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The two focus issues I have experienced are the front/back focus with the 35 and the 85. Sigma is not privy to Nikon's focus algorithms and engineers their own algorithm to arrive at focus. It seems this point is slightly different for each body and has been more variable for me with Sigma than with Nikon lenses As you might remember I reported having focusing problems with a Sigma 70-200/2.8 EX APO HSM when used with the F5. According to Sigma I should have the AF sensor of my F5 re-calibrated (whatever that means) because it must be at the limi If you happen to use Sigma ART series lenses, you can also use Sigma's USB Dock for even more refined lens focus calibrations. Why You Should Calibrate The Focus on Your Lenses All lenses have some tolerance built into the manufacturing process, so not every lens focuses exactly the same

In this video, we'll be taking a look at a major problem with Sigma lenses - sporadic and inconsistent AF when using the IR AF assist beam present on most fl.. A little over a year and thousands of photographs later, I give an update on my Sigma 18-35mm focus issues. I also answer your frequently asked questions. Li..

p.2 #9 · p.2 #9 · Sigma 50mm F1.4 Art - major focus issues I'm wondering if there isn't going to be a quicker solution; at least an ability to save various calibration profiles in the software. I'd also like to think that if you got the near/far distances calibrated with one camera, getting it working at all distances on another camera would. Kozinski noticed that his $799 Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 Art lens was slightly off in its focusing, so he shelled out $60 for a Sigma USB Dock. Everything up to close to infinity was front focusing. p.1 #19 · p.1 #19 · Sigma 50mm F1.4 Art - major focus issues. An an owner of the Sigma 50 f1.4 no ART and the Sigma 35 f1.4 ART, I can perhaps shed some light on this by sharing my experience. Using a 1D Mark III, I got very sharp photos from both wide open. However, AF was like night and day between them I recently got Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art lens for my Canon Rebel T4i. Since the day one I have been facing bad focusing issues. I didn't notice that issue till I saw the pictures in the big screen. All.

p.1 #2 · p.1 #2 · Sigma 85 Art focusing issue! This is a somewhat common complaint with really fast primes. There are a few explanations, such as a possible decentered lens element, or it could just be other properties of the lens as it appears the inaccuracy is perfectly symmetrical based on your samples Autofocus issues with Sigma 150-600C. - at 600mm it will not refocus from close range to a distant subject and vice-versa unless I start with manual focus. It is OK at 300mm but not above. Using the centre point AF point. - is it too slow for tracking birds in flight at 600mm. All firmware up to date Just a video demonstrating the issues I'm having with my Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 lens, for troubleshooting purposes. The issues are intermittent, although I fe.. The first is that you'll need to wait for Adobe to update ACR/Lightroom to be able to read the raw files. The other is that some Sigma lenses will have compatibility issues, and need a firmware update. And so, Sigma have released an advisory for certain Art and other lenses when being used with some of the newer Canon bodies Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART focusing issues - bad copy? Close. 4. Posted by 2 years ago. Archived. Sigma 35mm 1.4 ART focusing issues - bad copy? Hey, before I trade the lens in or send it for repair I would like to know if anyone else has this experience. 1/4 shots seems to be out of focus by a huge amount My 50mm sigma art nails focus 100% of the time.

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Use a bulb blower to remove dust, then use a swab and isopropyl alcohol or cleaning solution. Dirty autofocus sensor. Sometimes the autofocus sensor is dirty, which, of course, leads to consistent focusing problems. To clean your AF focus, follow the steps below: Power on your camera Upload & Sell: On. p.1 #2 · p.1 #2 · Sigma 500mm f4 Sport focusing issue. The new Nikon 500 5.6 will be completely comparable with your D850 at half the cost and half the weight. The high speed battery grip and a 1.4 extender would still keep you under budget and under weight. I have purchased Sigma lenses on three occasions, had them tuned.

Focus issues with Sigma lens after sending in twice. Sigma refuses to provide me with a replacement. Sigma refuses to provide me with a replacement. What good is a warranty without actually. This will only affect view finder focusing. Depending on the severity of the issue, you could try resetting the focus parameters using the Sigma USB dock ($60) or compensate for it using the D7100's AF Fine-Tune function. The lens is phenomenal when focused right -- when using Live View that is Crop of image from slanted focus test. The front end of the slanted bar is about 4.5 in front of where the focus should have been Sigma 150-600 Contemporary with Canon 2x TC at 1200mm f13. Canon EOS 70D using one shot contrast detection AF in Live View mode. I tried using an EOS 6D and 7D with basically similar result With dock compatibility, consistent front or back focus issues can be corrected in the lens at 4 focus distances for 4 focal lengths (150mm, 250mm, 400mm, 600mm). The Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary Lens focuses quietly (unlikely to scare off your wildlife) with the typical shuffling of lens groups being just-audible in a very quiet environment On year-old T2i body, lens is 1 day old, no filter.Filmed with T3i 18-55mm

I received my copy back from Sigma last week. They did the recall mods on it (replaced the lens barrel) but they were unable to reproduce the focusing problems. I still have the same focusing issues with the indoor lighting I originally tested it with, but when I took the lens outside with my D7000 it nailed focus nearly 100% of the time Since the Sigma 18-35mm exhibits no issues whatsoever while focusing with CDAF in live view, we can potentially rule out the HSM motor as the source of the PDAF issues. The way in which the camera communicates with the lens (or vice-versa) is more likely to be the culprit, especially if the interface has been reverse-engineered by Sigma I am having some focus issues with my Canon 70D. I noticed it a while back, did some research and discovered that center point focus issue. Mine was still under warranty so I sent it in to confirm it. Canon said it was fine and sent it back. After I got it back, I still wasn't 100% satisfied. I soon.. The Sigma 24mm f/3.5 DG DN Contemporary is easy to use thanks to the well laid-out controls and overall ergonomics. If you don't like changing the aperture via the aperture ring, just turn it to A and then adjust the aperture with the camera body. Manually focusing this lens is also a piece of cake thanks to the smooth focusing ring 02-22-2017 09:21 PM. I recently purchased a new 100-400mm IS II lens and love it! I have run into a small issue and not really sure of the cause. I have been using the same Canon 6D for 4 years with 70-300mm IS and have not had this issue before. For some reason I am randomly getting shots that are not in focus, I have tried using just center.

The focus ring of the Sigma 35mm f/1.4 is large and very smooth to rotate, which makes it easy to use the lens for manual focusing. If you have been shooting with Nikon lenses, however, keep in mind that the Sigma lenses rotate in the opposite direction like Canon lenses do. Not an issue for most people, but can take some time to get used to. Sigma had some crappy lenses years ago that made me want to pull my hair out when using them. Too many back-focusing or not focusing at all issues. I had a 50-150 that I sent in a few times to fix, only to have it still screw up to this day. These lenses however, are fantastic. Super sharp, fast focusing, and extremely reliable

roto. As you might remember I reported having focusing problems with a Sigma. 70-200/2.8 EX APO HSM when used with the F5. According to Sigma I should have the AF sensor of my F5. re-calibrated (whatever that means) because it must be at the limit. of its tolerance Auto focusing issue affects limited number of Sigma telezoom lenses. 2010.06.16. After thorough investigation, we have ascertained that some APO 50-500mm F4.5-6.3 DG OS HSM, APO 120-400mm F4.5-5.6 DG OS HSM and APO 150-500mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM lenses, produced recently, may have a potential autofocus defect. This issue could possibly occur in.

Sigma lens auto focus problems and Sigma do not want to honor warranty, help! Discussion in 'Casual Photo Conversations' started by ly_esteves, May 11, 2010. ly_esteves. Hello! I am having a problem with my Sigma lens and Sigma service. I have a Sigma 17-70mm 2.8 I was casually taking photos at home when all of a sudden the autofocus stopped. Posts: 867. I have had problems with the auto focus from time to time on fast moving objects, but most of of the time my 150-500 works fine. I just had to send my Sigma 10-20 in for warranty service and they did a great job, sent in on a Monday and returned to me on Thursday working great. 10-26-2015, 03:40 PM

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Yes there were major focus issues but I had 2 main issues. First the my 70d had focus issues with the center point so I had to get canon to fix that and second I sent my body along with the 18-35 to sigma in NY to have them calibrate the lens. It worked a lot better after that. I was told by them as everyone here said, they reverse engineer the. This test can be used to detect front or back focus issues with a particular lens or a camera body. I will be using the Nikon D800E as a reference camera for this article, but any modern DSLR with Live View capability can be used for the same test (even entry-level DSLRs such as the Nikon D3500 have a Live View mode) I have a D7000, I have been having the Auto Focus issue with all my lenses (35mm(Nikkor), 17-70mm (Sigma), 70-300mm (Sigma)). So does this mean its an issue with the Camera Body.? I tried to Calibarate the Camera using AF Fine Tune but it does not do any Calibaration. I checked with multiple values. But the issue does not seem to get better Re: Calibrating Autofocus on Sigma 150-600 Contemporary. Hi, I calibrate my D850 withthe Sigma 150-600 C, with a combination of the green dot method and making test pics. At 150, 250, 400 and 600 mm. At distances of 2.8, 6, 15 meter and infinity. 16 test situations, each test situation I calibrate in the camera with AF Fine Tune

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This is an issue, along with some auto focus issues, with the Sigma zoom, that's why Sigma came up with the dock, so you can readjust the front/back focus to get inf. and better focusing performance for specific cameras. This is especially true with the Canon EF version on non- Canon cameras, which seems to have the most issues due to its. To briefly recap, my issue with the lens and original Version 1.00 firmware was basically two-fold. First, despite all sixteen adjustable focus points available in the Sigma Optimization Pro software being perfectly calibrated using the USB dock, on the 1D Mark III and Mark IV the lens would badly front-focus in between the 200mm and 300mm settings

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The first copy I rented was a little soft. I didn't have the dock, so I wasn't able to fine-tune it. And I've heard and read of others having issues getting their copies to focus correctly. So focusing accuracy was one of my concerns. I made sure I got a Sigma 35mm f/1.4 ART lens and the USB dock so I could adjust focus if I needed to I noticed that the focus issues were most severe with the expensive f/2.8 lenses, so I figured they had to be at fault. So I decided to send the two lenses to Nikon for inspection and repair. In the meantime, I ordered a second Nikon D7000 body from Amazon, so I could definitively rule out my D7000 body as the cause Sigma has released a Canon 5D Mark IV incompatibility warning, and the problems seems to be much like the one we experienced with the 1DX MK II. Actually, almost if not identical, with the same work around we reported before the official fix Now one area that puts the Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary ahead of the Tamron 150-600mm VC is AF reliability. While shooting with the Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary, I did not experience any AF freezing or lock-up issues. In contrast, many samples of the Tamron 150-600mm VC have been plagued by AF reliability issues

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  1. The good people at Sigma suggested that the squeaking was a sign that a screw had come loose and that loose screw was the root of the back focusing issues we'd experienced. The second lens Sigma.
  2. And the manual focus f/1.4 lenses seem to come trigger the green dot at about the same place. I find it hard to believe that it's a camera issue when I have many lenses that all work fine with the auto focus in both AF-S and AF-C modes. Plus Sigma acknowledges that there's an issue with the side AF points
  3. Probably, for every 1000 Siggies sold, 950 people are happy with them, and don't post about it, whereas the 50 who have/think they have focussing issues shout loud. There seems to be no end of threads like this where technique appears to be the problem issue, but, because the lens is a Sigma, it's immediately assumed to be a duff copy

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  1. Sigma 50mm f1.4 fr.focus problems May 21, 2009 OK, I have a dilemma: I recently purchased what I saw would beautifully fill the last obvious 'hole' in my lens needs - a Sigma EX 50mm f1.4 (DG). I sent 1st one back before 7 days & got a replacement. This one also has front focus issues, but as others have found, the problem is worse the further.
  2. Auto focusing issue affects limited number of Sigma telezoom lenses. After thorough investigation, we have ascertained that some APO 50-500mm F4.5-6.3 DG OS HSM, APO 120-400mm F4.5-5.6 DG OS HSM and APO 150-500mm F5-6.3 DG OS HSM lenses, produced recently, may have a potential autofocus defect. This issue could possibly occur in some lenses.
  3. Sigma 50mm 1.4 Still Having Focusing Issues? Discussion in 'Canon EOS' started by michael_w|7, Mar 16, 2010. michael_w|7. Hi Everyone,.
  4. The D610 works perfectly with every other lens but it's not focusing with this one. I don't know that I'd ever mated the two of them before so I can't say that it ever worked, but it worked with the D600. The lens was sent back to Sigma for a firmware upgrade when the D750 came out so there shouldn't be an issue where that's concerned
  5. Just got my 18-35 and 50-100 back a couple weeks ago from calibration. It's better than it was, I guess, but the autofocus is still inaccurate a lot of the time, and just too slow to keep up with action (I shoot roller derby). Wound up with a lot of shots back focused by a foot. 1. Continue this thread. level 1
  6. I just purchased a used Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 EX DG HSM for my Nikon D300. It worked great during testing before I bought it, but the following day the autofocus all of a sudden completely stopped working. I cleaned the contacts on the camera and the lens just to make sure and also switched to other lenses -- everything worked except for the Sigma
  7. Since doing a firmware update on my Nikon D7200, my Sigma 150-600mm lens does not seem to focus. Tried everything I know. Even sent both camera and lens to Sigma for them to fix the problem. No joy there either. Can you suggest what I might do

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  1. imum focusing distance with the aperture set as wide as it will go. These zooms have a variable (f/5 to f/6.3)
  2. Camera. D850. Re: D7100 & Sigma Lens Focus Issues. Originally Posted by rjtyrell. Evening all, I try and take some images for my local football team, but I always seem to get a lot of images out of focus. I have the D7100 set to shutter, usually around 2500 with an iso between 450 - 800 depending on light levels. The sense is a F2.8 Sigma 70-200
  3. Hi there, I have just bought myself a Sigma 17-70 HSM lens for Nikon however I am finding it is having major problems auto focusing. It only seems to be at the 70mm end of the range. last night I was out taking some shots and the focus just cannot lock at all sometimes. The lens..
  4. In addition to the focusing issues, Sigma says almost all in-camera lens corrections settings that Canon offers on its 5D Mark IV (and other DSLRs) should be disabled, as they are not properly.
  5. SIGMA 35MM LENS 2 RESULTS. I purchased a 2nd Sigma 35mm F1.4 Art to see if my numbers changed. The lens was calibrated on both my D810 and buddy's D810. Results were +17 and +20 respectively. In real life, this lens also front focused. The same lens on my D7000 yielded a fine tune of -1. No focusing issues were noted while taking pictures
  6. sigma 35mm 1.4 focus issues. really itching for a 35mm that is wider than 2.8 (my 24-70 does cover it, but slow at 2.8). i know there are reviews for this lens. i'm just wondering how this lens works with autofocus. and how big is the issue with this lens? several reviews say that the lens misses focus. it either back focuses or front focuses.
  7. Sigma 150-600 C Focus issue. I decided to give the Sigma 150-600 Contemporary a try, no complaints with the Tamron but thought the added features of the Sigma would be nice to have. Well I played around with it in the back yard the last 2 evenings and am really disappointed with the AF

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7D and Sigma 30mm 1.4 focusing issues at closer range . TheHobo. Nov 28, 2009 Re: 7D and Sigma 30mm 1.4 focusing issues at closer range . PoPPaP. Nov 29, 2009 Re: 7D and Sigma 30mm 1.4 focusing issues at closer range. T5i and Sigma 17-70 focus problems. 11-27-2015 07:36 AM. I purchased a T5i last December as an upgrade from my Rebel XT. Comparing the two cameras with the same lens the T5i has a definite focus problem compared with the Rebel. I have returned the camera to Canon for repair, only to be told that there was nothing wrong with the T5i, that it.

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  1. Re: Autofocus issues with sigma 150-500mm. You might want to look into one of the camera straps that fastens directly to the tripod foot. You'd need to make sure it is screwed in snugly each time when using it to ensure it doesn't come loose. Some people have damaged a camera and/or lens because of this
  2. Sigma 50mm f/1.4 HSM: focus issues? Dec 8, 2009 Was considering getting this, but have been put off by the reported focus issues. I called my local Sigma dealer and he said that the newer batches did not have the problems. How far is this correct? Is it worth taking the risk?.
  3. ating waste and improving process velocity, and Six Sigma help eli
  4. I sent in my Sigma 150-500 and 70-200 to Sigma after service because I was having similar issues on my k3. After the mount replacement and firmware update, it was like getting two new lenses back. They both operated much more smoothly when focusing
  5. Focus issue for Sigma 28mmf1.8 Aspherical /wide angle lens Sep 13, 2009 I just got a 2nd hand Sigma 28mmf1.8 Asperical high speed lens. It is solidly built and consistent in sharpness from f2.0 to f2.8 (Though it is not very sharp by today's standard with 100% zoom in at monitor). However, I figure out that the AF is not reliable from approx.

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I think it's the camera that has issues. In my experience I've used the same lens on my 6D and it front focused about 30-50% of the time and even worse at further distances. I used the Sigma calibration dock and still had issues. Then I bought the Eos R and I don't have any more focus issues. note* Eos R different focus system Aside from these issues, though, you should feel comfortable switching over from EF to RF and adapting your existing Sigma EF lenses with a Canon EF-EOS R adapter. Tags: canon , canoneosr5. Focus on systemic explanations. 4. Define the problem or problems by describing the root causes creating them. Accurate problem definition is critical for the development of meaningful solutions. Identify the system structural relationships that are creating the conditions that need correcting Yes. Aug 26, 2017. #1. I have used this set-up for the past 18 months generally with success. I have the latest firmware for the camera and the lens and I have customised the lens with a dock. I recently set up for camera for BB focus and had no issues when using some of my Canon lenses, however I used it this week with the Sigma and had AF. SIGMA USA has had my 35 and 50mm lenses twice trying to calibrate to infinity. I'm confident the focus problems are not QA related but a design flaw.Realistically the 3-5ft distance is the most reliable focus range and makes the most sense for these fixed focal lengths

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Shooting it stopped down of course minimizes the obvious nature of slightly missed focus, and I never had any issues when shooting the lens stopped down. Conclusions All in all, Sigma has made a major breakthrough in creating a large aperture prime with world class optics that is in a price range that most professional and many amateur. Re: 70-200mm Focus Issue. 12-20-2014 01:15 AM. The lens should focus the same regardless of whether it needed to focus in from infinity, or focus out from minimum focus distance. It sounds like you're describing some gear-slop / back-lash in the focusing mechanism. I would contact Canon and inquire Auto focus issues that result in blurry, unclear pictures can be caused by a number of different things, such as distance from the subject and environment issues. The information below will provide you with various recommendations to troubleshoot and resolve issues with auto focusing

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8 out of 10 points and recommended by FalconEddy (1 reviews) Lens lock, non-rotating barrel, sharp center frame area. a bit slow (f6.3 @ 200mm), moderate vignetting, difficult to auto-focus in low. Both the Tamron and Sigma lenses are well designed, and for the price range are great equipment investments. As mentioned earlier, I feel the image quality compared very closely. The Sigma does offer some useful extra features, out-weighing the issues of the smaller focusing ring and the counter-clockwise turning of the zoom ring for a Nikon. And as stated: this could also be a Sigma lens issue. Out-of-calibration lenses are not all that rare, and third-party lenses like Sigma, specifically, seem to be more prone to focusing issues than camera-maker-brand lenses. The fact is, the Live View cross-check you did makes it seem like this is, indeed, a Sigma-based lens issue It beats the new Sigma 50-150 f/2.8 DC AND the Sigma 70-200 f/2.8 DG Macro by a long shot for sharpness close up. And as an added bonus that most macro lenses lack, the Sigma 150mm is sharp all.

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I initially had back and front focusing issue at extereme lengthsI emailed Sigma and they sent me a fix that has workedI am pleased with the lens to say the least and love the dockThe OS works great and image quality is on pointI haven't used it with a teleconverter but plan to buy the Sigma 1.4xThe Sport doesn't handle low. To sum up it is true that neither my wife nor my daughter are sprinters but it is safe to say the Sigma lens plus the Canon 5D MkIII passed the test without problems. The Sigma S 150-600 mm didn't have any front or back focus tendencies, no matter what focal length or body we were using in our test - the photos below show that pretty well The Sigma has some strange issues and as a professional who used both lenses en several copy's a long time I still recommend the Canon 35 1.4L. Maybe a little more CA beneath f2.2 but 99,9% of my.

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Sigma service notice for Auto-Focus issue with Sigma MC-11 mount adapter on Sony a9. Sigma released a service notice for the Sigma MC-11 mount adapter (Canon EF or Sigma SA lenses to Sony E camera bodies) on Auto-Focus issues that may occur when using AF-S mode with telephoto lenses on a Sony a9. Thank you for purchasing and using our products The Sigma is auto focus, and the Zeiss is, in fact, manual focus. So let's see how this plays out. Zeiss 135 f/2 Milvus. I find it has similar focusing issues as the Canon 135mm. Don't freak. The 5% version is the most faint, while the 35% is the darkest: Download Jeffrey's Autofocus Test Chart (version 1.0) 5% · 10% · 15% · 20% · 25% · 30% · 35%. On Windows, right-click the desired link, and on a Mac, ctrl-click the link, then select the Save Target As or Download Linked File item to download the chart image The Sigma 85mm f/1.4 Art lens is compatible with Sigma's USB dock, which helps facilitate the updating of firmware, lens calibration, or other customizations such as focus parameters. Unfortunately, I was not provided with the USB dock for this review. My first time shooting with the lens I found it to front focus quite a bit

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Sigma Art lenses are known for their superior bodies, and the 24-70mm f/2.8 is no exception. This lens was made in Japan, and it shows in the craftsmanship. It feels solid in the hands and is even a hair lighter than the Sony version. The lens has two rubber rings: one for focusing and another for zooming Pros : No front-focus issue was found. AF is very fast and resolution throughout the range is high. The IQ is aharp and better than my Nikon16-85mm and Sigma 18-50mm EX f/2.8 lens

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