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Get the sun kissed tan you crave in the comfort of your own backyard with the 7'3 x 13'9 Rectangle Tanning Ledge. This deluxe 10 deep tanning ledge is a perfect addition to our roman and rectangle pools adding luxury and style to any home! Whether sun bathing or just enjoying the warm summer rays, this lavish tanning ledge is sure to be a. Rectangle Roman Tanning Ledge Pool Photos. Click a thumbnail below to view a bigger picture of each pool. Rectangle Roman Tanning Ledge Overview. Sun it up with the new Rectangle/Roman Tanning Ledge! The 20 by 6 Roman ledge will not only give you a gorgeous, sun kissed tan but also a great way to relax on the hot summer days along with making a. 1.SPACIOUS TANNING LEDGE . Designed to accomodate multiple lounge chairs, this tanning ledge is perfect for relaxation and play. Kids and adults alike cannot get enough! 2. OPEN POOL INTERIOR Looking to play pool games or just float around? The Roman Lounger has plenty of room to accommodate all your needs. 3. GENEROUS BENCH SEA

7'3″ x 13'9″ - 10″ Deep. Get the sun kissed tan you crave in the comfort of your own backyard with the 7'3″ x 13'9″ Rectangle Tanning Ledge. This deluxe 10″ deep tanning ledge is a perfect addition to our roman and rectangle pools adding luxury and style to any home! Whether sun bathing or just enjoying the warm summer. 7'3 x 13'9 - 10 Deep. Get the sun kissed tan you crave in the comfort of your own backyard with the 7'3 x 13'9 Rectangle Tanning Ledge. This deluxe 10 deep tanning ledge is a perfect addition to our roman and rectangle pools adding luxury and style to any home! Whether sun bathing or just enjoying the warm summer rays, this lavish tanning. The Roman™. Unique and inviting design that offers facing seats at both ends of a compact pool. Opportunities to add spa jets are available. Classical design. His & Hers seating. Roman 23. 23'1 by 11'6 23' 1 Long. 11' 6 Wide. 4' 1 Shallow end depth 3D Design, Animation & Render for Double A Pools Pool Tanning Ledge. A tanning ledge is a versatile and attractive addition to any vinyl or fiberglass pool. Use your tanning ledge as a space for sunbathing, sipping on summertime cocktails, or splashing in the shallows with your little ones. From playtime with the kids to naptime in the sun, a tanning ledge offers something for every member of.

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  1. g pools and spas available. In order to be the best, we need to have the widest selection to choose from. Therefore, we've developed *two tanning ledges that are great add-on features for many of our fiberglass swim
  2. This is a double roman vinyl pool with a sun ledge on one end that is 10-12 deep and walk in steps on the other end. This pool has both the straight lines a..
  3. We are getting a double roman 18x36 gunite pool with a tanning ledge (sun shelf). So far we are planning to have the pool go from 3.5-6ft deep. (See rough pool layout picture attached.) One question we have right now is, how deep should the tanning ledge be. The builder is recommending 18. We are afraid that may be too deep
  4. Bench/Swim Out. Add for From: $ 695.00. Model *. Choose an option 6' Wide Polymer Bullnose Bench HS401 6' Wide Steel Bench, Sits Outside Pool Perimeter 8' Wide Steel Bench, Sits Outside Pool Perimeter Radius Tanning Ledge 9'10 Wide x 5' Deep Steel Radius Tanning Ledge 11' Wide x 6' Deep Steel Rectangle Tanning Ledge 10' Wide x 6' Deep Steel.
  5. You and your guests will love the in-pool seating that Aloha Pools can provide. Enjoy your pool, or stay close to new swimmers with a vinyl-covered pool bench. Ledges. If a few inches of water for lounging sounds great to you, consider a tanning ledge. Any shape, any size, any pool - a tanning ledge will be everyone's favorite destination

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Building your own open pour swimming pool tanning ledge with steps will add a high end feel to your pool at a fraction of the cost. This option can be added to almost any Rectangle, T-shaped, L shaped or Lazy L shaped pool kit.You will need concrete, #57 3 quarter inch clean gravel, Pool Base and wall foam to cover the finished step A Wide Tanning Ledge for Pool Furniture. We feel the same way at San Juan Pools, hence our desire to create a wide 119 SQFT tanning ledge. Perfectly sized for 2-3 bathers, the Pond is capable of easily holding multiple Ledge Loungers for optimal summer enjoyment. Additionally, this free form design provides the bathers with 1′ 6″ of water. Vinyl Liner Pool Roman Model. Roman ends on opposite sides complete this timeless design, while offering plenty of options for seating and lounging. It's a great day when the backyard swimming pool is the fun place to be. *Available in 6″ and 2′ radius corners. Save & Prin This beautifully designed Roman pool features a graduated depth from 4' to 6' and a tanning ledge along the deeper end. Entry stairs are elegantly curved for safe entry yet allow room for seating on either side for relaxation and conversation. Here is where classic beauty meets outstanding functionality Identically styled as a Roman pool design, each feature fully integrated entry steps that follow the curve of the shallow end. The second entry step extends the full width of the pool as a convenient bench seat. Directly opposite the entry area, is a full-width, tanning ledge to accommodate full-sized lounge chairs

This beautifully designed Roman pool features a graduated depth from 4′ to 5'6″ with a tanning ledge along the deeper end. The entry stairs are elegantly curved for safe entry and allow room for seating on either side so swimmers can rest and enjoy relaxed conversation. At 37'10 by 13'6″, the Majestic is a true combination of. The Cathedral LX fiberglass pool is an elegant Greco Roman design with a luxury, built-in tanning ledge flanked by steps for easy entry and exit. Enter your email Address Become A Dealer Get An Estimate 877-929-POOL (7665 May 26, 2017 - rectangle pool with tanning ledge | Roman End Pools - AquaServ Pool & Spa Inc | Highest Quality.

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Full width roman end stairs with a round tanning ledge! Special Features. This pool comes with the a tanning ledge as a main feature but don't forget about the spacious swim area and the deep end bench Single Roman End vinyl liner swimming pool with rock faced cantilever concrete coping. ell shaped pool, tanning ledge. custom pool shape, tanning ledge, pebble sheen interior finish. challenging back yard, travertine pool coping. automatic pool cover, prism blue pebble sheen. automatic pool cover, designer handrail The Seminole Fiberglass Pool is 12' x 28' of swimming grandeur and houses a 3' 3 shallow end and a nearly 5' deep end. Holding 6,100 gallons of water and coming in at 297 square feet the Seminole is sure to be enjoyed by families for years to come! A Custom Tanning Ledge specifically designed for this pool model is also available The Courtyard Roman™. With individual seating carved at one end, this offers a wonderful option to add spa jets for relaxation and greater comfort - or relax on the steps at the other end. Keyhole design. Personal comfort. Courtyard Roman 20. 19'9 by 11'6 30' 0 Long. 15' 5 Wide

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Hublar Pools and Outdoor Living. Menu About Our Company | Contact Us. Office Staff; (TL1) Moroccan Tanning Ledge 9'6″ x 18′ - 10″ Deep (TL3) Tahiti Tanning Ledge 8'6″ x 18'6″ - 10″ Deep (TL4) (TL8) Rectangle Roman Tanning Ledge 10'8″ x 20'6″. Aquamarine Pools builds the Viking Pools, Trilogy Pools, Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools, AVIVA Pools, and Imagine Pools lines of fiberglass pools, the recognized leaders in the swimming pool industry.. Below are Tanning Ledge Pools to help you get the most out of your time in the sun Gallery of Pools - SPLASH POOLS OF SOUTH CAROLINA. 18 x 30 x 44 FULL L RIGHT CUSTOM TANNING LEDGE & SWIMOUT LEDGE. 16 x 36 Roman. 16 X 36 ROMAN with Custom Steps, Swimout Bench and a Sunledge. A Beautifully Landscaped Crescent Kidney-shaped Pool we installed in 2018. PATRICIAN WITH TANNING LEDGE. RECTANGLE with TURBO TWIST SLIDE

The timeless elegance of the classic Roman style swimming pool is as much in vogue today as it was in the days of Ancient Rome. The clever use of the rectangle and two semi-circles unlocks unlimited possibilities for exciting landscaping concepts. View More. Fiberglass Pools. By PiscesAdmin / Feb 25, 2019 Mar 8, 2019 / With more than 20 years experience, Jerry has been installing custom fiberglass pools in and around southeast Michigan since 1999. With thousands of pool installs in their portfolio, your best choice is Blue Hawaiian Pools of Michigan for your fiberglass pool installation experts The Tanning Ledge Comes in 2 Sizes: Tanning Ledge Features. 1. 8 deep shallow lounging area (TL09) The TL09 is 8 deep -- shallow enough for partial immersion while lounging without the full swimming experience. It's also a great option for kids and pets to splash in. The TL09 tanning ledge has a 360 gallon capacity The L36 is the perfect fit for those who want the enjoyment of a spacious tanning ledge, open pool interior, and generous seating area. REQUEST PRICING FOR THE L36 The Roman Lounger 36 (L36) - A Dry Tour Vide Old World Roman shaped pool and spa in Twin Rivers with Pebble Tec finish, tanning ledge, natural rock raised area with Mediterranean Sconces. Beautiful open air pool and spa with travertine decking, glass tile

Roman 23 - 11' x 23' x 4'-5'6. Roman 23 model is one piece fiberglass construction and has a true Roman style shape historically known as Roman Bath. The Leisure Pools Roman features broad entry steps at the shallow end and a seating area at the deep end. The seating area at the deep end can also be fitted with optional spa jets and a pool table The tanning ledge in the pool also offers a safe space to sit and watch the magnificent views offered by the pool. Ultimately, this freeform 3D pool design offers excellent entertainment for your family. Buy this pool with led lighting and transform your backyard space into a glowing oasis at night We specialize in Fiberglass Pools and Spas in Myrtle Beach, SC. Call us at 843.732.1650. We have the perfect swimming pool for your family. We are a professional swimming pool installers in South Carolina Custom in ground pool and spa with jewel scape finish glass tile roman fountains and water sheers. Gunite Pebble Tec. Custom Gunite In ground pool with pebble tec finish tanning ledge and roman fountains. Fiberglass In ground pool. Fiberglass In ground pool with deck jets spa jets custom tile and automatic power cover. Viking Fiberglass pool

Leisure Pools - Tanning Ledge. New for 2013 is the Leisure Pools Tanning Ledge. The Leisure Pool tanning ledge was specially designed to fit with any of our pools with a straight wall as well as into the radius of the Moroccan model pools and the Riviera model pools Roman Model Pool. The Roman model pool from Leisure Pools is a classis pool shape that offers a timeless appeal that is simple, practical, and elegant. The Roman 19 model features only one end with a circular bench and a straight wall on the shallow end of the pool. This model is perfect for a backyard with limited space or for a courtard. The Mercurty Tanning Ledge February 28, 2020. The Courtyard Roman February 28, 2020. Show all. The Lagoon Tanning Ledge. SKU: b07880df1fdb Category: Products Tags: Curved, Imagine, In Ground, Sundeck Ledges. Additional information Manufacturer: Imagine Pools™.

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  1. g pool and spa lineup! This gorgeous fiberglass shell creates a wide 80 SQFT tanning ledge that is only 1′ deep. It's a terrific add-on feature that can be as simple or dynamic as you want it to be. Spruce up this space with some brilliant LED lighting for a surreal water show at night
  2. Similar to our Scottsdale Tanning Ledge, the Round Tanning Ledge offers a 1′ deep basin.It includes a flat bottom design all the way across the ledge. This is a consistent depth that is perfect for pool furniture, such as a Ledge Lounger or other water approved furniture
  3. Get creative with your backyard design like this whale tail shaped pool! The two-tone finish of this lakeside pool includes glass beads that sparkle in the sun. The tanning ledge is finished in NPT's JewelScapes Crystal, which matches the deck and sets it apart from the StoneScapes Midnight Blue Touch of Glass pool interior
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Medium Sized Free Form Pool with Tanning Ledge. The Costa Azul is a moderately sized fiberglass swimming pool with a free form layout and a comfortable tanning ledge in the shallow end! Like many of our other tanning ledge designs, this pool is quickly becoming a crowd favorite due to the wide platform available for relaxing and tanning (while sitting in just a few inches of water) You can even have a spa that mimics a classical Roman pool with radius curves at each end. For even more curves and greater originality. Learn more. Genesis/Synergy Semicircle Side Tanning Ledge. Spas and Tanning Ledges, Spillover, Trilogy. Wants some curves with those straight lines? Consider a horseshoe or semi-circle Built with style in mind, the Aspen is a luxurious tanning ledge based pool! Bask in the sun all day then simply slip into the deep end, to cool off under the water! Sleek curvature in the tanning ledge and stairs make this one the best looking pools and one of our most popular sellers Take your pick of our many different styles of pools: Rectangular, Free-Form, Kidney-Shaped, and more. Click on one you like to learn more: The Ultimate. The Tuscany. The Topaz Tanning Ledge. The Supreme. The Opal Tanning Ledge. The Summit. The Sorrento Spa - Square Positioned at 18 inches of depth in the water, this extra space provides a nicely sized ledge upon which kids can comfortably enjoy the water. A related approach is making the first entry step large enough to serve as a tanning ledge (also called a sun shelf, lounge ledge, or Baja bench). Depending on your pool's shape, design features, and.

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Fiberglass pools are very durable and offer years of everlasting beauty. They are also easy to install and available in many shapes and sizes. Visit our store where our experts can help you choose which in-ground pool is right for you and give you an estimate for your project. Choose your shape below (click on shape for larger view) Tanning Ledge; Quick View. Genesis/Synergy 9'-4 x 16'-5 Depth 10 Tanning Ledge (SPECIAL ORDER) $4,487.76. Add to Cart Add to Cart. Quick View Roman Pool Kits 14 x 28 16 x 32 18 x 36 Steps and Ladders. Pool sizes and shapes of the Moroccan, Elegance, Roman, Tuscany, and Riviera styles create the customized look longed for by many. Riviera 30 w/ Sorrento Spa Grand Elegance w/ Tanning Ledge Installation and Testimonia

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The Leading Design and Build Firm Serving: Cleveland • Medina • Cuyahoga • Summit • Lorain • Erie Ohio Custom Pool and Patio: 1545 W130th Street Suite E, Hinckley OH 44233 • 440.481.1383 Open by appointment only Whatever your definition of a fun time is, you'll have it right on our premises. We offer a resort-inspired swimming pool with a tanning ledge, an outdoor hot tub, a fire pit with a conversation zone, well equipped fitness center with cardio, weight stations and fee weight - plus an indoor gymnasium Once outside, excitement clicks up a few notches with a sprawling stamped patio, custom, heated Roman-End pool/full width steps, tanning ledge, 7 person spillover spa, delightful built-in multi-function lighting/phone app controls and some of the best local views of preserved, natural woodland solitude a work-weary owner could hope for The Lagoon Tanning Ledge February 28, 2020. Show all. The Mercurty Tanning Ledge. Additional information Manufacturer: Imagine Pools™ Roman Round Rounded Rectangle Square Straight; LENGTH x WIDTH. 10' 5 x 6' 10 10' 5 x 7' 10 14' x 6' 14' x 7' 10 16' 5 x 9' Stunning Geometric 3D Pool Design. Enjoy a mini staycation with your family during summer by creating this awe-inspiring geometric pool with a tanning ledge and a spa. The sensational high-end pool also contains a firepit and led lighting to create a visually appealing look both during the day and night

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Pool with tanning ledge, Capstone edge Flocrete deck, screen Roman shaped pool and spa in Twin Rivers with Pebble Tec finish, tanning ledge, natural rock raised area with Mediterrainean Sconces. Pool remodel with Caribbean blue Pebble Tec, 1 tile and paver overlay: Pool with Paver decking, Pebble Tec finish, tanning ledge, raise Roman Shaped Pool with Raised Beam, Stone Scuppers and Tanning Ledge with Bubbler Hobert Pools & Spas, Locations in Murphy & Rockwall, TX www.hobertpools.com Roman Shaped Pool with Raised Beam, Travertine Veneer Tanning Ledge with Bubblers Hobert Pools & Spas, Locations in Murphy & Rockwall, TX www.hobertpools.co Over 60 fiberglass pool shapes and sizes to choose from. We serve many areas in the New York including: Orange, Westchester, Dutchess, Putnam The Courtyard Roman . The Harmony. The Infinity. The Caribbean . The Pinnacle. The Icon. The Eclipse . The Mediterranean. The Opal Tanning Ledge. The Topaz Tanning Ledge . Featured project. Each year the swimming pool goes through some minor changes. There is a variety of add-ons to choose from, of course, and one of them is the tanning ledge. Look around and see how this innovative, convenient pool feature, has become a favorite amongst pool owners.. Many people, who grew up in sunny areas with access to a beach, may remember two things: paddle ball and chairs close to the water Unwind, relax and do away with the toils of the day by recharging yourself in your pool spa. Count on the experts at Pools and Beyond to offer you state-of-the-art pool designs with spas and tanning ledges. For a design consultation, call or text (502) 419-2626 or use our convenient online form

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A tan shelf (also known as a Tanning Ledge), is similar in construction to a beach entry, except that is actually the first step of the swimming pool, with about 6 inches water depth. A sheer Decent refers to a wall of typically 18 inches high Leisure fiberglass pool with scored / stained deck,slate look coping tanning ledge and rico rock 4' double waterfall Follow Me Ph: 205.668.6670 • Fx: 205.668.6667 • mailto:sales@earlspools.co

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Centiennal. Size: 16′ x 38′ - Depth: 3'7″ - 6'3″. Features include: Built-in tanning ledge. Relaxation bench seating. Large, spacious swim area. The 16′ x 38′ rectangle fiberglass pool is 550 square feet of family fun just waiting to happen and features a 3′ 7″ shallow end for the kiddos and a 6′ 3″ deep end for the. Penguin Pools offer you the best Double Roman Vinyl Liner Pricing in Southeastern Wisconsin. The Double Roman inground swimming pool is a rectangle pool with a half-moon on each side giving the pool a rounded look. Penguin Pools offers this design as a way to spice up a simple rectangle pool with a small design element

Swimming Pool Pricing. Pools123 builds the luxurious Leisure Pools fiberglass pools. We are pleased to offer these at the following prices: The Roman: 11'6″ x 23'1″ The Sorrento Spa (round) 8′ x 8′ $27,277 The Opal Tanning Ledge: 7'10 x 10'5″ $18,922 The Topaz Tanning Ledge: 6'10 x 10'5″. The Lelani - A Free Form Pool Shape with Tanning Ledge. The Luxor Deep - A Deep End Lap Swimming Pool. The Luxor Shallow End Pool. The Majestic - Curved Walls and Modest 5′ 6″ Deep End The Pompano Beach - Our Fun Twist on a Roman Pool Shape. The Rio - A Medium Sized Free Form Shape. The Sandcastle - A Free Form Pool Shape. Pool bubblers (also referred to as gushers) are small fountains of water that bubble up out of the pool. They usually top out at 2 or 3 feet (most are adjustable), replicating the bubbling that occurs in a natural hot spring. In most cases, bubblers are installed at the entrance of the pool - on a tanning ledge or a beach entry This design (shown below) uses 3 actual steps (not including the tanning ledge or the pool bottom), which provides a step height of 8 for the first 3 person steps and a range from 5 to 13 for the last person step. FYI, 7-8 is the typical step height in any given office building stairwell (NOT submerged in water, of course) Lewiston, MI. Beautiful 20'x40'x7' pool to include, tanning ledge step combo, Tanning ledge table, full width bench in deep end, Hayward Omni Logic, Heat pump, Color Logic LED pool lighting, CoverStar Auto cover, Rock Waterfall Feature & Ledge Loungers with Table. More Photos An in ground lap pool boasts a tanning ledge fitted with white modern loungers and is positioned in front of a covered in front of a covered patio. Geoff Chick. lit by a brass sconce as a basket sits on a window ledge positioned in front of a window dressed in a gray border roman shade..