seed companies marketing them and whether organic seed is available, as well as variety resistance to disorders The bumpy skin is typically a hazy blue or bright orange and the variety is the largest among edible squash, other than the field pumpkin. Unless you buy directly from a farmer, you can typically find this variety pre-cut because of its size. Easily substitute this pumpkin-like squash in any recipe calling for a winter squash This list of gourds and squashes provides an alphabetical list of (mostly edible) varieties of the plant genus Cucurbita, commonly called gourds, squashes, pumpkins and zucchinis/courgettes. Common names can differ by location. The varieties included below are members of the following species: C. argyrosperma; C. ficifolia; C. maxim

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  1. Pumpkin. We sell an outstanding selection of Pumpkin seeds and have generations of experience in the seed business and with seed breeding. Many of the Pumpkin varieties we offer were bred for New England Seed Co and we are the exclusive retailer. We offer new disease resistant hybrid Pumpkins for commercial growers
  2. a (which are white), Cinderella, and Fairy Tale. Cinderella and Fairy Tale pumpkins have hard, thick skins but still have delicious flesh inside. Choose pumpkins between four to eight pounds, and don't worry if the outside looks a little dull — as long.
  3. Dry flesh variety. smooth-skinned, blue/grey fruit, convenient in its size for the home kitchen. Said to be a sweet, highly flavoursome, orange flesh of smooth fibreless consistency. It yields around 6kg per plant and stores well. A contender for the world's prettiest pumpkin, Blue Ballet produces teardrop-shaped fruit clad in a powder-blue skin
  4. Maryland farmer David Heisler is luring customers to try fresh pumpkin with 38 varieties. They come in orange, but also red, green, yellow, white, speckled, and blue
  5. iatures which only weigh a couple of ounces, to the giant varieties that routinely show up at fall weighoffs at over 2,000 pounds and more
  6. A first-rate variety that is the equal of any pumpkin grown in Australia. 'Blue Ballet' Cucurbita maxima. A contender for the world's prettiest pumpkin, 'Blue Ballet' produces teardrop-shaped fruit clad in powder-blue skin. When cut in half this pumpkin reveals a superb colour contrast with pumpkins, 'Blue Ballet' actually tastes.
  7. Types of Honey Floral Varieties. 1. ACACIA. Acacia, a light and clear honey made from nectar collected from the blossoms of Robinia pseudoacacia, also known as Black Locust in North America and Europe. It is one of the most popular and sweetest honey varieties because of its mild delicate floral taste

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This ghostly white pumpkin variety grows to about 10 in diameter and weighs about 12 pounds. It is perfect for fall decorating and has less blue in the skin than most white pumpkin varieties. The thick orange flesh is delicious, and can be used for making pumpkin pies! It takes 95 days Popular pumpkin varieties include Butternut, Crown, Kumi Kumi, Queensland Blue and Triamble. If growing from seed, germinate seeds in late winter or early spring in sheltered areas, or after the frosts have finished in cold areas. Allow 2 metres between each plant. Refer to our Planting Calendar for when to plant in your region. Plan Today, the Assiter's family-run farm grows about 150 different varieties of fall items, including the famous orange jack-o'-lanterns kids flock to collect each year, as well as rarer red, blue, and pink pumpkins. No one pumpkin looks the same, Assiter says. The biggest one they raised grew to 300 pounds

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Yellow Pumpkin Varieties. Although the majority of pumpkin varieties are varying shades of orange, different varieties of pumpkins can be colored blue, white, green and yes, even yellow. Typically, a yellow pumpkin is a hybrid, meaning it is a combination of two or more varieties cross-bred with one another Grow Heirloom Pumpkins - Plant Spookie Pumpkin SeedsVery sweet and flavorful, Spookie is ideal for pumpkin pies. The high yielding vines produce numerous 6 pounds very uniform pumpkins with fine textured flesh. Pumpkin Spookie is a cross between Sugar Pie and Jack O'Lantern that was developed by Northrup King & Co. in 1966 I direct seeded some of these on July 25 of 2002 after 2 previous plantings were lost to various things. Pumpkins were ripe by October 2 (or about 68 days). In 2017 planted July 17 ready September 27. Pkt. $2.50 Certified Organic Seed OSSI pledged variety SOLD OUT AS OF MARCH 20, 2021 Pumpkin is a fruit of three varieties of squash: Cucurbita pepo, Cucurbita argyrosperma, and Cucurbita moschata. It's recognizable thanks to its hard rind carved with grooves. Pumpkin varieties can be yellow, orange, white, or even green, red, blue, or mixes of color Pumpkin ash trees are tall deciduous trees native to the eastern United States. These large ash trees grow between 60 to 80 ft. (18 - 24 m) tall. Pumpkins ash trees have large leaves up to 18 (45 cm) long. Each leaf has seven or nine lanceolate-shape leaflets. Pumpkin ash bark is gray, thick, and fissured

While some pumpkin varieties can grow up to 20 feet long, many newer types are more compact. But compact is a relative term, and these vines still require plenty of room. Smaller types typically need about six square feet of ground. Read the package to ensure you're choosing a variety that will fit in your garden Pumpkin 'Buttercup'. Buttercup is a heirloom pumpkin variety that produces medium sized, green-skinned fruit about 2kg in weight. Flesh is orange with a rich, nutty flavour and dry, string-less texture. Excellent for roasting, one of the best tasting pumpkin varieties. 12 seeds per packet. Price Per Item: $ 2.50 Plant the seedlings (or thin to) 3 to 5 feet apart. Corn and beans are traditional pumpkin companions in a Three Sisters planting; other good friends in the pumpkin patch are nasturtiums, marigolds, oregano, and dill, all of which help repel pests such as squash beetles. Pumpkins also grow well with melons and with other varieties of squash