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Community Answer. Connect your iOS device to your computer and open iTunes. While your device is connected, force restart it. When you see the option to restore or update, choose restore. Wait for the process to finish Stop your Antivirus Reset your iPod- Press Menu and Center Button for about 10 secs till the Apple logo comes ON then release the buttons For iPod with a click wheel, such as iPod classic, soft reset the iPod and then press both the Center and Play/Pause buttons for a few seconds to switch to the disk mode. For iPod with a touch or scroll wheel, also soft reset it and then hold down the Previous and Next buttons at the same time to go to the disk mode Format iPod classic Common Solution: Format iPod touch Without iTunes Let's first get to know the basic way to format iPod touch Without iTunes: Hold the Home Menu and Sleep buttons at the same time until the iPod restarts and the Apple logo appears. If your iPod boots, go into the Settings: General > Reset. There you will find several settings to reset the iPod

To format your iPod you will have to start it in Disk Mode. Follow the instructions from here. The first thing you will need is to plug the USB cable that connects your iPod to a computer and a program like iTunes. Once you have that, plug it in and see if the computer recognizes it and if you can sync with iTunes For more easy step by step ipod fix tutorials and tips check out http://fixyouripod.weebly.comBuy it here: http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-/1?.. Learn how to charge your iPod nano or get help with other issues on your iPod nano. If you can't force restart your iPod (5th generation), set your device on a table and try again. This time, when you press the Center button, don't touch the Click Wheel. And when you press Menu, press near the outside of the Click Wheel instead of near the center

I have an iPod Classic 80GB version 1.1.2 and still use it to this day. I'm running Windows 7 64-bit. The iPod had some software troubles and needed a restore. I downloaded the latest version of iTunes (12.7.1) and the moment I plugged in my iPod, iTunes would freeze Connect the USB cable to the iPod. During the next two steps, disregard what happens on the iPod's screen, just do what we ask you to. Hold down MENU + SELECT (the center button) for 12 seconds (count to 12, just to be sure that your timing is right)

This process is the same for iPod Classic, Shuffle, Nano, and Touch. Here are some more interesting points that you should be aware about. The iPod Nano always comes pre-formatted with Windows, so if you connect it to a Mac for the first time, it will automatically reformat itself before syncing Connect your device to your computer using the cable that came with it. Select your iPod when it appears in iTunes. In the Summary panel, click Restore. Click Restore again to confirm that you want to restore your device to factory settings and delete all data and content Click the Restore button in iPod Updater to reformat a Windows iPod for your Mac. The reason I needed to format my iPod is because the iPod shuffle is the only model that works correctly with a. It is rather easy to reset an iPod classic that sports a clickwheel. All you need to do is toggle the Hold Switch on and off. Then return it to off position. Then press the Menu and Center button simultaneously. Press and hold the buttons for about 6 seconds. You will observe the Apple logo appear I have a mac formatted ipod. You might guess what I am about to ask you..I have a windows pc and I want to transfer all the music to it but it wont read it till I reformat it to my pc which we all know that by reformatting it will erase all the music which is about 27gig of musicWith that being said I bought to types of software which said it would beable to fix my problem ((irip and tansee.

Full Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLALQuK1NDrjsCtybZK69UGgPDb7BMnoE--Watch more How to Use an IPod videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/.. How to Reformat Mac Formatted iPod for Windows. In order to reformat Windows formatted iPod for Mac, connect your iPod to your PC. Then follow the steps below. Note: Before you reformatting an iPod, make sure that you've backed up songs, photos or other data on your iPod to the computer, since reformatting an iPod means erasing everything on it Hej all! I pulled out my old iPod Classic 7th Gen 160GB and thought I'd use it as a temporary backup hard drive for my dying Windows laptop. I restored it on a Mac and it changed into HFS+ which doesn't work on my Windows laptop. So I formatted it to exFAT and then synced (didn't restore) it to iTunes

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  1. Is It Safe to Format Factory Reset APPLE iPod Classic 7th Generation? Using one of the hard reset methods on APPLE iPod Classic 7th Generation is safe and should not affect the device in any other way than it is supposed to (clearing all data and reinstalling the default setting). Click here to find more about factory reset
  2. Steps to Reformat iPod Touch. Connect the iPod with your PC with a USB cable. Then synchronize it with iTunes. Go to the desktop of your PC and right click on the 'My Computer' icon and select 'Manage'. Then select 'Disk Management' under the heading 'Storage'. It may take some time to show all the options under it depending.
  3. However: The iPod Touch has a restore function in the settings menu and I think my iPod classic had one of those too. I can't check anymore though, since it's been broken for some time. If it's really just about getting rid of the duplicate songs you could just delete those with any of the mentioned linux programs
  4. or disk errors that might have come over usage of iPod

Question: I have accidentally formatted my iPod and lost all my music files, what shall I do to rescue data after formatting my iPod files?. Solution: Easy guide to get music video files back with iCare Data Recovery. Recovering music files like mp3, mp4, video files etc won't be hard. You can take them back whenever you formatted iPod by accident or was told to format your iPod and cannot. The iPod touch is still a useful and in-demand gadget, serving as a kids' gaming device, mobile register for businesses, and even a records tracker for hospitals. If you're preparing to sell your iPod touch or the device isn't functioning properly, it's easy to restore an iPod touch to factory settings or restore its contents from a backup. Here's a look at what's involved in both processes First, reset the iPod and place it in disk mode. Resetting the iPod does not delete any data from the device but may help you fix corruption errors. First make sure that the device is not connected to your computer. Next, toggle the Hold switch on top to the ON and then back to the OFF position a couple of times

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i got a classic ipod (120GB) and i cant read it in r/w mode. i've replace all the stuff about getting tools in order to be able to reformat the ipod. 06-11-2009, 11:42 AM #3: hDUQUE. Member . Registered: Jan 2007. Posts: 76 Original Poster. Rep: hey guys, i formatted my ipod as an hfsplus file system WITHOUT journaling, i copied all my. Something amiss with your fifth-generation Apple iPod Classic? Before you send it in for repair, you should reset your iPod to its factory-default settings and see if that doesn't clear up your problem. This iPod owner's guide offers a complete overview of the process A. If the iPod is still showing up in iTunes and as an external hard drive on the computer, you might be able to back up its contents to another drive before troubleshooting or reformatting the. Recently, my 120 GB iPod classic was not being recognised by my MacBook and kept prompting to reformat. I have done this many times before but make it a conscious effort to back up my files before I.

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The iPod stores music on a hard drive, right? And with any system, an excessively fragmented hard drive means a slow system. An old thread on the iPod Hacks forum discusses speeding up your iPod. Running the iPod Software Updater is going to erase the contents of your iPod. Before you update the software on your iPod, you must back up any music you with to keep to another medium such as a hard drive, a CD, or a DVD. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked * Comment Step 1: Connect the iPod touch to a trusted computer and open the latest version of iTunes;. Step 2: Press the iPod touch icon on iTunes after connection and go for Summary > Restore iPod...;. Step 3: Continue to have a click on the Restore option to make further confirmation and let iTunes begins to restore iPod touch for you.. Part 2. How to Restore iPod Touch without Passcode in. Disconnecting the iPod will not physically damage the hardware in any way. The only real risk is file system or iPod database corruption, but since you're effectively trying to reformat your iPod anyway, that really doesn't matter in this case. You can go ahead and disconnect it and try again Here you can delete/partition/erase and reformat the iPod - you can either format to FAT32 or MAC OS extended (Journaled). Check that you can read/write to the iPod drive. Open iTunes and attempt restore, if this does not work - eject the iPod, disconnect from the computer, and reset the iPod - then reconnect to the computer and try again

How to reformat ipod nano 7th generation 4th & 5th Generation) Resetting an iPod Nano is similar to how you would do it for an iPod Classic: 1. Toggle the Hold switch on and off. (Slide it to Hold, then turn it off again.) 2. Now press and hold the Menu and Select buttons until the Apple logo appears, which could take from 6 to 10 seconds I have a 3G iPod that used to give me pretty much the same symptoms (I would try to copy a large file off the iPod, and it would stop copying and start with the clicking, then saying it was corrupt). The way I fixed it was to open Disk Utility and reformat the iPod drive, making sure to use the zero all data option in the security options menu I have a 160GB classic iPod that is Mac-formatted. My Mac Mini is now fried and I can't get to to my iTunes library on it. I want to transfer the whole library on the iPod, including playlists to a Windows 7 PC

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  1. My old iPod classic had seen better days, but given the lack of storage space in current iPod touches (and the price of the 64GB models) I had decided to stick it out with my classic - even after 2 apparent deaths (thought it was a goner twice, but the spunky little thing sprang back to life each time)
  2. Can't restore iPod classic 7th gen, hard drive seems fine! Mac. I have an iPod classic 7th gen, 160GB, that I love to bits. However, it has suddenly decided to die on me, and I'm going crazy trying to fix it. If I reset the iPod it boots up past the apple logo on grey background screen and tells me to restore the iPod on iTunes, but this fails.
  3. A: Traditional iPod models such as the iPod classic actually appear to your computer as external hard disks and therefore use operating system specific formats. The biggest challenge to getting data from your Mac-formatted iPod to a PC will be reading the Mac disk format, since Windows cannot natively do this
  4. Format iPod classic. Open Disk Utility, find and highlight your iPod (left). Go to the section tab, click Delete or Section. If this does not help, skip this step and go to step 3. Go to the Delete tab, select Volume Format as the extended MAC OS (in the log) and click Delete again. If this does not help, skip it.
  5. Clicking reformat will erase your iPod. Step 2: Now open My Computer and open your iPod drive. Step 3: Open Tools > Folder Options. Click the View tab and check Show hidden files and folders

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Without it, a Mac formatted iPod won't connect to iTunes on a PC, and the only option in iTunes will be to reformat the iPod which will delete all of it's data. iPods are formatted based on which operating system you used to set it up and sync it. If you use Windows, it's formatted as FAT32. If you use Mac, it's formatted as HFS+ PodTrans reduces some of the headache inherent in moving files to and from your iPod and computer. With a drag-and-drop interface to move different types of files between the iPod Classic, Touch.

Step 1: Enabling Disk Use. - Connect your iPod to your PC. If you use a Mac, this will only work on iPods formatted with the FAT32 filesystem. You can reformat your iPod (losing all your songs) and resync later on your Mac (a FAT32 iPod can still be used on Mac). More about that here: conversion to FAT32 You can find some good deals on ebay. However, you can STILL buy the 7th generation on amazon.co.uk for a brand new unboxed one with either 80, 120, 128 SSD, or 160 GB. It's a great deal, but the price is high. I'd presonally go for it, before the.. The iPod Classic (stylized and marketed as iPod classic and formerly iPod Video or just iPod) is a discontinued portable media player created and formerly marketed by Apple Inc.. There were six generations of the iPod Classic, as well as a spin-off (the iPod Photo) that was later re-integrated into the main iPod line

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When you first plug in the iPod Nano to your Windows 7 laptop, Windows itself will detect a device that isn't formatted for its OS and complain: This you can safely ignore. Click on Cancel. What you want is for iTunes to reformat the device, not Windows. Speaking of which, I trust you have the latest copy of iTunes installed on your PC iPod classic 3rd generation was compatible with Mac and Windows out of the box. Windows users had to reformat the iPod before use on a PC; The battery life of iPod classic 3rd generation was estimated to up to 8 hours due to the use of a lithium-ion battery instead of a lithium polymer battery, used in the first two iPod versions

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  1. By following Apple's official instructions: Restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from a backup 1. Open iTunes on the Mac or PC that you used to back up your device. 2. Connect your device to your computer with a USB cable. If a message asks fo..
  2. The iPod Classic became an enduring icon largely because it contained a compact, 1.8in 160GB HDD - that was something like two-and-a-half times more capacious than its closest competitor, and.
  3. If your iPod still won't respond, gets stuck during startup, or persistently displays an Apple logo or , here's what to do: Make sure that your computer has the latest version of iTunes. If you have an iPod nano or iPod classic, put your iPod in Disk Mode. Open iTunes, then connect your iPod directly to your computer
  4. Make sure your Mac or PC is up to date. If you're using iTunes, make sure you have the latest version. If you want to save the information on your iPhone, iPad or iPod, create a backup. Go to Settings > [your name] > Find My, tap Find My iPhone, then turn it off

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Registered. Joined Oct 13, 2015. ·. 1,143 Posts. #4 · Aug 7, 2016. My ipod (80GB Video, pre Classic) has had crashing issues for years. I know there are some bad sectors on the HDD because some songs skip, and some just won't play. However, the main issue I have is that it doesn't put my songs in track order My iPod Classic 160GB isn't anywhere near full---probably 2/3 full since I have everything at 128kbps, but when I get close to 30,000 songs (actually movements in my case but the distinction shouldn't matter), it starts crapping out. It locks up more and more, and recently I had to reformat the drive to get it to work at all If the hard drive on your iPod video bit the dust, you can replace the old platter-based drive with a compact flash drive for lighter, faster, drop-proof music and media playback

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  1. Recently, my 120 GB iPod classic was not being recognised by my MacBook and kept prompting to reformat. I have done this many times before but make it a conscious effort to back up my files before I do so. I genuinely forgot about the folder I had saved on my iPod classic (when using it as a hard disk) and went ahead to reformat it
  2. I get the message This iPod needs to be reformatted for use on your PC. Click on the Update button below to run the iPod Updater application that will allow you to reformat or restore your iPod . My iPod wasn't plugged in when I had my accident, so I know there isn't anything actually wrong with the iPod
  3. Posted a new video - demonstrating the complete restore and sync of a 1Tb 7.5g iPod Classic. I have done this many many times now with zero problems, so I thought this time I would make a video. Syncing is done using iTunes 11, importantly I used the Apple Dual Firewire/USB Docking Lead, and the Apple 12V Firewire charger
  4. 28. Mar 20, 2015. #1. I have an iPod Classic, that is experiencing signs of hard drive failure similar to my old 80GB that died a while back. It is a 160GB Gen 7 Classic and upon the least sync to add 4 new songs and to include a new playlist, it will play 2/3 of one song, skips one, and the other 2 play as normal

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  1. Connect the iPod Shuffle to your computer and launch iTunes. Click on the iPod Shuffle when it displays in iTunes, then click on the Summary tab. Click on Restore, then click on Restore again to confirm you want to restore your device. iTunes will restore your iPod Shuffle to default factory settings and install the latest software
  2. This is an iPod Touch 3rd Generation. iPod 3G was very unclear (classic, Nano, touch) but the model number helped. DCF is typically a Photo File format, and it looks like that it has an older iOS that exposes the saved photos as DCF space on your computer. You don't want to reformat it, as the DCF portion you are seeing is only part of the drive
  3. This iPod FAQ including all tips and solutions to the general iPod problems, if you are new iPod user, it would help you know iPod fast. It works for all series of iPod including iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Classic and iPod Shuffle, even the iPhone. Here is the index of this iPod FAQ: 1. How to reset and restore iPod 2
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In iTunes, after you've added your video to the library, right click it. Select Convert Selection for iPod. iTunes will let you know if your video is already in the correct format. If it's not, your video will slowly be converted to an H.264 video. UPDATE: I've heard several complaints of iTunes creating iPod videos without sound the i-pod came formatted for use on an apple device, which caused a bit of a hurdle, but having figured out how to reformat it for windows, the sync became seamless. i have been using it for the usual 8-10 hours a day while my original i-pod has been in the shop and if anything, the battery life is better than the replacement i had installed in. In fact, this particular iPod has Music, as is quickly obvious: Ultimately, though, the fix is within the Windows system, so once you've copied off anything you want to keep from the iPod Nano, unplug it from the Mac, plug it back into your PC and use the Restore feature on the Windows version of iTunes to wipe and reformat the unit. You will likely have to reformat your iPod for Catalina to work properly with it. When my podcasts transferred to the iPod, none of them had artwork. I now have to use two apps to add music and podcasts to my iPod -- it was much easier when I could use just iTunes. Never understood the vitriol for iTunes When you forgot iPod password, you can choose to factory reset it to remove the preview lock screen password.Or you can turn to the professional way to directly wipe your iPod touch/nano without losing any data. Here in this post, we will show you how to unlock iPod with these 2 methods It is compatible with all iPod models, such as iPod touch 4/5/6, iPod nano, iPod classic, iPod shuffle, etc. Supports on all iOS available and perfectly works on both Windows and Mac machines. 100% Safe & Easy to use. No risk of information leakage. How to Transfer Music from Computer to iPod without iTunes but Using iPod Music Transfer. Step 1