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To celebrate her relationship with husband Offset, Cardi B decided to get her man's name permanently inked on the back of her thigh. The tattoo was revealed on Offset's Instagram page, with the caption CANT WAIT TO GET HOME. Offset himself has Cardi's name tattooed on his body, however, instead of his thigh the tattoo is on his neck Cardi B Gets New Tattoo of Husband Offset's Name on the Back of Her Thigh. The Migos rapper already has Cardi B's name tattooed on his neck. By Claudia Harmata. July 21, 2019 05:20 PM In todays video we go over why Offset from the Migos got a tattoo of Cardi B's name on his neck. Cardi B and Offset are currently engaged and the wedding is. Cardi B got an awkward Offset tattoo on her leg. Offset's comment about it is so thirsty. Cardi B and Offset have been through a lot. From multiple public breakups and makeups. Cardi B's fiancé rapper Offset showed his love by getting her name tattooed on his neck. Cardi B 's fiancé Offset is making their love extra permanent. The Migos rapper, who proposed to the.

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Offset, whose real name is Kiari Kendrell Cephus, got a tattoo of Cardi's stage name Cardi B. Her real name is Belcalis Almanzar. The pair got engaged after Offset proposed on stage last. 8 of 11. Belkis. Look closely and you'll see this wrist tattoo says Belkis, which is an abbreviated version of Cardi's real name, Belcalis! Instagram. 9 of 11. Offset. Yep. Tattoo: On the right side of his neck, Offset has got the tattoo of his wife's name inked, which can be read as CARDI B. Offset has four children: sons Jordan, Kody, and daughter Kalea, all from his previous relationships. His first child with CARDI B is a daughter, named Kulture Kiari Cephus, who was born on July 10, 2018. 2. Bird on Neck. Tattoo: On the left side of his neck, Offset has a. Cardi B's Offset Tattoo. In July 2019, Cardi B got her husband's name tattooed on the back of her left thigh in black cursive. Offset shared a picture of the new ink on IG soon after she got it,.

Cardi B & Offset Drop A Jaw-Dropping Amount On Kulture's First Birthday Party. In a screenshot posted by Offset, the 'Press' rapstress unveiled her new tattoo of her husband's stage name sprawled. Cardi has a new tattoo in black script of her husband Offset's name. The Migos rapper's stage name appears on the back of her left thigh, just below the flower piece on the hamstring part of the leg. She showed off a photo of the new tattoo with customary flair on Instagram The Migos rapper showed off his new ink Saturday a giant Kulture tat on his face in honor of his daughter with Cardi B. This isn't a first for Offset -- he's also got a tattoo on the other. The tattoo features Offset's name in cursive script on the back of her lower thigh. We know Cardi B is definitely no stranger to tattoos as she has a rather large peacock tattoo that travels from.

Cardi B is proudly showing off her new body ink. The Grammy-winning rapper got husband Offset's name tattooed in cursive on her left leg and then showed it off to her man in a Facetime chat Cardi B has revealed she wanted to get a tattoo of her husband's name on her vagina but isn't allowed to do so because she has laser removal treatments on her private parts. Cardi B - real name Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar - took to Twitter earlier today to express her sadness amid the global coronavirus pandemic Cardi B has added an extra pop of color to her iconic hip tattoo. On Monday, the Bodak Yellow rapper showed off her updated peacock ink on Instagram, revealing the latest intricate details that.

In the image, Cardi is seen showing off what appears to be a new tattoo that reads Offset. As expected, the rapper was pleased to see his wife's new ink and captioned the post, CANT WAIT TO GET. It's no secret that Offset already has a little Cardi B-inspired ink. The large neck tattoo, first spotted in January of 2018, has huge letters spelling out Cardi B just below his Powerpuff. On July 21, Offset posted the photo of Cardi B's Offset tattoo to his Instagram, and other than it being in the most random spot ever that must have hurt like a b*tch to get done, it's a pretty. Jun 16, 2020. On Monday, Cardi B took to Instagram to unveil a major update to her most iconic and recognizable tattoo, the peacock adorning her thigh. The rapper showed off her updated ink with a.

This back tattoo is enormous! This weekend, rapper Cardi B vacationed in Turks and Caicos with her family, including husband Offset Ryn. While enjoying her fun in the sun, Cardi showed off a huge new tattoo. The tattoo is a full floral design which begins at her upper thigh and snakes up her back. The piece includes a variety of flower species. Cardi B shows off her new tattoo. Bodak Yellow rapper Cardi B got her husband Offset's name tattooed on her left thigh.. It makes sense considering Offset already has a tattoo of Cardi's name on the right side of his neck Cardi B appears to have a new tattoo in honor of her husband, Offset, and he couldn't wait to show off the sexy new ink. The rapper proudly took to Instagram on Sunday to share a screenshot.

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  1. Cardi B's Husband Offset Gets A Tattoo Of Their Daughter Kulture's Name On His Face. Anything for his baby girl! Cardi B and Offset's daughter Kulture is alraedy almost two months old, and.
  2. 4. 'The Cheetah and The Cat' Tattoo. Tattoo: There is an ink of small Cat sitting in front of a Cheetah on the left side of the singer's waist. 5. 'Loyalty over Royalty' Tattoo. Tattoo: The words, Loyalty over Royalty are inked on Cardi's right bicep. 6. 'Hennessy and the Roses' Tattoo. Tattoo: Cardi's left bicep contains the word, Hennessy with three flowers inked on it
  3. Cardi B planned to see stars long before her journey to Hollywood.The 28-year-old rapper took to Twitter to reveal the face tattoo she nearly had. Everyday I'm thankful at the fact that [I] ain.
  4. Cardi B declares her love for Offset with a tattoo of his name.. News of the new tattoo came on Sunday (July 21) when Offset posted a screenshot of the couple's FaceTime conversation on.
  5. g him. In the image, the 'Press' rapper is holding up her leg showing off the tattoo on the back of her thigh

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Offset debuted a tattoo with his wife's name on his neck under a picture of Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls in January 2018. Cardi B, 26, and Offset, 27, secretly tied the knot in September. cardi b shows off tattoo in topless instagram post In the short video posted to her Instagram Stories, Cardi was seen facing a white wall as she ran her hands through her waist-length hair. The Hustlers star, 28, then began styling her raven-colored hair into a bun in a bid to showcase her colorful tattoo and derriere

Cardi B just made her love for husband Offset permanent.. The I Like It rapper, 26, showed off a new tattoo dedicated to the Migos member, 27, on the back of her thigh above the knee. It. Cardi B's colorful new tattoo is finally complete. After teasing it on her Instagram Stories last week, the I Like It rapper, 27, showed off the massive design in its entirety on Instagram. Offset Tattoo of Cardi B. Image Source: Instagram@offsetyrn Cheetah on Left Hip. Cardi has a blue Cheetah tatted on her left waist which goes up to her tummy. The Cheetah tattoo symbolizes swiftness, insight and focus. Cheetah tattoo of Cardi B. Image Source: Body Art Guru Peacock Just in case you thought the engagement ring was for play play, Offset just got a tattoo of Cardi B 's name on his neck, so you know it's real. Video recently surfaced of the Migos member showing. Cardi B's Offset Tattoo In July 2019, Cardi B got her husband's name tattooed on the back of her left thigh in black cursive. Offset shared a picture of the new ink on IG soon after she got it,.

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  2. However, Cardi B's new Offset tattoo proves that these two are doing super well. When Cardi and the Migos rapper first began dating-people were apprehensive, especially since Offset couldn't.
  3. Cardi B Shows Off New Ridiculous Tattoo Of Husband's Name. Rapper Cardi B just added a new tattoo to her collection. The Please Me singer, 26, FaceTime'd husband Offset to show him her new ink, according to a report published by Page Six. Offset shared a photo of the tattoo to his Instagram on Sunday
  4. Cardi B showed off a tattoo she got of husband Offset's name on her thigh. A follower didn't approve and Cardi B responded after the follower questioned her decision. Cardi tweeted a video of her and Offset rapping. In the video, Cardi was scantily clad, thereby exposing her tattoos. One of them is an ink of Offset's name. Ride the Dick pic.
  5. In January of 2018, Offset tattooed the Powerpuff Girl, Buttercup, on his neck with Cardi B written under the cartoon. But, unlike Offset's tat, Cardi's piece comes at a time when the couple.
  6. Cardi B has at least 8 known tattoos: Belkis on her wrist. cat, cheetah on her hip. Hennessy on her bicep. Loyalty Over Royalty on her bicep. peacock on her hip. Samuel on her upper back. Tommy G on her wrist. I Love You hand sign behind her ear

Grammy-winning rapper Cardi B filmed a slick slow-motion video in honor of her husband Offset's twenty ninth birthday on Monday. However reasonably than utilizing their very own music, the Bronx-born 28-year-old opted to set her video to Dado Milman's August 2020 observe, Yeled Gadol. In it, the Migos rapper counted stacks of money in a bed. Cardi B recently revealed that new music is on the way as fans anxiously await. She is enjoying life for now though as she took to Instagram to show her getting new chest piercings as she tried to. Music star Cardi B and husband Offset are inked together in love, forever. With a post on Instagram, Offset has revealed that Cardi B just got a new tattoo, which is his name in cursive at the.

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  1. Cardi B appears to have some new ink. On Sunday (July 21), her husband Offset shared a screenshot from a Facetime call to his Instagram where the I Like It rapper can be seen showing off a new.
  2. Cardi B 'has options,' but she's choosing to stay by her man's side! She's been brushing off rumors that Offset cheated, but it looks like she's approved of his 'Cardi B' tattoo
  3. The controversial singer has paid tribute to her husband Offset with one new tattoo and has another sizeable new piece on her bum. Cardi B - or Becalis Marlenis Almánzar, to give her real name.
  4. Cardi B Just Got A HUGE Offset Name Tattoo In A Super Visible Spot. Putting permanent ink on your body in honor of someone else's name is easily one of the biggest tattoo decisions. But in.

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  1. Cardi B Got a New Tattoo, and Fans Are Here for It. Cardi B's love for husband Offset is so strong that she tattooed his name permanently — on a rather unexpected body part. The Migos rapper proudly took to Instagram on Sunday to share a screenshot of a video call with Cardi, who was holding up her leg in the air to reveal the new ink on the.
  2. A floral wonderland for a rap princess: Cardi B revealed her back tattoo on Friday after teasing images of the work. who is Cardi's first child and Offset's fourth, on July 10, 2018..
  3. Offset Immortalizes Love For Cardi B With Neck Tattoo. Published on: Jan 15, 2018, 6:00 PM. by Danielle Harling. 14. The relationship between rapping lovebirds Cardi B and Offset has been.
  4. A post shared by Cardi B Official IG (@iamcardib) on Aug 10, 2017 at 7:16pm PDT Because no one believes in romance anymore, Offset's new ink didn't exactly set off a round of awwws online
  5. Offset Holds Cardi B's Hand As She Gets 3 Painful New Piercings At Home Her husband Offset definitely deserves a medal for his calm and supportive mannerisms! Published June 18, 202

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In 2018, Offset got a tattoo of Cardi B's name on his neck shortly after the two hit a rough patch in their marriage. He also got himself a tattoo of The Powerpuff Girls, which is Cardi's favorite cartoon character. The power couple recently threw a huge birthday party for their daughter Kulture in New York City to celebrate her first birthday The female rapper took to social media to show off her brand new tattoo and, as it turns out, it's in honor of her husband and father of her child, Offset! Cardi B was obviously excited to share the new ink with the fellow rapper as well as with the world and revealed in a screengrab of their FaceTime that she got it in a pretty unexpected place Cardi B has been in the headlines lately not only due to unique talent, but also due to sex tapes that have surfaced reportedly showing her soon-to-be husband Offset cheating on her!However, the. Cardi B, Offset and Kulture are about to become a family of 4! The 'WAP' rapper confirmed she's expecting her second child via Instagram shortly after her BET performance

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Cardi B's recent name tattoo is dedicated to her husband, with his name, Offset written above the back of her left knee, while behind her right ear is the drawing of a hand making the American Sign Language symbol for I Love You Uploaded January 14, 2018. Offset gets a tattoo of Cardi B on his neck. Posted By Joe. Please click the Report button below if the video on this page is not working properly Cardi B has shown her man some new appreciation by deciding to get his name tattooed on her thigh, and Offset decided to post a picture of his wife on FaceTime with him, showing it off on social media for the world to see Cardi B is showing off her new ink!. The 26-year-old Grammy-winning rapper's husband Offset took to Instagram on Sunday (July 21) to show of Cardi's new tattoo, which is his name tattooed in. 27-year-old Cardi B showed off her new ink with a photo of her from behind wearing a fluorescent green bikini with gold chain straps. She also posted a full-body video shot of the new look to showcase just how big it really is. Soooo here it is! It took me several months but I'm finally finished. This is my back tattoo! Cardi captioned the video

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Image source: Pinterest. Taking to Instagram Stories, Cardi B showed off a work-in-progress on her back, noting that she's still got two more sessions before the ink is complete. Tagging the tattoo artist, the rapper debuted the new piece, which shows colorful butterflies and flowers. It is currently unclear whether she got the piece touched. Offset denied Cardi B was pregnant. Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images. Rumors had been swirling for months that Cardi B and Offset were expanding their family and had a baby on the way. In February 2018. Cardi B loves her baby daddy. This is beyond officially since she got the name Offset tattooed on the back of her leg, just above her knee. The Bronx rapper showed off the new Ink on social. Cardi B Thankful She Didn't Do This As A 16-Year-Old. Cardi B revealed she almost made a huge mistake when she was a young girl and she's thankful she didn't go through with her crazy plan. Cardi B has gotten a tattoo of her Husband, Offset on her thigh.. The tattoo was revealed in a Facetime call screenshot Offset shared with the caption, CANT WAIT TO GET HOME. It features Offset's name in cursive script on the back of her lower thigh.. Cardi B already has a large peacock tattoo that travels from her thigh to her hip and butt, while Offset has a tattoo of Cardi B's.

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Cardi B wore a sheer catsuit that showed off her tattoos, a skull mask and spiky black ankle boots in Paris with husband Offset, Jan. 16 Cardi posted this jaw-dropping picture to promote the brand Fashion Nova. She wore a neon green bikini with super high heels. Her blue wig matches the purse she is holding but all eyes are on that extravagant tattoo. Cardi B's Tattoo Took Months To Finish. As you could imagine, a tattoo of this size did not just take one day to complete Amidst all this, Offset also gets a tattoo of Cardi B's name on his neck, and they also attend the 2018 GRAMMYs together on Jan. 28. March 2018 March 2018. Link Copied. Kai Z Feng/Cosmopolitan